It is still an undeclared and undisclosed problem of the West, one of the main components leading our decline and extinction. But who can deny this problem?

Modern Men and Women are not the Men and Women of yesteryear.

This is very true in any Western Country, but especially the Anglo-Saxon countries in particular, where relations of all kinds are largely based around the concepts of exploitation of people, both by money and energy.

Although Men generally are not in denial of their attraction and desire for Women, the problem is that Modern Women are basically Men packaged in Women’s bodies, and they have no character or anything to their personalities to form a relationship or marriage with.

I also do not believe that Modern Women are mature enough to be able to be in relationships with Real Men, or entertain the idea of choosing a Mate based on someone they are attracted to and enjoy the other person’s company.

Christianity has taught our people to love indiscriminately and to also deny our human instincts and desires, which include attraction and lust. Christians are told to lower their expectations in a partner and to not desire someone based on their Physical Appearance and Character / Spirit as a person, which are the two most important attributes for strong attraction which leads to happiness in Dating, Marriage and Sexual Relations.

Women lie to themselves routinely that looks don’t matter (when they do and they should) and try to pretend to enjoy being into a Man only based on his Money / Status / Public Acceptance.

This is one of many reasons Modern Women are unhappy. In fact, most Modern Women have never even once gave thought to going with a Man who they enjoy his company. They just do not think of such things because they are in fact not looking for intimacy or a relationship of sorts. They are with the Majority of Men for Money and Status / Social Acceptance.

Without Attraction, how can there be the motivation, enthrallment, the excitement and constant longing to see someone day in – day out in your lifetime!?

Without this, it is inevitable that most Relationships and Marriages would quickly become stale, boring and meaningless.

Modern relationships are based on energy draining rather than an energy exchange. Just look and listen to the world around you. Every person, and especially the women are constantly suspicious of Men, always assuming they are cheating on them, paying attention to everything you do or don’t do, and are always shit testing the Man. The Man gets nothing in return.

Real, Mutual Attraction is so rare, it’s amazing that such little attention and focus is given to it.

How can one when know the Attraction is Mutual and Equal?

Mutual Attraction is where two people become absolutely obsessed in their attraction and devotion to the other person. Even in ways that might seem creepy to a Modern person.

But the difference with this type of obsession is that it’s a natural obsession in which both people really resonate in their energy and look forward to seeing and engaging with that person in many various activities.

I have not seen this type of obsession in a very long time, and most people who hear of it will immediately will just think of infatuation and other superficial courtship. But modern courtship where people are “obsessed with one another” is almost always based out of idealism or some sort of insecurities, usually at least by one party in the relationship. And this is where the destruction and parasitic nature of those relationships begin, where an unhealthy form of co-dependency exists.

Eventually the unhealthy obsessions almost always end up evolving into a toxic relationship where, usually the girl who may be this way, will begin to want to become controlling and she will either confess or conceal thoughts about how she is afraid she may screw up the relationship or push someone way, or some other kind of nonsense. If a Man ever hears such words uttered from a girl he is seeing, he must run for the hills!

These type of obsessions from people stem from serious maturity issues and lack of self-development, and eventually they just end up becoming suffocating and the relationship will become much more mechanical and revolve around constant suspicion.

Most Modern Relationships form based on circumstantial situations (i.e. often based on age, where someone is at in their life, where they work, where they go to school, a result of a divorce, or having kids, etc.) rather than a magical connection of finding someone of the same spirit and where everything is happenstance. The way you meet them and the mutual attraction at once. Rarely does this ever exist. The situation is so bad today, that if someone IS attracted to you, you have to be suspicious to determine what that attraction is based upon!? Are they attracted to you because you remind them of someone in a Hollywood movie? Are they attracted to you because of whom you are associated with or that you have a high status or reputation? Are they attracted to you based on a trend or some ingrained low self-esteem issue?

Keep in mind that we live in such a perverse and twisted era, that people look for flaws or other features in someone with the mindset of it boosting their confidence in the relationship. For example, someone might choose another partner who is less attractive or maybe overweight on the basis thinking that the person will be less likely to cheat. This is also a form of self-denial and lying to oneself, with the underlying boiling down to the low self-esteem.

