The Term “Stay Safe” is not a natural statement or reflex. It is a Neurologically programmed Statement rooted in Fear.

As many of you probably are just as sick as I am of hearing these worthless annoying buzzwords and catchphrases for over a year and a half, I would like to elaborate on the fact that these statements are not only unnatural, but they are also far from Innocent in their intentions, and I also would like to explain why they are all the more concerning and why you should not trust and rather disassociate with anyone who uses this term in particular, “Stay Safe”.

For one thing, the Natural World is a constant state of danger. This is the obvious, and it’s even more true for all Non-Human Species, as they are not subject to Laws, Institutions or Highly complex societies that can rise them above their rank on the food chain or the ability to thrive from certain disasters and other threats from predators.

I shouldn’t need to reiterate this as it’s common sense, but to cover all grounds, the fact of the matter is that safety is an illusion. At best, safety or imposing it, is a mitigation effort.

But a society should never, EVER be modeled on Safety. Safety is a Jewish obsession, and no other people but them are obsessed with prioritizing safety at any expense, which inevitably leads to dictatorship and strips Individuals of rights “for the greater good”.

In reality, there is no such thing as “the greater good.” Certainly not outside of any homogenous group, at any rate. Even then, it’s still a bad strategy to live by, and a Communist one at heart.

There is also the extension of the safety phrase, which goes “Nobody is safe so long as a single person is unsafe.”

The other day, I saw a retired US veteran who inquired about something with some Police Officers, and as he left them, he goes “Hey! Stay Safe!”

While it also should go without saying that a Law Enforcement Officer or someone who faces regular dangers should never purposelessly go out of their way to expose themselves to danger, it is unrealistic and solipsistic to believe one can avoid danger or even cheat death.

The plandemic agenda has now conditioned most people to believe they can cheat death, or at least they have given up on living as the result of the fear of death.

So one must ask and point the obvious of silliness in these statements…

Why didn’t these people who say “Stay Safe” ever tell people this years ago in relation to anything else, even if driving in a snowstorm?

Why is this only all the sudden a concern and something feel compelled to tell others?

It is a cult statement!

It also comes with other implications as well. Those who utter this statement, are, at least in subconscious manner, aware that something is no longer normal in our society and that there has been a major psychological disruption.

Nothing from an illness. But it also is a statement of cowardice because normalizing this idea of perpetual safety is now insulating people from ever exposing others to danger or unsafe situations, which also means that risk-taking of any kind will be forbidden and punished.

The youth will be conditioned of this future.

This also inevitably points to tyrannical dictatorship, because people who agree to safety above all, and are psychologically pushing this message are promoting pacifism and an energy that means people must submit to the idea of safety and looking up to governments or other forces to ensure it.

In contrast to the Reich, while the greater idea of the Reich is to uphold Race, Culture and Soil at all costs, it does not do so by promoting fear or asking people to give up Sovereign rights for the sake of safety or security.

By and large, the Reich is an organizational institution to bring the people together, therefore it is a guarantor of peace, stability, safety or what have you, on the basis of the people having the “will” for it, in their efforts to fight for something.

But this is not the case with the COVID agenda. People are not fighting, they have no will, they have given up their will and any fight all to allow agencies to decide what they can or cannot do. They also look up to the Governments as having all the answers, when these Government employees are nothing but filthy Plutocrats.

Therefore, everyone who tells you to “STAY SAFE” is a confused mussel, and a Buffon. Such person should not be trusted nor taken seriously.

These people are minions for the machine, and they are perpetuating the world’s slide into an All New form of the “Old” Tyranny from Long ago, with a new twist which is designed to bring us into a hell you cannot even imagine that people would ever consent to.

You must never be willing to capitulate to the idea that you will subordinate yourself to safety to avoid dangers! Such thinking is naive and effeminate and will only paralyze any society that submits to such dogma!

Arm and Prepare Yourself For A New Wave of COVID Hysteria and Mental Illness from the COVID Cult Members

This disease is a serious one, because it’s a mental illness.

Remember as I’ve told you, that anyone who even believes that the virus is real, or “could be real” is already mentally ill and a part of this cult. NO EXCEPTIONS.

They have had over a year and a half to look into the facts and research for themselves, and they chose to do nothing except to listen to Flip Flop Fauci and other criminals who are labeled conveniently and deceptively as “experts”.

With all the restrictions, economic damage, conflicts with families and friends, the attacks on the meat supply and food industries, and everything else that we see around us in sight, no sane thinking person could possibly ever believe that any of this was due to some so-called pandemic!

Even if all the people who died off from some alleged pandemic, would mean that there would be more resources in the economy for others, and prices would also go down, not up.

Now, wherever one lives in the world, they can only be confronted with rising prices as a result of the massive inflation and measures governments have taken for the COVID Agenda.

The Vaccines – for most Western Countries and others which are slated to have severe population drop-offs – are supposed to carry out their destruction for the most part within 4 – 18 months of the people who take them. Therefore we are just on the dawn where we will probably literally begin seeing people dropping like flies, and they will use the “DELTA VARIANT” as the excuse, unless they focus to a new variant, but in reality it is the vaccines making them sick.

The majority of mankind will absolutely refuse to accept that vaccines are poison, and that vaccines actually are for the most part useless even for ones which were legitimate in the past.

The Media no longer mentions anything about “Herd Immunity” because they have endlessly changed the goal posts and want people to be programmed to believe you can become re-infected and also via new strains, and also will require boosters for life! They keep acting as if people could just routinely become infected and re-infected and as if this invisible virus is just going to kill off the whole of mankind if there weren’t a vaccine!!!

Anyone who knows about bacteria vs. viruses, knows you cannot get the same virus a second time around, because your body responds with antibodies unless someone’s immune system is trashed. Only with bacterial infections, can you get them again and again. There is no such thing as “vaccines” for bacterial infections, even though such developments are made to exist, they are a bogus treatment.

So how did mankind deal through the many centuries of pandemics when there were not any vaccines at all? Even still, when there was scientific measures for creating vaccines, they take years to test and then approve.

Anyone who took the vaccine – REMEMBER – you must write them off as if they are “DEAD” to you and in your life. They no longer exist. They are a GMO product. They are an automaton.

People who bought into the COVID Cult and took their vaccines hate themselves. Even people who took the vaccines out of coercion from friends or family also hate themselves and are weak, unless, ugly and dangerous.

Everyone who takes the vaccine deserves the pain and suffering it gives them. You should not have any sympathy for them.

In Europe right now, the COVID Cult is raging, just as in Canada and Australia, and I see the rage getting ramped up again here in America too.

It is very likely there will be even more stricter lockdowns and procedures come this Fall / Winter, and especially if we do literally begin to see at any point, people literally dying like flies.

Just imagine how much more fear and hysteria this will create in people!? Then they will push the hatred and reprisals against those who they call “COVID Deniers” and who do not mask up or take the vaccine. People will also be willing to put up with even more restrictions and tyranny, in fact they will even demand it. That’s how cowardly and worthless most people are.

We do need a major population reduction, but this is the worst way to achieve it because all the valuable Humans are being destroyed.

The mood right now in America is very solemn, bitter and an atmosphere where nobody wants to communicate with anyone or get too involved in any discussion, never mind a fight. I believe it’s only even worse in Europe.

Every day I read what is going on in Europe, and particularly in Germany, and I see a very grim future, and one where there is less freedom for anyone to decide anything, and countries such as Germany, Italy and France as well as others have passed such laws which basically legalize them to enforce the vaccine even against your will, and will rapidly shun you from public life.

It disgusts me how few Germans today even value the freedom that our fathers had fought ruthlessly for, for many centuries, to see the state that today’s Germany has been relegated too. It is really abysmal.

My sympathies rest with those in all of Europe who have found themselves to be silenced and unheard about exposing or trying to educate others about this Tyrannical Cult, and whose lives have been affected between this agenda and to top it all off, the recent and emerging floods taking place everywhere.

I can assure you that efforts in fighting against this cult will result in nothing short of receiving death threats and other libelous / slander being imposed on you for speaking out and standing your ground on it. That should be the proof in and of itself how dangerous and satanic the masterminds of this agenda are, along with their boot lickers.

Such a defining event as this is absolute proof that this agenda has worldwide implications and one in which many soon will have to perish.

A point is coming very soon where we will have no choice but to outright lash out with utter violence against someone, there is no room or time to discuss, debate or even tolerate this nonsense. Violence will become necessary, and of the most ruthless treatment to anyone who follows this pathetic Cult of loserdom.

What you have seen so far is NOTHING compared to how much they are going to ramp up more fear and hysteria raging against those who are unvaccinated and unmasked. Remember how the Christians have used fear and hysteria to carry out destruction of others for many centuries!

You must prepare yourself for the backlash that will have to be imposed on the COVID Cult Members, and you should hate them with every fiber of your being, from the inner core of your bones. Hate them with the only idea in mind of using torture and torment on them! If they fear the COVID so much, they deserve to be spat upon, coughed and sneezed upon. FUCK THEM! LET THEM TASTE DEATH!

