Wearing 2 or More Masks is the Satanic Ritual for showing your Total Loyalty and Allegiance to Communism

The pushing of the 2, 3, 4 or more masks has become a renewed effort of the political symbolism, whereas most people have embraced the mask ritual no matter where their political stance is, either due to political pressures or peer persuasions.

Initially, the masking up was a way for the Communists to identify others, in a similar way that the Hebrews historically circumcised themselves so that they could identify others of their tribe when unclothed among other Men, if other evident features did not indicate it. But yet the reasons they engaged in that barbaric practice is multi-faceted, and so too have the masks become a multi-faceted ritual, yet nothing even remotely to do with public health!

So since the masking is so prevalent everywhere, wearing 2 Masks or more shows your “absolute allegiance” to the communist Cause, and similarly allows their comrades to identify each other in public.

Last year when everything began with the virus psyop, the only people I saw double-masking in public and who were very adamantly doing it were the Asians. And that is by no means a coincidence!

Western peoples are woefully ignorant of the consequences and social issues and mental health problems that arise from mask wearing.

Some of the other multi-faceted effects of wearing Masks is that it breaks down people’s will, discourages communication, especially private communications (because of the voice being muffled), so it discourages more personal conversation in general. Masking also lowers the ability and morale for Police for to identify and target criminals, and the masks also play a role for when the intended Bolshevik / Anarchy returns where they can enter and loot, burn, rape and murder all while maintaining themselves as “anonymous” with masks on, should things advance to that point of the already unfolding communist takeovers.

Asian cultures are not affected psychologically as much from mask wearing as they have different cognitive reflexes and frown on the expression of culture. For example, it’s even rude in most parts of Asia to make eye contact with others. This is why Asians have been wearing masks for years, as they prefer anti-social behavior and in fact they feel all that much more encouraged to wear masks because it helps them avoid confrontation from strangers in public and where nobody can see what they feel. Identifying in public among others is not a priority in Asian culture, only education and success.

Another attribute about Asian culture is that due to social cohesion, cultural attributes but also a heavy surveillance state, China and sometimes other associated Asian countries have less problems with public crimes being committed by people wearing masks.

Nevertheless, Mask Wearing is an Oriental influence in every country that has taken up on this practice, pushed by International Health Organizations.

People who suggest “Prayer” are Useless and Worthless

Prayer is a delusion, thinking one’s Prayers are somehow being listened to by a “God”, or namely, the real “God”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Prayer does absolutely nothing, because for one thing this world is not created by God, nor is it managed by God.

There has been an annoying increase in masses who go around everywhere suggesting to others that we “Need to pray more than ever during this time”, instead of taking action and putting up a fight!

The people who suggest prayer are cowards. No mentally healthy person believes in “prayer”.

Why Most Europeans will not survive or be part of Europe’s Future.

There are only 2 possible outcomes for Europe’s Future:

Total Overhaul by the emergence of a Superior Ruling Class (we), or a Total Takeover by the International Power Brokers.

Most of the latter outcome has been in progress and has taken place. The window of reversal is quickly coming to a close.

However, the fact remains that the majority of people in the European continent will not survive no matter which direction the tables turn, because they have pending Karma. And at least around an equal amount of them will cease to exist in due time, whether the new order is Benevolent or Malevolent in nature.

The majority of people who live in Europe today, especially those involved and connected very deeply in the Business sectors, as well as those who are very highly influential and well educated, come from Families who were involved with the Tribe that runs International Banking.

In fact, many of these Europeans, whether they are in Germany, France, Italy and elsewhere, are so proud that they have no shame in discussing their family’s history, whether their fathers, uncles or other relatives who made deals and ran operations to same the Tribe. You see, there are so many families in Europe today which descend from people who hid and protected the Tribe during the years of 1933- 1945 and as a result, the Tribe – as they frequently do – offer such people and their families special connections and privileges for protecting them, and sometimes they even allow these people to gain privileges to live and work in other countries.

These same families and their descendants have also been behind the promotion and activism behind promoting Democracy, Multi-Culturalism, Strange Orientations / Family Arrangements and Illegal Immigration, which are further oppressing the approximate 10% of Decent Europeans who exist in Europe. These minority of Europeans are plunged into poverty, drug use, suicides, broken families and are otherwise unable to carry on their genes under the level of oppression.

Take the case of Italy, for example. The same corrupt families who prosper and those involved in the modern banking system today all come from the same slime-mold of elite families who ran the Banking system or were otherwise connected for well over 600 years, dating back to the Venetian Banking system. And there has virtually been not much of a changeover in the concentration of wealth in the Elite family hands in Italy even from that time, long before Italy was established as a Kingdom.