Self-esteem issues are of the biggest problems that I see in modern relationships and it always leads to a downward spiral, because it can take time to also see the destruction in the path that people who have such issues cause in the relationships, and to understand what kind of head issues and lies they will generate throughout the entire relationship. I can tell you from 100% certainty and experience, that if someone has Self-esteem issues, you can be ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED that this person will be a habitual liar in the relationship and that the relationship will be based on lies at every corner. It is usually the case that someone with high self-esteem and stable identity will end up in a relationship with someone who has low self-esteem, and not realize until far later how much they were living in a lie while the whole time they may have been honest and living or loving that person by an entirely different tune.

In the case where the Mutual Attraction and Fondness exists, the obsession is not reckless but stable, consistent and organic in every manner. There is no feeling of being “suffocated” or “enslaved” by the other person, but also maybe more importantly is the fact that such connections are found on the basis of a common destiny and common spirit. Both people know from the beginning that they are attracted and interested in each other, automatically feeling at home with one another. There is no “convincing” or “games” process.

I would argue that relationships and marriages that do not possess this spark right from the beginning, are utterly worthless in the long run. There is no point in trying to “get to know someone” or “see if it works out / where it goes” or to try to see if something develops. All of this is trying to force something unnatural. And the ones with wisdom know what I speak of when I mentioned that. Nevertheless, I also do not believe that all Ethnicities have the qualities or spirit that may exhibit these traits or necessity in the attraction and courtship with others, and in some cultures it may not be desirable.

But in the era we live in, one where commerce, status and technology has taken precedent over human connection, the existence of these relationships are far less common than most people think, and are being relegated to extinction because of the direction the world is taking at this current time. You can’t have someone be a certain way when it’s not within them to begin with, and where they have built their lives based on superficial connections and interests. And this is the way 99.99% of Modern People live.

Now where does this all tie back in to Christianity!?

It is because Christianity has hindered the process of development and spiritual expansion of our people for over 2000 years.

Christianity has taught our people to not have Desire or Lust, it has taught our people to not seek anyone based on our Attraction to them, because “Looks Fade”. It teaches us to ignore our human impulses and instincts.

By having our people stuck on superstitions, fables, and removing them from the element of a True Self-Development as individuals, the Church has done this in a way to become involved in the Courtship process between Men & Women and the Marital Affairs of their lives.

Christianity has hi-jacked the innate qualities for Men and Women to be in tune with – if they have them – to express between another person in a Romantic relationship.

Therefore, when the Man is the Leader of the Household and over his Wife, he performs this role more based on instruction than an innate desire or wisdom. And similarly, a Submissive Wife who is Christian, may only be Submissive because she is following the order of the doctrine, but has no inner wisdom or understanding of her Submission. While Women are meant to be in the submissive role naturally to their Men, if she has no understanding of how her Submission brings her happiness or the value in it in how she can experience Love and Connection with a Man, then it just becomes a mechanical attribute. This in turn leads to someone not being authentic.

And Most Modern Women especially, are not authentic because they are capable of overlooking anything, have no principles and are able to convince themselves to be attracted to Men of which their spirit and senses find no attraction to the Man in any form. No amount of money he has is capable to change that.


Since its inception, America has surely been a Nation that is not a True Nation in the sense of the foundation and pillars that create a Real Nation. Even among the Founding Fathers, there has always been a debate and quarrels about style of government, how to run banking, and many other philosophical issues relating to the Nation that has given much instability and caused there to be some sort of political and economic crisis and new wars at least every 10 years without fail since the Independence and Founding.

There also has largely been a divide over the “Union” as a whole versus the Confederacy. And of course even today, there is still sentiment among many in the South who reminisce over the loss of the South and the Confederacy in general.

