The Vaccines Present a New Dilemma on Future Relationships / Marriages

This issue is of great concern to us.

The mRNA Vaccines for the fake virus are of a serious concern to a healthy racial body.

Future Men and Women will have to use caution in whom they decide on building a future with, and it is looking that just as one would have to determine someone’s virginity or dating history, we are now faced with a new obstacle which will mean that you will have to determine if someone has taken the vaccine or is intending to do it.

Anyone who has taken or plans to take this Vaccine is as good as dead.

The vaccines have nano-technology in it, and the mRNA will modify the DNA in the body and change the way that every cell communicates with each other in the body. It is designed to sever a connection to your spiritual element.

The vaccine has also been found to cause infertility in Women, and it is believed so far that the same may be likely true for Men.

Not only will these people have their conscience altered (if they even have one to begin with), but they have sold themselves into the Trans-humanist Future and will have the Hive Mind Programming that is plugged into that system.

In addition, if by any stretch that someone is able to manage having children even after taking the vaccine, the Children you have with them will be forever contaminated by the modified DNA, and it will present challenges we can only begin to imagine for the future.

In order to maintain Racial Purity, one must resist at all costs, relations with those who have taken the Vaccine.

Those who will capitulate into taking the Vaccine are weak, at any rate. They are weak and dangerous and would only further burden our Society. They are Racially “unfit” cannot be considered Racially Pure. They would produce problematic offspring.

Always remember, they are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

In Democracies, Nobody Knows Who They Are or What They Want

Democracies are not only political structures, but they also form very different societies.

Today, as our world, particularly the European world is plagued with Democratic Forms of Government, those of us who have not assimilated or acquiesced into the ideas of Democracy, and the Democratic Mode of life are given a true outsider view, that those who have acquiesced to Democracy fail to recognize.

The disgusting reality of Democracies, is you cannot trust anyone’s word for what it is, or what they either claim or think they believe, because their ideas are formed and crystallized on grounds that are not innate or based on the first intelligence [intuition].

In the Democracies, money, status, social trends and social biases (confirmation bias) are largely what form public opinions, viewpoints and adherence to social trends that grow among the given population. There is no clear analysis if these developments are either natural or desirable, and they tend to be temporary and experimental. In essence, a distorted form of self arises, in which the individual does not know what they really want in life or other people, and they don’t even know what they believe or what to believe.

In Democracies, ideas and movements in terms of whether they are compatible and in the interest of the given population and their heritage, is never given consideration.

By nature, Democracies are designed to break people’s connection to their heritage down to nothing and to entirely sever them from it. The very nature of Democracy by design, creates hypocritical, weak-willed people. In a Democracy, Truth and Morality are “relative”.

In the United States, EVERY Immigrant group which comes to this country begins loosening their standards and values and begins to adopt the conditioning and style of “The American Way” within about 6 months. They turn into a monster. There have been multiple studies that demonstrate this, as a result of the powerful hypnotic influence of the Media, the perception of Abundance, Comfort and Options all at one’s fingertips that may not necessarily be available in their home countries. The newly adopted freedoms an Immigrant who comes to America quickly make them abandon certain restrictions or conditions they may have lived under in their Home country.

The problem begins when people begin to blindly adopt the new freedoms and ignore consequences, or allow it to grow on them to where they become lazy and irresponsible, which are key attributes of American society in everyday life. There is no consistency in their lives or who they are.

We Prussians know that consistency is one of the most important values in summing up the worth of an Individual, even when it is torturous or not profitable to do so.

Very few people can resist becoming “Americanized”.

Democratic Modes of life keep them in a trance of confusion, of liberalism, and of having shifting views and becoming very hasty and they turn into opportunistic vultures.

As Democracy is the road to Communism under Capitalist formed countries, these Nations are destined to erode as people lose all trust and interest in their fellow countrymen and become obsessive about chasing wealth and looking for the next greatest sucker they swindle out of his well-earned money. Once the social cohesion is entirely broken down and eroded and the when money is no longer able to be made, this leaves the perfect pathway for a Totalitarian Dictatorship to assert itself, namely, the arrival of Bolshevism in our modern time.