These particular secrets of Europe’s Decline, especially after WW2 with how most Modern Europeans have been betraying Europe – which is largely unknown and disregarded in Modern Europe – will one day become common public knowledge to all Europeans and Historians.

Just think… Today, over 90% of Europeans mentally masturbate and debate with others everyday over Germany’s so-called “War Crimes” and are debating meanwhile how much more Germany should need to pay for its crimes! They debate if Germany has learned its lesson or not, or whether or not Germans can be forgiven!

You have BRAINWASHED PEOPLE accusing others who were PROPERLY EDUCATED as being BRAINWASHED.

Do you really think that somehow all this debating and these beliefs, these sets of lies will absolve Europeans from the atrocities and injustices committed against all German peoples can be ignored or swept under the carpet and not accounted for? No way in hell!

The Cloud and Fumes of our last Reich will remain in perpetuity over Europe.

Revenge is being meted on the European Continent against those who plotted and pray for Germany’s defeat! The Nations which are paying the most are the UK and France. But surely America is also paying on the Atlantic front.

The fact of the matter is that Europe cannot have any future whatsoever until the Tribe responsible is dealt with, and this is something which is not even a general item of discussion in almost all of Europe today.

The Honest Truth is that Most White People are not Decent or Valuable Today

Truth be told, is that the fall of Europe is and of all the White Nations in the world today is a large result of degeneracy.

Ever since World War 2 ended, the enemy powers and all of their loyal agents had seized control not only over World Finance, but also in shaping the direction, the destiny for Mankind, and specifically for the White European Nations.

What unnerves me the most is that, the White People who are left in this world who are still decent are always going to be the ones who are first ostracized, first blamed and used as the scapegoat (both by White and Non-White peers). And this is certainly no less true with the German People, especially!

The many centuries old conflicts of our people are still well alive today as they were back then, the propensity for hysteria and witch-hunts to aimlessly get whipped up and to actually target the people who are innocent and yet most valuable members of our Nations! This is of great particular concern.

Meanwhile, the Internationalist financial hyenas all over Europe, including ones who are Europeans themselves by race, are continuously selling out their own people all for the sake of business interests. And the greatest degeneracy starts at the level of where those Whites value money more than blood, and to where their interests revolving around money have given them an ego and edge to do everything in the name of money, and having no honor to protect the people and sovereignty of our Nations.

Most people in this world are not good. Nevertheless, the path the European Nations on will ensure that so much fewer of any decent White Europeans still exist, in comparison to the other Nations of the world, which is quite alarming. It is bad enough that European people are the True World Minority.

Can we name certain peoples who have been more offensive among White Europeans that have contributed more to the degeneracy of White Nations!? We sure can. America and England are absolutely the pioneers in promoting degeneracy, but so too are Nations like Canada, Australia and basically the entire Anglo-Saxon Speaking Nations, the Dutch and Swedish.

And as much as I like others may have criticism of the Slavic Nations, as is common from the worldview of German People, can we hold the Slavic Nations guilty of promoting degeneracy!? Absolutely Not! The Slavic Nations, including Poland, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere have been very steadfast in not promoting degeneracy, to the levels of what we find in the Anglo-Saxon Nations and Western Europe.

Of the Slavic Nations, countries like Poland however are even more on the receiving end of the subversive influences of Western Degeneracy being imposed on them. This is also true in other random countries like Albania, and from what I understand there is some bleeding over of subversive degeneracy into Belarus.

Meanwhile, most of Europe is committing the sins of promoting integration with bringing in immigrants, strange regions, strange sexual orientations or relations and other bad ideas which are to forever change its landscape and demographics.

People who are especially competent and refined in this world, are always the first ones to be blamed, ridiculed and witch-hunted because the inferiors always put their expectations of things they wish not to be responsible for, as heavy burdens for the more competent and superior people.

We can be in no denial or trying to cover over Europe’s Dark past. The continent has been engulfed in so many wars and conflicts, but yet Germany has emerged to be a Nation which tried to forge a destiny away from this legacy and into a new era of cooperation and stability, even far surpassing what the Roman Empire had ever had the ambition for. Rome had no interest in removing social-economic classes.

But today, there has never been as a significant decline and permanent wounding over European Races in the past as the case now.

How can we accept tattooed Europeans as being Ideal Examples or as a Standard of people to look up to?

How can we accept European Youth who have bought into and modeled their entire lives on the ideas and false promises of Globalism? They are damaged!

Along with the other Liberal degeneracy the majority engage in.