The majority of the world population is doomed, and I have said this many times, no less, the European Population which is the most significant, is mostly disadvantaged because it has already been decimated for too many decades now. Americans are even further mongrelized, and there is very little unique characteristics among them, including genetic biodiversity.

The majority of people alive in the world today have survived due to adaptations and security, along with institutions which have protected the genetics of criminals, psychopaths, useless lemmings and people who would otherwise never survive in nature or hardships.

While Evolution is not real, there is certainty that one could say that this would be the absolute antithesis of an order that would be on such a path, where the fittest are the ones who survive.

People have been choosing to breed with inferior genetics. The Lip-Lickers are the ones who are now the majority.

It is interesting but I have even seeing other people begin to realize that we are entering an age where unique specimens among mankind are becoming less and less, and almost no longer exist.

These days, you do not find truly unique figures in history, or in scientific achievements, inventions and so forth.

You do not find people any longer – rarely anyway – who move humanity, just like the way Bismarck did.

Men who make so much influence, that the world would be a whole different place had they never have been born. We live in a very stagnant and dull era, particularly after 1945.

Over a year and a half goes by, and these morons around us want to think all day long of nothing but COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID.

They ride and ride and ride that Corona Carousel all day and all night.

These morons are endangering what good is left of mankind, which is not very much at all.

Millions of lives of decent people and their businesses are being destroyed because of this nonsense.

People are still quarantining all over the globe, for what!? Not even giving thought to how insane it is to treat everyone as if they are potentially sick or infected.

Now they have pretty much got everyone to realize there is no going back to normal and that this agenda is to be used for the long haul and to enslave mankind.

All of the freedoms, enjoyment in life, and everything worth living for is completely being removed because of the COVID Cult. Remember that on average, 4 out of 5 persons is part of the COVID Cult.

Anyone who bought into the cult, even if they abandoned it later, deserves the death penalty without even a fair trial. They must be eradicated. There can be no forgiveness for this crime against humanity and particularly how it is traumatizing the youth, preparing them for a broken future.

Remember at all times that the Jews are the main pushers of the COVID Agenda, even despite how they use it against some of their own people in Israel. The Agenda of COVID is Jewish, and the next runner-ups into those who defend most rigorously the COVID Agenda are the English, Celtic and by proxy, the Chinese.

There can be no forgiveness or mild sentiment towards the COVID Cultists. They need to be severely punished, with death by a thousand cuts. Figures like Tedros Ghebreyesus, Rochelle Walensky, Robert Redfield, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates should be arrested by INTERPOL, brought into custody, placed in a tribunal and made a public example before the world of what not to become in life. Use your imagination, I’ll leave it there at that.


The Recovery of Europe and the West is very unlikely at this point.

Over 75 Years has passed since the actual Fall of Europe.

Since 1945, Europe has only had a sliver of a chance for ever enacting an upheaval to bring about a Renaissance, but too many Europeans were distracted with other things after the war, and the on-going Ethnic cleansing for many years carried out against Germans, were designed to make this possibility entirely neutralized.

Growing pacifism has also been a theme in Europe, after enduring the legacy of both highly destructive wars of the 20th century, most Europeans have become too comfortable because of the relative stability that has been put in place by the USA after that time, and with ideas such as Democracy.

Removing certain people from a population also has a large effect of enacting this, through pogroms or otherwise, but also so does Propaganda and keeping people uneducated and in the dark about history and their existence. It prevents revivals.

Bolshevism always operated with this mindset, including with what they did to the Russians. Better stocks of Russian people were entirely eradicated through the duration of existence of the USSR, and even today, Russia has never recovered as a Nation from these implications, and likely never will, even if a small group of Russians were their Pioneers. When such has ever been the case in that country, those specific Russians also had in them, Germanic Blood.

Unprecedented Degeneracy and Ideas that has come to dominate the entire European Population.

The EU is actually an artificial creation which was also put in place to brainwash the majority of Europeans to believe that they would have an equivalent to the United States.

I must state without hesitation, that aside from European Cultures, relating to things such as their Cuisines, Traditions and Building Architecture, that my visits to Europe were met with great disappointment from my earliest days of visiting the continent, as I had underestimated just how vastly the people have changed and become modernized just like everyone else, even in parts of Europe where some of the oldest populations still live.

There is almost nothing I have in common with Europeans who are younger than 70 years old. We share almost no spirit or anything in common, not even in attitude or understanding, and it has nothing to do with how much any European may agree with such views as are expressed in this blog.

The sense of altruism is almost non-existent in people less than 70 years as well.

My disappointments with Europe were far worse than I’d ever imagine they would be, despite having acceptable amenities available.

I also have no interest in connecting with other people based on their pet ownership and cozying up to their pets.

Or because I don’t have “NETFLIX” or some other trendy thing most others are familiar with, this immediately severs any ability to connect with younger generations in Europe, nevermind what is already the case in America.

But my faith for any revival in Europe had begun to completely unravel between 2008 – 2018, the decade from the last financial crisis.

I have seen how much change and contrast has taken place even during this time period alone.

On top of it, the Virus Hoax only will ensure even more how improbable a recovery of Europe will be.

I have long stated that I believe the only future for Europe and the West can be from the Revival of Prussia, as the seat of the German Reich, and it is Germany that stands at the pivotal point of future possibilities (if any) for Europe.

There is not a single state, not even any other State in other ways with better conditions that will hold the torch of the future for Europe.

It is impossible as someone who is honest with a clean or true outlook for Europe to be able to have positive opinions about its people or its future when you look at the deplorable conditions of these countries and their people, how their women behave and the fact that their women are not raising children.

Day by Day, even despite any growing awakening to issues that show how doomed the future is, any hope or ability for equal or better conditions to come about, become lessened.

The situation continually worsens by the day, and the stupidity of lock-step thought processes in most Europeans is almost as bad as with Americans and the other Anglo-Saxon Nations.

Even at best, if there is to be a Future series of European Ethnic States on the tomorrow of the aftermath of coming disasters, Prussia would have to be at its core, and I see that we have less and less things in commonality, spirit or attitude compared to other Europeans.

The COVID Agenda is only furthering this reality. Look at Europe’s response to this hoax. Most Europeans I see, are entirely putting this agenda as the cornerstone or new chapter of their life.

Realistically, if there was to be a fight against normalizing COVID Tyranny and this COVID Cult, the fight would have had to happen within the first 2-3 months.

We are well past that point, in so much that people are far adapted and used to this new lifestyle and cult, and are finding all sorts of new reasons to wear their masks and socially distance, even when it is not demanded of them.

There is no possible way that a Prussian State whatsoever, could permit, tolerate or even merge such a future with alien people’s who believe in psyops of this magnitude.

As much as I hate Americans even more than most Europeans, I find myself very conflicted because there are more Europeans who have become initiated into the COVID Cult than Americans. This is an irrefutable fact. In Germany, the majority of Germans are all COVID Believers.

In many European States, they are enacting strict laws about exposing information behind the COVID Agenda, and also with intentions to imprison people who do not take the vaccines.

The only feelings we can possess are feelings of total resentment and rancor, and the desire to destroy all people who buy into the hoax, as we view them as worthless and dangerous to the sake of our Survival and for the interests of the Reich.

A person who takes these vaccines is immediately prohibited from our Prussian Society, for a number of reasons, with the fact that we also do not expect you to be living all that long after taking them. It would be ill-conceived to plan a future with others who are likely to have a quick expiration date, made infertile or otherwise diseased from an injection shot.

The PSA views anyone who takes the injections as basically a diseased organism and part of a Medical Experiment.

Maybe a very tiny minority, a very very tiny minority of people will emerge from some of the classes of Europe to be somehow under the influence of the Prussian State and future, but at this time, realistically who else can we see that are perfectly compatible with our people’s values and spirit except for the Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch)? They are pacifist, so they will not be fully Prussianized as we are, but they are the most compatible in behavior and values, who have maintained this legacy and rejected Modernism, even in many ways to greater extremes than we have called for.

Simply, as Prussians, our worldview is becoming increasingly incompatible and irrelevant to many European counterparts because of the emerging World Order that punishes people who hold onto the Old one, and very few people cherish things that are old, at least not to the point that they will respond violently to it being challenged and calling to arms.

The best that Europe had to offer has been destroyed in both World Wars. It is long gone.

Many people today are just pretenders.

The longevity of obedience and compliance with COVID Tyranny will guarantee that this agenda has been played out to fully test the ability to gaslight a people into endless submission, utilizing the most wild and varied algorithm responses of pushing and testing conflicting Propaganda pieces, conflicting data and measures, to test the level of how easily people forget and still are willing to comply.

At this stage, most people are mentally broken down with brains like jello, they don’t know what to believe or who to trust. The fact that they did not seek out who to trust in over a year and a half proves that they will have no ability to form a real resistance against this agenda.

This does not mean you should still not fight, but these facts come with serious implications going forward and where the world powers will take the future.

Cowards cling to life with all their might, and the hoax is evidence that we live mostly among cowards.

