This Year is the Beginning of the Total Meltdown of Western People, Especially Americans

The Evidence is everywhere around us, especially after the Spell that everyone has been living under and entertaining for over a year.

People no longer know how to talk or associate with one another.

They do not know the order of how to bring up a conversation with anyone and cannot shake anyone’s hand.

Where I am, the weather is beginning to warm up, and it’s beginning to resemble a Madhouse everywhere out in public, even worse in other ways when Last Year’s Madness Began.

We are living around walking dumpster trash which has nothing to offer, but somehow in their own solipsistic and demented worldview, they believe they deserve the world and the afterlife!

Nearly every human wandering among us is suffering of Cognitive Dissonance and Severe Mental Illness, unable to reconcile conflicting worldviews and philosophies that are in disharmony.

Everyone’s Emotions are whipped up.

Everyone wants to believe everything and believe nothing at the same time.

Everyone wants to only hear Positive News, and Deal with Positive Consequences.

Everyone wants to dismiss or sweep under the carpet, their bad decisions and foolishness.

Everyone now wants more Government Intervention and Influence, and More of the Security State to entirely suffocate their lives and also ration their entire life’s resources.

The Right-Wingers just won’t give up their Love Affair over Trump.

I’m also seeing that even stranger alliances are beginning to form with friendships and businesses around me, and where a new form of segregation are beginning between the various sick elements of the society.

People are going to much greater lengths to save face.

In some Cafes I frequent, I have noticed that nearly every Woman you encounter with their friends, or the Modern Metrosexual Man, will seem “spooked” any time they come to close proximity with someone, especially if they are not wearing a Mask.

This constant “spooked” reflex is becoming very annoying and intolerable.

Women seem to be less content going outside solo unless accompanied by – not another Man, but – instead with other Women, all of course, wearing their Masks.

Women are completely uncomfortable being around unmasked people and are totally oblivious to the social consequences of Wearing Masks. Let alone with how stinky their breathe or oral health might now be.

The same women and Metrosexual types are continuing to order items “to-go” rather than enjoying them in the establishments, if they even do go out at all.

What we are living through right now is a total Horror Movie, something out of the likes of the movie “They Live“.

There is a Total Detachment from reality at the most insane levels taking place right now, along with living in a fictitious economy.

There is not much passion to be found in anyone, unless it involves wasteful activities or the chance to get vaccinated and go to a Sport’s Game.

At the same time, there has been no real inclination for anyone to search out others that they either can trust or share similar views, and not many who seem too bothered about what’s going on.

The isolation techniques and controlling the flow of communication for months on end, have permanently altered the social landscape. This will not reverse, and will have many implications for many decades to come, for who or what may survive in coming years.

Where I live, some people are scatter-brained to the point where they don’t know what Month we are in, and they don’t remember which voice messages they have returned calls for or haven’t.

You talk to them one day, they have one opinion. The next day you speak to them, they have a different opinion.

Video Games are especially responsible for destroying the minds of young boys in America, and this is why the youth is now perpetually damaged. Even young girls are now playing video games, in the effort to become more Masculine in a negative manner. American and British women are so disgustingly like Men.

Video Games have a detrimental effect on one’s ability to make proper and rational choices and good responses to stimuli. It has become a replacement for receiving the natural stimuli that a Healthy Civilization depends on, from active daily life, work and social interactions.

The Listening Deficit has also become more problematic, and people are agreeing to something or taking an action before fully listening properly to understand something or someone’s request.

Everyone is now whipped up into a frenzy of thoughts, impulses, fear and other emotions which have been driven into them from obeying tyrannical lockdowns and believing in a bogus virus, and it has perpetuated a cascading trend of bad decisions including impulsive purchases, ideas and connections that have been made in the duration of all these months.

Just as with Wars and Economic Depressions, the Fake Pandemic is also being submitted too by the World’s People to permanently alter and destroy their destiny, and they have gleefully accepted this fate.

Where I live, the only conversation people want to have with you is whether or not you got your Vaccine, and they have no shame whatsoever in prying into other people’s private business.

People are having Graduations, Weddings and Funerals with masks on, and similarly feel no shame in associating what otherwise are to be “memorable moments” being Unmasked, and prefer to sport the Masks.

What Normal Human Being would ever want to be photographed and associated with something of this nature!? If they are smiling in the portraits, you can only see it from the corner of their eye while the rest of their face looks like a crotch covered with underwear.

Don’t be surprised tomorrow if these same idiots will actually come to not only tolerate but embrace the coming Hyperinflation and will overlook the currency rotting out in value but be distracted by the idea that everyone gets to be a Billionaire or Millionaire, even if it means it only buys you a cup of coffee.

From what I have witnessed of this psychological operation, Idealism has totally permeated the minds of most people in the world, especially in the West, and that there is absolutely no regard whatsoever for anything True or Real, not even people who are True and Real. They get discarded as if they are tyrants. That is the type of reality we now have in the West, especially as we have it in America.

Nobody here is Natural in any which way you want to call it.

The obsession of buying animals as “replacement children” rather than pets, has also reached all new levels, especially from last year.

While there has been little room for anything Honest in the West prior to this, the change has result to a point where there is absolutely 100% no room for those who are Honest or Simple. None at all.

Everyone is now programmed to lash out at it. Don’t you dare step on their freedom to rip other people off.

Americans pray for, they worship, glorify and celebrate criminals. Then they mock and persecute the Decent.

Not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine is equivalent to being a Mass Murderer.

Obsession with Health and modeling a future based on Health and Safety is becoming embraced by everyone. Soon this hysteria will lead to anyone with health issues (even like Diabetes) being ostracized in society, even while Vaccines are also known to cause Diabetes. One’s Health Record will be treated as the determining basis of whether one can engage in any activity or not, at the behest of the hysterical obsession that one could be “putting other people at risk”.

At least we only push an imperative for one to obtain Fitness Goals and Educate them on good habits, rather than developing a surveillance state on it as the Asians are doing, with the rest of the world now following.

If the Governments were really all that concerned about Health, they could execute all the adjustments and preconditions in a Nation to promote better fitness and health conditions.

America permits food additives that are even strictly banned in Third World Countries.

All of these conditions we are now living under is the recipe the great world enemy has used for many centuries to destroy Nations.

Distract the People and Destroy Their Minds as you Fleece them. Then you destroy the Nation.

And when the Currency Evaporates, and the Food and Fuel Shortages begin, that will be the Grand Finale of the Meltdown.

The Americans are proving to themselves and the world exactly who and what they are as a people. A people without a culture, without a national language or any kind of standards, and with the poorest judgment in character, especially for whom they deem or look up to as respectable leadership.

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