At best, we could maybe say that out of every 10 Individuals, roughly in any country of Europe that one travels in, out of those 10, only one of them on average has any real decency to them.

The figures are likely a lot worse in most countries on average. We cannot pretend that things are better than they are!

What demographic people is the degeneracy mostly found among!? Anyone under the age of 70, with absolute certainty. In fact, the only people that I can routinely find with any sensible nature and thinking to them are almost overwhelmingly above 70 years old, and especially leaning much more into the 90 year old age bracket.

Morals are lacking and so is the regard for Truth, all across Europe. Only Material values are persistently upheld as honorable.

In terms of European Races who value Truth, it is said that the Finnish are the ones who have the highest reputation in this regard.

The worst part about what awaits the West, is that the Chinese and the Russians are extremely well-versed and on-top of all the issues which plague the west, and the differences between in particular the US and European Blocs. They are positioning themselves to take advantage of these situations and move in place where they can empower their own Imperial Interests.

The takedown of America and the UK, along with all the Anglo-Saxon Nations is currently in progress at a very rapid pace. Those Nations which are also heavily dependent or tied into these Anglo-American economies are also to suffer a substantial fate of collapse or decline, relative to the amount and extend that their economies are tied into those two Nations. Countries which are poorer who may be in Europe (but not part of EU) or elsewhere, will fare better and be able to deal better with the consequences as America and England lose their position and economic might on the world stage. America and the UK are also to become isolated from the rest of the world, including isolation from Europe.

The new framework being planned for the future world, is that the US and UK will be even cut off from world trade and negotiations with Asia, whereas the EU Nations and Europe in General will still be offered a trade agreement with the Oriental world.

I am not fond of the measures being taken by China and Russia in their effort to take over Europe, however I understand their perceptions of positioning themselves for what is soon to come and how the world is changing, but at the same time, a European Power needs to rise to the occasion to prevent the takeover that Russia has planned for the EU. The country best slated for this task, is of course, none other than Germany.

But the weakening of Germany has been so significant and with birth rates so low and many other issues that plague the country – it being still an occupied colony of the Americans – it is hard to see what forms of resistance it will offer. Surely, NATO will run its course in the meantime, but the relations with NATO have been worse than ever, and NATO is more an Imperial Arm for the USA than it ever is in defending the interest or security of European Nations.

I present all these facts and contrasts to our situation not as a means to discourage anyone in Europe from fighting, but as a warning to all Europeans. This should be a fierce wake up call. But all the more so, these facts and implications should cause ANY person of Europe who has Noble Blood to become infuriated and all that more determined to become involved with action to rescue our lands from invaders and the potential opportunists who wish to take over from the fall!

Other countries around the world, including the Middle Eastern Countries, India and even some African Countries have taken notice in more recent years to the subversive degeneracy arriving on their shores, with its origins coming from the Americans and the English, along with joint participation of some European Nations with the Americans and the English. Whether it’s Feminism, Big Tech, McDonalds, or the growing trend of the youth being re-educated to view other people as “disposable”, these things are starting to become a major issues in many countries in the world now, and if they are not smashed, someday all Europeans will take the blame for the promotion of this degeneracy which took place in other Nations and destroyed the fabric of their Nations and Families. Much of the crud which comes out of Hollywood and other American Films are heavily brainwashing and influencing other people of the world to think in a very certain way.

Another major and dangerous agenda having traction in America and European Countries is the push for Meatless diets / Veganism. Outside of Brazil and India, the Meatless agenda is often viewed as an extremely “Alien” agenda being now foisted upon these countries.

If the 10% of people of Germany, who are its last remaining 10% of decent people are what consist still of the best of what the German Race has to offer, then this 10% has the right to become the new ruling class and to reconquer Germany from within, to depose the illegal occupiers and plutocrats which run the illegitimate Nation and to uphold our land like a Fortress!

The same applies to all the rest of Europe as well. The 10% must thin the herd of those who have sold our Nations out to foreigners and have enabled their existence unjustly and illegally in our Nations. This will also give our most Noble people once again, all the soil and new opportunity for rebuilding and growing gigantic families to bring our replacement level back from the dead, so that one day the majority of Valuable White people can be much closer to 100%.

At the same time with our present fate, the way I see it, is that if we remain steadfast to our cause, even if we are few in number, it will be all the better and sweeter for us in the long run, for the tomorrow that comes. Because we will be respected all that much more, but also we will be the last bastions of Europe that any other Nations will seek our advice, counsel and trade relations to establish with.

