Prussia cannot be Rebuilt with a Slave Class or Inferior Class in society

What had made Prussia so great and unique in its Order of Empire is the high standard of the types of people in its society. Eventually, the Superior groups coming to overtake the Inferior ones but revamping a society where the best is always preserved.

Today we face the grave situation around us of some of the worst examples of White Europeans, regardless of which country you live in. Even in America, Australia, Canada, UK.

The majority of the racial stocks are boneheads.

Even if we so much wanted to have a “Slave Class” or Caste system, the problem is that the Prussian Spirit and Might cannot be achieved with weaker and inferior elements, especially ones which may be duplicitous or have the intellectual capacity of a donkey.

It does not even benefit us to have them as a worker.

All other historical empires never had the need or demand to have such a qualified population to the level we do, but more or less just accepted or assimilated people as they see fit and accepted “stupidity” or what other types of monstrous people were a part of their civilizations.

Prussian essence is too easily disturbed by weak elements, as the concept of running a Highly militarized state which is always ever-ready in adapting to new changes or challenges at a moment’s notice, requires the masses to be of a certain stature.

It is not particularly acceptable among any Decent Germans for something or someone to be inadequate or lacking, and it’s disgraceful to see when potential in something is not maximized or that resources in effect are being put to waste. In fact, it is infuriating!

If we do not demand the high standards and expectations of others, as we do in ourselves, there is no way that the Prussian Spirit can flourish and shine. It can only degrade us to a state as being just like any other typical Nation, and then it also introduces the greater tendencies for Democracies to form, particularly for as long as our enemies continue to be alive and remain dormant in this world.

Democracies are the perfect form of government for all kinds of crazy, unbalance and degenerate elements to be mixed into a salad of chaos to be used as pawns by the Overlords who rule them.

The West has made a permanent decision to embrace slavery, bondage and to lower one’s expectations. To find strength in “aloneness”, “isolation” and “self love”.

There is a huge “self love” movement with New Age programming that Whites are embracing, just like Veganism.

These characteristics are effeminate and passive in nature.

Completely antithetical to what we are trying to achieve.

Anything less than our demands will just be wholesale destruction and genocide of Europeans.

Anti-social behavior is becoming a major “norm” in Europeans and Americans for quite some time, and people who embrace it would be considered outcasts in Prussia. There is no honor to be found in this behavior, and it is bad form. Subject to scrutiny and even humiliation.

But yet this is now becoming normalized way of life with people glued to their technology.

The White Race has become so chronically sick, that they joined in with the COVID Cult, and they think that God put President Trump into office. Right now many White people are also convinced that Trump will be winning a 2024 victory. Even though he had 4 years to fix things in office and achieved none of it, that somehow 4 years later and even if some absurd chance of getting in again, that he would just suddenly fix things and have even more power and energy to do it.

The White Race is so chronically sick, they believe in fighting “meme wars” and using online jargon from video game forums and chats which have become their only way of communicating and are unable to express ideas in a universal way and talk like a normal human being in language and etymology that is meaningful and easy to be understood by all walks of life IN THE REAL WORLD.

The White Race is so chronically sick it is frantically talking about “Jesus returning” and that people need to “repent” and “Get right with God”. There seems to be a major uptick in these religious fanatics flooding their propaganda over all the networks with their verbal diarrhea.

Repentance is for a fallen people. Especially people who possess Judeo-Christian values, who descend from their lineages. Pure peoples, especially Pure Aryans in particular do not need to repent, and are not “fallen”. The very nature of “Aryans” is to be Noble and Pure, and this Noble / Pure nature is inherited from one’s unadultered bloodline, and they are as closest to the Divine as possible.

No Initiation into some cult via Baptism or some other ridiculous ritual can bring someone close to the Divine.

We want a pure people to be the Dominant Population of a Future Prussia, including for anyone else that we take under our wings.

The question still remains… Besides us, which other Europeans will end up finding themselves to be on our side and Umbrella of Influence? Who will be the most daring!? There is little valor to be found in Europeans or anyone for that matter.