Protests are meaningless and worthless, they do not have any effect on anything. It’s just mental masturbation.

People have never obtained their freedoms from asking governments for it.

There are other factors I am aware about with the Human species on this planet which are very unnerving that I cannot describe here, but they also lead me to a very pessimistic thought as well.

The fact of the matter is that the bulk of the depopulation plans are not yet to come, the fact is they already took place, especially over the last century.

The majority of people alive on the planet today are just automatons, they are nothing, and they were birthed into existence according to a plan, and meanwhile the real victims of the depopulation have been ignored.

The majority of the world population today have dangerously malignant traits, which means they are a liability to keep them alive anyway, which is why the world powers are seeking to reduce the world population as a whole. The increase of this population with the empty nothings was done as a means to distract from the real depopulation which happened last century, and as an objective for globalization.

Less than 1 Billion human beings are not part of the malignant empty vessels.

So the virus hoax only puts things into an even more dreaded situation, as the majority of this malignant trash has relinquished certain freedoms and rights from people in general, for all of us, all in the name of building a future in the name of “security” and “safety” for all.

A future of transhumanism and where everyone has been transformed into a snitch.

In many areas now, the endless months of priming and mental reprogramming has conditioned people to become far less social and less trustworthy of everyone. As I had once mentioned, experiments with isolating mice have been conducted in the past, and it was discovered that after a certain period of prolonged isolation, that the mice had far less desire for reintegration with their peers and when reacclimated, they began to view every other mouse as a potential threat or as if their life might be in danger.

This is the current condition for most Humans in most counties, not just the West, but the most frightening thing about it is that Humans are generally not consciously aware of how they have been changed as a result of this, and they are naive to just how much worse that riots and civil wars will become from the pent of frustration ,increased distrust, impulse drive and so forth as a result of all this nonsense.

There is not much of any future at all left, and I cannot state with enough emphasis just how much most European and Western people are less compatible with us than ever.

The virus hoax might be the final dividing line between us and the outside world, one in which we may never be willing to ever adjust that line.

There will be less cooperation in the future world than increased cooperation, this is surely the case, be it for better or worse.

Prussia will be an isolationist outpost, and only the people who are in most desperation for Truth and Honor will be a part of our future.

Most people in this world do not long for Truth and Honor, unless it comes at a cheap price, they prefer convenience and connections.

One can never underestimate just how base the majority of mankind is, and as time marches on it has become more base than ever, and less civilized or improved.

Prussia is relegated to be a State where we only Love our own, and focus Hatred and Disgust for everything outside of it.

To put it into perspective how much damage the virus hoax has inflicted, if we were to give a 10% chance for a European Renaissance, after the hoax, that chance now has been reduced to 0.1% on the basis of many factors.

The population dropoffs will also be even that much more severe.

The COVID Agenda is eliminating the last vestiges of what remains of the Middle Class everywhere, along with the ability of having lifestyles that were rigorously fought for, for many centuries. It will render many people who do not find their way to our refuge, to instead carry out suicide.

You will see suicides rapidly escalate as the people who commit them are finding themselves more displaced and irrelevant in the changed society, and they lack social networks or any outlet for expression in this world.

Most of such people have been aborted in the last century or already killed themselves off with either substance abuse or other suicides, also effectively rendering their lineage extinct inside the gene pool.

This is why humanity keeps getting dumber, more toxic and worthless, and the IQ points continue to drop.

Even over the time window from our Society’s activism before 2016, we have noticed a steep decline in genuine intentions towards the survival of Europeans.

Expressed interest means nothing and we view it as worthless. Before 2016, people were also much more willing to collaborate and have involvement, compared to today.

So as the attacks continue to increase upon Caucasians as a whole, the overall picture demonstrates that they are showing less willing attitude to fight or defend our existence, not more.

The Pill Pushers are some of the worst types. All of them are Autistic and retarded.

A Note On The Flooding Situation In Germany

I wanted to write an entry about the flooding situation in Europe which had hit Germany the most, and has claimed well over 150 German lives.

This tragedy, seems to be much more of something than what meets the eye.

The media uses “Global Warming” as the excuse for this epic record flooding, in which it has been over a hundred years ago since such flooding has hit the region. So what would the excuse be from the time such rainfall has been seen over a century ago?

Global Warming is just another hoax / cover-up excuse like “COVID-19”.

While I do not have proof of it at this time, I strongly believe there is a likelihood of Directed Energy Weapons or Modification Technologies that might have been used to create this excess flooding.

“Cloud Seeding” Technology has been around for many decades now, and while I am not sure about deployment of these technologies in Europe, I know for fact that the USA and especially China has routinely used these technologies to manipulate events as they please.

For any skeptics, research “Cloud Seeding” and you can learn all about it.

The German Government was well aware of the targeted areas before the storm, and because of their incompetence, did not mobilize in time to mitigate things and have rescue operations in place. I believe there are a lot more dead and missing than all public media is reporting.

The last year and this year, there have been too many synchronicities with timed events and other occurrences that just seem to be way out of whack concerning the weather, and the governors in New England are actually oddly happy about the fact of the rain because it has been “keeping people indoors” and away from public gatherings where they keep ramping up the fear about virus-spreading nonsense.

In the USA, even admitted by Harvard University, they have been experimenting with using metallic particles to block out the sun and create artificial cloudiness.

It is said that only about 10% of clouds anymore are natural, the rest are manmade.

Governments routinely use these technologies to fulfill the fake “Apocalyptic prophecies” which only strokes the egos of the actual conspiracy theorists and religious fanatics.

July is always a hot, dry month, and as soon as it came around and right on the July 4th Holiday weekend, it’s been cold, damp and rainy starting off, now more hot and humid but with torrential rain just about everyday or every other day. We have had non-stop rain since March in New England.

As a viewer of this website, if it has not become public knowledge to you, Germany is in the Top 3 Countries slated for a major depopulation by 2025.

The top 3 Countries are Germany, UK and America which will see the steepest population declines, likely from the vaccine injects, civil wars, bankruptcy, famine and other conditions.

But for Germany and much of Europe, plus where I live, this event seems to be very coincidental in timing, along with some unusual weather patterns and the first July ever where I am located that has seen record rain-fall and flash flooding.

Many people’s holiday plans have been ruined, not only from the rush to travel again, but on-going COVID tyranny and all this together seems like a well-orchestrated plan to ruin everybody’s summer and travel plans. Everyone I know who has been traveling to Europe or elsewhere has been going through hell with unnecessary tests, random new lockdowns in some countries or travel bans. The rules keep changing as they please, and it’s unbelievable how many people continue to obey this nonsense.

I intend to do a follow-up update on this article if I do find convincing evidence that Directed Energy Weapons were somehow used in this event, as more information becomes available.

All that said, I want to say that I feel very bad for everyone in Germany who was affected from it and has suffered / lost anyone they know of in this situation, and I wish I were present to be able to help with any recovery efforts.

If you have been involved in the regions where the flooding took place and have any information, photos or other facts you can tell me relating to the situation on the ground there, I would love to hear from you.

From Occidental Europe, to the UK, to the USA

Europeans are the most distinct group of Family Lines, Five in particular, distinct from the Non-European world by many different attributes, and we are the world minority.

The center of this world for Europe, should be ideally in the continent of Europe itself, and the extensions of European Colonization such as where it has expanded in the New World should be auxiliary in scope, compared to Europe being the center of world power and economy, but especially the factor of dominance.

For many centuries, Europe has been the center of dominance and focus, and this fact has been disrupted between 1918 and even more particularly in a permanent method after 1945.

But we have to understand that these effects and conditions have been completely and unnaturally created.

They were politically planned.

The USA also was never an organic creation, and the establishment of it was fully planned.

Although I don’t intend to get much into the history of the UK’s global dominance which has been the predecessor of the USA’s current role, the focus point of this entry is to discuss the risks associated with the colonization that took place in the UK and then America and related Anglo-Saxon Nations.

I want to expand upon why the culture and racial stocks are inferior in these Nations, but why America is the far worst.

For Germans, this entry should also put into perspective why things are the way they are in America, and also why German-Americans are in peril.

This entry should help any European to understand why America has always been culturally weak and inferior to European Cultures, basically the fact that America is like an illegitimate child from a family which also came illegitimately from a family before that.

While we consider the UK to be an Enemy Nation (both people and its monarchy), I would argue that while Prussia never was always at odds with England, that England was always an enemy waiting to be discovered.

Early viewpoints of or from Prussia only based relations with England on the basis of her success, her Imperial Might, particularly her dominance of the seas which is the bread and butter of that Empire.

But such viewpoints of England, ignored her dirty and bloody methods of conquest and the manner in which she achieved her success and might, one could for example see the exploitation that the English had in their affairs with India.

In any case, England has a much older history than the USA, and by the time that England was colonized by different peoples, it had a history of Romans, Celts, and then the Anglo-Saxon and Norman tribes which came from distinct elements within Europe.