The most frustrating part about the Democratic Countries is that you cannot possibly take anyone’s word at face value over anything. If you ask them what their favorite dish is, you risk being told the answer not as an actual truth, but that they are eating the dish because it’s something “trending” or some type of “diet” even if in secret they might not be able to stomach it whatsover.

Case in point!? Green Smoothies and Vegan Replacement Foods…

Germany’s Future

Day by Day, we watch what is taking place around in the world, but foremost of what happens in Germany. The situation grows that much more dire by the day. Especially watching the response and encouragement given to the Tyrannical Measures being imposed on German citizens.

What we see taking place in Europe is going to absolutely insure the large-scale wholesale, irreversible destruction that we will not be able to be recovered from. And we can only be concerned with those who are on our side.

The majority of Americans and even most Europeans now, do not see how the world is changing outside of their sphere, and are gleefully unaware of how the Outside World is viewing them. As we speak, the Russians are even just eagerly awaiting for opportunity to take over and colonize Europe and they have studied all weaknesses present throughout Europe in which they can take advantage of.

The German Nation is the most important Nation in the world, and if the German Nation does not survive, the rest of the world continues its steadfast journey towards hell.

70 Countries around the world today have taken the inspiration of the Deutsche Stechschritt (German Goosestep March), and yet the country which pioneered it is not permitted.

Today, somewhere within 10% of the German Population in Germany resonate with our beliefs, even if out of occasional reluctance or uncertainty. That segment of the population will be the likely future of the German Nation at any rate. The non-viable elements are very sick.

It is yet a miracle, that despite Germany which exists today as a Colony that is being suppressed, that it has maintained its status in the world as one of the biggest Economic Powers, and maintains status as well as being the most Forward-Thinking and Trustworthy Nation in the world.

While truth and honesty are highly regarded in Germany, they are nowhere near as prioritized as they used to be in the early half of the 20th century and prior. Today a lot of our people have become either a bit more indifferent or complain about petty issues like environmentalism along with the dangerous push of Veganism which is also destroying our people and making them infertile. But Germans do remain as the most reliable, consistent, thoughtful and considerate people in all of Europe.

I have mentioned times before, that the future Germany will have to become an Isolated State from surrounding Nations and the World at large. Such a precious Volk and Nation cannot afford to be imperiled ever again.

We cannot afford the past tragedies to inflict themselves on our Nation. The World’s people eagerly await any opportunity to take their piece of the pie of the German Nation. And today, numerous Nations already have their hands dipped in it.

How many Foreigners live, work and operate inside of Germany today which do not have German Blood, Spirit or Interests, but are there to take advantage of the German standard of living and to even contaminate the Blood of Ethnic Germans by entering relations with them?

Could you just imagine, if tomorrow or some time from now if the world is witness to the restoration of our Reich, how much more ambitious these foreigners would become to try to take advantage of our Nation?

The world is not full of mostly decent people. Today the world is full of the most despicable and worthless examples of humanity, who simply fulfill some type of role to make it seem as if they are important or useful. The phrase that is often repeated “Most people are generally good” is a lie told to program people to have false optimism in this world and to have eyes wide shut on where things are heading.

Why do you think the world so very much despises our German Ideas and Values, why they were so terrified of the Third Reich?

Under the Third Reich, scientific methods using eugenics and phrenology was implemented to help weed out undesirable and degenerate elements which were a threat to the Germanic Gene Pool. Had the Third Reich been victorious in WWII, other Nations of the world would have been given our helping hand in the Scientific breakthroughs our people were achieving in order to help them identify and isolate these dangerous elements among their own populations, particularly sociopaths, psychopaths and other mentally unfit scoundrels, to improve their Racial Gene Pool and Nation overall. Today we would be in a far different and much better position in this world, and it would not be anywhere near as degenerate as it is now with the most shady and pathological creatures which consist of well over 80% of the world’s population. All world leadership and institutions have been infiltrated with this scum since World War II has ended.