More and More Grim Conditions for Germany and Europe

The conditions that Germans are embracing today is the second deathblow of treason that German people are shamefully engaging in and joining the COVID Cult, along with the on-going destruction by the half-German traitor Angela Merkel, in which Germans have been hoodwinked into giving up their rights and ignoring Ethno-Nationalistic Tendencies for the German Nation.

Every German who has bought into the hoax has willfully destroyed our people and committed a Massive Treason that can never be forgiven. And I intend to see to it that these people are ruthlessly punished some day, and with torture. I refuse to permit anything less.

Germany has had some of the strictest lockdowns in the world, and the people continue to sit back and embrace these lockdowns, one lockdown into the next relentlessly, as we speak even extending it into April, and the support which continues over this is absolutely unacceptable.

As the authoritarians we Prussians are, the German people, Europeans and the world over who defend these lockdowns have absolutely nothing on us, since they are the ones cheering and championing the lockdowns and tyrannical methods that we would never impose, not even for the most deadliest pandemic. So the so-called “notions” of us being some force of evil completely go out the window.

Germans and other people as a whole who engaged in the COVID Agenda, should be regarded as Terrorists, stripped of their citizenship and any rights, and forced to register as an enemy of the State and to wear a badge that identifies them in the branch of type of offenders they are. They deserve public humiliation and mistreatment, and may we hope for a day that comes in which there will be a German People who rise above the rest to spit on, egg and brutally torture these scoundrels in public, as they deserve to be tarred and worse. Similar treatments must be carried out to all who also work towards the goal of bringing in Immigrants to our lands, promoting policies, programs and welfare for these Non-Germans.

It is truly a disgrace how many years that Angela Merkel has been in power and that she is not dangling by a rope right now and preserved in this manner as a Museum-piece.

One day, Germany will regard this figure as being of the biggest traitors in German history which has led to Germany’s fall.

Under Prussian Influence, Ignorance is a crime and there is no forgiveness for Ignorance, just as Nature would not forgive it either. Even the loudest cry and plea for forgiveness, “believing they were doing the right thing” must be met with Prussian Coldness and Indifference. I refuse to accept that just because they might belong to our people, that we should forgive them. There are also many mongrelized specimens alive in German today who have suspicious ancestry and is not of Pure or Decent German alloy. Elements who fell for the hoax are a danger to the healthy instincts of our people and therefore the Interest of our survival as a people. Perhaps we should dispose of them by suffocation? As they have tried to impose National suffocation of our people with mask wearing, and to the greatest detriment of Children who are forced to wear these Satanic Muzzles.

Germans who take the vaccine are also racially unfit for our Ethno-State.

The damage and trauma done to Children by the COVID Cult, psychologically, socially and also to their respiratory and immunity has been inflicted hard and much of it which may be irreversible.

A day might also have to come when Germans will have to rely less on their modern obsession with “Insurance”, because a corrected view of Insurance in the Natural World is a privilege, not a right. The German people must become its own Insurance, rather than seeing Insurance as something they can “purchase”.

The most valuable things in this world cannot be purchased for a price. Above all, our own racial volk.

We Prussians recognize that the Institutions we build upon are only guaranteed in so far as our ability to defend them. And our form of governance must be in the highest order, in accordance with Nature and Natural Laws.

The Prussian is naturally, a very different type of German than the rest of German peoples, and without Prussia at the core of leadership and dominance over Germany, it cannot be a comparable power to the legacy of the people of Ancient Rome and Greece. We reserve the right to speak for Germany and German people at all times ,whether they like it or not, and whether they see it in their interest or not at the time. With the absence of Prussia, Germany only exists with a humdrum approach to mechanical everyday life, without Passion or Zest, without fervor, and with a ridiculously Pragmatic outlook on life that serves no purpose but to meddle all day in logic and following orders, including orders to miscegenate “for the greater good” and “to lead as an example”.

Those last two quoted phrases are nothing but cringey, useless rhetoric, except if we are in charge using them.

The majority of Germans still frustratingly do not understand that the Right Wing forces in Germany, such as the AfD are controlled opposition in addition to being Zionist-run and infiltrated with these monsters, but for some reason the Germans ignore this, likely out of desperation for a movement which pretends to be in their interest, ignoring all other attributes.

Historically, the Right Wing – as it did also under the Third Reich – has always been fanatically opposed to us, and they have always proven themselves to be trouble-makers just like the Left Wing.

