Barbarians are Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually Inferior

The Barbarian is always daft and inferior in his faculties of Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Qualities compared to Every German.

At no time should a German ever assume that Peoples of a Barbarian Nation have equal or similar types of sentiment and cognitive reflexes as do Germans.

Just as no other Nation strives for the highest sense of Idealism and Morality, at the same given time no other Nation Hates like the German Nation Hates.

Comrades, just think and reflect about how many people outside of the German World do not understand our Hatred.

Look at all the Historians, Philosophers, Political Scientists, Psychologists and all the other Researchers involved who debate, intellectualize and try to psychoanalyze Germans, especially what type of business we had taken care of in the 20th century.

The Barbarians cannot understand it! Cannot explain it!

Germans playing music and celebrating while exterminating trash!?!? Nobody can explain our delight!

I am firm believer, and always will be, that no other Nation will ever share the highest level of contempt and lasting hatred that we do against all of our enemies, particularly the main tribe which is the greatest danger above all else.

Barbarian Nations only hate this evil “tribe” for Pragmatic or often Practical Reasons, usually only on an Individual Basis, and often on Subjective Grounds. It is not a seething hatred, but just a reactionary response.

Just as much as this reactionary response of Hatred in the Barbarians entered them, so too it could exit, as they are always quick to make exceptions for the so-called “good ones”. How many English and Normans proudly make friends with Kosher Mafia!? They always have Kosher Sidekicks no matter how much they claim to be against them!

I trust only a fellow German first, and the Arab second for his hatred of the Kosher Mafia.

But even most Arabs these days are weak and hypocritical in their approach to the JQ, because their Islamic religion brainwashes them to accept these people as “brothers” or they piggyback off of claims of times when they both lived side-by-side.

I believe that the Arab is not capable of intellectually articulating in understanding the nefarious and inevitable tendencies of the tribe, but they are only capable of understanding them from anecdotal observations.

The German is capable of Hatred for a lifetime, no matter the consequences that must be paid for the Hatred.

Germans are in full awareness and understanding that Hatred is not a Choice, but a Response.

Other Races are confused about their Hatred, because their Hatred, if any, when expressed, might not be Natural or they might not have enough Self-Confidence rooted in their Hatred and why they Hate.

But the worst part is that the Democratic Nations are even less reliable in their Hatred, then are Nations which are either Monarchies or other forms of Government which are Non-Democratic.

Democracies just turn people into play dough where their opinions and ideas change from day to day, and they aren’t sure of what they are doing or what direction they are going in.

With German Innovation, so too is our Hatred Innovative, where we could spend a whole day seething in this hatred, and forming Musical Hymns and Ritual out of our Hatred.

Something that the Barbarian does not ever dream of doing, and lacks the creativity for it.

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