German Patriotic Song: Wenn alle untreu werden by Novalis

This is a favorite of mine, one which I find inspiring. This lyrics to this song are so true, and reflects very well the Dark Times we now live in, and how many people have strayed off the path, especially the youth. And it should serve as a reminder to our people the importance of keeping our ways, no matter how difficult the times get, and they are soon to get much, much harder.

The second version below has the Song Lyrics in English:

Why Honorable Germans must distance themselves from the AfD and all Right or Left Wing Parties in Deutschland


As we keep very strong awareness as to the Political Situations and Machinations of what takes place in Today’s Germany, the growing influence of subversive interest groups continue to plague our Fatherland.

To simply despise the AfD, and for all the wrong reasons (such as the bourgeoisie / Mainstream Society) is in NO WAY valid as an excuse for any Decent German who wishes to prove himself worthy and viable of defending our Nation’s People and Fatherland.

At this time, I would be against censorship or denying the AfD the rights to speak and voice the opinions, but we must be very concerned with their aims and to correct the people who belong to this organization. We are therefore keeping it under very close surveillance. I however do not believe that we should persecute everyday Germans who have become involved with this organization and other Right-Wing Parties, because they are misguided and need to be led the proper way, but the AfD leadership will one day need to be silenced and persecuted by our Authority when the time is ripe. The organization is a nest of spies, plutocrats and has loyalty to Zionism. The leaders themselves are Zionists.

A key member and leader of the party, Alice Weidel, is a Lesbian and former Analyst who worked for Goldman Sachs! Anyone who knows the history and tribe behind who runs Goldman Sachs need not hear anything more than this to make total judgment on the reputation and interests of the AfD.

Furthermore, as is the case with all Traditional Right-Wing Movements, they are “Christian-based” and they make this fact very well known in term of the AfD’s ambitions and identity as the Right-Wing Movement which it is.

Our Fraternal Order prides itself of being thoroughly distanced from Christianity! And I believe that this stance will one day be more appreciated by Future Germans as they re-awaken to the costs and consequences that Christianity has brought to our people.

The German people today have long forgotten the way that Communist Propaganda works, and that the Communist Propagandists themselves always stated that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

This is certainly no less true with such movements as the AfD. A Political Party in Germany which is riddled with Goldman Sachs and Rothschild Influence, as well as undesirable German elements in the Party Members in general and with their disdain and intolerance for the Reich.

In a future article, I will be expanding more on the International influences including National Bolshevism which has been a growing threat in an effort to subvert the West, but especially Germany.

As the article to the link I posted above very well should indicate to any Thinking German, these Right-Wing Organizations exist as the controlled opposition with surveillance so that they can collect the will of Individuals who express the interest in the activism and to steer their will and opinions and to monitor all of them for what will one day amount to the wholesale persecution of them.

In many ways, not unlike the methods that the Zionists installed Donald Trump for President in America as a Trojan Horse to give the American “Patriots” a last glimmer of hope for the “Old America”, but used as a means for tracking and monitoring all people who supported Trump, those who purchased his merchandise or donated to his campaigns, but perhaps most importantly, those who voted for him, who are now being relentlessly pursued by the Left Wing of the same rotten bird, for a renewed interest of committing reprisals and retributions against them. Many Americans today still are unwilling and totally reluctant to ever accept that Trump was controlled opposition and that he himself is a Crypto-Communist! Even when you show them all the evidence.

If Trump is to ever be considered a “Conservative”, then surely we can say that Trump has been the most Liberal Conservative of all US Presidents!

Only the Most Boldest, Daring and Brash of Germans can Rebuild Germany

The Future Germany and Germanic States in the world are to be inherited, reconquered and defended by only the most unique stocks of our Racial Blood that is left.

Many Decades have now past where many of our people have dampened out their Inner Fires to reinvigorate the Spirit that has been lost from our Fatherland.

The fragmentation of Germany, from every perspective, has greatly made us at loss for the restoration of the Reich, and this is precisely what the aim of the allies, especially the English with their American helpers had sought to achieve, and they were indeed successful.

Let it be known that there can be no rest and no ease until the Reich is one day restored.

A task that may very well entail various German stocks from the world over to achieve.

We have earned the right to be the Fatherland of all that is Pure, all that is Noble and of Value.

The other Nations of the world, by their nature, are to genuflect to our position of World Leadership and Inspiration.

Germany and German Spirit is the Fertile Soil of Inspiration which is the standard for all of Europe to look up to, and there will be no Renaissance and Happiness once again throughout all of European Lands until our Reich is back at home and shining in its eternal glory under the German Sun.