And this same scum continues to slander and vilify our people every day, through the education system, through media and other efforts to suppress the best of everything and everyone Germanic from ever excelling.

The German is always the most disadvantaged even compared to someone who may very well be his equal in another Nation. The German will be put in the back seat and have rumors spread behind his back to destroy his ability for achieving success and precedent.

Our enemies will always seek to undermine us at every opportunity they can to take whatever they can from us, and in their attempt to try to replace us.

The enemy stands at our gates, wearing our clothing, speaking our language, emulating our ideas and altruism, trying to appear as if they are one of us.

Let it be known that EVERY GERMAN who has ever embraced Democracy and its status as a part of the “Globalist” world order, has committed treason upon the German Vaterland.

The German Race is the only people in the world who need not justify ourselves, and we need not prove ourselves to any other Nation. The other Nations, all of them, are to be at our Mercy and Attention.

The One and Only Silver Living in the Pandemic Simulation

I am not much a Positive Person whatsoever, and I am strongly against those who like to see, especially the only “Positive” side on things. It is not only an effeminate trait, but it also a brainwashing mechanism in the New Age Movement and even many religions so that Human Beings are willing to tolerate abuse and self-torture.

The one thing we can assess from this whole scam imposed on mankind is that who ever you know, Friends, Family or even Strangers, whoever they are, if you find that they have not been all that bothered by the Social Isolation and not seeing their Family Members, Friends and seem very indifferent and not all that bothered by it, you must disown these people from your life.

Not all humans in this world have souls, despite what religions would like to convince you is true.

Only Humans who have souls would be affected and tormented by not seeing family members and relatives (assuming their relationships are solid), and would have very bad coping mechanisms with this along with all the Protocols that have been designed to block communication and put other frustrations in everyday life.

Only Sociopaths and Psychopaths would function just fine in this manner, and those who have other very negative Antio-Social and Pathological traits.

So we must use this chance to really analyze everyone in our life and you should cut off everyone who believes in the nonsense and seems unaffected by it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again. ANYONE who believes in the vi-ruse is:




Why The Prussian Army Is The Most Superior In The World

Although no longer in existence, the Prussian Army and its level of Spirit has never been matched, and shall never be matched by any Army of the world.

The only close rivals would be from Rome and Sparta.

There is no Military Force in the world that I would ever have interest or motivation to join, except for the Prussian Army for the Reich, no matter what country I would be born in.

Only the German Nation is where I feel the call of the Vaterland when the drill commands are shouted. Every other Army in the world, even the US Army, not only do I not feel any motivation or a call, but I feel repelled and appalled from it.

Men who join Prussian Army are the most revered and respected both by the Prussian Nobility and in the most earnest sense by their Wives and Families, and even enemy Nations. This is Never the case in any other Army of the world, and we must admit the bitter truth for the world to recognize.

The Big Lie is that most Men who enlist in the Military do not know how they are truly viewed outside of all the showering of praise he may receive from his family and community.

All of this is basically lip service and facade, designed to motivate Men, because in other countries either the Men have no natural motivation (for either good or bad reasons), and the fact that they only view the Men as utility exclusively for collecting the spoils of war (provisions) for the State or the Wife.

The Sacrifices are not appreciated, but what he is merely viewed as is someone who is willing to do all the dirty work to provide and protect the State, “so they don’t have to deal with it”.

In all Militaries of the world, it does not matter that the Men who enlist believe in what they are fighting for or not. They are there only there to follow orders. In fact, to be or exist otherwise, may be considered as a potential liability for the State and Leadership of the Armed Services.

A Man may feel proud, pompous and his Ego boosted so high from the encouragement and praise he is given when entering service, but what he doesn’t realize is that from the true viewpoint, he is viewed as a Bumbling Fool and Useful Idiot. Useful for getting everything he can for the civilization so that “others don’t have too”.