When one uproots a tree or plant, and transports it elsewhere, some of the original qualities are likely to be lost. In rare cases they remain the same or can be improved, or at least it should be said that even greater struggle and efforts will likely be required to achieve that.

The sport known as “Football” is called “Soccer” specifically in the United States, while “Football” according to the US definition is a completely different sort!

The USA just always wants to do things differently and in a way that is less compatible with the rest of the world, and in the USA and US chose to stick with Imperial Units for the purpose of keeping people economically and politically more isolated from the rest of the world. The reasons behind this are purely business-related.

Even the owners of wine vineyard estates know this fact very well, about the implications of uprooting vines and replanting them elsewhere.

Grape varieties of vines that have been taken from France or another prominent wine-growing country in Europe, brought to the USA, and because of the soil, the flora and fauna, the climate, all effect the quality, growth and character that the specific grape variety will develop. Not to mention the fact that Europe classifies wine in a completely different manner (the correct method, by region) rather than the grape variety. This also tells a lot about character and the importance of heritage, even down to the level of grapes and wine-making.

Even the same species of birds, when they migrate or are brought to a different continent, there have been some which sing their tunes a little bit differently.

The same effects are true with all the Immigrants who come to America and in particular the fact that most genetics on this continent for better or worse, descend from families which had initiative for risk-taking, including my own family lineage.

Be that as it may, the thing with America, unlike the UK, is that America lacks experience or true Establishment.

I despise the English, and I believe they soon will not have their Nation anyway, but the English were at least more developed in a vastly more natural manner than is the case with America.

America’s Establishment stock, are trees which have been uprooted not just once, but twice!

Many of these tribes, who had either full or merged Ancestry with the English, Celts and Normans had taken the chance to establish themselves yet again in a new land.

Of course the Spanish and Portuguese, particularly Marranos were the first ones to explore the new world, but also their Nations were also founded on the similar methods of exploitation as the English and French had established, the only difference is that the English were much more cunning and strategic and also in getting the share of territory in North America.

In any case, that isn’t the complaint, but we must take in hindsight the qualities of these American Pioneers and Frontiersman who came here in the early migrations.

The bulk majority of them came from colonial families at first, only later opening doors to other waves of migrations from common peoples in Europe, often times migration waves bases on crises relating to the political issues, poverty, famine, lack of work, war and other conditions in Europe.

Again, they all come to America in hopes of opportunity and the land of abundance, but how to expect that we can amalgamate all these people, and from what family lines into getting then all to cooperate and work together in harmony as a united whole, and also that they can properly establish their culture here?

America also is still predominantly a Protestant Nation, despite the Catholics who arrived later.

I say that America is Protestant in culture, ethics and structure, but not necessarily religiously which is the irony.

But here we have millions of people, many mongrelized from waves of migrations and who are twice replanted trees, thus the struggle for ensuring the proper carry-over of culture and foundations is great, and the prospects of that success is risky.

Even with the English predominance over America and the English language spoken, the typical English Accent, Mannerisms and Contexts never carried over. The English are very aware of that fact, while interestingly enough, some provincial Europeans are not aware of it until or unless they encounter Americans for the first time, for example, you would rarely hear an American refer to you as “Mate”, whereas this is commonly used to greet someone in the UK or Australia.

Of the more successful immigrant groups to establish footing as an Immigrant Class in America, were the Italians, however there are many complexities in their history here which will ensure that they will not survive other European Nations, however German-Americans are at even greater risk of perishing in America, and Germans have received the greatest suppression of our culture, the language and establishment in America.

Today, the Mid-West is the only true German Belt of America.

We have the on-going problem however, of German-Jews who live in America with hi-jacked or otherwise modified German surnames to hide their identity, and only scrupulous organizations as ours are capable of discerning these family lines.

The Nordic Element of dominance for America was killed after the American Civil War, and as such, German Immigration had largely ceased after the early 1900’s, but even more importantly became more difficult and highly risky business if not impossible, particularly with how Germany s have been unfairly treated and even punished, interred and marginalized in this country.

The statement of (1/3 of Americans have German Ancestry) is a throwback to the older days or we can say that the majority of these Americans which have some German Ancestry are getting this Ancestry more from families of English or Celts which had intermixed with it had prior Ancestry from older German tribes, and even some who also are Scandinavian.

But the strong German element has been lost and permanently crippled. This has all been by design, and it’s as true here in America as it is in Germany, with the Kalergi Plan in full effect.

One knows when they are in the true presence of a solid German. They still exist in America, but relegated to fewer regions than before, and with horribly low birth rates.

Our objectives are the only feasible solution for the German cause here in America, but above all for Germany itself.

We are based in America because at present, we cannot be based in Germany for the obvious reasons, and the great tragedy of displacement which has affected our people, and in particular those of Prussian descent.

Many people who lay claim to Prussian Ancestry who are not either in the USA or Germany, tend to also be part if not fully Jewish, and their interest in so far as anything to do with Prussia’s legacy is for their sick and twisted opportunistic love for the fact that Prussia’s grave error was emancipation for the Jews.

Therefore, you can almost always know that if a person who claims Prussian Ancestry or if they have descendants who are directly related to the Royal Family, if they are upset whatsoever by the Third Reich or view the Third Reich’s leadership in anyway as “illegitimate”, that the family or individuals are most certainly Prussian-Jews (who do not even deserve such a title) but we have to acknowledge who they are, where they are from. So either these people have this crypto-ancestry either in full or in part, or they still maintain legacy ties, money, status or connection to Jews, and are unwilling to relinquish these ties, and this has been a consistent problem that was never fully resolved during the Third Reich.

The assassination plot against Hitler is proof that the loyalties were never absolute, particularly owing even more so to the fact that it was done at the time that it was more than obvious that Germany was losing the war.

However, from the most unbiased standpoint, these Prussians who were involved in the plot, also do not deserve the title or honor as being “Prussian”, because the very thing that makes us unique is that we believe in staying the course, no matter how much things are against our favor, even with us standing on the losing side, the battle rages on and we maintain our loyalty even to a detriment.

Our Order’s greatest concern is for the Survival of Germany in Europe at all costs, even with how abysmal and hopeless the conditions are right now in our Beloved Vaterland.

I want to assure all Germans, that at this time there is nobody at home in Germany to oversee or take Germany back, not even the AfD or any political organizations.

Only we have the solutions, and while we are working for securing German interests here in America with the “uprooted trees”, we want all of you to understand that we exist solely for Germany First at all costs, and while I cannot be expand further on some of the more intimate developments we are involved in on that regard to outsiders, we want you to be as far educated as possible and to reconnect with the Teutonic Spirit that exists inside of you, which has been downtrodden, suppressed, confused and forced to live in your own Nation where it feels like you are Refugees, while the actual Refugees get to take advantage of it and feel like they are more German than actual Germans, and can be afforded rights, protections, money and welfare that everyday Germans do not!

America, unfortunately is the key-holder, or card carrier if you will, in terms of everything to do with Germany’s position at this time, and also as far as the situations concerning the implications for us to get back West and East Prussian Land.

The most disgusting aspect of this is that America has such power and control in the manner, also with its NATO apparatus, that if it so wanted to, German land could begin restoration and repopulation tomorrow as if turning on a switch, if the USA so wanted to do so (not mentioning the new conflicts that would arise in the region), but of course USA and NATO do not exist whatsoever in the interest of Germany and would never do this. But the apparatus and agreement is exactly controlled in that manner by the USA, even as NATO power over Germany and Europe is in serious decline and withdrawal.

The recent NATO excercises and demonstrations in the Baltic region, Lithuania are just a show of aggression against Russia.

The USA and Russia are both Zionist powers, and are dangerous to Germany’s existence and Sovereignty. Neither country is your friend, and the choice between American or Russian influence over Germany / Europe is a trade-off in dealing with the devil you don’t know versus the devil you do know.

Many many believe that the authority over this matter relating to restoration of lost Prussian land is in the hands of Poland and Russia, but the only factor is that the mutual agreement is fostered by a deal brokered with the United States.

The reality is that the Poles and Russians repopulated these lands and that the only thing German left about them are the architecture and spirits in the woods.

But America has the authority on the conditional situations there and the populations of Poles and Russians that settled there, if even just on paper.

Whether you are a German in Europe or a German in America, it is imperative that you work for the German cause, and this cause reaches not just the borders of Germany, but Germany is the absolute cornerstone.

All Germans around the world must be engaged in this Germanic mission at the behest of our survival and Renaissance, and you need only to feel shame and self-disgust and remorse at your rejection of this notion!

Germany, sooner or later, for better or worse will one day have the final say on this manner and over the world, and the world will have to take a backseat and deal with us, whether they like it or not, and even under the most unfavorable and inconvenient situations for them even if the Divine Forces favor that, otherwise this world must burn!

I implore all Germans to connect with your inner fanaticism and rage, that spirit is the call of your ancestors in trying to uncloud your judgment and to forget about operating in a pragmatic manner as Modern Germany does, because your ancestors are trying to speak to you about the battles to come!

