There is No Rest For the Wicked – Germans Need to become More Racist and Hateful

Only the German is capable to understand and empathize with fellow Germans.

The Non-German Barbarian is always hateful, critical, suspicious and inferior in his/her emotions or thought processes to understand the German Mind and Spirit.

Therefore, the Barbarian does not have the right to speak or document any assessment of the German people, or ever speak on behalf of the German people.

The Barbarian has the tendency to be fake, unlike the German, because the Barbarian lives in a mindset of “living through the motions” and riding the system or institutions to get their way in life. A cold dose of reality check always tastes like bitter medicine to the Barbarian.

The Barbarian must always be reminded that when he/she walks on German soil, that they are a guest, and that they are only entitled to privileges which can be revoked at any time.

The COVID-19 Agenda and its aftermath has brought many of the already unsettled social and related issues to the forefront of hot issues in Germany, and in many other European States, in particular with European Lockdowns being even more stricter than the American Lockdowns.

Tensions are building very high in this regard, even as much that the eruption of Civil Wars are likely even in countries like France.

A good sign that at least is becoming more and more apparent by the day in Germany, is that Germans are beginning to realize the true enemy that America is, and we must hope and strive for this movement to build up to a point where Germans fanatically begin to slander and work towards ruthless elimination of American influences and propaganda, including Hollywood Films, QAnon, and American values of any kind, need to be completely pulverized.

Germans should also never fly an American Flag, or even a Confederate Flag, but should hoist only the Imperial Flag, the proper colors of our people, and DAMN EVERYONE who opposed our Imperial Flag, which is currently under further attack in our Vaterland:

Our current flag of Germany in Black, Red and Gold is the Flag of our enemies, of the Democracy Lovers.

The True German Nation is not a land of Democracy Lovers, and every Democracy Lover is an absolute foe of the German Nation, and in particular the German Reich!

It is becoming harder to use the Imperial Flag in some instances now in Germany as there have been recent crackdowns on its use! All coming from the criminal government in charge!

We believe that ANYONE, may he be German or of other Race who ever rejects, scorns or desecrates Our Imperial Fahne should be put to death!

Remember, my fellow comrades, at all times!

As a German, you are the most important race in this world. Every German Body has more value than any other walking body on this planet! The world only mocks you because they envy you and fear you to rediscover your culture and our Forefathers ways!

The Barbarian, even the Illegal Immigrants now which are rampant throughout Germany are hoping by the spoils of luck and outwitting Germans because of our good nature, that they can make you afraid to be Racist and Hateful!

But it is in our genes as a people to be Racist, Hateful and full of Fury with anything that is despicable and in particular which is a threat to our Volk!

As a German, you must understand that it is our duty to order, and for the Barbarians to obey.

It does matter who or what country the Barbarian comes from, or what their position!

The Prime Minister or President of a foreign country is still a “Barbarian” in our lands, even when sized up against an ordinary Germany civilian, say a member of the Middle Class.

Therefore, the Barbarian can only earn respect and respect is not given, when it comes to the interaction with a German.

A day will come one day again when the Barbarian Nations are in complete to Germans, and that any slight inconsistency of character, particularly effeminate behaviors and uncertainty around a German person of any kind, will be smitten off of their face!

The Filthy Barbarians simply do not understand how to ACT CLEAN. They cannot ACT CLEAN, they cannot THINK CLEAN, they are worse than animals, because at least most animals know when they ought to bathe.

Effeminate nature in general must be punished and humiliated, and there must be no remorse or sympathy for punishing it wherever it erupts, in particular how this behavior has also been what has contributed to the downfall of our Beloved Germany.

Every German must be fully educated to the extent of knowing that the USA, nor England, nor Russia are NOT our friends, and that none of these Nations or their Individual people can be trusted, and that the goal should be to one day declare war against the American Establishment and Military Occupation of Germany at the right moment of time, as America’s influence is beginning to wane over Europe.

Every American Military official and soldier should be captured and imprisoned in Germany, and not given fair trial. They are nothing but a bunch of criminals, opportunists, thugs and murderers who just follow orders. Have no respect for these filthy cretins!

At some point, Germany will also need to perform border closures and designate “Enemy States” to prevent certain groups of people from visiting the country, such as people from Middle Eastern countries and so forth.

At this time, even Americans and many Europeans should also be barred from Germany, at the very least investigated for their activities in Germany, especially in the Teaching Professions. Most Foreign Educators in Germany are working there, including Missionaries, to promote Marxist Agendas, Continued Illegal Immigration and WW2 Disinformation, as well as trying to undermine the German Culture overall.

The immigrants in Germany should be given no sympathy. No sympathy for the Turk, Kurd, the Armenian or the Syrian.