Indeed, the Prussian Army too, is all about following orders, but the difference being that the type of unity and understanding of what we are fighting for must be met. Our inner spirit and motivation to fight is what gave our past victories, whereas other armies have to depend on Men’s conscience being guilt-tripped or manipulated into fighting for something.

In Modern Times, Militarism is much more of a career than it is some kind of personal duty.

Most soldiers and veterans will not admit to these facts, and every Man who has served holds a chip on his shoulder, because not only are his efforts not truly recognized or rewarded by people, but that he comes home to a world to see only the irresponsible to get rewarded and having no clue what type of things he experienced, and how he sacrificed. He realizes later that he was manipulated into fighting for other people’s interest, and not necessarily for True Freedom, or for his Country in any meaningful sense. He was praised and cheered for entering service, but spat upon and neglected once returning home. The only times when shown any respect is just for the Idea of him serving, but no genuine sentiment.

While the USA holds the status of being the world’s biggest Meat Grinder for Soldiers, The Russian Military in my view is the one which is the most animalistic approach to its ruthless and barbaric means in the manner of which a Man is primed for entering service, and viewed as worthless dogs who are expendable for the fight. The USA is mostly the same in this manner, and the American Method is to strip down a soldier mentally to become nothing and trained to view himself as a nothing and then built back up through MK Ultra Mind Programming.

The Men in Russia are given no real respect or admiration for their enlisting in the Army, and especially not by their Women. The Women may egg the Men on in their claim that a “Real Man” enlists, but this is only because they want a Man who is away from the home but in the idea of provisions he will provide for her.

I can also attest to the fact that no matter how Honorable and Disciplined any world army may become in the future, even at the behest of taking inspiration from the Prussian Army, that even an Army like the emerging powerful Chinese Army, that they will be incapable of ever exhibiting the type of Spirit that is legendary and exclusive of the Prussian Army. Such qualities only exist by our People’s National Blood.

How Quick Right-Wingers Capitulate to Our Enemies

A must-watch to see how cringey and disgusting it is to see how easily Right-Wing Parties, Militias and Factions are willing to side with the enemy.

No Movement can be legitimate or effective whatsoever without Racial Consciousness. You cannot have elements among your community or society who look different and have different mindsets and yet be cohesive and in harmony.

Watching and Listening to how much these White Men of these silly groups bow down, especially in the face of capitulation, with Trump losing the Election and also a Proud Boys Leader recently being arrested, is completely despicable and enraging. Look at them all wearing their masks too. Everyone here acting so fake yet pretending to be real:

To top it all off, the Proud Boys Founder, Gavin McInnes is also a Crypto-Communist! These groups are all run by Intelligence Agencies:

It’s amazing and unreal that people would trust such obvious con-men degenerates like this, tattooed and all!

Post-Election Introspection, QAnon, Psyops and Other Right-Wing Nonsense

Another year surely in the making of everything bizarre and absurd, and we know 2021 will be even more extreme than anything we had seen in 2020.

In 2020, no later than January 3rd were we presented with chaos, and then in 2021 we were presented with the first bout of chaos on January 5th and 6th.

The most interesting observation I have noticed is the spell and delusion that the Right-Wing Elements of this country remain in even after this election and official inauguration of the New American President, but the Right-Wing by and large somehow still believes that Trump is working and fighting for their cause behind the scenes! They do not believe or accept that the inauguration took place, even if illegimately that the event took place. It has not registered in their brains, the same way that someone who loses someone close to them cannot accept the reality of their death!

In the months following up to the election, I noticed a surge of Online Activity in many Forums and Social Media Outlets, however once it came to the Election Date and right after it, nearly all the influence and grievances of the Right-Wing came to a halt! This just proves that they are lazy and useless and really have no true interest in making any kind of realistic changes, but of course still believe that just voting someone in or out of office makes all the difference.

They think that somehow one Man alone, i.e. their savior “Trump” who capitulated in less than a month in office, could be a One-Man-Show and just somehow do it all.

