Barbarians are Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually Inferior

The Barbarian is always daft and inferior in his faculties of Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Qualities compared to Every German.

At no time should a German ever assume that Peoples of a Barbarian Nation have equal or similar types of sentiment and cognitive reflexes as do Germans.

Just as no other Nation strives for the highest sense of Idealism and Morality, at the same given time no other Nation Hates like the German Nation Hates.

Comrades, just think and reflect about how many people outside of the German World do not understand our Hatred.

Look at all the Historians, Philosophers, Political Scientists, Psychologists and all the other Researchers involved who debate, intellectualize and try to psychoanalyze Germans, especially what type of business we had taken care of in the 20th century.

The Barbarians cannot understand it! Cannot explain it!

Germans playing music and celebrating while exterminating trash!?!? Nobody can explain our delight!

I am firm believer, and always will be, that no other Nation will ever share the highest level of contempt and lasting hatred that we do against all of our enemies, particularly the main tribe which is the greatest danger above all else.

Barbarian Nations only hate this evil “tribe” for Pragmatic or often Practical Reasons, usually only on an Individual Basis, and often on Subjective Grounds. It is not a seething hatred, but just a reactionary response.

Just as much as this reactionary response of Hatred in the Barbarians entered them, so too it could exit, as they are always quick to make exceptions for the so-called “good ones”. How many English and Normans proudly make friends with Kosher Mafia!? They always have Kosher Sidekicks no matter how much they claim to be against them!

I trust only a fellow German first, and the Arab second for his hatred of the Kosher Mafia.

But even most Arabs these days are weak and hypocritical in their approach to the JQ, because their Islamic religion brainwashes them to accept these people as “brothers” or they piggyback off of claims of times when they both lived side-by-side.

I believe that the Arab is not capable of intellectually articulating in understanding the nefarious and inevitable tendencies of the tribe, but they are only capable of understanding them from anecdotal observations.

The German is capable of Hatred for a lifetime, no matter the consequences that must be paid for the Hatred.

Germans are in full awareness and understanding that Hatred is not a Choice, but a Response.

Other Races are confused about their Hatred, because their Hatred, if any, when expressed, might not be Natural or they might not have enough Self-Confidence rooted in their Hatred and why they Hate.

But the worst part is that the Democratic Nations are even less reliable in their Hatred, then are Nations which are either Monarchies or other forms of Government which are Non-Democratic.

Democracies just turn people into play dough where their opinions and ideas change from day to day, and they aren’t sure of what they are doing or what direction they are going in.

With German Innovation, so too is our Hatred Innovative, where we could spend a whole day seething in this hatred, and forming Musical Hymns and Ritual out of our Hatred.

Something that the Barbarian does not ever dream of doing, and lacks the creativity for it.

White Women in their Cult of Self Love, Tattoos and Dog Romance

The more I talk about something, the more it seems that it manifests everywhere.

Just moments ago, this Swedish girl who has recently broke things off with a boyfriend who helped her build a home and other helpers she had involved in a workspace, has discovered her renewed life with her “Real True Love”, her dog.

One can clearly see the sickness and disgust of self-worship and the love she has for her dog, which far superseded any love she had for her ex-boyfriend or surely any other previous Man she had in her life.

You know as well as I do, that she will be heartbroken when her dog dies, but will easily forget her ex.

And, of course, the typical “tattoos on the wrist” that Many Modern Women get on themselves.

Unfortunately, as Human Interactions become more relegated to Internet Communications, these videos provide a poor example of “Real, Everyday Life” made out to seem to perfect or serene, while this girl is actually subsidized and helped by her Father to live this reality and afford all the tasks and hobbies she engages in. A quick glance at the comments show how repulsive and cringey the Cult of Self-Worship has become, where people have a One-Dimensional view of her and look up to and idolize parasitic trash like this, which has the resources at her disposal from weak Men like her father who approve of her to tattoo her body, dispose Men like water bottles and finance everything for them so that they need not feel pain. They praise her so-called “energy” in which she is nothing but a plain vampire who has no real passion. Only some effeminate short-sighted weasels would want to argue this point and cannot sense that her emotions and passion are fake.

Realistically, nobody can live this recreationally in every day life either, especially alone and all the time, unless someone else is financing their ability to do it.

