Prussian Policies Towards Women

Prussia shall make no policy, law or procedure which views or treats “Women” in any way as a disadvantaged sex, or as someone “Weak” or “At Risk”.

Therefore, Women cannot be treated or regarded as a “Victim” and not even as a “Potential Victim” in any such way or viewpoint any different than the level of a Man.

All Policies geared towards Women must ensure that Women receive balanced treatment in terms of how they are relegated to their duties and responsibilities as a Woman, in Service to her Father, Husband and the Vaterland.

Under Prussia, Women have the same weight of responsibility and must learn the concepts of “Earning” in all attributes and activities of their life.

All Women under the Reich are raised and educated in everyday life to appreciate, love, cherish and respect Men, and they come to learn that her own internal happiness comes from her eagerness to Please and Satisfy the Needs and Desires of the Man whom she will one day devote her life to.

The Prussian State also strongly encourages Women to seek after Men on the basis of attraction to him as a person and his appearance. Not for Material or Wealth or Status.

The German Race, unlike Barbarian Nations, is a higher race, intellectually and spiritually, where one can enjoy relations with the opposite sex on a greater realm than only primal or materialistic values. As such, we do not want to develop an “Assembly Line” approach to Marriage and Raising Children like many other Nations do, and especially the Islamic World.

As Prussians, we know better than many others, that once the roles of Men and Women become disrupted, and where the focus point of a Woman’s desire to please her husband and makes her happy has become challenged, that this signals the ultimate breakdown in the contract between Men and Women. A problem we now are witnessing in the West.

Women under the Reich are forbidden to heed the advice from her friends as “superior” to any advice or trust / faith she puts in her significance other or Husband, who must also be her friend of the highest order and absolute confidant, as well as her console and consort. After a daughter leaves her Father for her Husband, these two Men are the ones who assume the role as the highest authority in a Woman’s life and the chief decision maker and adviser. His word is to be trusted before any of her friends or acquaintances and other peers.

Therefore, the Prussian / Germanic Women will have to learn and love it to get their hands dirty, to sweat by their brown, to toil and understand the necessity of struggle in life and the value of earning.

Under Prussian Rule, Women cannot use their bodies, beauty or charm and manipulations to get their way through life and to extract resources, and any such Women who attempt such behavior will be sought out for punishment.

Women will no longer be permitted to use words and charm as “Social Lubricant” to get their way out of situations, to portray perceived innocence and the like, but in fact, any attempt to maneuver life in this manner will find her receiving punishment and alienation by the community.

The only provisions of protection that Prussia grants Women is the protection from Barbarians, in accordance with Laws and Provisions that ensure protection of Race, Culture and National Soil.

The Prussian State and Order would exist in such a manner, that a Female who lives under the Reich, would feel safe and have no need to fear even walking outside during the early AM hours, if even to need to run to a convenience store or elsewhere. This level of national safety is a requirement, and one we must strive for, in which we have a Reich where there are no strange wanderers, vagabonds or suspicious creatures roaming the street and harassing people.

In addition, the Prussian State or Reich also fosters a culture of authenticity, which will also mean a culture where our Women in general will be bombarded with much less obsessive flirtatious gestures from so many endless amount of Men, as it will become a common cultural feature where flirting and courtship must be relegated to serious intentions, both by Men and Women respectively.

Activities like “flirting just because one can” or “flirting to test the market” or “flirting just for fun” needs to be behavior (from both genders) that is considered intolerable and shameful.

If someone is seen, Man or Woman, endlessly flirting with endless new members of the opposite sex somewhere day after day, that person’s reputation should be “established” among the locals as not someone with good intentions and also made an example of.

Aside from these guarantees, we consider the general protections and lifestyle up to the Decision-making and Authority of the Father or Husband to guarantee what he will, towards his Significant Other.

It is up to the discretion of the designated Father / Husband to assume the role in which he assumes Protection, Provisions and other Benefits that the woman enjoys.

While the Prussian State (Reich) assumes authority over all spiritual manners in terms of ownership of the people, Men, Women and Children Alike, the State does not take a personal interest in the treatment or discipline a Man may use towards his spouse, and also there shall be no enforcement, no agencies or institutions which will offer social support for any unprivileged situation that should arise.

People must learn to make good and prudent decisions and be wise about whom they allow into their lives and build a future with. The State does not make the decision for you, but the State does enact a Racial Purity Policy and will forbid sexual relations with Barbarians.

As the nature of the Prussian State demands quality citizens as its majority, we believe that tendencies for such problems that arise will be far less than is the case for example under Democratic Countries we see today, which are irreversibly damaged and without hope.

Under Prussia, Sexual Harassment and Rape is considered the Crime of the Woman, because she likely tempted the Man. Only a rare circumstance would be an exceptional consideration, more likely in the case if a Barbarian is responsible for carrying it out. Such a process of the investigation of the Rape would be very difficult and an arduous one.

In the world of Women, you must understand that there can be no sympathy or compassion given for Women who have made claims of growing up all their lives only knowing “Abusive / Drunk / Cheating” or Psychopaths of Fathers or Men, and Men whom they claim were simply “Assholes”.

As such, while we do not deny that such figures have always existed throughout history, they typically resembled no more than 10% of the population during the peak of civilization.

However it is true that there are even greater types of such Men in our modern society in Western Countries, roughly around 60% or so, and with the help of such inferior genes even on the Men’s side from the choices Women have made of whom they reproduce with, over 90% of women on average are of this nature in virtually every country. Completely well over the amount of Men who have parasitic traits.

But where does the blame fall!? On WOMEN. Women were the ones who specifically went after these Men for many decades, and even aborted many Children, preventing the birthing of superior racial elements within every given society. It is WOMEN who decided that they prefer these types of Men, and even later point now with Negroes whom they choose to share their bodies with.