These days, one is always hard-pressed to find a German proud about his Nation, except among more of the elderly. I am not usually so confident about the younger “Nationalists”. A lot of them are much more indoctrinated than they are Natural in their form of Nationalism, because of the American influences in Germany.

In so far as that they ever have anything in common with us, it’s just a matter of convenience, but we are not that desperate to make an alliance with an enemy who means us harm just because they might agree with something we do, even if they are authentic about it.

It is in the German character to be stubborn and to stay the course, however when this attribute about our people is exploited on the wrong path, it is suicidal to our Nation.

Many Germans are also conditioned to believe that Germany is not destined to be a power on top of the world, but to be content instead as an Intellectual and Technology Leader only, particularly as it sits at the top of the EU Command.

It’s incredible when you really look at all the same political parties today that exist in Germany, which were pulverized completely under the Reich, and yet they are all back in Germany again today.

The important distinction between “us” and these Political Parties, is anyone who looks into them can actually see just how ideologically obsessed they are, and with how much emphasis they place on what part of the bar their ideology is aligned with.

All of these things are distractions and traps, designed to brainwash people into feeling they are a part of something, rather than forming something that is universal in scope for the interest of the German People.

Political Parties like the AfD are simply like landmines set by the USA and Banking Interests / Plutocrats who run Germany, to appeal to and to monitor and keep a monopoly on all Nationalistic Tendencies of Germans, when they do erupt.

Another problem that must be dealt with in short order with Germany is all Pro-USA and Pro-Russian tendencies that exist among the people. Even if ruthlessness must be employed, and even if they do not understand the dangers, this behavior cannot be tolerated among our people.

Today’s Germany is only a shell of its former self. Most of what is left is Germanic in value, is only practiced as a routine, rather than in sentiment and esteem, and many of our people have forgotten what it means to have Sentimental Nature.

Whenever I talk to most Germans these days, but also all European People, it is a disgrace with just how many of them are Democracy Lovers! It’s unbelievable how many of them Love Democracy!

There is a lot of things that Germany still does right, however, and I am proud that many German Doctors have even come out over the last year to fully expose the COVID Nonsense, despite having gotten fully censored over it.

But we cannot overlook the shortcomings that must be addressed in our National People if we want to be a people full of Honor and Integrity once again. And if we do not achieve this, anything of good that still exists in Germany will soon to cease exist anyways, along with our people.

Why The Bankruptcy Of America Is a Positive Thing

Few people can understand, how on earth the Bankruptcy and Financial Collapse of America is a positive thing, or something one should hope for.

But then again, many are conditioned to believe that America exists for the sake of “goodness” in the world, and are ignorant of to what kind of ambitions and involvement America has in world affairs.

The other fact is that most Americans are an undeserving people, and that the monetary system and militarism of America has basically offered a “Mafia-style” protection for the Americans to avoid certain responsibilities, certain accountability for their actions and behaviors.

When the monetary system is gone, Americans will have to face many inner demons that they wish to sweep under the carpet and pretend that the problems do not exist.

When the monetary system collapses, our enemies also become open season for us.

After all, something needs to be done with the Christians and the COVIDIOTS. Not to mention all the other enemies we have had for a very long time.

The bankruptcy of America will also bring with it the deplatforming of the structures in place of people and institutions which have been working as parasites on the lifeblood of the most valuable people.

At this time I see no reason to believe that the Americans deserve anything besides utter despair, impoverishment and humiliation as the means to bring them rightfully to where they belong on the world stage, including all of the Anglo-Saxon Nations.

This will teach them a hard lesson in respect, but also humility and understanding that they became too proud and arrogant of a Nation. A Nation which never even earned the right to be proud and arrogant, because it always used it to exploit other Nations along with general decency in other people.

They will be forced one day, whether they like it or not, they will be forced to deal with us, and they will not like it one bit.

The more a country is heavily invested both economically and emotionally, the more harder it will fall and be devastated in a total meltdown with the days which are to follow.

This is no time for the sound-minded Prussian or German in general to fear. It is the time to be Bold, Proud and Over-confident!