Most people will also not research Jonna Jinton to understand how much net worth she has, how she obtained it and what types of connections she has which afforded her to live a fantasy lifestyle that she did not legitimately earn, and whereby even those who can afford it, are not living so perfectly as she will like to have her naive viewers and supporters to believe.

Considering how most Western Men have absolutely no standards and are feminized into oblivion, they will even violently come to the defense of this worthless whore and criticize any Man who dares speak ill of her, when in reality she along with those Male worshipers belongs buried in the pile of corpses beneath the foundations of our Reich. This is the future of Warfare and Intolerance that will need to be imposed in Europe, whether or not people like it. For the sake of survival of the Better Blood.

Our Reich and Europe cannot afford to have worthless trash like this. We need to get rid of them!

The abilities that technology and deception has in our age to make anything and anyone appear pristine, is truly remarkable.

Modern Men fail to realize that the Hallmark of of Woman’s self-hatred, their lack of respect and symbol of a whore, is the tattoo.

No Civilized Nation on earth Practices Tattooing, it is the act of Barbarian Nations and Primitive Savage Tribes and Cults.

On the other hand, if she was loyal and devout to her former boyfriend in the projects she was engaged in with him, if they just owned a pet animal for normal reasons, if she didn’t have tattoos or try to make things seem all too whimsical and with her fake emotions, we would have no reason to criticize anything in her videos. Her ex boyfriend put a lot of money into the projects, and it is absolutely disgusting to see her father is taking over in the background because of her selfish nature.

This video pretty much sums up the reality of the Modern Western Women.

No less, from Sweden!!! Need I say more!?!?

Whites are terrified to learn of just how worthless the majority of them are…

…Because they fear it may be true.

As much as we defend the European Races, we cannot ignore the failures of it that are suppressing our prominence compared to other Races in the world.

Majority of Caucasian Nations have been on a suicide mission since 1945 where they have employed Self-Hatred as the “New Order” for their state of being, and have decided to prostitute their Nations out to the world.

I have cited the several primary reasons for this in the past, which are primarily due to the following reasons:

I. Loss of Noble Blood / Miscegenation with Inferior Races (even Whites who mix with Inferior Whites).

II. Losses of Best European Blood in both World Wars.

III. Access to Abortion / Birth Control and Policies which promote breeding to occur between upper classes or people with psychopathic and parasitic tendencies to be at the top of the pecking order.

IV. The majority of Europeans and Americans alive today, descend from Criminal and Mediocre Family Lines, who have tendencies to promote degeneracy and lackadaisical attitudes towards Morality and things of Spiritual Nature. Many of which had a large helping hand in destroying Germany and Europe in Two World Wars, and have created the baby boom of degenerate offspring after the last World War.

The average White Person today is a filthy degenerate, a self-hating scoundrel and a cretin. A Liar and a Moral Relativist. He/she has no moral foundation to any of his/her beliefs, no sincere firm root in any of his/her beliefs, he/she tattoos and pierces her body and looks at it as art.

The Average westerner is someone who beats around the bush and is a flip-flopper, who cannot even be bothered to have a normal handshake with someone, but instead feels more comfortable doing “fist-bumps”.

The Fist-bump is the most cowardly handshake on Earth, and it is the most Non-European type of gesture one can make. Particularly now commonplace in America and the UK.

Make no mistake about this, especially more likely if they are even of a younger generation between worse specimens being born, and being inundated with more toxic propaganda.

The majority of Whites who still own any sense of self-respect and decency tend to be in their 90’s, if they even make it that far. It used to be that we could say those in their 70’s and 80’s had the same value and decency, however this has changed since younger generations have been replacing those ranks, and while some do have more decency than others, they are at least a bit more wise and come from a skilled generation. Today’s youth are not skilled and have no inclination to be, and a culture of lawlessness and policies are in place which punish those who seek to become skilled and responsible.

But the tragedy of course, is that people who are in their later years and long past their prime, are obviously not fit and in form to participate in Action the same way younger generations should be motivated to do. Meeting younger generation people who take anything seriously (even themselves) is rarer than anything these days.

The behavior of most Caucasian Nations today is an absolute embarrassment and shame for those who are truly of Racially Conscious Character who have value, because the degenerates are the ones which are holding back a status that we unquestionably held, unchallenged for a long time.