To put this in contrast, those of us who are Prussians who live in America view America as a continent rather than an identity, because there is no real such thing as an “American People” by any stretch of the imagination. It is only a concept of a people who agree to “go along to get along” under this identity, in a Union of States. As Prussians we do not identify as “Americans” outside of having American Nationality, for those of us who are born here.

The Patriot Movement, or people who identify themselves as a “Patriot” are more often expressing such from a standpoint of desperation and the desire to be appreciated by others who identify as this, or people who have served in American Armed Forces. But the reality is that the majority of these Patriots share no direct Heritage or Spirit even of many of the Founding Fathers, and they do not identify with their philosophies and viewpoints in the same way many of the Republic’s early founders and influential Men did.

The Patriot Movement in America is in no way cohesive, has no system of order or allegiance to anything or anyone in particular except for loose ideas which are found to be entirely rootless and disconnected with any fellow Men. They offer no solutions in terms of ever creating a True Nation or Living Culture that is capable of fostering a lasting precedent. They are also not even capable of solving the eternal problems of the Family Unit that we face in the 21st century.

Whether in the case of the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War, Prussian Officers were always the first to notice how undisciplined and with lack of order and spirit existed among all Militias. It could well be justified that without the Prussian Officers who happened to create this discipline and order among these Men, that the United States would have likely never have even been established.

When a Patriot speaks of “Freedom”, you must understand that he believes in Freedom more as a concept or an idea, rather than an everyday living reality that is secured and fought for on a regular basis in the truest sense of what it means to be a Free People. And he speaks of it less from a standpoint of being willing to fight or secure it for his countrymen. Often times what they really mean by the word “Freedom” is the Freedom to engage in any kind of spurious or opportunistic activities but without any kind of loyalty or principles to a given idea or culture. For the Patriot, to be bound to a people or culture is viewed as “oppressive”.

In the Prussian Tradition, our goal is to achieve a State of High Culture in which we need not speak so much of “Freedom” because we are instead living it through demonstration and character. The Patriot is obsessed with “Freedom” because in the real sense, Freedom does not exist, and we have been living under the oppressive dictates of Banking and Commercial Interests, which have grown drastically after World War 2.

The problem with many of these movements like the Patriot movement and individuals involved in this activism, including the Libertarians, is they are actually advocating Anarchy (whether expressed or implied), and that the only feasible way they could ever have their ideal system, requires a slave underclass.

You will find many American “Patriots” also refer to America or speak of it in the context of a “Democracy” and that we are “losing our Democracy”. While it is true that America is at present, a Capitalist Democracy, the original establishment was founded as a Republic and not a Democracy. Thus, you should be suspicious of anyone who speaks of the country under the context that it ought to be a Democracy, or in viewing the loss of “Democracy” as a negative attribute. Democracies are some of the shortest and of the most unstable form of government.

In my experience and understanding in how Americans think, and no less with the “American Patriot”, I can assure you that we Prussians completely live, think and march to an entirely different tune and spirit than the Americans and American Patriots.

Our mindsets and ambitions are completely different, and in many ways are met with friction.

The one enduring theme about the Americans and English / Anglo-Saxons is that they are very opposed to living with strict or regimented rules which would lead to a greater and more civilized society that our Prussian Methods would extract. But yet they have this desire to either match or outperform what we are capable of.

But the Anglo-American Empire and Order in the world is decaying and will not be able to sustain, replace or reassert itself in the future. It is not possible, because of all the economic and social issues they face, and yet lack the courage to confront any of these issues.

I leave below a couple of quotes to ponder by some philosophical figures, including the “John C. Calhoun” who has made a controversial statement about the United States. However, in true historical analysis, his comment is accurate and has wisdom and an understanding behind it which I feel has been lost among the generations of posterity alive today.

From my personal interactions and understanding of American Patriots, there is nothing that I have seen among any of them which has shown true qualities of Honor and Decency, of real Courage and Character in such Men which would be capable of creating a viable force for anything New and Righteous. They are not united in any realistic sense, and constantly disappoint whenever called upon to rise to the occasion. They lack motivation and drive, and have very dry character and no wisdom. Even worse, they lack any sense of what it means to be a cultured person, and the major interest a lot of them have to try to justify their existence is Christianity, especially Protestantism which is something we we seek to ruthlessly eradicate from the souls of all Men.