The Armenians should have punished and imprisoned from their campaigns they had the nerve to carry out last year in Public Protests over their bogus claims of “Karabagh” against the Azeris, in which the Armenians are the aggressors in which they are attempting to steal land from Muslims. YES, even Christians are guilty of being bloodthirsty, land-robbing murderers, even against the Muslims. Get them ALL out of Germany!

Armenians previously have had involvement in trying to ally with Russia to use Anatolia (the Ottoman Empire region) as a means of attacking and taking over Europe, and for this reason the Ottoman Empire, although a weak ally, was allied with the German Reich in WW1. The Russians saw it as an opportunity to make false land promises of Armenians, to incite them against the Turks and steal their land, and also leave an open wound in that region to Export Russian Expansionism into Europe.

Even under the Tsar, before Bolshevism, Russia still had expansionist plans for Europe, and it is no different today under Putin’s leadership in which Putin and the Modern Russia have a revised plan for takeover in Europe as well as America.

These protests that the Armenians were doing should have treated as a Crime of Sedition, in particular for supporting a cause or rebellion which is against the interest of Germany and for the German Nation.

Under the German Reich, these people would be severely punished.

All Asians should ALSO be dealt with, and there should be a policy which bans Asians, especially from China, to come into Germany. A lot of them are spies and other types of opportunists who are detrimental to Germany.

Every German should know that he/she reserves the right at any time to tell the Barbarians in our lands, if they complain at our attitudes, that they can GET OUT or we will show them their way out, that is if they are lucky! If they even have the privilege to escape, they might not escape without a severe beating! Beat them on their asses with a steel rod on their way out so that it’s painful for them to ever walk and sit again! Or even if we have to chain them up and drag them like dogs! Spit on them, ridicule them and make a scene over these animals!



This vermin should be rounded up like the slabs of meat which they are and dropped from an excavator into their lands!

I have absolutely no scruples whatsoever about using Corporal Punishment and Torture on these cretins who are using the German Welfare State.

As a German, you may be hesitant to take seriously what I say, but only until you realize that these immigrants have inside of them, a malicious programming of entitlement in which the ends justifies the means of which they do and feel they have more right to Germany than anyone else! They will pull out all the stops to maintain their stay and status in our lands and to suffocate Germany. We will have no choice but to pull out all the stops on them, and you should know exactly what I am implying by that statement! The only language the foreigners will understand, is the language of force. Do not be afraid to use it!

They know exactly WHY they are in Germany, and what they are doing there. Have no reserves or hesitation in dealing with them as you may!

For Far too long, Germany has been way too nice, way too tolerant, patient and kind.

I say no more with this nonsense!

There can be absolutely NO REST until Germany is a feared Nation in the world again, and where the world comes to terms with not disturbing our People and our Land!

Nazi Tattoos including Swastikas will not give Brownie Points towards the German Reich

We find it, quite frankly, amusing how many Neo-Nazis believe that tattooing themselves even with a Swastika or other sacred symbols in defense of the German Cause or that for Europeans in general, would in our view be deemed acceptable or permissible, at least as a sign of loyalty the cause.

Oh, quite to the contrary!

No matter how much the tattoo supports the allegiance to the German Reich, we continue the legacy of the major Punishment of those who mark their bodies.

Under Prussia and later under the Third Reich, tattoos maintained a very consistent attitude as something belonging to the criminal underworld. Even a tattoo of the Fuhrer or a Swastika would land you in the concentration camp.

Under the Third Reich, Body, Mind and Soul are properly of the State and of the Fuhrer.

To deface the body with idol worshiping symbols and also poisoning the Blood marks one with 2 Crimes punishable by force, along with the association with degeneracy and the criminal underworld.

The only exemptions of Tattoos are relegated to the SS blood group marks for identifying Blood types under the arms, or a tradition in which sailors or Navymen marked their arms with an anchor to indicate if they’ve been lost at sea.

The appropriate punishment for the marked individuals are the concentration camps and slave labor.

It is despicable that today, Germany, Italy and America are the most tattooed countries in the world.

In Germany, it is disgusting that insane amounts of arm sleeve tattoos with thick black ink have become very trendy, even sometimes exceeding popularity only slightly over that of Americans.

Even worse are the women who tattoos themselves.

Let it be known that any Man or Woman who tattoos themselves is immediately unqualified from being considered of Blood Purity.


I have updated the Photo Gallery with some newer photos of additional people of Prussian Heritage, including latest members of the Royal Family.

I hope to expand this section in the future to show some of the Great and Beautiful faces of our people which have largely faded out of the Gene Pool at this point, and I welcome anyone who wishes to submit any contributions of any family photos if you wish to share.