At this point, with Trump’s Term, he reneged on all his promises. Trump’s value was nothing more than the idea of him being in office and tweeting something that made the Left-Wing factions of society feel discouraged and inflamed.

Aside from this, the only things Trump ever really did were some petty sign-offs of certain policies he blocked or took the USA out of. But outside of these measures, he was an utter failure, and these sign-offs, whether an Executive Order or other agreement, were nothing but a drop in the bucket.

Did he Drain the Swamp? Did Hillary get imprisoned? Did he shut down the Fake Media? Did he bring back manufacturing?* Did he fix the economy? Did he build the wall? Did he gain back International Respect with Foreign Policy Measures? Did he increase the American standard of living? Did he stop the mail-in-voting? Did he stop Illegal Immigration? Did he expose the Virus Hoax and refuse to shut down the economy? Did he refuse to mask up or eventually cave in? Did he refuse the pushing of vaccines? Did he get to sent out the $2000 Stimulus Checks?

At every question above, he has failed and failed MISERABLY and achieved the opposite results of those promises. He flip-flopped on basically everything. He drained the swamp only to put in a much greater and smellier swamp. He brought back all the old war hawks. And he betrayed and replaced anyone who might have been of some value or significance to him. *Trump did not even get Carrier AC to keep their factory in America! They moved to Mexico shortly after his time in office, and Carrier was one of the Corporations that Trump specifically campaigned upon to promise and assist with keeping them “Made in America” and for their factory not to move.

At what point can a people be so deluded and to become nothing but pathetic apologists for a leader who functions as a Plutocrat and only cares about Business, and has no loyalty or interest in these people whatsoever, and yet these people such as so-called “American Patriots” and the Right-Wingers have been willing to excuse his every error and failure and have become Trump Apologists! But never do they say enough is enough!!!

The Meltdown we are now witnessing from the Q-Tards is absolutely deserved and only natural, from this ridiculous wave of delusions they have been riding for a long time throughout Trump’s Presidency.

When I first began hearing “Q” circulating around between people I know in public and on Social Media, I kept thinking who or what is Q? BARBECUE!? The first thing that came to my mind was that it had to do with Barbecue, since in America, the Americans sometimes refer to Barbecue as simply “Q”.

Just the sounds of it and then coming to realize what it was about, I immediately knew it was a Psyop. Anyone with a thinking brain would know the whole operation, just like the “4chan” nonsense has no legitimacy whatsoever. Along with all the “Meme War” nonsense.

When it comes to things like Q, or 4-Chan, Pepe the Frog, Alt-Right, etc, etc,… There LITERALLY has been basement dwellers who thought that they are going to fight a war against the Communists and get Trump into office based on creating Meme Wars and with using Pepe the Frog! THAT is the point of what type of degeneracy and absurdity we are at, in this point of America’s existence! And what’s worse, is the Pepe thing and the QAnon even made waves in Europe and elsewhere around the world, having gotten a foothold and influence there also!

What is wrong with Modern Europeans!?!?

QAnon is run by US Military Intelligence, from data collected via data mining, especially through Social Media, Web Searches, Phone Conversations and other Data.

The psyop was created by utilizing the concerns, opinions and expression of mostly Right-Wing, Christian, Conservative, Patriot types and created a Pipe Dream of a plan that sounded all too good about how people should “Trust The Plan” and that Trump has a whole scheme to “take down the cabal” and arrest all the pedophiles and other criminals in the “deep state”. Even while we at PSA have known the entire time of Trump’s Capitulation and hypocrisy and that he himself is a Cabal member.

It is also by no coincidence either that the majority of QAnon’s followers were Christian types, because that’s the way Christians are. Especially the Evangelical ones, which were not only Trump’s largest support base in general, but who are largely the Establishment stock of America’s Right-Wing founding.

It is rare to find Right-Wing people in America, for example, who are Anti-Israel. Nearly all Right-Wingers and also most Left-Wingers are heavily Pro-Israel because they are Zionists, and America is a country ruled by the Zionists.