It is clear that the Patriots have given up even before the fight, nevertheless, do they really deserve this American Soil? The decisions and path they are on prove ever more that they are determined to Commit National Suicide.

And we will need a Prussian uprising to take over their vacancy in the coming overhaul that is about to take place on this soil.

Why The New Formation of a Prussian State may be the last example of any European State

The 20th century was indeed the most bloodiest century ever known to mankind.

What started off as a century that was mostly ruled by Monarchies, eventually turned to Monarchies that could no longer be, and the majority of World Regimes have been converted into Democracies, which are the worst form and most short-lived type of government.

After World War 2, the values and interests of most White Europeans has drastically changed from those that the former “Greatest Generation” believed in.

Materialism, Decadence, and and “anything goes” mentality has become the normal after WW2, but especially from the 1960’s Liberal Movements which took hold in every aspect of life, including influential music and art forms which were very imposing on people’s mindset. People took up experimentation with drugs, new lifestyles, and “free love”.

The watering down of the hardline values and strict measures and roles that Humans used to only know as second nature from times past, has been nearly entirely eroded by new experimental philosophies and lifestyles that have been adopted by present generations.

Modern people underestimate how much social damage has accumulated in these past few decades, with how low morale and inter-personal relationships have become. Feminism has destroyed whatever goodness used to exist in relations between Men and Women and the formation of stable families.

The prevailing mindset in nearly every female alive today is that “All Men Cheat and are liars”, and their fathers have raised them to be Independent and to not seek any form of dependence or surrender to a Man. Such mindsets as these can not possibly make any establishment of meaningful relationships and marriages to form or any basis of a successful family household.

A shift away from production and merit as the backbone of commerce and success has been replaced with a service economy and debt / instant gratification being values that overtake discipline and hard work. Discipline and Hard work are viewed as “weakness” in character to be exploited by someone else who is witty enough to wrestle any provisions he can from someone resourceful who is a hard worker and very well disciplined.

Where this is all heading is the total destruction of Western Civilization. There are too many social issues – which are by the way not perceived as social issues – which are actually viewed as “evolutionary” or “liberating” in the minds of younger and naive people.

The level of degeneracy and destruction, along with debt that has been compounding for most Western Countries has reached a point of no return, in which most European and Western States are seeking total destruction as their only destiny.

There is no spiritual will or disconnectedness between most people in these Modern Democratic states. They cannot stand the presence of most general every day people around them.

Decency in Character and Humility have become very rare traits to find in Modern Western People. Without these qualities, there is no possible revival or recovery of a people who belong to Nations in peril.

The revival of Prussia with the unity and reformation of a people who are committed to the same spirit and decency is the only possible outcome of a victorious European State which thrives on Harmony and Vital sustenance that is capable of once again asserting strong will and a thriving culture that can be independent, along with being a trustworthy and reliable Nation to be esteemed by other Nations of the world.

To bring about this Renaissance we seek is no easy task, and I would argue that it is now even much more difficult and out of reach because of how fragmented and demoralized most Modern Europeans have become. It is very difficult to find a sense of restraint and respect for decency among modern people, because decency and restraint are mocked and spat upon in a culture where people demand everything instant and view every interaction with other humans as a “transaction” or “right” rather than a privilege and where gratitude is an afterthought. This is a serious cultural issue, and only worsened by Social Media. We even need to be far more selective of those we embrace and endorse in our inner circles, to determine who is deserving to be part of such a reawakening and revival. There are far, far fewer people alive today who are worthy and capable, compared to even 100 years ago.

Despite everything we face, the fact still remains that the only viable European State of the future can be a Prussian State. So we must fight for this legacy no matter how few of us still exist and are committed to this goal. It is a matter of Freedom and Sovereignty in the highest sense of those words, and without having this goal, there is no way that any forward-thinking society or civil society could ever exist again for our people if we don’t fight for this.