At a time when the rest of the White European world is gleefully throwing their own race into the garbage, we stand clean, clear and correct in our views and principles to defend EVERYTHING that is left which is of goodness and decency for the European peoples.

And we are the only force willing to hold up our might against any rival in the world that seeks to eliminate us.

In addition, we have all the answers and solutions in holding ourselves and our people up in the face of both China and Russia. Those two Nations will also understand where they must stand in contrast to the German Reich in their future involvement with European Affairs.

Considering that the traitor in charge of Germany and the seat of European Affairs is not doing it, and continues to destroy our Sacred Country and the rest of Europe ✠

The Americans and all people of the UK should be careful in their stance towards Germans

The more the Americans and the other filth across the side of the Atlantic from the British Isles speak ill of our people, the more they should prepare for their total annihilation.

They would do well to quiet their sentiment against everything Germany did to them, for they might crash land just a little bit softer.

But we know the nature of these people, Anglo-Americans, all of them are the same, and to this day they still curse Hatred and Vilification of the German people with every ounce of their being.

Yet nobody ever criticizes them for their hatred. But when they go broke, that will all change.

The more they keep their hatred ramped up against Germans and Germany, the more harder we shall celebrate when England and America finally falls!

Our Hatred for Americans and the English is so great, that even if our Reich could never return, we would prefer to live in a collapsed civilization than to be enslaved and under the direction of these Filthy people and nations!

The Collapse of England and America means the liberation of the World.

Any German who considers the English or Americans “cousins or brothers” is not a True German and will share the fate of those Nations in their fall.

Why the Destruction of America is a Positive Thing

I have often described my sentiment towards America, and I believe that most people are woefully ignorant and unaware of not only how Evil America is as a country (and it always was), but also how Absurd this country is, not even a true country, but also how much injustice and problems it promotes.

Having studied the entire structure of the United States as a country and a society, one which is extremely complex and colossal, it is a system which can no longer handle any kind of catastrophic event.

There are policies and institutions in place in America which give absolutely unfair abilities and tolerance for parasitic people to have free reign to do whatever they want, and in fact they will get rewarded for being a parasite and the more incompetent they are.

They get to even form cults and programs for being incompetent and willing to sell or promote degeneracy!

A drug dealer who lands in jail has a better opportunity to be given an offer for a 6 figure job in dealing with “underrepresented teens” who landed themselves in gangs and drugs.

But you can get a University Degree or be involved in some Skilled Trade, and yet make well under $60,000 USD per year.

Everything and Everyone that is Fake or a Liar gets believed and perceived as being More Real than anything that of which is Real. That which is Real, becomes regarded as suspicious and is to be scorned, and even reviled.

America is not “all that”, and a bag of potato chips, unless you live in Idaho.

You have to be asleep to believe in the American Dream!

Everything and Everyone who is Real, there is nothing you can do here, no matter how much or how little that will ever be taken seriously by anyone in this land.

No honest European who is here for other reasons than seeking wealth could ever find this to be a place where they are treated well or feel a part of.

Throughout all of America’s history, all European Intellectuals and Officials in the European Dynasties were very critical of America’s existence as a “Nation”.

America has essentially destroyed the fabric of Europe between the World Wars and other influences it has inflicted on the Continent.

The only good people in this Nations are Germans, particularly ones who have not assimilated into the American ways and mode of life.

Why Public Health Departments and Officials should be completely Insubordinate to a Sovereign Leader

All of my life, in what I have studied in the Medical and Insurance Industry, and what I have known about it, I have always been aware of what kind of dictatorial powers they possess. Especially in the United States and most Western countries.

I was always alarmed at the type of power and influence they have in order to control governments or impose decisions on a basis where they ought to not have such power, even in an actual medical or civilian crisis.

This Clown Show which has been going on now for over a year has absolutely shown what kind of abuses these industries have, and that the WHO and CDC have more authority than anything the average person ever thought capable, and that there are all kinds of bylaws in many States and Jurisdictions which permit overreach from these venomous institutions.

I have even read some instances of jurisdiction in which the Health Departments of a given city have more authority and overreach powers than the City Officials, City Inspectors for Compliance and all kinds of other Officials, and that the Health Department (even for no actual Health risk) can actually have Private Properties condemned or have someone evicted and with an eviction from their homes only if something is not kept to some of the most ridiculous standards these departments demand.