As a German in the 21st century you must manage both micro and macro aspects of everything to do with our existence. You must also have the courage and non-chalant Arrogance to both be able to manage and know how to deal with both States and their people on a collective and personal basis, both at the same time and both separately.

The only thing that stands in our way is the lacking of will and self-belief.

If the attitude of Germans changes rapidly, I assure you that you would be astounded with how rapidly the world will March to a different beat when they have to answer to Germany.

Forget about Royal powers and the world controllers for a moment, and understand that even while China and Russia are looking to overtake the Western World dominance, that even with the shift in this balance, the everyday Russian and Chinaman is terrified if he/she comes to having to deal with the presence of a German who is fully aware of himself/herself, especially one who is Racially conscious and also who still lives and operates in the mindset from 1945 and before.

All that matters is that Germany survives above everything else, no matter what it takes and with how absurd such a notion and reality is at this time. So long as some of us are still alive, the fight is still on, and it only means all the more sex, available living space and opportunities for our people onward, which are being prevented by ridiculous obstacles, bureaucracies and Plutocrats who are the sworn enemies of Germany and are doing nothing in favor of Germany, only with intent to fully destroy it.

You must not be discouraged by the NWO, or by modern technologies or the UN to believe that it is pointless to engage in the German cause.

It is the most Noble cause for a Man to fight and even if he does die, dies with unrelinquishing his beliefs and spirit, even facing adversity and even operating in this manner in an era which is no longer compatible or relevant with the German past.

The fact is we must bring back our past, there can be no rest until the Reich is fully restored and permanently seated.

Personal will and spirit are capable of even bringing the world powers to their knees and disrupting, if not otherwise challenging their plans, and this was even the case as the New World Order was supposed to have been brought into existence in 1933.

Part of the reason most people today are not capable of being influential or enacting change is because they have been reconditioned away from being cultured and spiritual, these things are viewed as no longer relevant to our times, because the world controllers out into place a system that only recognizes Monetarism and Pragmatism as the absolute value of all, and that only Monetary values and Pragmatism or (Facts) matter in every aspect of every day life.

This is especially the case in our Modern Germany, and while many Modern Germans may find themselves comfortable, accepting and tolerant of this condition, it was not natural or habit of our people in the past, even with our reputation of admiring Order.

Germans who remain true to their spirit find this blind conformity and respecting of nonsense when your spirit tells you it is nonsense (like COVID-19) repulsive and completely unnatural. Even the UN, the EU and Democracy should feel unnatural to the True German.

All of these Negative attributes should fill the True German with absolute unease and impatience, if he/she is true in their Teutonic Spirit.

Germans must not be content with Germany just being some technology power or the fact that it sits at the top of the EU!

Parliamentary systems and Democracy are antithetical to our people’s existence. We must one day crush it!

A special place in hell needs to be Reserved for the COVIDIOTS in addition to our regular run of the mill enemies and I say what better of a hell than if we are to be the force to dish the hell out and serve it as cold or maybe as hot (as we may decide) to our greatest enemies and all the trash who belongs to the COVID Cult?

On the notion of Germany’s role in the world and its legacy, enormous efforts have been made and still continuing to this day to prevent illumination among all the people in the world and to keep them uninformed about events or the German history and the fact that the enemies of mankind won World War II. Not people who preferred peace, or any kind of Justice and prosperity.

We must throw our weight around the world in the same manner Bismarck asserted himself and to this day, Bismarck and his special “successor” have done so in a way that influenced and reshaped the world in a way that no other Nation, not even any Roman Leader had ever done before in world history!

Germans have the right to be angry, hateful and arrogant, over any other Nation! A German should not be hesitant in their anger, especially living a life where our people must question or live with the day-in day-out fact of whether or not we have to like, tolerate or respect foreigners living in our Nation and abusing their status as guests! They are not even guests, they are Barbarians and yes you have the full right to be angry and hateful!


Prussian Policies Towards Women

Prussia shall make no policy, law or procedure which views or treats “Women” in any way as a disadvantaged sex, or as someone “Weak” or “At Risk”.

Therefore, Women cannot be treated or regarded as a “Victim” and not even as a “Potential Victim” in any such way or viewpoint any different than the level of a Man.

All Policies geared towards Women must ensure that Women receive balanced treatment in terms of how they are relegated to their duties and responsibilities as a Woman, in Service to her Father, Husband and the Vaterland.

Under Prussia, Women have the same weight of responsibility and must learn the concepts of “Earning” in all attributes and activities of their life.

All Women under the Reich are raised and educated in everyday life to appreciate, love, cherish and respect Men, and they come to learn that her own internal happiness comes from her eagerness to Please and Satisfy the Needs and Desires of the Man whom she will one day devote her life to.

The Prussian State also strongly encourages Women to seek after Men on the basis of attraction to him as a person and his appearance. Not for Material or Wealth or Status.

The German Race, unlike Barbarian Nations, is a higher race, intellectually and spiritually, where one can enjoy relations with the opposite sex on a greater realm than only primal or materialistic values. As such, we do not want to develop an “Assembly Line” approach to Marriage and Raising Children like many other Nations do, and especially the Islamic World.

As Prussians, we know better than many others, that once the roles of Men and Women become disrupted, and where the focus point of a Woman’s desire to please her husband and makes her happy has become challenged, that this signals the ultimate breakdown in the contract between Men and Women. A problem we now are witnessing in the West.

Women under the Reich are forbidden to heed the advice from her friends as “superior” to any advice or trust / faith she puts in her significance other or Husband, who must also be her friend of the highest order and absolute confidant, as well as her console and consort. After a daughter leaves her Father for her Husband, these two Men are the ones who assume the role as the highest authority in a Woman’s life and the chief decision maker and adviser. His word is to be trusted before any of her friends or acquaintances and other peers.

Therefore, the Prussian / Germanic Women will have to learn and love it to get their hands dirty, to sweat by their brown, to toil and understand the necessity of struggle in life and the value of earning.

Under Prussian Rule, Women cannot use their bodies, beauty or charm and manipulations to get their way through life and to extract resources, and any such Women who attempt such behavior will be sought out for punishment.

Women will no longer be permitted to use words and charm as “Social Lubricant” to get their way out of situations, to portray perceived innocence and the like, but in fact, any attempt to maneuver life in this manner will find her receiving punishment and alienation by the community.

The only provisions of protection that Prussia grants Women is the protection from Barbarians, in accordance with Laws and Provisions that ensure protection of Race, Culture and National Soil.

The Prussian State and Order would exist in such a manner, that a Female who lives under the Reich, would feel safe and have no need to fear even walking outside during the early AM hours, if even to need to run to a convenience store or elsewhere. This level of national safety is a requirement, and one we must strive for, in which we have a Reich where there are no strange wanderers, vagabonds or suspicious creatures roaming the street and harassing people.

In addition, the Prussian State or Reich also fosters a culture of authenticity, which will also mean a culture where our Women in general will be bombarded with much less obsessive flirtatious gestures from so many endless amount of Men, as it will become a common cultural feature where flirting and courtship must be relegated to serious intentions, both by Men and Women respectively.

Activities like “flirting just because one can” or “flirting to test the market” or “flirting just for fun” needs to be behavior (from both genders) that is considered intolerable and shameful.

If someone is seen, Man or Woman, endlessly flirting with endless new members of the opposite sex somewhere day after day, that person’s reputation should be “established” among the locals as not someone with good intentions and also made an example of.

Aside from these guarantees, we consider the general protections and lifestyle up to the Decision-making and Authority of the Father or Husband to guarantee what he will, towards his Significant Other.

It is up to the discretion of the designated Father / Husband to assume the role in which he assumes Protection, Provisions and other Benefits that the woman enjoys.

While the Prussian State (Reich) assumes authority over all spiritual manners in terms of ownership of the people, Men, Women and Children Alike, the State does not take a personal interest in the treatment or discipline a Man may use towards his spouse, and also there shall be no enforcement, no agencies or institutions which will offer social support for any unprivileged situation that should arise.

People must learn to make good and prudent decisions and be wise about whom they allow into their lives and build a future with. The State does not make the decision for you, but the State does enact a Racial Purity Policy and will forbid sexual relations with Barbarians.

As the nature of the Prussian State demands quality citizens as its majority, we believe that tendencies for such problems that arise will be far less than is the case for example under Democratic Countries we see today, which are irreversibly damaged and without hope.

Under Prussia, Sexual Harassment and Rape is considered the Crime of the Woman, because she likely tempted the Man. Only a rare circumstance would be an exceptional consideration, more likely in the case if a Barbarian is responsible for carrying it out. Such a process of the investigation of the Rape would be very difficult and an arduous one.

In the world of Women, you must understand that there can be no sympathy or compassion given for Women who have made claims of growing up all their lives only knowing “Abusive / Drunk / Cheating” or Psychopaths of Fathers or Men, and Men whom they claim were simply “Assholes”.

As such, while we do not deny that such figures have always existed throughout history, they typically resembled no more than 10% of the population during the peak of civilization.