As I’ve stated before, as the US Dollar loses more of its value, this will surely rouse the world’s people but even many Whites themselves to become to realize just how worthless the majority of them are.

The boastful Crypto-Currency Holders will be boastful no more when the government seizes all of their assets. Only fools believe in things like Crypto-Currency. Another topic I am currently in the process of writing an article on.

Even with all the Anti-White attitudes prevalent right now in the USA, most Whites cannot be bothered to organize or create a resistance with other Whites because they are too fearful and don’t want to get too involved with anyone, and they are looking for fraternizing, instead of taking action or building something new.

The average Westerner sees no problem smoking marijuana, experimenting with Ayahuasca and psychedelics, playing video games and wearing his baseball cap indoors and thinks he is some sort of pioneer of something.

The average Westerner is developing a queer love becoming Vegan and destroying all access to eating Meat as the primary food in the diet, which is why mental illness and disease is beginning to increase.

The Islamic world is even at least smart enough to understand the importance of eating meat and maintains high fertility rates. More and More Western Women are becoming vegan, leading them towards infertility in addition to the other trends and behaviors they engage in which all revolve around not raising families.

Western People have associated values only with Materialistic pursuits above anything else, after World War II. Culture and Family have become less priorities to them.

Western Women have now been impulsively taking part in a New Age trend called the “Self Love Movement”. The purest example of buffoonery and selfish, worthless attributes a people can have.

What’s even more outrageous, is that I have found many examples of youth in Western Countries who have extreme beliefs that Families / Tribes are “unnatural” and that we are long past these ideas and that Family is overrated or not all that important.

I have never once encountered someone with such sentiment as this outside of the West.

I have even known some instances of Women who have had marriage ceremonies, “Marrying Themselves”, including Women who marry their Pet Dogs.

Today’s Men and Women of the West have proven without a doubt, that they are incapable of dealing with Hardness in any sense, or staying the course with anything, they cannot deal with even the hardness of standing defiantly against the most oppressive measures, such as what has been imposed on us from the Plandemic.

The Superior Blood left among Whites must ignite the large scale civil wars to clean and purify our Nations of the Trash, giving us once again the Fertile Soil we need for our Daily Bread and for creating a new Massive Population Boom, largely composed of the Best of Blood.

When over 80% of the people in our Nations are composed of worthless degenerates who seek to undermine us, you know the time is long overdue for Action.

It would be one thing if the ratio was like 50/50, where half of the population of Whites were decent and motivated to resist degeneracy and fight the Status Quo, but it is nowhere near that level, hence the challenges are absolutely enormous in scope and there is little of anything positive to be said.

Through the loss of Work and Discipline as strong internal ethics of a people, a people lose their precedence and glory. They also lose anything that makes them unique or interesting in which others would want to engage with them for on any level. In turn, they lose ability to connect with anyone, even a stranger in their local area. There are no fruits to enjoy from their labors, and any such labor they do engage in has no direct impact or reflection witnessed within their local communities. This only further detaches them from their community and will erode morale and desire to work, naturally.

This is why the people of the West cannot stand each other. All of them are just walking Economic Units who know how to consume things, but don’t give a damn about anything else in the world except for how something affects them personally.

True respect for Intellectual qualities are practically non-existent in the West, especially in America, but it is also pretty bad in Europe, with the exception of Switzerland and some other specific countries.

As Corrupt and backwards in ways that Nations like China and India are, even these countries have a greater respect for Intellectual qualities / development, unlike now in the West.

It will be the biggest tragedy in the world to witness the fall of Europe to a region or power bloc of a Second-Rate power or sphere of influence.

Therefore, if some people in Western countries cannot muster up energy and earnesty instead of chit chat about Anti-White Racism, in order to overhaul this disaster we have upon us now, then there future for better or worse, inevitably rests with the world of Asia.

Asians are even more willing to cooperate with each other as a people instead of having the strong tendency for distrust and exploitation that is currently the Character of Western Nations, and this is quite shocking because the Oriental World does not prioritize Honesty or Decency, and the Oriental world has a much greater tendency for not being transparent or straightforward about anything.

The Bastards from China have gotten most Westerners convinced to put on masks across their face.

If Whites continue to do nothing, then tomorrow the UN Troops who are mostly Chinese, will be on our soil to have their way with the entire population.