In any case of regulations and standards – of which I am a fan of keeping at a minimum level – the ultimate decision on any case matter, should only be given a stamp of approval by the Head Sovereign of State.

No exceptions, not even during a public health crisis.

It is going to someday be recorded as the most unthinkable crime that the Communists are getting away with launching their second Bolshevik Takeover, this time rather than executing a Dynasty, they are doing it through a manufactured crisis and by using the Medical Industry and a Public Health Scare as the vehicle to carry it out by.

The World Is As Good As Dead! It has been Dead since 1945

Day after Day continues, and the world controllers have still been deceiving the masses about some so-called “Peace and Prosperity” of the world they shaped after the finish of World War II.

The world is nothing but a Walking-Dead Zombie on a Life Support cord, and appears to still be somehow living or thriving. And the Zombies themselves will cling to it with all their life as if it’s still alive.

The problem is most people think that the Third Reich and its Political Movement were just that… A Political Movement. They were quick to overlook everything and not understand that there has been much more behind the scenes of the founding of the Last Reich, and that Political Actions were merely just a means for executing ambitions.

There is much I am not liberty to discuss in this blog, as the most sensitive elements are to remain known to our Enlightened who are the most responsible.

The teachings and esoteric works that have been performed in the Teutonic Castles, as well as the influence of Germany throwing its weight one last time in Europe and shaking the world in the terror it deserved, has been a Divine Warning of the likes that mankind has never faced before, not even during Ancient Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome or any Modern Nation or Institution.

Look back at your history! Tell me any historical empire or people, or a leader which ever had such controversy or mystery behind it, or the level of defamation behind the Great One who led the last Reich!? You will not find one! Not even Ghengis Khan is defamed or given such status of controversy even in his quest of killing over 40 Million people at a time when the Earth was all that much less populated, and even whereas he created a future in which a huge percentage of the Chinese population are direct descendants of him.

The Reich and the Holy symbol of the Sun represent the punishment and wrath to be meted out on humanity, which are still being rolled out and escalating in place to this day, particularly in response to how the world powers and witchcraft which was engaged in bringing down our Reich.

Therefore, we witness the on-going destruction of the Western World, particularly the USA, Britain and much of Europe. Although the majority of European People (Particularly English Speakers however) are oblivious to it, everything England and America represents is of Hebrew and Satanic Origins. The Spirit and the People of these Nations are in Essence, Satanic.

Have you ever wondered why the people of Britain are represented not by an Eagle, but instead by a Lion!? The Lion is the symbol of “Judah” which represent the Hebrews. Half of the people who Inhabit the British Isles, except for maybe some of the original stock of Anglo-Saxons (which almost no longer exist) are aware that they have Hebrew Origins.

While America is represented by an Eagle, the Anglo-Celtic Stocks of this country believe that somehow God blessed this Nation and the God they worship is the Jewish God “Yahweh” who is actually the evil one himself, the same God that the Freemasons and the Jews worship. The delusional cretins who believe that somehow America was blessed or “God-given” believe in all the biblical and historical myths that they perpetuate for a Land they actually stole and rely on this fairytale but comically believe that God either Blesses or Punishes them as their way of maintaining their existence in this land!

We should not mourn the death and destruction of the USA and Britain, but instead welcome it with open arms.

People in this world have absolutely no clue how anything works, why nothing makes sense.

People also did not recognize that the destruction they did against Germany and her people would inevitably mean that the sufferings that Germany endured would one day be waged upon all the people’s of the world, whether or not they had anything to do with Germany or the War.

One of the caveats in punishment for destroying the German People and Nation is the fact that the majority of White Population in this world must be annihilated for its crime. And this annihilation we are witnessing is a multi-faceted one. The Allies which ganged up against Germany do not want their descendants to know that they murdered just to murder for fun and sport and murdered the most innocent in particular of Europeans, but specifically Germans. They were told to kill a German everywhere you find one, especially Women, Children and the Elderly. They were told to even delight in the tortures and screams in raping German girls, even pulling tongues out of German people and many reports of eyes gouged in German people and dead corpses found where a tongue may have even been nailed to a table!