However it is true that there are even greater types of such Men in our modern society in Western Countries, roughly around 60% or so, and with the help of such inferior genes even on the Men’s side from the choices Women have made of whom they reproduce with, over 90% of women on average are of this nature in virtually every country. Completely well over the amount of Men who have parasitic traits.

But where does the blame fall!? On WOMEN. Women were the ones who specifically went after these Men for many decades, and even aborted many Children, preventing the birthing of superior racial elements within every given society. It is WOMEN who decided that they prefer these types of Men, and even later point now with Negroes whom they choose to share their bodies with.

The Mothers of these Women never told the real story of why they either drove their Husbands mad, or why they selected the Men they did on purpose. They just want the daughters to have a perpetually negative image of Men.

Part of the reasons for the increased Drug Use and Alcohol Addiction prevalent in the West is from the Baby Boomers in the 1960’s who began their experiments, and also with the change of wealth from different classes, the non-stop assault on the Middle Class has brought about an epidemic of substance abuse in many Middle Class families, and the rearing of Bastard Children. Divorces and Infidelity has drastically increased from this attack.

Nevertheless, Alcoholism is not a new problem whatsoever, and it has been a problem for many centuries and especially from the Industrial Revolution, more prevalent among the Middle Class who were overworked and may have faced certain struggles from time to time during previous economic downturns, wars and catastrophies.

Thanks to Women, and the influences they consented to from trends and brainwashing, we now have some of the most sickest elements which have been birthed into society. WOE to Men who claim that the Women cannot be blamed, but only those in charge of the Propaganda to deceive!

When a Woman claims that some Man, namely her father or significant other is an “Asshole”, you would do well to remember at all times, that he probably was this way for very good reason either because it was well deserved, or even if the father did not spoil or give her everything she wanted.

Therefore, one cannot take such opinions or viewpoints from the Female gender seriously, and rightly the Female must be relegated as a “subordinate” in society and to her Mate.

I. Women are subject as property of the State, as property of their Fathers and Husbands.

II. Women are not permitted to be considered as a “Sovereign”.

III. Women are not permitted to own physical property, land or estates, or to have any physical property or possession of any kind listed under the Name, including any Title or Certificate.

IV. Women are not permitted to own or bear firearms under Prussia.

V. Women are not permitted to own bank accounts or any unapproved financial instruments.

VI. Women are not permitted to vote or have involvement in political positions.

VII. Women are not permitted in Military or Leadership positions.

VIII. Women are not permitted to tattoo or mark their bodies in any way, or to wear strange piercings or ill fashioned, according to Prussian Policies and Definition.

IX: Women are not permitted to wear makeup or lipstick, with exceptions of Formal Events or for Theatrical Performances

Adultery for any reason from Women, is a punishable crime, punishable by Flogging, Beating, Shaving Her Hair, Stripping Her down to nothing in the Public Square, and Includes the Death Penalty.


The Prussian State generally prohibits Abortion, but makes the exception of Abortion Rights in the case of the offspring belonging to a situation from Ravishment, or a Barbarian Father or someone who is racially inferior, or if the child will have a condition such as Autism or a Mental disorder, or if the birth may be detrimental to either the mother and/or child by means of medical / birth complications or putting the mother’s life in danger.

Rhesus Negative blood type is automatic grounds for Abortion, congruent with Racial Policies, (even if it against the will of the Mother or Father), as this blood type is prohibited from the Reich and puts our Reich in danger. If someone has Rh- Blood, this means that they are Jewish.

Some people who are Rh Positive (Rh+) can also have Jewish ancestry as well, however the Active Jewish bloodline is transferred by the Rh Negative Blood Factor. This blood type is incompatible with Rh Positive, and it also tries to attack Rh Positive Blood even on the cellular level.


Distinct Labor Positions for Women will be made available, restricted to work such as working in Cafes, Dining, Restaurant / Hospitality, Secretarial work, Nursing, Music and the Arts, Performances and the like.

For women who are involved in the Education Field, they must be supervised under strict regiment of Men Figures who are Responsible Men of the Reich.

The Nature of the female in a position of work, must have a limit of hours (20 Hour Maximum) she is permitted to work and that the work she is involved in does not interfere with her Home Life with her Husband or Raising Children.

An Employer or Husband has the right to request for any reason, that a female must abandon her position at her place of employment, if it believed that her labor is interfering with her personal Home Life.

It may be up for discussion in policy of how Women earn wages, as Women should not have the right to Earn wages in the form of a National Currency but instead given a Stipend Card with Earned Credits that can be spent. There are some concerns of practicality of this program on a large scale which would have to be analyzed and voted for before application.


Unlike the present conditions in the West, the Prussian State must encourage and nurture the opportunities for both Men and Women to date. This should take place at an early age, and the State demands that Parents and other Figures go well out of their way to also make introductions possible as well, for the opportunity of the like in spirit to meet each other, if not through other methods. In some cultures, Clan associations run very deep in terms of how arrangements were made to ensure not only family stability, but the harmony and happiness for these couples. Since this arrangement has largely been disbanded in many parts of the world, divorce and unhappiness runs rampant everywhere now.

Every Parent who prevents their child from self-development, which also includes responsibility of learning to be a good Husband or Wife has committed one of the greatest crimes in the Reich, against their National People.

In the USA, there are even families which prevent their daughters from dating Men at all in their teens, and I’ve even heard many who refuse to let their daughters date in their 20’s and 30’s. This should sink in very well as to why the USA has such a racial problem along with dysfunctional families.

Jealousy, or bad decisions (Boomer Generation) parents, including ones with serious mental issues or substance abuse have all kinds of head complexes in which they seek to prevent their children from growing up and starting a life of their own, sometimes even forcing an unnatural and toxic form of co-dependency on the parents.

Under the Prussian State, we reserve the right to imprison, charge and heavily punish a parent who refuses the Child the opportunity to start their future and promoting arrested development.

Family remains, at all times, the cornerstone of the Reich, and not just Family itself but the ability to freely continue to build upon the Family lines. Anyone who inhibits or restricts this ability is guilty of committing genocide and endangering the stability of our Nation.

We reserve the right to also banish someone from the Prussian State and Deport them for such a crime, stripping them of Citizenship in the process.

There is an exception rule, in that a Parent may reserve the right to an opinion or intervention on the partner their children may choose to be dating, on the basis of if there are known reputations, habits or qualities that are not acceptable in the family, and also in the case if the child is dating a Barbarian.

Parents have a very strong role to play in educating and promoting strong Adulthood at Early Age in all German youth, and must make decisions that are completely unbiased, with reason, prudence and of good nature for the best interest of their children.

The Prussian State strongly encourages Early Marriage, and that Dating Intentions should be on the basis of pursuing Marriage, but the Prussian State shall have no law or rules against Sexual Intercourse or even Cohabitation between unmarried Men and Women.

We do believe it is imperative for couples to learn early on of their compatibility and responsibility as young adults, to establish the future family unit of theirs, and they should understand what it is like living with the other partner before-hand.

While most Westerners believe that early cohabitation and intercourse rules out the point of marriage, what they fail to recognize is the main reason for it is due to the reasons and the basis of which people choose to meet and date one another.

We do not care what the rest of the World’s Nations do, but Prussian Standards demand an even greater responsibility of development and establishing adulthood among German Youth, and this means that Every German boy and girl must know things such as discipline, restraint, altruism and also making prudent decisions that aim for lifetime goals. To make careless decisions or to date for fun or entertainment is forbidden and looked down upon in Prussian Society.

A person who seeks the highest level of self-development and value, earns his/her place in the Meritocracy both in public life and private life, and such a spirit that is tightly kept will ensure the Happiness, Loyalty and Devotion of people entering marriage, and having happy, prosperous children that they may raise.


Women will have access to the standard youth Education up to general Standards that are common in the West, along with additional classes that will focus on Homemaking and Care. Classes that involve skills based on Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Household Tasks and Techniques, along with other Domestic skills in Womanhood which will help her fulfill her duties as a Wife, Mother and Citizen of the Reich.


Women are to ask the hand in Marriage by proposal to the Man she wishes to share the rest of her life with.

Divorces are strongly discouraged and considered a last resort under Prussia. It also must be established, that if someone divorces once, cultural and other conditions may make it no longer feasible that one can Marry someone again.

The Prussian State shall not have any programs for Alimony or Child Support, nor any Social Institutions for divorced people. For better or worse, the couple must make do.

In terms of “Material Possessions”, the Prussian State has no interest and will take no matters into consideration regarding property rights. What one owns, they own it and it’s up to the parties divorcing to handle these matters themselves. No party will be permitted to prosecute the other or bring about any claims. If a dispute erupts in violence, then we assume it to be the fault of the Woman.

Nevertheless, “Divorce” is a rare scenario in civilizations, and the rampant Divorce we see in Western Democracies and elsewhere today is a hallmark of decline and a result of disruptions in family life, but the problems begin with the fact that Women have been systematically breeding with degenerate filth and mongrelizing European Racial stocks, and that they have been choosing Men on the basis of Wealth and Status only. These days, you will be hard pressed to find a Woman in Modern Society who marries some Man all because she enjoyed his company.