Russia and China are not stupid Nations. They may be corrupt, subhuman, they may be savage, untrustworthy and backwards in so many ways, but they are not stupid and naive like people in Democratic Nations.

Despite any given notion of China’s activities, the country has the largest Industrial Capacity in the world (Thanks to westerners who sold out their own people for cheap labor), they have the Largest and Strongest Middle Class, they have the most intact family structure still ingrained in their culture for over 5000 Years. Majority of Chinese people are not on drugs. China is also exerting its might in the form of Naval Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers, something which only the USA has been able to boast about the most. Nevertheless, there are many fictitious things that exist in the structure of the Chinese Military and its Economy / Positioning, but such is the Nature of this country to achieve their ends.

Over 90% of Chinese Citizens own their own homes, even yet under a Nation that still has Communist Structures and Systems in place.

China prohibits foreigners from property ownership rights that their own National citizens get to enjoy.

Meanwhile back in Germany, a Modern Welfare State, their policies permits the Ausländer more rights and access to properties, access to jobs, welfare benefits, work and tax relief of which Germans themselves are not entitled to, under the Tyrannical Regime.

China seeks to gain whatever advantage they can in the world by exploiting weaknesses of other Nations, and by the means of deception just like Israel does. They also do not care whether this leads to them being “less honorable” in their victories either.

Although China is a Class-oriented Nation, and where Class and Social Status play a very big role, at the same time this Nation has not allowed Class Consciousness blur or challenge Collective will and execution, even if it is the CCP calling the shots or even if any reluctance, the fact is that the population cooperates and is not blinded by notions of Social Class which may spur hesitancy such as in the West.

Although the Chinese people know that Europeans are the Master Race, whether or not they are willing to publicly admit it to us, the Chinese are being re-educated and inspired to believe their own people to believe that they are the true “Master Race” and are quite content with displacing European Nations even at the behest of outwitting our people on the basis of Materialistic Desires and other Attributes that plague Western Democracies. They know well enough themselves that Democracy is a farce and want no place of it inside of their own country, and the Chinese Regime goes to great lengths to suppress anything at any expense of their people, especially in order to create the most rigid uniformity among them.

Day by Day my words will become even more clearer to those Caucasians who scoff or highly doubt what I speak. Choosing to ignore something does not make the problem go away.

The Future Nations for Caucasians will be very few and very small as a result of the betrayal being carried out by so many of them in our Era.

The LONGER this nonsense continues, that means that the numbers of Whites and the options at their disposal to fight will also be all that much less.

White people are the only ones who are obsessed with proving to other Nations that they are not Racist, while all other Nations couldn’t care less about being known or perceived as racist.

Arabs don’t care about being racist.

Chinese / Japanese, etc. don’t care about being racist.

Hispanics don’t care about being racist.

Indians don’t care about being racist.

So on and so forth.

In fact, Whites have become so impotent and useless, that the absurdity has reached heights where even Hispanic people are more tired and fed up of the Anti-White Sentiment than Whites themselves, even more so inside of the workplace, because despite that many of them have hostilities towards Whites, they also know the implications for their own people if Whites are further undermined and do not fight. They also know what this will mean for them in dealing with the African-American Population, or even against people of other Religions.

Hispanics are not of a pure race or singular race, but even with their mongrelization are racially conscious and capable of understanding implications of things. It would be even better if they are of full White Spanish Ancestry, which is almost no longer existent these days.


The Anglo-Saxons and Celts are a long sworn enemy of Germans and especially of Prussian Nobles.

My hatred for these people is one of where I will not shed a tear of regret if not a single one of them no longer exists. They are a MENACE.

We are in a race to gather the best elements of Whites left who are willing to disrupt the status quo and even risk their lives to the greatest extent possible to fight against this and be able to hold territory. In addition to the enemies and foreign barbarians in our Nations, we have to comb through and eliminate all the undesirables among our own people who do not even deserve the right to live.

Without the Restoration of the Reich, there can be no more Europe. And just forget about America.

The Reich must not only be the priority of Germans, but it must be the desire and will of all other European Nations, for those who expect or hope to have any kind of future. They are to be in defense of our cause, even though they will exist outside of the Reich.

Modern Civilization must burn in a meltdown of blood and tears, of seething hatred and fanaticism, war and fury, and it is Prussia which is the only Nation that reserves the right to pave over the wreckage and build anew. On top of a mountain of worthless corpses.