The White Race is on a suicidal mission, most of it anyway, and is determined to not outlive much more than about 2040 – 2050 as anything but a minority. However the replacement classes are also no better, their replacement is just as much a part of nature as an abandoned parking lot will sprout weeds and one day cave into the earth to be replaced Earth’s pasture, when not cared and tended to.

Look at the behavior of most White people today, who are so hateful of their Skin and want to become and behave like other people and to take on cultures and traditions of other Nations! Look at how much they are willing to outsource and sell out their own Tribe to foreign Nations through the Mixing of Blood, but also through Economic and Political Measures, including Legislation and via Property Ownership. This is the Modern behavior of the majority of our people! In a way it is an unhinged form of self degradation from the guilt and inability to cope with the crimes they did against Germany in both World Wars.

In fact, more White people are now championing the causes and so-called “justice” of “Colored Peoples” than Colored People do of their own people! It should be well established, for example, that in terms of statistics and general figures, that only about 20% of Black and Colored People are involved with the BLM and so-called “Anti-Racist” Movements, whereas about 80% of the people involved are White people. So this means more Whites believe in it and promote it than the actual Native peoples of those given races do. Even more ironic is that Hispanic people are even more fed up with Anti-White Bashing than White-Bashing itself, especially because not only do Hispanics have some White ancestry in them, but they also prefer Whites largely, and know the implications of what this world means for them should the White Race become extinct.

Far More White people are the ones lining up for the Vaccine than these so-called “Colored People”, by an unbelievable stretch, and yet the Mainstream Media is trying to convince people and raise racial tensions by suggesting that the Colored Peoples are being discriminated against and not being given equal access to the Vaccine. More White Women are lining up for the vaccine than White Men, completely oblivious and with total disrespect to their bodies or what the vaccine will do to them, between causing sickness and infertility, or changing the genetic makeup of any children they are to have if they are still capable of producing offspring. A pure example of Self-Hatred and a Lack of Self-Respect or any Decency! Only superstitious people line up for the Vaccines!

Today we are witnessing these behaviors and all of these facts all around us. The world is ruled by the psychopaths that the Reich tried to permanently liquidate from this earth, and then there’s also the fact that the majority of those who are not in positions of power are also psychopaths. Nearly everyone you meet is an empty vessel who licks their lips and flop their tongues around when you speak to them. They are not human! They just walk around in a human body.

The Illuminati are aware of the fact that the majority of the Human Species are worthless vessels. They expanded the Human Population in the 20th century to levels that have never been seen or repeated in world history according to a plan to quietly exterminate the Valuable Human Beings in this world while replacing them with Human Junk. It is just the fact that they have permitted the Human Population to expand and reach close to 8 Billion by this time in the effort to create a Slave Class but weaken the Human Family to such an extent that it can no longer be a viable species on Earth. In fact the entire Plan of Bolshevism has basically been the revised movement of Christianity in its quest to eradicate all Humans which have the Divine Origins, also known as the “Divine Spark” within them.

The German People were the last homogeneous and spirited race of Europeans left in recent centuries, for the most part. Our people were the least adulterated racial stock in Europe for a very long time up until the last century. No honest person could claim today that the Modern Germans are unadulterated, and the fact that there are even more homogeneous racial tribes in Europe, even if they are not exactly of good stock.

Today there is no German Spirit left in Germans because of the eradication of the Prussian Element.

We call our Reich “Holy” because it represented the last bastion of possibility in this world for something that represented Honesty and Justice with any kind of lasting sense of Real Freedom.

The world has not tasted these things since the war ended, but has merely been masturbating at the ideas of such states of living which no longer exist. What mundane humans really believe in are lies, and they prefer the lies.

Religious people also love lies.

Look at all the Europeans and Americans who bumble around like doddering fools who shake their head in their inability to understand how us Germans could ever be so “hateful” and “indifferent” to carrying out what we did.

We can honestly respond to this to say that any European alive today who does not share the German sentiment and our struggle which still has not ended, does not deserve a share in being called “European” whatsoever, and they do not even deserve life!