Germany, the Only Nation in the world capable to represent and Balance the Holy Trinity of Freedom, Steadfast Restraint and Morality all while we remain as an Open-Minded people!

America has stolen and perverted our role and our glory in the effort to completely destroy the culture of the World’s Nations and to impose themselves on other Nations, rather than to inspire them for their own individual greatness.

There are many mysteries of our people which have been frozen in time, only waiting to be unearthed once again and relived by the people of our day, and shown to the world as example.

Only in Germany and Germanic Nations is Truth and Order given the highest of respect and also to the greatest benefit of a People, unlike any other Nation in the world. While the majority of our people still respect Truth, the connection and benefit of its reward has long disappeared from our daily life and activity among our People.

Every German who refuses to strive for this goal and has capitulated to accepting our Mediocre position in the world today is shameful and does not deserve to be recognized as German!

The Path Forward must be laid out by the Best Blood of Germans, and no matter how rough and treacherous the process is. Germany will one day again be a viable Nation that cannot afford to maintain the weaklings who are so quick to give up our Fatherland’s Existence and refuse to fight for our People’s Rights.


If we try to fathom the special fate of the Germans within the framework of the European tragedy, it is not enough to look at the superficial slogans of daily politics, the propaganda theses of the world wars, the mutual prejudices of the European peoples or the moralising blame of re-education. Also, the rather psychological argument that the aversion against the German is rooted in his general efficiency doesn’t probe deeply enough, although there may be a great deal of truth in it.

It has been almost completely overlooked that the birth of anti-Germanism already occurred at the beginning of Christianisation. The Christian apostles first gathered around themselves everywhere the proletarian masses, the poor, the badly off and the socially weak of the ancient world. Christianity was nothing else than a pre-Marxism in the magical feeling of life of that time. ‘Evil’ then, for the early baptised, was everything that shone in the Roman Empire: the rulers, the leaders in politics, economics, art and science, the military and administrators. Christianity thus contained—Nietzsche had recognised this crystal-clearly—an ancient slave revolt against everything high and well-bred, and the mean vindictiveness of that lower-class revelled in their lust to see the hated, envied and secretly admired languish in the hottest hell. Therefore, this religion had to be anti-Germanic in and of itself. The heathen races and peoples of Central and Northern Europe, with their elementary joy of being and sensuality, formed the direct antipode to the Christian state of mind. In particular, it was the soldierly ‘barbarian tribes’ of the Germanic peoples who attracted the hatred of the oriental desert religion. For oriental was and is the original Christian spirit.

The European nobility, however, is still today, after 2,000 or 1,500 years, predominantly Nordic, and the Teutons embodied in a special way the forest soul of northern Europe, which was now subjugated in the course of many centuries by the desert spirit alien to its nature. This is to be understood quite literally. Thus the celebrated jungle doctor Albert Schweitzer said: ‘I am subjugated by Jesus’. But he didn’t want to understand this negatively, but triumphantly. The servant-like, emasculating effect of this religion can no longer be demonstrated more clearly.

In addition, it has always been overlooked or, at least, it has never been clearly pointed out, that the Christian religion encountered harsh military resistance in its spread exclusively in Germany, nowhere else in Europe. The Christianisation of south-eastern and southern Europe, as well as that of Russia and Poland, took place completely smoothly. Likewise, it found no opposition throughout Western Europe. This is of fundamental importance and symbolic of what was in the offing in Europe through many centuries, leading to the tragic inferno of the white continent since about 850. What we are told about ‘persecutions of Christians’ in antiquity is mostly fictitious: they are the legends of saints, hardly any of which would stand up to thorough scrutiny. Antiquity was, religiously, extremely tolerant and all too tolerant to its detriment.

The decisive point, however, lies in the following: the Christianisation of Germany took place in the West, starting from those two states whose modern shape was formed by three important Germanic tribes: England and France. And these tribes, as is well known, are called Franks, Saxons and Angles. It was a double attack, waged on the one hand by the most brutal military force by the Frankish Emperor Charles in a thirty-year war of extermination, and on the other hand by preaching, flattering persuasion and treacherous actions, such as the felling of the Donar Oak by Boniface. And this insidious attack, supported by Germanic courage, came from those Anglo-Saxons who had been Christianised on the British Isle and now continued the work of alienation on the mainland of whom Winfried, the so-called ‘German Apostle’, together with his relative Lioba, were particularly well known.

The guardian of central European paganism was first and foremost the Saxon tribe, which remained in the mainland, supported by the Frisians. From here the re-Germanisation of northeast Germany would take place. Without these Lower Saxons there would be no German people. But they were subjugated by the part of the closely related Franks, which the Gallo-Roman foreigners had Frenchified with the help of the Franks, who remained Germanic.