It is the sworn duty of all Noble Men to take out the trash.

As Prussians, our attitudes at this point towards all other Europeans, is that if the Europeans continue to work to undermine our cause and prevent our return, then we will have to see that the rest of European civilization burns down in flames (sparing all buildings in German lands) and we will relegate things to only ourselves, only concerning ourselves with a Prussian State.

Afterall, Prussia is a State for Men and Women who are winners at life. For Men and Women who love life and honor, who prefer living cleanly and enjoying passion, but who never forget that duty always comes first.

Pet Ownership among Modern Whites is a Mental Illness

By this statement, I am not claiming that every single person who owns a pet is Mentally Ill, however the more recent trends which have developed where younger generations own pet animals is particularly rooted in anti-social behavior and also where people view the animals as their children, in a more serious sense.

It has gotten to a point where this sickness has become one in which the dating value of someone is assessed based on whether someone else owns a pet, and whether the other person and their pet get along!

Consider this following study:

After reading this and looking at the charts, it should be completely understandable why courtship is completely dead among most Whites and that it is so far gone along with any attraction, that they have relegated themselves to be as superficial as basing things on utility interests, like “pets”.

How much lower can people become in character?

Here are some other statistics:

It is an unfair assessment to judge particularly older generations on their pet ownership, since in their times they have desired animals as pets for more standard reasons as companies to their household, rather than for the anti-social reasons, however that is also beginning to change on the lower end of the age spectrum and will eventually change completely in the future.

Animals end up becoming “superficial” reasons for people to connect and start associations, and they do this because they have nothing else in common, not even in spirit, except that they might both have pet animals or start a conversation based on it.

That’s how pathetic things are right now for our people.

Pets have become an attention device that people use, and this trend has gone crazy in the last 15+ years. Too many Millennials own pets and for the wrongest reasons.

Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen

We are the Geyer’s Black Hordes,
Heia – Oho!
And we want to scuffle with tyrants
Heia – Oho!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

We want to complain to God in Heaven
Lord, have mercy!
That we can’t beat the priests to death,
Lord, have mercy!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

When Adam plowed and Eve spun,
Lord, have mercy!
Where was then the nobleman?
Lord, have mercy!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

Now we’re ‘gainst the fort, abby, and church,
Heia – Oho!
We keep no vows but the Holy Script
Heia – Oho!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

We’re lead by Florian Geyer,
Despite being outlaws!
The Bundschuh he carries upon his flag
Wears helmets and armor!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

By Weinsberg we gave ’em fire and stench,
Heia – Oho!
Many a man was put to the blade,
Heia – Oho!
Spike ahead, forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

The nobleman’s little daughter,
Lord have mercy!
We’ll send her straight back to hell,
Lord have mercy!
Spikes ahead! Forward march!
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

Beaten, we drag ourselves back home
Heia – Oho!
Our grandchildren will fight a better fight
Heia – Oho!
Spikes ahead! Forward march,
Raise the red flames upon the cloister roof!

The Near Destruction of Europe / America and What’s to Come

The Average European and American person is completely oblivious and naive to their impending doom. For lack of better terms, they are living in a permanent stupor of self-denial, nihilism, self delusion and all kinds of other things which one way or another could be illustrated as various Mental Illnesses.

This stupor means the inevitable total liquidation of many European Nations and Languages that are to occur between anytime now and around the year 2040 or so.

Maybe only several European languages will exist, more likely the Slavic Tongues will exist, and the English and Spanish tongues more than other European Languages.

I believe that only several European Nations may survive, even as bad of a Nation as one of them is (Russia), it is legitimately positioning itself to outlive Europe at this time compared to nearly all Western Countries. But Russia is only a half-European State, representative of a Eurasian Race, one which is not to the standards of Pure Europeans.

Europeans these days fail to recognize just how fragile that Europe currently stands, and the same case can also be made in America through many valid claims.

Many European Nations will grind to a halt and cease to exist, and there will be many people from certain Nations who will lose their Nationhood to become part of other Nations after the type of destruction that is coming.

I declare personally that the only future for White Europeans can be a new Prussian State, irrespective of where it exists, and maybe several other Caucasian Ethno-States that form as a result of the coming destruction that is inevitable at this time.