The stunning and prominent genetics of Wilhelm II’s family line is evident as always.

You will notice that much of the genetics of Germans today have taken on the Celtic (American) DNA admixtures, and that the features have been degraded compared to our Native Racial stocks.

There are some articles I have been working on for some time which are overdue for featuring on here, however I believe they will be of great interest to Historians and others who would like my completely unbiased assessment of Otto von Bismarck, including Bismarck’s influence of Christianity (as he was undeniably a devout Christian), I will also give full assessment of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the last Kaiser, Wilhelm II, how World War I would have been forced upon Imperial Germany even despite Wilhelm II’s Policies, and I will give the overview about some of his naive policies, and undoing of Bismarck’s handiwork. I will also have an article comparing the vastly different personalities of Wilhelm II and his cousin Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, which played a very important role in the results for World War I.

I also have a separate article I am working on where I wish to address my views on the current members of the dethroned House of Hohenzollern Family Members.

As you likely are aware of by visiting this website, we in no way defend the idea of restoring the Prussian Monarchy, for various reasons including the fact that it could no longer be viable for Germany.

Nevertheless, we strongly do support the claims that the Royal Family Members have expressed over years in trying to obtain their Estates and other Property back into their hands, including certain art and artifacts, as we strongly believe they are entitled to this property, which has unfairly been kept away from them.

WW1 Veteran Demonstrates typical Irish / Celtic Hatred of Germans

There are no more WW1 Veterans alive today, but this interview from 1988 shows exactly the type of ignorant, shoddy character of these people.

It would be one thing if he were just blindly flowing orders, however it can still be regarded as criminal, since Nature does not forgive ignorance and if you were in the wrong.

But All English and Celtic Peoples have a personal, burning Hatred for German People.

Whenever the English or Celtic try to establish friendly relations with us, it is only so they can get information from us or use us to their advantage.

However, at the end, this Leprechaun is questioned out of the blue about what he thinks about shooting at any Germans and speaks of his lack of remorse. You can see how he asks the question again, which is a typical manipulative techniques of liars, manipulators and con-artists as a way to buy time in navigating how to respond to the question.

When they don’t do this, then they just ask the question word for word by the asker first.

Watch his eye movements as well, which are designed to detract attention to himself, but to project it back to the interviewer.

Not even due to his age or any hearing impairment, you can obviously see for yourself, and as he begins to shutter and show fear on his shaky lips when having to answer the question.

A Man of a guilty conscience, but also of someone who has completely disregard for killing Innocent People [Germans] and no hesitation in his personal agenda and hatred of Germans.


It is serious business, and it always involves many sacrifices and downsides that even the Victorious side has to endure for many years after their Victories.

The English, the Celtic people and the Americans will have to pay a very severe penalty for the years they have robbed from German people and the fact that these people have been responsible in the wholesale occupation of Germany, and the criminalization of our people.

I have no sympathy for them, Nor should any European!

Most Nations in the world hate this trash!

Americans Deserve The Government They Currently Have, As They Still Do Not Fight

Even after the most humiliating election that Americans have endured, the worthlessness and weakness is evident in the fact that they have spent half of this year, and all of last year with the COVID HOAX not organizing whatsoever for a fight, and still haven’t figured out their enemy.

At best, all they know are “COMMUNISTS / MARXISTS / LEFTISTS”, but these words have mostly become Household Names now, and they still do not want to criticize the tribe who is in charge of Communism.

The average Right-Wing America thinks we are now confronting “FASCISM” and yet we can say that at least the Fascists defending their Middle Class People and population and gave them work and bread!

We have a regime in power that Weaponizes Women against Men, to a point where Women have become proxy agents of the government, which can at any moment be used to take away all of your property, rights and your children and land you in prison. And yet very few Americans seem to want to address this as “Tyranny” but just accept it for what it is, or Blame the Court Systems at best, but they still think Fascism is FAR MORE EVIL.

Americans have too much pride in defending La Kosher Nostra to ever organize a fight against them, therefore there will be no collective action against them.

Most Americans are still mourning and marinating in the loss of Trump, even though Trump was La Kosher Nostra’s most loyal president ever, and these Americans are still banking on a Trump Return in 2024.

Most Americans also still view that the problems for their country is as simply resolved by voting someone in or out of office.

Even Third World Nations have a bit more wisdom to know that when your country has reached the point of Rigged Elections, that the system is too far gone and that you need to forget about having anything to do with those Political Systems.

Desperation is pretty bad when it’s over cookie crumbs, but the desperation has gone even far worse than to even be able to just be permitted to have a whiff of the baking cookies or “Freedom” or an alleged “Leader who stands up for them”, now it’s gotten to the point where just the idea of the possibility of cookies being baked is enough to stir interest in the lemmings.