The Left Wing, unfortunately, has been dealt a Trump card (no pun intended) by exposing the QAnon psyop as the Conspiracy Theory it is. They are right in the fact of QAnon being a Conspiracy Theory, but the Left never talked about it prior and only began to expose it late into the Election Season because it would work out as perfect timing as a surprise attack when seeing how Trump loses the election, and even more gravely, the fact that the inauguration has now set in the real reality for Americans and perhaps some people in the world, that everything is on schedule for the New Biden Presidency and that all the so-called “Trump Plans” didn’t even exist.

In fact, right after the Nov 4th election, absurd amounts of drafted blueprints of plans to “Take Down the Deep State” were being circulated on the QAnon website, within social media and other forums about all kinds of different Plans and Theories of Trump’s Plans and how Patriots are going to take back their country from the Commies! And ALL of it was a farce, and just from listening to some of these absurd stories, I knew they were a farce!

The Right-Wing is now showing itself to be defeated and humiliated because they made themselves appear to be something they aren’t, and bought into conspiracy theories.

The Left-Wing makes a partially correct assertion of the “Trump Movement” being a cult / cult following, as they say. They are only partly right, because of the fact that yes they did hypnotize a large segment of Americans along Partisan Party lines to embrace a whole identity agenda based on Trump’s Presidency, the only thing being that Trump really doesn’t have any Movement or Cult whatsoever. It’s just an idea. An idea which was marketed and he made some money off of those who bought his merchandise and fell for “MAGA”.

Surely, we are not even worse off with Biden in office and with the fact that the Democrats have taken over all factions of government.

But one must never lose sight of the fact that no matter which of these candidates or parties get in, we are still on a one-way train heading in the same direction. The only difference is that the Democrats push the train a lot faster and burn up a lot more resources on the way, and they put out all the bells and whistles.

The Right-Wing and Left-Wing are not out friends. They are two degenerate parties, as they always have been even in other countries regimes. The Right Wing and Left Wing were even both problematic during the reign of the Third Reich and needed to be put out of commission and the Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) had to deal with both of them in the streets.

The unfortunate reality is playing out all over again in America, and the worst part is that at the present time there is no chance for Revolution because the two factions fighting are actually both of our enemies, not just to us but also the whole European Community in the world overall.

The Right-Wing are just as unrighteous, lying and deceitful scum as the Left-Wing are. They lie the same way and use the same techniques in their deceptions and love for opportunism. The only difference being that the Right-Wing is a little more tolerant of certain things and often adheres to more religious or conservative ideas at times, but they are just not as extreme with the opportunism and lavish lifestyles and absurdity that the Left-Wing demands. The Left-Wing is completely unhinged to say the least.

So what we are faced with is a coming Civil war which will primarily involve the Left and Right wing fighting but in which we have other grievances against the Right-Wing, so the thing is they are not a friend and ally in the fight. Our approach to the fight has to take on different strategies as well, because of the fact that the Right-Wing would either try to usurp our role or destroy us in the process, even allowing our people to be used as cannon fodder or otherwise.

What I have seen, even a day after the Inauguration is that many Right-Wingers are even declaring right now that “Trump is still President” and claiming that the send-off and everything was just for show, and to “watch and wait”. Then some people saying within 3 or 6 months that “Trump will be back in office, you watch”. All of these ideas and theories, totally baseless and off-course, I can’t believe they even believe this nonsense!

Then there are those who are obsessed with this whole notion of “Trump Starting a New Movement / Party” now that he’s out of office, you have got to be joking!!!

Then you have those debating and speculating over Trump or a Trump family member running for office in 2024. So are these people really going to speculate and bank on that for the next 4 years?

I will also be posting some videos in the next post just to show you how soft, weak and easy to capitulate so many of these so-called “Trump Militias” and other Right-Wing / Patriot groups are. How rapidly they are even willing to make common-cause with our enemies, even groups like BLM and how they have no racial consciousness whatsoever. Most of these groups are run by the CIA and Military Operatives to keep tabs on Extremist Groups and Individuals who express such interest in Extremism, usually belonging to the bottom of the barrel in society.

