Civil Wars Between Men and Women are soon to Commence. Women WILL NOT be protected.

I have a series of articles I am working on, including our Prussian Policies and Standpoints towards Women.

Unlike the Christians, who would do nothing but Shame Men into an even further degree of Slavery to Women, we recognize that there are problems beyond repair, especially in so far as they concern the White Europeans, and that there has been large spillover of those issues into the Non-European World.

The Civil Wars are unavoidable, and it’s Women who are guilty.

There must be no hesitation in ruthlessness and harsh treatment towards Women whatsoever.

Woe to such Men who fear handling women in harsh ways!

Women are the ones who initially declared this war against Men, not the Men.

Are you prepared for it?

Men -who protect unjust Women (which are the majority), have committed High Treason – at the behest of endangering other Men – are not Real Men.

They are cowards who are looking for all the shortcuts in life. The elevation of the Woman has led to the destruction of our civilization.

The Man who has armed women has also committed treason.

The only language you should deal with when it comes to Women is the Language of Force and the Methods of Cruelty. This will absolutely be the way forward, in the coming days of what we are soon to endure, and if you disagree, conditions will manifest which will force you to take no other route.

Women will not be protected, and I do not advise any Man to protect Women in these times, except if it is someone you are with or family members who rightfully deserve it. Make your decisions in this regard, wisely.

For the Protection of Men and also youth, many Women will need to face impoverishment and also be purged if not banished from society everywhere. Many of them will commit suicide.

There will be very very few Women who will be treated with (or whom deserve) protection.

Many reprisals will be carried out against Women for what they have been doing in the destruction of Nations and the lives of many Men and Families.

As I have mentioned many times, it’s mostly over for the majority of European Nations, and especially more so for America & all Anglo-Saxon Nations, along with Western Europe.

Some of the articles I write will be Private for PSA Members only, but I will be offering them “by request only” for a limited time, to those who contact me for them.

We want to remind Good Men of European Stock, that violence does indeed solve problems, and that in fact, the large problems we face in this world and our ongoing struggle is the result of Men who are not violent enough and a civilization that has become entirely soft.

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