In earlier times, it was very common for people to first meet each other between the ages of 16 – 18 when in school and to end up marrying that person, remaining loyal and happy for life.

This reality is now long removed and people are only ready in their thirties, which is abnormally late for starting a life with someone and building a family.


Public Nudity / Breastfeeding of Women are not considered offensive or punished under Prussian Policy, so long as the activities are not part of Feminist Movements and Agendas, or in situations or events where it may not be acceptable up to the discretion of regional or private customs. Women should have the right to breastfeed children in public, in accordance with promoting Healthy Children who receive sufficient nutrition.


Sporting / Athletic Programs and Facilities which ensure strong segregation of Women where required, will be available to them and enforced, as it is in the interest of the Prussian State to ensure highest level of physical fitness and health, including good diet, access to fresh food, access to dietitians and related health specialists, ensuring strong fertility, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Prussian State, however, reserves the right to inspect and monitor all educational curriculum and literature, and may routinely ban foreign material or literature which may be considered subversive or influential in a negative manner to Germanic Life and Spirit.


Virginity is one of the most prized possessions that a Woman can offer to her Mate. However, Capitalism has put a price tag on virginity and essentially has eroded its ability to be a regular thing for Women under 25 in most Western Democracies.

The Prussian State does not designate any laws of punishment towards Women who are no longer virgins and may no longer be with a Man, however, such factors will make her naturally scrutinized by the racial community and be evident in her character and inability to pair bond with any future mate.

It has been scientifically proven that once a Woman has given herself unto a Man, she will never be able to properly pair-bond with a New Man into the future, and will take on the spirit and character attributes of the former Man she had given herself to. This is an aspect of Nature which is found not only just in humans, but other primates, animals, insects and more. This “imprint” onto the female by the male is designed so that the female is receptive, loyal, devoted and amenable to the monogamous species for their lifetime.

A girl / woman who loses her virginity, especially in a reckless manner, will have slim to little options of ever having a stable life or future, not even a family, and while the Prussian State does not have a law ruling over this, she must understand her place in society and that she cannot conduct or rearrange her life to come across as having any more value – even perceived value – than her actual worth.

Proudly, we can say that our former East Prussian Women were actually the most loyal, devoted wives to our Prussian Men in older times, and they were the most chaste of all Women compared to even other German States and even Europe up until the time that the great atrocities were committed against those who stayed (willingly or without choice) in the Eastern Parts and were ravaged by the Red Army for many years even after the war. Justice has still yet to have been obtained on this matter.

Therefore, we state firmly that Virginity must be something that makes a large-scale return, where a Man can once again anticipate to be with someone who has not been deflowered and still maintains her level of innocence, charm and loyal qualities.

In hindsight, a Culturally and Racially Pure / Homogeneous society is one where people will have more compatibility and harmony, more likely to have stable and fulfilling marriages, less divorce and other social issues. This homogeneity also will ensure that there are an abundance of eligible but responsible and desired Volk in society that can be paired up to someone, reducing the challenges and life-long lifestyles of dating and meeting new people which have become so commonly accepted now.

The day where people value meeting a special person and securing the right connection to be cherished must be something that returns as normalcy.

If only Western Nations had any idea how toxic and suffocating Democracy is, because it removes rights and freedoms, all kinds of idiosyncratic details and scenarios of life in other cultures from times that such issues, concerns and stress did not exist.

We see the failures of the modern lifestyle in Democracies, where people date for fun and entertainment, where relationships are not taken seriously, where there is a race on to see who can care about the other person the least, where the desire of intimacy and longing is considered “clingy behavior” and where having one partner for life is seen like too limiting, all because of people who are empty vessels and bottomless pits.

People in the West, especially Western Women are always wondering “how much better they can get”, to see how much greener the grass is on the other side, when the only comparison of most people of either gender in the West are various flavors of crumbs.

Imagine how the goal posts and worldview would change if people suddenly were exposed to people who were completely who they say they are and have value and are trustworthy, respectable members of society who constantly keep things interesting and with always something to look forward to?

The Prussian State cannot achieve this alone, but it is a quality of expression that can be brought to will from the inner spirit of our Teutonic Nature and Loyalty, which we can never allow Barbarians to abuse or take for granted ever again into the future.

Our Volk must reconnect with the Teutonic Roots and Tendencies in our blood.

I am convinced, that above all, that the German People are the ones who are best capable of the expression and cultivation of these inner traits, more than any other people in the world.

Greek Alphabet and Acronym Use and COVID Believers exist from CIA / TAVISTOCK Mind Programming

The majority of people walking on this planet, and in particular the Americans are nothing but a bunch of useless, programmed zombies.

Anyone who falls for this type of programming is a goon and a jerk, ultimately a son-of-a-bitch and a completely worthless human who is fit for disposal.

There should be no sympathy or compassion for people who think and relate to others in these terms, and also the same applies for people who refer to others by the colors of how they’ve been “Pilled”.

There is a major trend of people referring other friends or people they engage in relationships with as an INFJ, INTJ, etc.

People who refer to people, Males and now even Females as “Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Sigma”, Beta Orbiters, so on and so forth, etc.

Even the COVID Cult is getting people used to the similar vernacular with Greek Alphabet designation for the bogus “variants”.

All of these terms are utterly meaningless, and they have a very specific Jewish identity to them.

People who believe in Feminism, Globalism, or even conspiracy theories like Global Warming and Peak Oil, are also products of CIA / TAVISTOCK Mind Programming.

One of the latest terms I’ve heard from a feminist, is a “4th Degree Clinger”.

What it means is that their brains have been hi-jacked. Should you maintain these people in your life, whether they are friends, family, lovers or what have you, you need to understand that this is the canary in the coalmine for what otherwise is a bundle of mass which has all kinds of other delusional thoughts and beliefs which are not their own, but have been implanted into them by one means or another, even if just from Television and Radio,

People who are subject to this mind programming, are also subject to turning on you, especially in the Totalitarian State.

We witnessed this behavior with the COVID-19 hoax, as the COVIDIOTS turned their backs on everyone and became perfect acting agents for the Global Institutions and Officials behind the hoax.

All in perfect unison, telling other people they know in their families, word-for-word statements out of the COVID Cult Playbook:

“You need to start taking this virus seriously!”

“You need to wear a mask / get vaccinated for the greater good”

“Stay Home! Stay Safe!”

“COVID Deniers put other people at risk”

“We’re all in this together.”

“Only selfish people refuse to wear masks.”

“You must be a Trump supporter since you deny COVID is real.”

In fact, almost all references to the COVID Vocabulary Terms and Vernacular, things like “COVID Long-hauler”, “COVID Super-spreader”, “Super-Spreader Event”, “In the Era of COVID”, “COVID-Safe” “Be COVID Safe!”, “New Normal”, “Anti-vaxxer” and “Anti-masker” are also mind programming terms.

Normal people simply do not go about thinking in this manner or referring to others in such degrading and inhumane terms.

Even though these goons completely ignore that Trump capitulated to the whole COVID-19 Agenda and enacted lockdowns, gave into masking and pushed the vaccine via Operation: Warp Speed.

They even furthered the COVID Cult to now also use the same Greek Alphabet mind programming to refer to so-called “variants”, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma.

People who support Trump which announce “MAGA” or “Make America Great Again” are under this same mind programming.

So too, are the QANON Morons who announce “Trust The Plan!” “WWG1WGA”.

For the longest time, I had absolutely no idea what this “WWG1WGA” meant, and I began to see it posted in all kinds of areas online, and did not understand it until I began to know about this “QANON”.

The people who call themselves “Truthers” or part of the “Truth Movement” or “Truth Community” are also walking talking TAVISTOCK Borgs!

Every time I hear someone refer to themselves as a “Truther”, I burst out in laughter because that tells me right away that Truth is not an integral process or part of them, instead they view seeking Truth as a “strategy” in life. Which means that the person actually has a background and history of being deceptive and a liar, if not in one category of life, certainly in another!

This mind programming is very specific, in that it only is amenable to people who are of very low intelligence or have pre-determined thinking patterns which are programmed into them.

Basically, such people are automatons to begin with.

Because the terms of which they think and process information, must equate in a certain order, otherwise it is met with “suspicion” and otherwise “does not exist” in their simplified reality.

This is why Intelligence Agencies have gotten the upper hand on basically every movement, every protest in the world, and even every Neo-Nazi Organizations.

Such things as with slogans like “WHITE POWER”.

Even the term “PEOPLE OF COLOR / POC” instead of just calling them Colored People, has a very nefarious and purposeful significance behind it. And it’s designed to exploit the advantages of words in the expression of their meaning, to promote an agenda.

A unique or dynamic mind, or one which is abstract, would not fall to any of this mind programming, as it comes off as “queer” and “cringy” to think in such terms.

In these cults and organizations, everybody must toe the line. Anyone who does genuflect with the same mindset or patterns of thoughts, is immediately cast to the side as “suspicious” or “dangerous”, and they will also be labeled an informant or government agent.

