The debate on this virtue which is a part of the Prussian Tradition is a double edged sword.

But if we intend to have the Future Homeland and Cultural Renaissance of our people, and to be a relevant Modern State which has a high standard of living and flourishing people and cities, it is a requirement that we have. But we believe the Obedience should be something fun and enriching between the members of our society which feel less like a social burden, but more of something where people feel compelled naturally to obey. But also the fact that people need to see and feel the effects and rewards of their Obedience. All too often, many world governments have been capable to blind people from reason to not see when their Obedience leads to their rights and freedoms being taken away.

Obviously the cultivation of such a State with these type of Ambitions seems far from reality, especially in the ways we now live in the 21st century where Obedience plays just a role for mindless conformity and for Tyrants to abuse power!

But if we intend on securing our People’s Future and Building up a State that is powerful to be adaptive and ready for centuries to keep all of our enemies at bay, we will need a system of Obedience but from a Leader who demonstrates the highest sense of Altruism for everyone below him down to the common Man and Peasant.

Therefore, in the hierarchal command of the entire Prussian State, and especially with the most prudent form and carefully thought out electing of a Supreme Leader / State Sovereign.

It is my belief, however, that such a system of Obedience in any country or Non-Germanic State could much easier lead to corruption and power abuses by those in charge. Not always out of their State Sovereign necessarily being a tyrant to begin with, but in many Nations around the world, their leaders who govern over their people are well aware of what their people are capable of and that which they are not. To expect more from an inferior people or those who have base instincts could cause blowback and instead lead towards certain elements being emboldened to overthrow the state out of some subversive movement or out of jealousy. It is quintessentially German to know and respect where one belongs on the pecking order and to play that role. But with other peoples. It could even be deadly at times to treat their underclasses with equal respect, in some Nations. This is why we prefer not to meddle in International Affairs. In the Oriental world, conformity is promoted over any Individual values for reasons they understand about their people. We take this fact for granted, but there is no other people on Earth, except for Germanics who can be motivated at once for a combined unity to a degree that will make us more likely to achieve any goal or rising to the occasion when we have this proper motivation. We are capable to achieve some of the most amazing things. But in order to have such a system as ours, the vast majority of our people must be compromised of quality individuals who are worth their weight in gold, along with a strong program of Education for our people even outside of Academia.

Obedience, Under Islam – which the world itself means to “submit” or obey – also would degrade any value of Obedience under a German system. Because the obedience can be construed or justified to be whatever they deem their “God” desires, or for the interests of the religion itself. The obedience is for Cultish reasons and to keep spiritually unevolved.

As much as disobedience can be always be regarded as insubordination, especially in the Military Ranks which is a given, we should always keep in mind that all forms of government in the world typically have some kind of Laws which make it even “overthrowing a tyrant” to be considered treason, irrespective of the form of government in power.

The Goal and Destiny of Prussia and Germany as a whole is to be the most unique Nation and Form of government in the world, even to the point of being outright off-putting and terrifying to the Nations of the world who prefer the status quo of daily life, politics and affairs.

The type of Obedience we demand from our people is by design to be in their interest and for the future, even in a scenario in which they might not see the significance right away. But we wish not to employ shortcuts in people gaining their trust and faith in our Leadership.

At this present time, we consider the majority of the European World to have become irrelevant in the face of lingering issues between materialism, degeneracy, demoralization and both economic and spiritual bankruptcy.

A Future Prussian State, or series of States, where everyone is in Full and Proper Obedience will guarantee that we remain one of the last Nations of Europeans who will still be viable or sought over by the world to establish Bipartisan Relations and Commercial Activity.

Our Legacy has granted us to be the most trustworthy and reliable Heirs of all European Peoples.

We cannot and will never accept a position of being Second in the world to any other Nation.

Diplomacy does not exist in our vocabulary and manners. Instead we prefer mutual cooperation and doing things with a handshake, and may we one day bring this back to normalcy between not just our own People but to inspire other Nations to follow suit in that regard.

We have earned our right to be on top and one day will return to this position, should this world survive past the coming storm.

A Strong Prussian Nation cannot afford to have weak elements among it, even if we remain small. For one day eventually expanding to our past glory.

Our Sovereign Leader of the future must not only be the Highest in Command and Authority above any other person or institution, but he must also be the High Priest of all Spiritual Matters.

Lyndon LaRouche Dodges the Significance of Restoring Former Prussian Territories

I have often been a long-time critic of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, who recently passed away in 2019.

LaRouche is a crypto-communist who has long espoused and defended Communists in the USA, such as former leaders President like President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In this video, he unashamedly ignored the questions posed by Diethard Radziwill in the restoration of Prussian territory, and instead veered off into some totally unrelated questions in his ridiculous assertion that restoring our lands now is a “trap”, in his own words. LaRouche also downplays the significance of ownership of these lands as being “German”.