The sneering and often arrogant tone that for centuries has always been heard in Western Europe as soon as German things are mentioned goes back to the 8th and 9th Christian centuries. And it is therefore no coincidence that worldwide summons to arms, which were directed twice against Germany in the 20th century, had its spiritual-political leadership essentially with France and England, which were bearers of world languages and high moral standing.

Therefore, it cannot really be surprising, although curiously it was never really stated, that the whole anti-German atrocity propaganda, as it found its dramatic climax in the first half of the 20th century, was nothing but the increased echo of sermons to the pagans and anti-Germanic incantations of Christian missionaries, apostles and itinerant teachers more than a thousand years ago.

The core of anti-Germanism was always political theology. The orators, ‘clergymen’, article writers, and radio propagandists of our Allied war opponents merely transposed into modern language what those apostles had once prefigured: the Teuton as a hulking barbarian, stupid, brutal, uneducated and, as an additional variant, absolutely humourless!

After the Germans were finally incorporated into the fold of the Christian herd of Europe, they themselves continued the subjugation of Central and Eastern Germany to the Wends and Old Prussians. Especially the Baltic Old Prussians were now subjugated by the Order of the Teutonic Knights in the 13th and 14th centuries, just as had happened 400 to 500 years earlier to the Saxons on the part of the Franks. Christianised Poles weren’t able to conquer these freedom-loving pagan Old Prussians.

The Baltic Prussians weren’t Slavs, they formed together with the Latvians and Lithuanians a special branch of the Indo-Germanic language family. Linguistically, they occupied an intermediate position between Germanic and Slavic, as can be seen, for example, in the word garbas which means mountain. ‘Garbas’ is only a metathesis of ‘mountain’ with a Baltic suffix attached. In Slavic it became ‘gora’.

In terms of blood, however, these later Germanised Old Prussians, who gave the name to the later state of Prussia, were the closest relatives of the Germanic tribes. Until the Second World War the real Latvia as well as East Prussia belonged to the areas with the strongest predominance of the Nordic race. Let us therefore note two things: the northwest of Germany was forcibly Christianised in the same way as later would happen to its extreme northeast. The area around Königsberg was forced under the Christian yoke only a full millennium after southern France with Marseille and Bordeaux. Only through this do we recognise the full historical root of the talk of the ‘German barbarians’, which has long been in vogue especially in our western neighbouring country.

From a purely political point of view it must of course be said that, as things stood, the subjugation of the Saxons by the Frankish Emperor may have been positive, in spite of the terrible Germanic fratricides, because otherwise the establishment of a German state and state people, as we know it historically, couldn’t have been carried out. This has also been asserted again and again. The same applies to the Christianisation and simultaneous Germanisation of East Germany, which, however, was actually a re-Germanisation. It is possible that without the influence of foreign religious elements a large Germanic northern empire would have arisen from Scandinavia to the low mountain ranges. Without the Roman Church, the Germanic tribes of northern France would most probably not have been Romanised, so that quite other possibilities of Germanic state formation in the European framework seem conceivable. But these are speculations. The main purpose here is to prove that through Christianity everything in Europe became mendacious to the core.

If the opposing propaganda in the Second World War tried to divide the Germans by the confrontation of ‘Nazis’ and ‘anti-Nazis’, it did the same in the First World War by the use of the terms ‘Prussians’ and ‘non-Prussians’. If we have internalised all this, then the German Sonderweg is no longer a mystery to us. The Germans are, often and largely quite unconsciously, the conscience of the real, down-to-earth, pagan Europe. There is nothing else. Christian Europe was a falsification, a pseudo-morphosis. Central Europe is the original homeland of the Indo-Germanic root people, not some Asian steppes, as we have been led to believe. What this primitive pagan Europe could have become with the great ruler virtues and the political talent of the old Romans, but above all the unequalled philosophical height of the Hellenes, give us a faint idea.

Along with Germany, Europe, the entire white race would have to die. But by paying homage to anti-Germanism themselves, the Germans, blocked the way to the right knowledge for the other Europeans. He who destroys the core of a thing, destroys thereby also the whole. And it is therefore no wonder that the deep division of the soul, which came to Europe with Christianity, raged especially painfully among the Germans.