When Europeans including a few Germans, and especially Americans or other Foreigners visit Auschwitz or other historical hallowed grounds from the Reich, they stand in a daze and confusion of how such a people who created such beautiful Art and Music, such unbelievably Philosophies and Science, and who made such other contributions which seemed other-wordly could be so full of hate and even motivated to the lengths of carrying everything out that was carried out. Their limited, warped and deranged minds can only try to justify such things as that the German people were under a “spell” or possessed by Demons! Utter rubbish coming from Christian Moralists who cannot explain phenomenon that does not exist in their own mechanical minds.

One who is truly honest with himself must ask. How can one actually believe that some God rules this world or created this Humanity we see around us, when everything around us is a total lie, and that the majority of Humans, well over 90% of them have built themselves on an Empire of Lies and call it the New Truth?

An honest person can only cringe and have UTTER Hatred for this.

The Only Appropriate Emotion and Attitude in our times is Anger and Hatred.

The Only Goal can be for Destruction.

Hatred is Beautiful. It is Hatred that Beautifies, Unifies and Strengthens the will. In Hatred, you can feel clean.

The people who are afraid of being Hateful are cowardly scum and refuse of the Earth who are the burden on permitting the Divine Creation to flourish.

The people who try to convince you to be fearful or guilty of hatred, or act as if hatred is a choice rather than a response, are themselves “devils”. Every one of them is trying to hoodwink you out of the most rational response to the disgusting world of filth and hypocrisy that we live in, and to distract you with the so-called “hope in humanity” that they want you to think still exists. They want you to only look at all the positives and confuse you with New Age psyops like the “Law of Attraction” to make you think you manifest your own reality if all you see or experience is negativity. These psyops are also designed at programming and confusing the energies of Spirited Humans from being able to comprehend or resolve the problems we face on this Earth, as almost nothing makes sense of this place.

Even if this world of Mankind were to exist another 1000 years, the controversy and endless associations with the Third Reich and its Strongman would continue to echo and curse the Mankind.

Talks and Hopes of “Peace” are just Lip Service and Mental Masturbation. We have been in a State of War for over 10,000 years as a species, and the results of World War 2 had actually put the world on a permanent state of war footing and destruction.

Anyone who discusses “Peace” and “Love” in our time should be automatically dismissed because they are just useless and worthless in the long stretch of anything, and are not worthwhile to even educate. They will secretly collaborate with our enemies behind our back.

The day of great reckoning is coming, and for those of us who are Prussians, we must polish our jackboots daily, stand straight and steel ourselves for it. We must hold ourselves firmer than ever before to be in the right place and the right time for the storm that is to come, and the day when all of our enemies are completely destroyed. We must approach this world with nothing but coldness and bitterness, no matter the cost of it and its burdens. It is the appropriate mood, and for those who are our truest Allies in this final struggle for the existence of what there is even left of value to comb through in the Human Family, they would also do well to encompass our Spirit of the Hour and unite with us in our Hatred.

The German race has been gifted by God to be the closest to the Divine Principle, and to mete out the punishments to those who deserve it. No Mercy Shall be given.

There also shall be no Mercy given to those Germans who engaged with our enemies and who worked against the interests of the Reich but instead gave their devotion to Christianity. They too, must be punished equally, if not worse at times, for desecrating our Worldly Mission, and tarnishing the German Wave.

Christianity will also be brought to its knees, and we will have no Mercy with the Christians. Every Christian is responsible for the wholesale destruction of European Peoples.

Just How Much Has Changed From 4-5 Years Ago

We take for granted how time elapses around us and sometimes it can be easy to forget just how much things were different in only just a few years ago as it is.

However even as things stands, nothing has been the same or even remotely as good since the last Financial Crisis of 2007/2008.

But the other day I needed to look up some old information and verification for someone and came across some old correspondence from 2017. I re-read some messages during that time, and it occurred to me in reading the context of the message and the thoroughness which someone replied to me in, that I can’t even imagine finding this in most people now in 2021!

Everyone is much more brief, curt, mechanical and pragmatic. There is no room for any unfolded discussion about anything in modern communications with others, and when a question is asked, it is never ever asked out of curiosity but only asked for sizing someone up or other superficial decisions one is making which always works towards their benefit, but never the other party!

Combined with all the censorship that now exists, which did NOT exist back a few years ago to the extremity it does now, nobody can seem to have a conversation about anything important or relevant!