But not a single one of the lemmings has an initiative on his own to start his own baking to get the cookie.

It’s really become that pathetic at this point in America. Trump was a joke, and he was just an acting agent to play with a Republican Face when really in service to the Democrats, because he played entirely by their handbook.

At some point, we will have to outlaw and severely punish all Right-Wing groups in America and Europe (along with all Left Wing Groups), as they are guilty of High Treason any many other things, but to begin with, guilty on counts of Complacency.

I believe that my own critics of my views in just how worthless the Bulk Majority of the White European population is becoming more and more difficult to deny by the day as the West Collapses.

At this point, if they don’t believe it today, they will in the weeks and months (not even years) to come ahead.

The Kosher Mafia knows best how to collapse civilizations, and they collapse civilizations without making it appear that they are collapsing, while they are indeed collapsing.

Maintaining public trust and positive image is what they seek to keep high at all times, even while removing the carpet below people’s feet.

This is exactly what is taking place right now.

Civil Wars are about to emerge, and the primary target will begin between Men and Women before emerging to Racial and Generational outbreaks, as well as people of different Wealth Classes.

One day, sooner or later, those decent members of European stock will have to painfully accept this reality that the population reduction has already long occurred against our people in the last century, and that what we are living on is not a representative of our original people, but instead they are Mongrelized Trash who descend from families of Psychopaths and Criminals who were involved with the World War 2 victory over Germany, which is in no way any Real or True Victory.

It was treason against European People.

The majority of Inhabitants of all of our Nations today are the bulk, 80% upwards everywhere are of this malignant, psychotic, criminal, filthy trash which wants to supplant Illegal Immigrants, particularly Non-Whites in our Nations, almost as like a secret sick fetish they have, while they watch back and sit on their riches to see White Families in total destruction, degeneracy and chaos.

Whether you believe it or not, PSYCHOPATHY and DEGENERACY runs in the family. Education is only second in terms of significance in keeping a population sound and well-natured. You cannot correct people who are Psychopaths or Worthless, Degenerate Elements.

Stop feeling bad for them, such as the so-called “abused people” from “abused families” who then carry on their abuse to others. These people are just trash to begin with.

The reason their families are the way they are is because of Mongrelization and also the Mixing that occurred with degenerate elements at some point in time.

In America, these practices became MUCH MORE COMMON in the 60’s and after because of the experimentation with Drugs and “Free Love”.

It is no coincidence that this also saw the Dawn of when Men began leaving their families and putting less efforts into their Families, because it was also the Dawn of Attack of the Middle Class, right after the JFK Assasssination.

The Target has always been GOOD FAMILIES, People who contributes to a Meaningful Existence. These people have largely been weeded out at this point, even most of the European Families which came from Europe to America, they are all decimated. Only the leftover scraps and undesirables are the bulk who are alive, because the system in America is geared to promoting and protecting Criminal Elements and people who are worthless, at all costs. It also loves defending gang members and drug users, anyone involved whatsoever with drugs, it will protect to the maximum extent possible. America even gives former drug lords and gangsters future opportunities to work in “fields” with so-called “at-risk youth”. When instead there should be Eugenics policies in place that have even prevented the birth of such vermin, and at this point that they should be sterilized at minimum.

America is SET to become the most Despised Nation in the world, and for good reason, as the prophecy is now coming true in which when/if the American People lose their wealth, they will be hated by all Nations of the world.

America has disrupted and destroyed nearly every country in the world. If you look up Britain’s as well as America’s history, you will find that these two Nations have had very few places in the world that they have not touched and tampered with their political systems and culture. Both countries have uprooted the long-standing Economic Systems and Political Procedures that have been integral of many People’s National History and way of life, and installed American Democracy to replace it.

These Two Nations must be regarded as “NATION DESTROYERS” which they are.

Intelligence Circles in the early 20th century even regarded both Nations as “NATION DESTOYERS”, however the focus was much more on Britain in the earlier part of the 20th Century since Britain was the focal point of world power and influence until America later took the role on after WW2.

The spillover effect of the degeneracy in Caucasian Nations has been stirring up many Non-European Nations to even have greater negative views and understandings about Caucasians, since such behavior has been tolerated and is also now forcing its way through their lands.

The majority of the White Race, as such, has to go, for a new Renaissance of White Europeans. Whether we like it or not, and irrespective of the risks and costs that come with it. These people have to go, and give us more livingspace for Superior Racial Blood to repopulate our lands.

NOT Lebensraum for the Chinese.

NOT Lebensraum for the Russians.