You will quickly understand why these tattooed pieces of bratty scum are worthless and not trustworthy to what we are working towards.

The Right-Wing is unwilling to accept that Trump is an Israel-Firster, and they get uncomfortable when you bring up the fact that he is an Israel-Firster, not an American Firster. Because the Right-Wingers know themselves they are by and large Zionist Criminals.

In the meantime, if you still have any doubts that Trump had the American People’s interest at hand and refuse to accept that he is Controlled Opposition, and if you were under any delusion to think he was fighting against Communism and is not a Crypto-Communist himself, here the Man is in all his glory, giving the Communist Fist of Solidarity:

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: President Donald Trump raises a fist after his inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today’s inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
FILE PHOTO: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden thrusts his fist while answering questions from reporters during a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., June 30, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

The Amish Question

Without second thoughts, the Amish people in America are by far the most respectable and valuable people for the most part that still remain alive in this country.

It is of great interest for our Society that the Amish would reach out to us or one day form connections with our Society, somehow, but obviously with the case being that they do not use modern technologies and keep among their own (for valid reasons), it is hard at this time to achieve this.

My only complaint really with the Amish people would be the fact that they do not believe in arming themselves for self-defense, although I wonder if this would change if they were faced with the dire circumstances of a failing civilization. Their religion (Christianity) forbids them to take action in this regard.

Although I largely have a disdain for Christianity in general, we would be willing to offer Autonomy and Protection for the Amish people and their own land and negotiate possibilities of trade with their products. They are a people which must be protected and given respect at all costs.

We would be willing to issue them full autonomy under a future agreement, and not impose our own beliefs upon them and allow them to continue what they do. They would not need to become technologically modernized in any way.

Surely, we would love to educate them on the flaws of Christianity for their own betterment, and would be open to educating them on this aberration and how to be true to their German Roots in every manner, we are aware of their history and the fact that they are largely a product of their time which has stood still. We would offer them the opportunity to learn more about our values, as they are mutual brothers and sisters of ours in the fact that they also have Germanic Blood and very strong values that are much along the same lines as ours.

The value of the Amish is too great that if we were to fully educate them of the flaws and hypocrisy of Christianity, including the fact that Christianity is a Death Cult along with all the other knowledge we would illuminate it them with, it may very well work to the detriment of their community and cause instability or other undesired outcomes, so we wish not intervene on this account. But if they ever did have a social grievance that may be a result from the religious doctrine, we would be willing at once to come to their console and illuminate them.

Among the Amish communities, the Men remain Men and the Women remain Women and are reared into adult responsibility and recognition at an early age, and this is how it should be.

Discipline, Humility and a sense of not getting caught up in things like Self-Identity and Trends – which cause imbalance in society – are great virtues they maintain among their people.

My understanding is that the Amish choose to remain mostly sealed off from the outside world even into the future, and it may remain that way regardless of our goals, but it is interesting that we also seek to build our New Reich on the basis of sealing ourselves too, from the outside world, to protect it from alien and subversive forces.

But the Amish are welcome to us with open arms, we would be willing to work with them on any level that they are willing to while respecting their customs and traditions and to not impose a new way of life on them, but to achieve common interests and receive our handshake of loyalty to them. We would love to learn more about them and have them learn more about our Society and Cause. We would leave it as an option to them should they want to adopt an attribute of our values and ways. However, outside of their defense practices and religious beliefs, there is little we really need to do for them as they are near perfectly Self-Sufficient and have everything together. They are so alike us in so many ways because we believe the same even though living under completely different structures of society.

The Amish people must be protected at all costs and to be allowed to have their freedom on their own soil even amidst the chaos and anarchy that is brewing in America.

An Inauguration With No Class

As expected, we see half-faced people littered across the scene of the entire Inauguration Ceremony for the USA’s takeover.