However, Prussia must be positioned at the top of all affairs regarding both the European and Non-European world. Nothing less can be suffice.

Should other Ethno-States arise, along with ones which will outlive the majority of Modern Europe, we will be happy to work with these States to ensure a strong Future for the remnants of Europe’s most Noble who still remain.

The future Ethno-States will require our leadership and wisdom to also organize their Internal Affairs and Development for their own Sovereign Nations.

There is absolutely no doubt that we will even be more of a minority as a World Race (All Caucasians) than we are at this point. This is unavoidable, even with the best case scenario unfolding for our people, and one that will have to be endured until planning and time that allows rebirth and renaissance of our people to raise our populations again, from the aftermath of a Decaying Order.

Countries like Greece and Italy!? I can assure you that such countries are in hopelessly irreversible decline and suicide. If anything, Poland and Ukraine will outlive these 2 Great Former Nations.

Germany doesn’t fare much better in its current position and birth rate issues. Neither does the rest of Western Europe, especially.

We are in a critical situation where literally over 4/5 of the population in virtually every Caucasian country is absolutely worthless, not viable as human beings, who have destructive malignancies and attributes (even down to their racial DNA) which means they should be eliminated from the population through the most brutal means, preferably by us rather than Invaders for obvious reasons.

We are literally under pressure and obligation to mitigate this problem, because if we do not liquidate them, they are working at liquidating the last decent standing members of our Noble Countries. They are aggressively active in this work, many of them who work for George Soros and Institutions as well as Political Movements all over Europe which are passing policies and assaults every day to undermine and kill off our people.

Remember at all times, that the majority of European Inhabitants today are the descendants of those who sided with the Communists and worked to destroy our Reich. They are worse than a cesspool!

The majority of these families have been breeding like rabbits with the baby boom that took place after 1945. Do you ever wonder why the Baby Boomer generation earned for it such a bad reputation? Now you have your answer.

Please know that the German Nation has been IN NO WAY spared from the destruction that has taken place against us, even despite the fact of us being a Superior Race, and the fact that we have maintained our Racial Alloy up until recent times better than other Nations. Some European Nations excel over German in terms of the population percentage which has value to it. Germany is about average in this regard.

The only difference that being, person for person, every Individual German is a much more valuable person when he does have value, compared to other Nations.

To speak nothing of the problem of the many numerous immigrants that are living in Germany today that do not belong in our Vaterland and have no business there for any reason whatsoever, and will one day have to face the consequences we will impose on them, even if the Germans who stand on the soil there at present refuse to do anything about this.

Understand one very important and concise thing about GERMANY and it is the fact that our people have NEVER been destined to be a Diplomatic people. Diplomacy is not in the nature of Germans, we are meant to be a Nation of brutally frank people to a point of being Vile and full of a Fanatical type of Spirit that is intolerable to most Nations of the world, even to most Europeans.

True Germans cringe with anything to do with Parliamentary Systems and Democracy!

Any German today which embraces Democracy is a scoundrel, and a day is coming when they will be obliterated like a roach infestation. I can care less with who takes offense to it.

Let the Subhuman and Barbarian Nations call us Devils, Tyrants, Chauvinists and Psychotic Lunatics, it is but a badge of honor to us!

As far as I’m concerned, the more psychotic and insane that the Barbarian Nations believe us to be, the less they will be a problem for us and it will teach them a lesson to stay in their place. And they will never be able to explain away all the majestic and superior methods of our Nation and our people’s abilities in resilience, even rebuilding from Nothing! This has ALWAYS been a German Trait like no other Nation has ever had!

Let us be the Pariahs of the Earth!

We have to concern ourselves with the affairs of the European People and our Livingspace in all of our lands, no matter how few of us remain.

10 Rules Every German Must Follow when Encountering Barbarians

  1. The German must NEVER Introduce himself first, to the Barbarian. The Barbarian must introduce himself/herself at the Mercy of the German before reciprocation of this gesture.

2. The German must always remember that one cannot treat the Barbarian with the same level of respect or expectations, except under conditions where there is a Contract or Agreement has been established with a Barbarian who does not live up to the terms and expectations of the Agreement, even one made by word.

3. Germans have the right to Place Judgment on all Barbarian Nations, and to decide the value of all Barbarian Nations or lackthereof, even down to the Individual. Barbarian Nations do not have this right.