NOT Lebensraum for the Muslims.

OUR Lebensraum, for GERMANS, and those in which we deem hospitable towards the German Cause and for a Flourishing Europe.

It is BEYOND PAST DUE to become ANGRY and VENGEFUL and where you should only have the ideas of Retributions for those who have wronged us and destroyed everything about our Cultures and have eliminated the ability for our people to have Peace and Regions for where we can raise healthy and successful ones.

FOR FUCK SAKE, we are going on HOW MANY YEARS NOW where every day there is Slander against White People in the Media in some form or another being shoved down our throats, and are you going to be willing to live with this for the rest of our lifetimes that we are alive!? Because that’s what our enemies have planned.

By 2040 – 2050, if nothing is fought and if there are even handfuls of us still around, we will be made examples of in the media by cultures which are 90% homogeneous to show White Refugees and they will depict us as “paying for what we did for slavery, etc, etc”.

Rage, Boiling Blood and Sleepless Nights, Absolute Hatred and Disgust of almost everyone in sight around you should be your way of life in these times, and if it is not, you must be a worthless degenerate.

You should even have Hatred for the local employee down the street from you who is completely indifferent and apathetic to what’s taking place around us. The typical mundane scum who just says “Oh well, that’s life!” or who wants to convince you that you should be happy enough for the fact that you have food to eat and shelter to live in, as you could be living in some Middle Eastern country with the conditions there.

These people are manipulative trash who seek to downplay grievances on the behest of making you have concern with other people’s hardships instead of our own.

Criminals and Scum, although willing to use violence, they cannot build anything, so they are too cowardly and pathetic to do anything, even as mercenaries, even White Criminals and Degenerates will not even fight for the radical defense of their own Racial Species.

This is why the fact that America being such an armed country as it is, that nothing has taken place so far, and why I have insisted that there is not going to be a revolution here. Only Chaos and Anarchy.

This is why we will have no choice but to seek total liquidation of all degenerate elements.

To think what the great Men of the 1800’s would think, if they were alive now, somehow inserted in our Modern Civilization, how would they even function or be able to cope with this Swap!?

Men of the 1800’s had such a higher standard of morality and decency, that the immediate thoughts and priorities in their heads would be to immediately find other Good Men that they could organize with and learn more and to form the necessary Militias and so forth to declare war against all enemies.

The only possible, rational thoughts on their mind would be to seek to eradicate the trash, with the most ruthless aims imaginable, and they would not let their egos get in the way of the goal in mind, as do much of the Men today.

Meanwhile, Young Men are playing video games and smoking marijuana and contemplating “peaceful solutions”.

There are no real Male Role Models today.


And America is like a cultural and racial wasteland where there is nobody “at home”.

The most Moral of Men are willing to forego their reputations and public perceptions of themselves in a where they will conduct themselves in a way where they are completely unaffected and indifferent to the criticism given by anyone around them. Such Men will take any beating or humiliation that comes their way, even if they are the only one with their viewpoints.

Great Men, show initiative and the willingness to learn, even if not educated, and maintain loyalty to the cause no matter how dark or unpromising the times are, and can demonstrate restraint in times and places where it is required.

But we do not see anywhere in America that these behaviors still exist. Most Men will only get involved with something based on peer approval and where they get perks and acceptance. Too nervous, skittish and unmotivated to join with other Cynical Men for a worthwhile fight. Even the Militias in America which do exist, mostly formed out of Ex Military Men, are a complete and utter joke.

Another severe problem too are the Yankee Men who believe in Arming their women. This is the biggest foolish mistake a Man can have. Men should never arm women, your women should never know about your arms, never see them, and never know you have them.

In my experience in observing these Militias and most of the people who want to talk about Problems with Caucasians, it is for entertainment purposes, no ambition, and without initiatives.

The majority of American Military personnel, both listed and not, and even those who have founded Militia groups are all PRO Race Mixing and PRO LGBTQ and will refuse to ever accept Jews are behind Communism.

All of them have no problems with integrating them into their ranks as well, and are willing to fire on anyone who disagrees with the rights of Coloreds and LGBTQ to have their rights and freedoms.

But these same cretins will never fire upon a Banker. Take a guess why…

Meanwhile, look who has their way (from last year):

Segregation Between Men and Women is becoming the Future. Women are Guilty and Responsible For it.

I have a series of Articles I am working on, which I intend on making some of them only available for Private Viewers who have interest to read them.

The Articles are only going to be officially available to PSA Members, and those who are interested to read them, as there is very important information I would like to disclose on topics relating to Women and where things are going in the Western World.

The articles will focus on the degeneracy of White Women and the destruction they are imposing on our civilization, and why very few women, and what kinds will be able to be a part of the Prussian Future, or any other segments of Western Society.