One of the interesting things I have noticed with Americans at least in particular, is that they seem to not recognize the shame of wearing masks, and particularly when being specifically interviewed, photographed and otherwise featured in any form of Public Media and Literature.

If we were truly in an actual Real Pandemic, if people were even doing something as ridiculous as wearing masks (let’s assume for a moment that they worked), wearing a mask in video footage and photos would be the last thing that would want to be expressed commonly as historical footage and documentation in memory for the year of 2020, 2021 and onward.

Such things as an event where people covered their faces would, by sound minds, be recognized as depressing, degrading and absolutely despicable to see.

And I have no words for the fact of seeing any Armed Forces in the world to be humiliated by wearing these cringing satanic face covers.

Even the Deutsche Bundeswehr, much to my dismay, also are forces to wear the mask and came up with a special drill command for “MASKS ON!”

If I were an enlisted Bundeswehr or other Infantry Soldier or even an Officer, the moment I would be asked to wear a mask would be the moment of my resignation, even at the behest of dishonorable discharge. I shall not dishonor myself by wearing a muzzle! Not Ever!

The fact that the mask was one of the most identifying features and that even a day outside could not be given up with the USA Inauguration Ceremony just proves how much lack of class and self-respect our enemies – particularly the Communists – have. They are not even a worthy opponent.

Liberals / Communists always tarnish everything they touch. They degrade everything. They couldn’t even resist to not reference the term “White Supremacy” in the Inauguration Speech.

In recent years, I have even seen Halloween Parades and other types of Parades where you have some of the people in the parade holding up “BLM”, Feminist and other Communist Slogans and Quotes, tarnishing the nature of the Parade and diverting far from its purpose.

In contrast to this behavior, when Adolf Hitler hosted the 1936 Olympics in Germany, he made a decree that all Propaganda Posters, Imagery and Slogans relating to Anti-Semitism and the Jewish problem be removed from the public viewing areas so as to not associate the event with their internal political and cultural issues of that time and for the event to be focused only on what the event is supposed to be about.

The goal in mind is that not only do people are public events want less distractions of external or specific issues of the modern day, but it is nice to have keepsakes that are historically preserved that all peoples can look at in the future and not need to associate other events, particularly tragic ones, with the event.

But this subtle value, seems forever lost in the minds not just of our enemies, but modern people in general. Because everywhere I have expressed this notion, people seem confused and usually respond that they never even thought of it that way.

Wearing Masks has become so much now not only a trend and satanic ritual, but even a Fashion Statement.

On another note, as usual with the USA Armed Forces, they March so sloppily and effeminate. They March with a Limp Character. No Honor and No Discipline, which is why. It is reflected in their Marching styles, the Corporate looking uniforms and horrible leg lifts with the Pfeiff and Drum Band. No uniformity whatsoever with even the Drummers.

Muffled Commands shouted through the Masks.

Yet again, all a reflection of the lack of unity, uniformity and cohesion with the people.

Even a remark made during the ceremony for people who do not look the same and who are different to somehow all work with one another and be united.

But we Prussians know better. And we know that only people of like appearance, of like interests and mindset and spirit are capable to cooperate, especially without exploitation.

Nothing can be worse than a forced conformity of artificial unity.

Beware of Anyone or Any Movement Which Defends “Democracy”.

Democracy has always been a subversive form of government.

Even dating back to the Ancient Greeks, who are often recognized for inventing Democracy, it was actually despised by most of the Greek Philosophers who understood its flaws, and cleverly exposed the fallacy and danger it represents in its objective for “equality”.

Today’s Democracy is no different. The aims of Democracy are Communism, and they were this way in any other country where it has gained traction.

Many people speak highly of Democracies, and often claim how “Our Democracy is at risk”.

Anyone who utters such phrases, is untrustworthy and is a product of the Globalists whether they know they are not, or are active in politics or not.

Democracy is not a preferred form of government, and they are the most unstable and short-lived form of governments which eventually evolve into discord and anarchy when they disintegrate.