4. The German always has the tendency to be right, even the most exceptional circumstances, over any other Race.

5. Germans should never take what anything a Barbarian speaks of seriously, or ever at “Face Value”, because the Barbarian speaks in the tongues of familiarity and likes to go along to get along. When dealing with Barbarians, watch and trust only by the Barbarian’s Actions. The Barbarian should always be viewed from the standpoint of likelihood to be a chameleon.

6. The German Race Need Not ever have to prove himself to the world, rather, the world’s people have the responsibility and obligation to prove themselves to us.

7. German Morals are completely different than even European Morals and that of other Nations, therefore the Morals of all other Nations will always be inferior.

8. Fear and Uncertainty are the only proper Emotions and Response that the Members of a Barbarian Nation should have in the presence of a German.

9. Germans should be hesitant and careful in answering questions posed by Barbarians, because Barbarian Nations will ask questions to Germans sometimes even as snares and traps, or to ruin a moment or situation for a German. This is true for Germans more than it is for any other people.

10. As far as the world is concerned, the German Race is God itself, and is to treat the German Race as if they are interacting with God, when in our presence and in any dealings.

The Barbarian Nations are Unable To Live or Think Cleanly

How does our Volk and Reich differ from the Barbarian Nations?

The mentality of everything Germanic is one of Purity, of Frankness, even from the first glance and greeting with a stranger.

Barbarians are always different from us in that their greetings are never genuine and always present a facade or deception when you meet them. Always uncomfortable, always cringing.

The German on the other hands, greets one another with a firm statement and a handshake.

A True German never thinks about having to resort to fakeness, and it is the most uncomfortable thing when a German must confront it.

Barbarian Nations find it impossible and creepy to think and function in the manners we do.

Telling other people what they want to hear is the most effeminate, disingenuous trait of the English, in the use of their language, rooted in Commerce and Opportunism, which must be smashed!

This Year is the Beginning of the Total Meltdown of Western People, Especially Americans

The Evidence is everywhere around us, especially after the Spell that everyone has been living under and entertaining for over a year.

People no longer know how to talk or associate with one another.

They do not know the order of how to bring up a conversation with anyone and cannot shake anyone’s hand.

Where I am, the weather is beginning to warm up, and it’s beginning to resemble a Madhouse everywhere out in public, even worse in other ways when Last Year’s Madness Began.

We are living around walking dumpster trash which has nothing to offer, but somehow in their own solipsistic and demented worldview, they believe they deserve the world and the afterlife!

Nearly every human wandering among us is suffering of Cognitive Dissonance and Severe Mental Illness, unable to reconcile conflicting worldviews and philosophies that are in disharmony.

Everyone’s Emotions are whipped up.

Everyone wants to believe everything and believe nothing at the same time.

Everyone wants to only hear Positive News, and Deal with Positive Consequences.

Everyone wants to dismiss or sweep under the carpet, their bad decisions and foolishness.

Everyone now wants more Government Intervention and Influence, and More of the Security State to entirely suffocate their lives and also ration their entire life’s resources.

The Right-Wingers just won’t give up their Love Affair over Trump.

I’m also seeing that even stranger alliances are beginning to form with friendships and businesses around me, and where a new form of segregation are beginning between the various sick elements of the society.

People are going to much greater lengths to save face.

In some Cafes I frequent, I have noticed that nearly every Woman you encounter with their friends, or the Modern Metrosexual Man, will seem “spooked” any time they come to close proximity with someone, especially if they are not wearing a Mask.

This constant “spooked” reflex is becoming very annoying and intolerable.

Women seem to be less content going outside solo unless accompanied by – not another Man, but – instead with other Women, all of course, wearing their Masks.

Women are completely uncomfortable being around unmasked people and are totally oblivious to the social consequences of Wearing Masks. Let alone with how stinky their breathe or oral health might now be.

The same women and Metrosexual types are continuing to order items “to-go” rather than enjoying them in the establishments, if they even do go out at all.

What we are living through right now is a total Horror Movie, something out of the likes of the movie “They Live“.

There is a Total Detachment from reality at the most insane levels taking place right now, along with living in a fictitious economy.

There is not much passion to be found in anyone, unless it involves wasteful activities or the chance to get vaccinated and go to a Sport’s Game.