The articles will also explain about why you should not pursue Women, and why it is the Women’s responsibility to pursue Men, and how this will become their official destiny very soon, as a rule.

It will also focus on the very dark future that is soon in store for most White Women, even in the face of any Renaissance.

Some Articles will also explain how to look for degenerate and undesirable physical or otherwise observable traits that are evident in dangerous women, and what a Respectable White Man should know in order to secure himself the proper Mate.

The Articles will also Instruct White Men on what type of interactions you should have with White Women, which ones are worthy and which ones are not, etc.

The information I will disclose is very sacred, and it applies to all peoples, not just specific to Germans but it is also applicable to anyone who seeks to find their own within their own Racial Volk.

If you are interested in receiving these writings or given a private link, please send me a message through the system here and I will be glad to send you them when they are available.

Perfect Example of Brainwashing Against “Entitlement”

I had made a point in a previous writing about how there is an “on-going issue” about “Entitlement” in America, which is an on-going issue that will only keep growing over time.

Perhaps it may have seemed confusing to some, what exactly I have meant by this.

Through the careful balancing of Full Truths, Half Truths and Half Lies, one is capable to condition a population into accepting abuses or contradictory stances in living, and be completely oblivious to the false bill of goods they are sold.

In short, a population hoodwinked into being told that they are being shit on their head and told “It’s a hat!” And to dare even criticize that make’s one Entitled!

And it so happens today that some “Sephardic Jew” who operates a channel no less by the name of “Coach Red Pill” has exactly shown the typical way that these monsters like himself sow discord and condition people, particularly those who strive for something, to believe that they are not “Entitled”.

I would also like to state that, in the current world order we live in, Many people, especially Men are raised being told “That’s Life” as the excuse for everything someone tries for or desires, when they are someone righteously trying to obtain something.

Meanwhile, the con artists who have had everything handed to them are enjoying the fruits of the Struggle and Labors of those Men, without them knowing, behind the scenes.

The con artists at the top would never ever accept being told “That’s Life”.

Just imagine Bill Gates, if he never got to where he did, or let’s say if his entire Empire came crashing down because some group of powers decided they were tired of his monopolies and greed, and all the other nonsense he was involved in, and they reduced him to nothing tomorrow!? Do you think he would accept being told by them, “Oh well, that’s life! Life is not fair!”

Never would happen in a million years.

And if these types of Men, like this Sephardic Jew, were not born into their connections, they would whine and become resentful as well, and there is no better whiner of course than this tribe!

The point also being that, we are lied to by those who claim that everyone has an unhampered ability to raise themselves to the place they would like to be on the pecking order.

This is never the case, this is not how life works, EVER.

The pecking order is pre-destined and is a result of Birth-rite on the basis of one’s Bloodline.

Origins, Language and Destiny of a people will affect one’s abilities, but also the fact that every person who is born is assessed a particularly “Class” that they belong to, which is assigned regardless of what they do in life, and cannot be changed.

If someone who is born into a particular Class, becomes “Self-Made” or rises into an unusual situation, the individual has to be very careful, because there are people who will recognize that the person does not belong where they are, and will often use that person until they are no longer useful and then discard them and slander them.

This is the nature of the World Hierarchy, no matter where one lives or what their profession, or even what Class they are born into.

But in America, people are made to feel guilty of feeling Entitled to deserving anything, even if they are legitimately entitled to it, whereas the parasites and leeching trash go about without any scruples, believing all day long they are Entitled to anything and all that much more, along with Media influences that try to condition them to believe how “special” they are, and how much they deserve this and that.

Another way this lying sack of filth is presenting the information he does in this video is to program Men away from fighting, and to feel guilty for any grievances they may have, in particular White Men.

This cretin also does not discuss the fact that people who are espoused as successful leaders or businessmen, such as whom he references “Elon Musk”, were also born into a Class System and his wealth, they are not self-made Men. There are very few Self-Made Leaders or Businessmen in today’s world because Meritocracy has been eroding in the Western World since the 1970’s.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, are also not self-made Men. They were born into a particular Class, and were subsidized into their positions.

Jeff Bezos was nothing but a bum who sold books out of his garage. He became who he did by being sponsored. Anyone who has read the life story of this Crypto-Kosherite would know the truth behind his story.

As some people who may have learned in this world we live in, there are Winners and there are Suckers in life.

The current set of Winners in this world are mostly psychopaths and losers who have been subsidized and have institutions which have raised them to where they are.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg, another Tribe Member, who is some anti-social kid who never knew how to get a girlfriend or talk to girls or people in general, and stole the concept of the Facebook website from 2 Germans. He was sponsored to get where he is, and has not had to answer for all of the scandals he has been involved in, or the two Germans he stole the invention of the Social Networking website from and then made it his own thing.

