The Americans and all people of the UK should be careful in their stance towards Germans

The more the Americans and the other filth across the side of the Atlantic from the British Isles speak ill of our people, the more they should prepare for their total annihilation.

They would do well to quiet their sentiment against everything Germany did to them, for they might crash land just a little bit softer.

But we know the nature of these people, Anglo-Americans, all of them are the same, and to this day they still curse Hatred and Vilification of the German people with every ounce of their being.

Yet nobody ever criticizes them for their hatred. But when they go broke, that will all change.

The more they keep their hatred ramped up against Germans and Germany, the more harder we shall celebrate when England and America finally falls!

Our Hatred for Americans and the English is so great, that even if our Reich could never return, we would prefer to live in a collapsed civilization than to be enslaved and under the direction of these Filthy people and nations!

The Collapse of England and America means the liberation of the World.

Any German who considers the English or Americans “cousins or brothers” is not a True German and will share the fate of those Nations in their fall.

One thought on “The Americans and all people of the UK should be careful in their stance towards Germans

  1. I’m from England. People here don’t hate Germans. In fact, our main problem (as you point out in other posts) is that we’re civilisationally hobbled by the CityUK and the associated bankster families. There is also a high % of stupid and morally defective people, which they can draw upon for the police, army, and air force etc. Very similar to the German police.

    I don’t expect you to like us, but I think you’re wasting too much energy on hating the English specifically. They’ve been living under a totally demonic system for longer than everybody else, with all the undesirable attendant affects on the quality of the population. However, there are still valuable people, who have a similar mindset to your own.


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