Meanwhile, these fucktards who do that kiss the ass of their cult leaders who are ACTUAL government agents and informants themselves, and never would suspect that they are highly connected in military and with the CIA and other agencies that pay them to run these organizations to collect information on others and stage them for crimes they never committed!

Trade Unions are also heavily riddled and fitted with many Intelligence Agents, who report directly back to government agencies on activities and behaviors of their Union Members.

At least in Europe – while I view protests largely as useless – at least Europeans are more likely to start initiative of their own for protest and resistance compared to the Americans.

Pretty much every aspect of American existence, especially in things that have political and public activities, are all sponsored by government.

If it’s not sponsored somehow by the government, very little interest is taken into it.

To date, with the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, there has not even been ONE, NOT ONE single organized group that took to the streets or with others to resist and expose the COVID-19 hoax, which has not been in one way or another sponsored by controlled opposition agents, who are paid handsomely to control the opposition.

There is a particular reason, especially why Americans will generally take no interest whatsoever in movements or events which are not government sponsored, and it has to do with the fact that Americans, by an large are uncultured cowards and trash, and that they have no Morals, only caring about opportunity.

Americans know that “Noble” people, people who are truly decent and have a good head on their shoulders and care about others are generally rare to non-existent in American society, and this has actually been the case for well over a century.

Therefore, it comes across as “suspicious” should someone take risk, initiative, and bring on burdens on his shoulders if one aspires to go out there and do something on his own, without any knowledge of whether it will take off or be successful, and also risking his reputation or work in the process.

There is a subconscious instinct in every American that knows too well that most people are not decent, especially in this land, and that people live on the utter animal and savage level.

Whereas the government-sponsored protests, movements or events, ALWAYS have an “ENDS” and the “ENDS is the objective, even if at the bare minimum, it is designed to simply distract and entertain the foolish masses who think they are making “change”.

Plus, there is also this sense of something being “official” or “authentic” when it has the government sponsorship, therefore it is accepted much more rapidly, because it just feels “right”.

Similar to the way that “Organic Food Labels” also make people feel like they are eating cleaner or healthier, even though it’s been determined that Non-Organic food generally has much more nutrition in it (save for meats) and that Organic Food, particularly in America, is sold to make people be willing to pay higher prices for food which is nothing but junk. This mind programming and “perception” works, even while it can be proven without the shadow of a doubt, that Organic food is a scam.

Therefore, people you know who think in these patterns and methods as I indicate, should be ruthlessly disposed from your life, no matter how difficult it is to process.

It does not matter what side of the fence these people are on, because even people who are somewhat on the right side, who are stuck psychologically in these cults are also worthless and dangerous to us.

They are especially dangerous in fulfilling the Germanic Mission we have at the PSA.

Every single person who is trained in these thinking terms I have outlined, are perfectly staged sitting agents, waiting to turn on you, especially if motivated in a certain way.

I mean just think of it! The QANON Psyop was able to be specifically fine-tuned in a way to particularly grab the attention of Christian / religious people, whereas people who were not Christian, even if Right-Wing or Reactionary would be less likely to subscribe to it!

They are the perfect acting informants for the State, and they will also be the ones to turn people in who do not get vaccinated.

They are not who you think they are, no matter how many years you have known them.

They are nothing but pawns, incapable of building or creating anything. They cannot create culture, they cannot make magnificence or become immortalized as a figure after their death.

People who only can adhere to terms as a part of group-think are ego-driven. This means that they care too much about their acceptance and being a part of something, where they are unwilling to risk their reputation by standing out as something / someone different, if in the case they do not agree with something or find something “off” about it.

People who can only relate in terms of acronyms and these trendy new terms, are essentially selfish and lazy. They are mentally disabled. They also will never be able to approach or discuss relevant issues with others in public, because they go around to identify with others only the in-group identity basis, for example where some of them go around telling others “I’m Based and Red-pilled!”

Therefore, the common language and ways to convey ideas and messages in the traditional manner to everyday stocks of people has been short-circuited by this method of thinking.

People who are controlled by this method of thinking, also can only establish superficial connections with others in a certain given community. Hence, a “Red-pilled person” only identifies with others who identify as “Red-pilled”.

Immediately, the other person becomes accepted into the cult, and there are no interactions or other values to asses that person’s character, his value, morals, integrity or other attributes.


If they subscribe to things like the MAGA Movement, QANON and other cult followings as I’ve mentioned, then it means the personality type of this person is under a spell, and that, if given enough time, they could also be reprogrammed to believe anything and even to a point of turning on you if the type of mind programming assaults them enough in a given way.

People who think the way these masses do, in no way represent anything of our Prussian Values, and they would only serve as a detriment to everything that Prussia stands for, in particular, as we seek to establish a culture that, while it is Germanic in mindset, it is universally acceptable and amenable even to those who may not share our mindset and worldview. They will at least be able to understand the concepts.

Instead, we now have cyborgs going around talking about being “Based” and “Woke”.

At one point, even in American History, it used to be extremely scrutinized and shamed, even by corporal punishment, to ever use words in a perverse meaning or slang that is extremely removed from the English Vocabulary or Dictionary in itself.

For example, when the Ebonics language began to take off, it used to be heavily criticized by Teachers and others in the Public for the perverse slang meanings they ascribed to English words. Now, it is overlooked, as it is considered “racist” to criticize this language.

Therefore, the definitions of words like “Based” and “Woke” are now under attack, as people are subject to this mind programming which has them using these words in the improper context, which is a conditioning by Judeo and Negro influences. This is something that Negrified societies practice.

Whenever some goon tells me something or someone is “Based”, I reply “Based where!?”

Societies or Cultures which thrive off of foundations like these mind-programming cults will only result in anarchy and chaos, particularly when traits arise in the other people that they do not like.

It’s the perfect way to control the masses without them realizing it.

As I have said many times, if you intend to be a part of the PSA, or even to participate in the works of bringing back European Culture in the most truest sense of the word, YOU YOURSELF must be a Man or Woman who thinks in 19th century terms, also in spirit and mentality of people from that time, dating from the 1800’s and as far back as the Middle Ages.

Having the beliefs of people from the 1800’s is simply not enough.

If you are not this person inside, then you are simply not that person and cannot be, ever.

Even pre-dating the Third Reich, for the Third Reich was simply a Modern conception of 1800’s mentality adapted for the 20th century, from ideas and spirit which even date back to the Holy Roman Empire.

A day will come when the broken masses of White Europeans will envy us and bitterly hate us even further because we have stayed the course this entire time, even adapting modern conveniences such as the Computer or Internet, but never allowing these things to change us a people.

The only people who still carry on the spirit and energy we do in America are the Amish people.

The Amish, although by no means a perfect people, and even with some of their own community disputes and sects which do not get along, Christian and against War, they at least do represent spiritual qualities and character of people from a time where Purity, Cleanness and Innocence and a sense of responsibility were more commonplace among people.

Civil Wars Between Men and Women are soon to Commence. Women WILL NOT be protected.

I have a series of articles I am working on, including our Prussian Policies and Standpoints towards Women.

Unlike the Christians, who would do nothing but Shame Men into an even further degree of Slavery to Women, we recognize that there are problems beyond repair, especially in so far as they concern the White Europeans, and that there has been large spillover of those issues into the Non-European World.

The Civil Wars are unavoidable, and it’s Women who are guilty.

There must be no hesitation in ruthlessness and harsh treatment towards Women whatsoever.

Woe to such Men who fear handling women in harsh ways!

Women are the ones who initially declared this war against Men, not the Men.

Are you prepared for it?

Men -who protect unjust Women (which are the majority), have committed High Treason – at the behest of endangering other Men – are not Real Men.

They are cowards who are looking for all the shortcuts in life. The elevation of the Woman has led to the destruction of our civilization.

The Man who has armed women has also committed treason.

The only language you should deal with when it comes to Women is the Language of Force and the Methods of Cruelty. This will absolutely be the way forward, in the coming days of what we are soon to endure, and if you disagree, conditions will manifest which will force you to take no other route.

Women will not be protected, and I do not advise any Man to protect Women in these times, except if it is someone you are with or family members who rightfully deserve it. Make your decisions in this regard, wisely.

For the Protection of Men and also youth, many Women will need to face impoverishment and also be purged if not banished from society everywhere. Many of them will commit suicide.

There will be very very few Women who will be treated with (or whom deserve) protection.

Many reprisals will be carried out against Women for what they have been doing in the destruction of Nations and the lives of many Men and Families.

As I have mentioned many times, it’s mostly over for the majority of European Nations, and especially more so for America & all Anglo-Saxon Nations, along with Western Europe.

Some of the articles I write will be Private for PSA Members only, but I will be offering them “by request only” for a limited time, to those who contact me for them.

We want to remind Good Men of European Stock, that violence does indeed solve problems, and that in fact, the large problems we face in this world and our ongoing struggle is the result of Men who are not violent enough and a civilization that has become entirely soft.