Then this monster will turn around any day and slander the Winklevoss Brothers who were the ones that pioneered the idea of the website, and then he will claim that they feel “Entitled”.

Then if the Winklevoss Brothers express resentment and outrage, if they express any grievances, they will be labeled as the “Resentful Man” in the same way that CRP in the video above loves to make out. The real name of CRP is “Gonzalo Lira” and if one reads the sketchy history behind the cretin, they will see what a fraud he is too, along with his family connections in banking, which he discusses from time to time.

This is exactly the type of world system we live in. It is not a world for honest and responsible people, and especially not so since 1945, and even less so since 1971 as the monetary system of the world has transformed and Globalization has replaced people’s interactions with their own people.

The on-going assault on those who Work and who are Responsible, and the defining line on what is earned or expected (and that which is not), or what one is deserved, is becoming increasingly blurred and confused.

How many times have you heard people, especially those who rise to the top, say how many times they have fucked up in their life and yet there is this “luck” that has somehow got them to where they were, even sometimes boasting themselves that they didn’t do anything to deserve it!!??

How do you think they ended up in their situations that they are!? It wasn’t Magic, and it wasn’t LUCK.

They use “Luck” as a way to turn your thinking brain off to not inquire further into how they got what they are, but these people are SPONSORED and it is the systems and institutions run by the world enemy which protect them and permitted them to get where they are.

And at the same time, this Jew wants to convince anyone who becomes “Resentful” as being something negative or offputting, when in fact it is Resentment which motivates one to Action.

This Tribe, just like Feminists and other Scoundrels and Racketeers in our society, require a Slave Class who is willing to take the abuse and all the beatings and not realize they are being scammed and ripped off in life, and if you dare rise against your Slave Master, you will be deemed an “Entitled Prick” who is resentful. They perpetually bank on this Slave Class not knowing any better or becoming wise to understanding what is considered a good life or what they should be entitled to.

In my daily routines of what I do, I see it everywhere.

The Tribe excels in breaking people’s minds down to a point where they are not capable to launch any form of resistance.

I don’t expect much from Americans since the majority of them have no value, but the point here is that we have a non-stop assault on trying to further break down the idea or value behind what Earning is, and who has Earned what, and what makes someone deserve something, and it’s this mentality which is ruining the small bastion of worthy people in this country who are being robbed of their futures.

In the construction industries, I see the workers who are obese beyond imagination with missing teeth and have diabetes, who would consider a coffee as a “replacement meal” to be a luxury even if they don’t get to eat lunch, so long as they can survive on coffee.

Standards are lower than ever. You cannot have a civilization with precedent where there are no standards.

Very soon, the Communist Trash will have so thoroughly pervaded the minds of Men and others to believe that they should work for free and that they are not owed a paycheck or any property to live in, and that they should feel privileged to live off of Soylent Green, if not being able to eat grass or some kind of laboratory created food.

We are almost there. Many workers, especially in America have already long been conditioned to take on extra tasks without any extra pay. Property Ownership is also being eradicated, and many people are being conditioned to eat Factory Food and Vegan Foods.

They have already convinced our White Men that they are not even entitled to White Women any longer, and that one should accept Blacks and others to steal our Women from us. And for you to be angry about that, you are labeled a “racist”, “bigot”, so on and so forth. Again, the same Tribe is behind the conditioning and formations of this trend.

This Tribe has weaponized our own women against us, and has created economic conditions and policies which for decades has favored Psychopaths and Asocial, Degenerate elements to continuously reproduce in Europe and America, to out-reproduce decent specimens to a point where the degenerates are the absolute majority in every Caucasian Nation. EVERY ONE OF THEM, without exception!

90% of White Women only select from the top 10% of Men, and if any one Man ever demands he gets to dip into the pool of the 90% of what would otherwise be potentially available Women, he is deemed “Entitled”.

These problems are reaching an epic peak in the West, and the proper response as I have said many times is that one must Hateful and Vengeful, and that we must Organize, in particular us Germans, and that there is only one way to solve problems.

In the most immediate sense, we are experiencing a problem with Worker Morale (for good reason), and I don’t blame the workers, because how can one be expected to have Good Morale and desire to work hard for peanut wages, and on top of it they have to wear a face mask all day long at work, while someone who does not work can earn up to 4x or more on unemployment and have no responsibility!?

But now people are being shamed for not wanting to work or losing the desire for it, and being conditioned to feel “entitled” that they deserve a wage or even a living one at that, and then this guy in the video loves to hone in the general consensus that “Nobody deserves anything”.

