Nazi Tattoos including Swastikas will not give Brownie Points towards the German Reich

We find it, quite frankly, amusing how many Neo-Nazis believe that tattooing themselves even with a Swastika or other sacred symbols in defense of the German Cause or that for Europeans in general, would in our view be deemed acceptable or permissible, at least as a sign of loyalty the cause.

Oh, quite to the contrary!

No matter how much the tattoo supports the allegiance to the German Reich, we continue the legacy of the major Punishment of those who mark their bodies.

Under Prussia and later under the Third Reich, tattoos maintained a very consistent attitude as something belonging to the criminal underworld. Even a tattoo of the Fuhrer or a Swastika would land you in the concentration camp.

Under the Third Reich, Body, Mind and Soul are properly of the State and of the Fuhrer.

To deface the body with idol worshiping symbols and also poisoning the Blood marks one with 2 Crimes punishable by force, along with the association with degeneracy and the criminal underworld.

The only exemptions of Tattoos are relegated to the SS blood group marks for identifying Blood types under the arms, or a tradition in which sailors or Navymen marked their arms with an anchor to indicate if they’ve been lost at sea.

The appropriate punishment for the marked individuals are the concentration camps and slave labor.

It is despicable that today, Germany, Italy and America are the most tattooed countries in the world.

In Germany, it is disgusting that insane amounts of arm sleeve tattoos with thick black ink have become very trendy, even sometimes exceeding popularity only slightly over that of Americans.

Even worse are the women who tattoos themselves.

Let it be known that any Man or Woman who tattoos themselves is immediately unqualified from being considered of Blood Purity.

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