Only 2% of Americans have value, and about 8-15% of Europeans have value, Depending on the Country

As I’ve stated repeatedly, after true assessments of these Western Nations, the United States has some of the most worthless people in the world, and that Europe does not fare a whole lot better.

These numbers are based on critical analysis of the population based on all kinds of factors and what is known about the quality of such populations including their DNA and genetic quality, assuming they are still of good racial stock.

These factors do not account for anything to do with personal net worth or basing quality on the basis of poverty.

In Germany, it’s roughly 11%.

Only valuable populations deserve to live and Inherit the future.

Before WW1, Germany had well over 50% value in the population, and while I cannot assess this information accurately, about 80-90% of the German population may have had value and viability.

This should show you just how rapidly the West has decayed from the onset of the last century, between the arrival of Bolshevism and Two World Wars, and all kinds of technological advances.

Remember that America only has perceived value among the world simply because of the fact that the US Dollar is a reserve currency.

Every year, the IQ of Americans is dropping rapidly due to replacement of the population but also the fact that whatever is left of better racial stocks is simply dying off of old age or not being born.

Other Factors considered into determination of population value us based on Individuals who lack Cluster B type Personality Disorders, Narcissistic and Psychopathic Traits, Antisocial, Solipsistic, Selfish or Pathological Behaviors and Parasitic traits and functions in the collective population.

In America, there still exists well over 60 Million White Inhabitants who never have been born, due to Abortions.

Unlike European countries, however, America has never had a majority of valuable population even from the earliest Colonial Days.

As time presses on and the West deteriorates further, I believe that more and more people will take this message seriously and come to recognize just how real and wide the implications and reality of it are.

The easiest way to detect if someone is worthless without even knowing them, is they constantly lick their lips for no reason as a nervous tic.

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