The Near Destruction of Europe / America and What’s to Come

The Average European and American person is completely oblivious and naive to their impending doom. For lack of better terms, they are living in a permanent stupor of self-denial, nihilism, self delusion and all kinds of other things which one way or another could be illustrated as various Mental Illnesses.

This stupor means the inevitable total liquidation of many European Nations and Languages that are to occur between anytime now and around the year 2040 or so.

Maybe only several European languages will exist, more likely the Slavic Tongues will exist, and the English and Spanish tongues more than other European Languages.

I believe that only several European Nations may survive, even as bad of a Nation as one of them is (Russia), it is legitimately positioning itself to outlive Europe at this time compared to nearly all Western Countries. But Russia is only a half-European State, representative of a Eurasian Race, one which is not to the standards of Pure Europeans.

Europeans these days fail to recognize just how fragile that Europe currently stands, and the same case can also be made in America through many valid claims.

Many European Nations will grind to a halt and cease to exist, and there will be many people from certain Nations who will lose their Nationhood to become part of other Nations after the type of destruction that is coming.

I declare personally that the only future for White Europeans can be a new Prussian State, irrespective of where it exists, and maybe several other Caucasian Ethno-States that form as a result of the coming destruction that is inevitable at this time.

However, Prussia must be positioned at the top of all affairs regarding both the European and Non-European world. Nothing less can be suffice.

Should other Ethno-States arise, along with ones which will outlive the majority of Modern Europe, we will be happy to work with these States to ensure a strong Future for the remnants of Europe’s most Noble who still remain.

The future Ethno-States will require our leadership and wisdom to also organize their Internal Affairs and Development for their own Sovereign Nations.

There is absolutely no doubt that we will even be more of a minority as a World Race (All Caucasians) than we are at this point. This is unavoidable, even with the best case scenario unfolding for our people, and one that will have to be endured until planning and time that allows rebirth and renaissance of our people to raise our populations again, from the aftermath of a Decaying Order.

Countries like Greece and Italy!? I can assure you that such countries are in hopelessly irreversible decline and suicide. If anything, Poland and Ukraine will outlive these 2 Great Former Nations.

Germany doesn’t fare much better in its current position and birth rate issues. Neither does the rest of Western Europe, especially.

We are in a critical situation where literally over 4/5 of the population in virtually every Caucasian country is absolutely worthless, not viable as human beings, who have destructive malignancies and attributes (even down to their racial DNA) which means they should be eliminated from the population through the most brutal means, preferably by us rather than Invaders for obvious reasons.

We are literally under pressure and obligation to mitigate this problem, because if we do not liquidate them, they are working at liquidating the last decent standing members of our Noble Countries. They are aggressively active in this work, many of them who work for George Soros and Institutions as well as Political Movements all over Europe which are passing policies and assaults every day to undermine and kill off our people.

Remember at all times, that the majority of European Inhabitants today are the descendants of those who sided with the Communists and worked to destroy our Reich. They are worse than a cesspool!

The majority of these families have been breeding like rabbits with the baby boom that took place after 1945. Do you ever wonder why the Baby Boomer generation earned for it such a bad reputation? Now you have your answer.

Please know that the German Nation has been IN NO WAY spared from the destruction that has taken place against us, even despite the fact of us being a Superior Race, and the fact that we have maintained our Racial Alloy up until recent times better than other Nations. Some European Nations excel over German in terms of the population percentage which has value to it. Germany is about average in this regard.

The only difference that being, person for person, every Individual German is a much more valuable person when he does have value, compared to other Nations.

To speak nothing of the problem of the many numerous immigrants that are living in Germany today that do not belong in our Vaterland and have no business there for any reason whatsoever, and will one day have to face the consequences we will impose on them, even if the Germans who stand on the soil there at present refuse to do anything about this.

Understand one very important and concise thing about GERMANY and it is the fact that our people have NEVER been destined to be a Diplomatic people. Diplomacy is not in the nature of Germans, we are meant to be a Nation of brutally frank people to a point of being Vile and full of a Fanatical type of Spirit that is intolerable to most Nations of the world, even to most Europeans.

True Germans cringe with anything to do with Parliamentary Systems and Democracy!

Any German today which embraces Democracy is a scoundrel, and a day is coming when they will be obliterated like a roach infestation. I can care less with who takes offense to it.

Let the Subhuman and Barbarian Nations call us Devils, Tyrants, Chauvinists and Psychotic Lunatics, it is but a badge of honor to us!

As far as I’m concerned, the more psychotic and insane that the Barbarian Nations believe us to be, the less they will be a problem for us and it will teach them a lesson to stay in their place. And they will never be able to explain away all the majestic and superior methods of our Nation and our people’s abilities in resilience, even rebuilding from Nothing! This has ALWAYS been a German Trait like no other Nation has ever had!

Let us be the Pariahs of the Earth!

We have to concern ourselves with the affairs of the European People and our Livingspace in all of our lands, no matter how few of us remain.

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