The adoption of this foreign religion and the attempt to adapt it to our way of being was the real fall from the grace of Europe. Religion is the highest and most sacred thing: one doesn’t allow it to be taken away from the foreigner, nor, what is just as bad, to be foisted upon him. A race of the rank of the White European without its own religion is a historical scandal, a mortal sin…

He whoever walked through the German people with an awake heart, has recognised the deep inner misery of this people… Especially since the 20th century, the division of the soul has become abundantly visible, which runs through our tribes, our clans, families, even the individual personalities. The feeling becomes more and more urgent that we live in an unholy, hopeless, evil and un-homely world.

But the other European peoples also know this feeling. Sham victories over Germany have benefited neither them nor Europe as a whole. Quite the contrary! All of them are not one bit better off today than the Germans themselves. Christianity has not eliminated a single of the world’s evils, nor has it even alleviated them: it lives from evil. Only in it, in an ugly, miserable, cloying world, do its rotten fruits blossom and flourish.

But the struggle against Germany with unwarlike but all the more effective means goes on unceasingly. Fortunately, more and more people, even in non-German countries, are realising that there is anti-white racism everywhere.


Dietrich Schuler (1927-2011) was a German educator, writer and philosopher of religion.

Source: Dietrich Schuler: Untergang der Weltmacht USA: Rettung für die weißen Völker? (2003)

Why Beauty, Aesthetics and Pleasure are Essential to Western Civilization

In Today’s World, Beauty and Aesthetics, while admired, have become more of a past-time, a hobby or idea for Museums from older days of glory at the peak of Western Civilization in the arts and other expression.

The Modern world of Mammon and obsession with careers has taken priority over people’s appreciation and indulgence in Beauty. Whatever it may be, observation of beauty in Nature, in oneself and others.

People themselves are not living and demonstrating the attributes of Beauty in their daily life. Only a handful of people do. The majority of what is seen or respected in society is Beauty perverted by Vanity and Narcissism.

Christianity also has convinced people to deny our desire for Beauty and Passions, to deny Desire in and of itself. To lack the responsibility to manage our Desire. However the destruction of expression in Beauty was even further ruined by the arrival of Bolshevism.

Christianity does not want beautiful people to find each other fall in love or to make even more beautiful offspring. Instead, it wants people to get married in accordance with Status and Wealth, or within a certain Class.

Christianity teaches people that beauty doesn’t matter, and that should not want anything, and that intimate activities between couples are only meant for procreation.

Denial and Inhibition of our Human Impulses is what fuels rebelliousness, and it is no coincidence that the majority of Christian Nations today are full of this rebelliousness, with no sense of responsibility for any decisions they make and what is a proper indulgence.

Look at all the wonderful Castles, Statues and Architecture our ancestors have built many centuries ago. Look at the photos of Germans with chiseled and divine features from the centuries past, in how different they looked compared to many modern examples today which are alive.

Beauty Inspires, Moves and Motivates us to continue the things in life with more fervor and discipline. It brings all that which is pragmatic and logical to life and gives it some meaning and purpose.

The only people who would suggest otherwise or who want to deny us of the pleasure of enjoyment in life, of things that are Beautiful and to deny others Passions are themselves evil and full of jealousy and other head complexes.

The majority of Western Civilization, as with Germany, so too with the Romans, Greeks and many other early civilizations have long been based on admiration of Beauty.

In the last 2 centuries, but particularly the 20th century with the arrival of Bolshevism, Beauty in all forms has been under severe attack by these enemies of Humanity. Anything beautiful, according to them, must be destroyed, and everyone must be relegated to some mediocre or lowly type of uniformity.

In restoring the essence of beauty as a priority for civilization’s progress instead of money-making, life can once again be enjoyable and something to look forward to rather than a nagging chore. Life can be slowed down again, unlike the present where Life is lived far too fast to enjoy the roses and everything else. Nobody has time for anyone in the Rat-Race world of Capitalism.

Today’s Buildings which are built reflect Corporate and Business culture, with all of its staleness sterility and impotence. Even the Communist Architecture is a reflection of dreary, brutalist form. Completely uninspiring.

Christianity, Capitalism, Democracy and Bolshevism are completely antithetical to Beauty and Aesthetics.

The hour we live in now is most definitely the darkest for Europe and all of the West.

When there is nothing and no-one to inspire, it breeds bad activities and impulses. The Spirit of a Nation withers.

There can be nothing to look forward too. There is no regard for truth or decency anywhere. It is an inconvenient burden. Mankind has regressed to the animal level.

We want our future people and eventually all Europeans to once again discover and celebrate Beauty the way we once did.

Everything which we find repulsive and ungodly in our way, must be destroyed with the most utter ruthlessness and lack of mercy. We want a CLEAN People who will meanly face this world and take it head on, and that we all be spared of the fake love, peace and weakness that Christianity wishes to tempt our people into the tolerance of all the ugliness, including tolerance and social support for degenerate specimens in our society which are undesirable for our civilization!