The Tribe who tells you that you are “Entitled” is also the one responsible for the constant de-industrialization of Nations and the ruining of their workforces, to where you have very little to no options to work in something you like to do, and then eventually they actually outlaw and abolish work altogether.

This was done in Germany during the Weimar Republic, and it is also being done again in the world with the exception of China and Israel in particular, and they will use Robots to justify the “Humans who don’t want to work”.

No matter how much you do, no matter how hard you work, no matter who you are, there is nothing to be earned and no honor in this current order, and especially in the one they are working to transition it into.

It is my belief, that the Tribe is also pushing such disinformation, like the guy in this video, in order to keep people hesitant from any types of organizing or protesting of grievances with others, including “disgruntled workers” and the soon to come impoverished and disenfranchised masses which will emerge, as they want “Resentful” people to be viewed as “weaklings” or people “not to associate with”.

They are always the masterminds at manipulating people into destroying themselves.

Only those who are of good racial stock and solid mind with inherit wisdom are capable of seeing through this nonsense.

I do not expect that most Europeans will ever Appreciate the True Extent of the Downfall since 1945

Many of my own research and reflections have pondered a lot on this thought.

Because today when we see how most people live in the Modern World, and with their so-called “Free Market” economies, the average person is convinced that the world order we live in today is the best, and the most free, the most just and most ideal!

Completely ignoring the social and other conditions around us which point to everything being in a state of decay.

I refer to the Modern West as a “Paper Plate” society, not just from the convenient fact that Paper Plates have become a replacement for Real Ceramic Plates, but even more so from the standpoint that they are trying to convince people that Paper Plates are the same thing or just as good as the Real Thing.

Everything about our Modern Society demonstrates feebleness, alternations and fakeness, whether its with institutions or even people, or even the goods we now are forced to buy mostly from Asia.

Most Wheat today is a Cross-bred variety of Wheat that we consume in Bread, compared to that which our Ancestors have eaten for thousands of years.

Relations between Men and Women Courting, are Feeble and Fleeting!

Everything and Everyone is Feeble.

Banking is even Feeble and Fake. It used to be that Banks Lent money on the basis of “Credit on Deposit”, but for decades they have classified Credit (Money) as a “Liability” and classify Debt as “Money” in which the Debt is repackaged as if it were Money and then Lent out again.

Even a “Hello” coming from someone on the street, is a Feeble Greeting, not one of Firmness and Pride from a respectable neighbor. More likely it comes from a contentious neighbor or someone you may not want to know!

The fact though, remains, that we are living in a world which was artificially propped up since the time of 1945, and has ever since this time remained extremely turbulent and subject to collapse, even despite the relative stability that was employed for the West since that time period, and with a Universal Currency Replacement.

That system, however, is now fracturing.

We are now entering a New Dimension of the Dystopia Nightmare that has been planned for this coming Era.

And the most ironic part about it is that the majority of world’s people are completely oblivious to the fact that the German Reich was the last chance for Humanity.

Yes, not just for Germany and Europe, but for all of mankind.

I do not see a plausible solution for mankind now because of how much of it has degenerated and how much of it has become sick, and no less in the Western Nations in particular.

Had Germany Won, we would not have so much of these sick elements alive, thriving and pounding sand like they do today, demanding their “justice”.

Had Germany Won, it may be possible that China would never have become a Communist Nation.

Had Germany Won, it would be Germanic values that took over Democratic and Monetary values which have been promoted by Americans and British people, as well as Capitalists.

Had Germany Won, the technologies released, even things like Computing and other technologies, would be released in a way where people could more naturally adapt to the changes and to have a better moral framework of implementing the technologies, unlike with what we have today.

Instead we have populations all throughout the world which are materialistic, embroiled in self-love and solipsism, completely oblivious and uncaring about anything in their sight.

Yes the world is overpopulated, because a world cannot support 8 Billion plus people when less than 1 Billion of them are decent and civilized people capable of cultivating that worthy of Human Expression, Development and Progress.

All the things of greatness in the past have been eliminated and in some cases, mocked or scorn for their newer replacements, and they are to never be experienced again, until or unless the Reich Returns.

There will come a day, however, when all of Mankind comes to learn the bitter truth about World War 2 and the German Reich, as well as all the roles that the Allies played in destroying Germany.

This day is the greatest nightmare of these countries, and also of course by that “Chosen Race”.

They have gone to great efforts to stall its commencement, but it is coming soon, and there will be many tears and much hatred to go around when everything is revealed.

There will be many, many reluctant ones who even if forced to accept the truth, they will still scorn and disdain it, and probably prefer death than to live with this being a true state of affairs.