At the same time, there has been no real inclination for anyone to search out others that they either can trust or share similar views, and not many who seem too bothered about what’s going on.

The isolation techniques and controlling the flow of communication for months on end, have permanently altered the social landscape. This will not reverse, and will have many implications for many decades to come, for who or what may survive in coming years.

Where I live, some people are scatter-brained to the point where they don’t know what Month we are in, and they don’t remember which voice messages they have returned calls for or haven’t.

You talk to them one day, they have one opinion. The next day you speak to them, they have a different opinion.

Video Games are especially responsible for destroying the minds of young boys in America, and this is why the youth is now perpetually damaged. Even young girls are now playing video games, in the effort to become more Masculine in a negative manner. American and British women are so disgustingly like Men.

Video Games have a detrimental effect on one’s ability to make proper and rational choices and good responses to stimuli. It has become a replacement for receiving the natural stimuli that a Healthy Civilization depends on, from active daily life, work and social interactions.

The Listening Deficit has also become more problematic, and people are agreeing to something or taking an action before fully listening properly to understand something or someone’s request.

Everyone is now whipped up into a frenzy of thoughts, impulses, fear and other emotions which have been driven into them from obeying tyrannical lockdowns and believing in a bogus virus, and it has perpetuated a cascading trend of bad decisions including impulsive purchases, ideas and connections that have been made in the duration of all these months.

Just as with Wars and Economic Depressions, the Fake Pandemic is also being submitted too by the World’s People to permanently alter and destroy their destiny, and they have gleefully accepted this fate.

Where I live, the only conversation people want to have with you is whether or not you got your Vaccine, and they have no shame whatsoever in prying into other people’s private business.

People are having Graduations, Weddings and Funerals with masks on, and similarly feel no shame in associating what otherwise are to be “memorable moments” being Unmasked, and prefer to sport the Masks.

What Normal Human Being would ever want to be photographed and associated with something of this nature!? If they are smiling in the portraits, you can only see it from the corner of their eye while the rest of their face looks like a crotch covered with underwear.

Don’t be surprised tomorrow if these same idiots will actually come to not only tolerate but embrace the coming Hyperinflation and will overlook the currency rotting out in value but be distracted by the idea that everyone gets to be a Billionaire or Millionaire, even if it means it only buys you a cup of coffee.

From what I have witnessed of this psychological operation, Idealism has totally permeated the minds of most people in the world, especially in the West, and that there is absolutely no regard whatsoever for anything True or Real, not even people who are True and Real. They get discarded as if they are tyrants. That is the type of reality we now have in the West, especially as we have it in America.

Nobody here is Natural in any which way you want to call it.

The obsession of buying animals as “replacement children” rather than pets, has also reached all new levels, especially from last year.

While there has been little room for anything Honest in the West prior to this, the change has result to a point where there is absolutely 100% no room for those who are Honest or Simple. None at all.

Everyone is now programmed to lash out at it. Don’t you dare step on their freedom to rip other people off.

Americans pray for, they worship, glorify and celebrate criminals. Then they mock and persecute the Decent.

Not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine is equivalent to being a Mass Murderer.

Obsession with Health and modeling a future based on Health and Safety is becoming embraced by everyone. Soon this hysteria will lead to anyone with health issues (even like Diabetes) being ostracized in society, even while Vaccines are also known to cause Diabetes. One’s Health Record will be treated as the determining basis of whether one can engage in any activity or not, at the behest of the hysterical obsession that one could be “putting other people at risk”.

At least we only push an imperative for one to obtain Fitness Goals and Educate them on good habits, rather than developing a surveillance state on it as the Asians are doing, with the rest of the world now following.

If the Governments were really all that concerned about Health, they could execute all the adjustments and preconditions in a Nation to promote better fitness and health conditions.

America permits food additives that are even strictly banned in Third World Countries.

All of these conditions we are now living under is the recipe the great world enemy has used for many centuries to destroy Nations.

Distract the People and Destroy Their Minds as you Fleece them. Then you destroy the Nation.

And when the Currency Evaporates, and the Food and Fuel Shortages begin, that will be the Grand Finale of the Meltdown.

The Americans are proving to themselves and the world exactly who and what they are as a people. A people without a culture, without a national language or any kind of standards, and with the poorest judgment in character, especially for whom they deem or look up to as respectable leadership.