A Pure European Civilization does not consist of Tattooed Multi-hair Colored Marijuana Smokers who have been holding out over a year to revolve their life around receiving a vaccine. These are the fruits Christianity has granted us!

A day must come when our Reich rises again, and our everyday life is full of Music, Ritual and Reflection.

Prussian Relevance in the 21st Century and Breaking off with Old Traditions

If we are to have a Future Prussian State, we must adapt it to the 21st century style of attitude but with the character of our great ancestors.

Prussia may be a relic that is still relegate to the past, but so long as there are those of us who inherit its blood, its possibility to be brought back from the dead is real.

We must adapt ourselves to the Modern Times and Needs but also maintain our Timeless Essence and Legacy of the Past, and this also must be reflected in the character of our Men and Women as well. Those who have capitulated to the language and style of the Internet Age have given up their individual character for modern trends.

Do you like living in a society where nobody wants to talk to anyone in public, where everyone is suspicious of everyone else, where telling lies is the “new truth” and that people only seek interest in others on the basis of what they can get from them? This existence is a HELL. And I believe that anyone who has any true sense of decency left to them would be eager and in a mad rush to find and cling to whatever morsels left of an existence where people still had values of the past still flourish.

A lot of our spiritual energy and attitude is surely not found almost anywhere in Modern People’s existence, and at first can give off a jarring or uncomfortable experience because it is so uncommon to be found. They even laugh because they cannot believe such people or an ambition still exist in this world! Valor has long been made of as a mockery because of Hollywood Movies and Entertainment that people have allowed to grow on them.

The more movies and entertainment one engages in, the more they lose their innocence and where the natural feeling or experiences and connections of real life become far more alien and uncomfortable for them to experience or let alone witness. This is why people feel relegated to the Modern Era!

It would be foolish to believe that Protestantism will be maintained, as it has been a detriment to our struggle. Anyone with a thinking brain can recognize this fact, and that a New Religion must be adopted by all Germans. One which is universal in scope.

For one thing, Modern Germans reflect more American ideas than they do German ideas, and only by reinstating Prussian Influence can this be resolved, if even through ways that appeal to their interests.

Modern Germans are largely plagued with ideas of uncertainty and hesitation only because of the forced self-reflection and re-education that has been imposed on them, and without an alternative source of idealism and spirit that they can believe in or understand the rewards in. We are to be their Eternal Guidance and Leadership, and their console for regaining the right Confidence.

A day must arrive when an average daily German’s criticisms are what one had done today for their fellow brothers, or criticizing how much one has not done enough to further the German cause, rather than complaints about not recycling or use of plastic bags, or prioritizing Insurance over any form of taking risks to better our position in this world.

Technology will have to take on a different role among Germans, and a backseat to culture, if there is to be a renaissance of our culture. While we enjoy technology, it is a tool, and we should not allow it to change us as people or become too dependent on it.

The influences of Technology and Expansive Monetarism which had greatly expanded and influenced World’s People after World War 2 has eliminated Spiritedness among people as it has shaped Nations people to become more immersed in themselves, and without a sense of duty.

A lot of the pessimism and reluctance among our people today is more a result of modern social and economic issues and the general distrust among people which has dimmed the light our people used to once represent. We must never resort to our imposition being that of one that is dogmatic or in any way in a robotic nature, because it will just be unnatural and feel like slavery. We need to bring about an era that has an air of Majestic nature, one that brings us as close as possible to Nature and connectedness as a people, not connectedness through technology or feel-good rhetoric that nobody cares about by the end of the day when they go to bed.

Even more importantly is the fact that if we do not take action, if we do not strive for the formation of a New Culture with Prussian Influence, there will no longer be anything valuable for us or any European!

Concerning other Germanic peoples like Austrians, Bavarians and the Swiss, I believe our approach to Incorporating them would have to be conducted in a different manner than times past. We do not want to remove their identity as States or to take away their autonomy, but we do prefer their Loyalty and Unity. The Goal must one day to be to have all Germans under our Umbrella once again, irrespective of where they live.

But I believe that the Modern Question to this can only be achieved by these other Germans eventually educating or witnessing our results in a manner to recognize that it would be in their best interest to be on our side and in complete loyalty to us, rather than a war. If the other Germans come to recognize this on their own, they will appreciate it all that much more and be much more enthusiastic. But at the present time, the notions among Austrians and Bavarians are far more pessimistic about involvement in such an ambition with us at this time since the last World War.