The Mothers of these Women never told the real story of why they either drove their Husbands mad, or why they selected the Men they did on purpose. They just want the daughters to have a perpetually negative image of Men.

Part of the reasons for the increased Drug Use and Alcohol Addiction prevalent in the West is from the Baby Boomers in the 1960’s who began their experiments, and also with the change of wealth from different classes, the non-stop assault on the Middle Class has brought about an epidemic of substance abuse in many Middle Class families, and the rearing of Bastard Children. Divorces and Infidelity has drastically increased from this attack.

Nevertheless, Alcoholism is not a new problem whatsoever, and it has been a problem for many centuries and especially from the Industrial Revolution, more prevalent among the Middle Class who were overworked and may have faced certain struggles from time to time during previous economic downturns, wars and catastrophies.

Thanks to Women, and the influences they consented to from trends and brainwashing, we now have some of the most sickest elements which have been birthed into society. WOE to Men who claim that the Women cannot be blamed, but only those in charge of the Propaganda to deceive!

When a Woman claims that some Man, namely her father or significant other is an “Asshole”, you would do well to remember at all times, that he probably was this way for very good reason either because it was well deserved, or even if the father did not spoil or give her everything she wanted.

Therefore, one cannot take such opinions or viewpoints from the Female gender seriously, and rightly the Female must be relegated as a “subordinate” in society and to her Mate.

I. Women are subject as property of the State, as property of their Fathers and Husbands.

II. Women are not permitted to be considered as a “Sovereign”.

III. Women are not permitted to own physical property, land or estates, or to have any physical property or possession of any kind listed under the Name, including any Title or Certificate.

IV. Women are not permitted to own or bear firearms under Prussia.

V. Women are not permitted to own bank accounts or any unapproved financial instruments.

VI. Women are not permitted to vote or have involvement in political positions.

VII. Women are not permitted in Military or Leadership positions.

VIII. Women are not permitted to tattoo or mark their bodies in any way, or to wear strange piercings or ill fashioned, according to Prussian Policies and Definition.

IX: Women are not permitted to wear makeup or lipstick, with exceptions of Formal Events or for Theatrical Performances

Adultery for any reason from Women, is a punishable crime, punishable by Flogging, Beating, Shaving Her Hair, Stripping Her down to nothing in the Public Square, and Includes the Death Penalty.


The Prussian State generally prohibits Abortion, but makes the exception of Abortion Rights in the case of the offspring belonging to a situation from Ravishment, or a Barbarian Father or someone who is racially inferior, or if the child will have a condition such as Autism or a Mental disorder, or if the birth may be detrimental to either the mother and/or child by means of medical / birth complications or putting the mother’s life in danger.

Rhesus Negative blood type is automatic grounds for Abortion, congruent with Racial Policies, (even if it against the will of the Mother or Father), as this blood type is prohibited from the Reich and puts our Reich in danger. If someone has Rh- Blood, this means that they are Jewish.

Some people who are Rh Positive (Rh+) can also have Jewish ancestry as well, however the Active Jewish bloodline is transferred by the Rh Negative Blood Factor. This blood type is incompatible with Rh Positive, and it also tries to attack Rh Positive Blood even on the cellular level.


Distinct Labor Positions for Women will be made available, restricted to work such as working in Cafes, Dining, Restaurant / Hospitality, Secretarial work, Nursing, Music and the Arts, Performances and the like.

For women who are involved in the Education Field, they must be supervised under strict regiment of Men Figures who are Responsible Men of the Reich.

The Nature of the female in a position of work, must have a limit of hours (20 Hour Maximum) she is permitted to work and that the work she is involved in does not interfere with her Home Life with her Husband or Raising Children.

An Employer or Husband has the right to request for any reason, that a female must abandon her position at her place of employment, if it believed that her labor is interfering with her personal Home Life.

It may be up for discussion in policy of how Women earn wages, as Women should not have the right to Earn wages in the form of a National Currency but instead given a Stipend Card with Earned Credits that can be spent. There are some concerns of practicality of this program on a large scale which would have to be analyzed and voted for before application.


Unlike the present conditions in the West, the Prussian State must encourage and nurture the opportunities for both Men and Women to date. This should take place at an early age, and the State demands that Parents and other Figures go well out of their way to also make introductions possible as well, for the opportunity of the like in spirit to meet each other, if not through other methods. In some cultures, Clan associations run very deep in terms of how arrangements were made to ensure not only family stability, but the harmony and happiness for these couples. Since this arrangement has largely been disbanded in many parts of the world, divorce and unhappiness runs rampant everywhere now.

Every Parent who prevents their child from self-development, which also includes responsibility of learning to be a good Husband or Wife has committed one of the greatest crimes in the Reich, against their National People.

In the USA, there are even families which prevent their daughters from dating Men at all in their teens, and I’ve even heard many who refuse to let their daughters date in their 20’s and 30’s. This should sink in very well as to why the USA has such a racial problem along with dysfunctional families.

Jealousy, or bad decisions (Boomer Generation) parents, including ones with serious mental issues or substance abuse have all kinds of head complexes in which they seek to prevent their children from growing up and starting a life of their own, sometimes even forcing an unnatural and toxic form of co-dependency on the parents.

Under the Prussian State, we reserve the right to imprison, charge and heavily punish a parent who refuses the Child the opportunity to start their future and promoting arrested development.

Family remains, at all times, the cornerstone of the Reich, and not just Family itself but the ability to freely continue to build upon the Family lines. Anyone who inhibits or restricts this ability is guilty of committing genocide and endangering the stability of our Nation.

We reserve the right to also banish someone from the Prussian State and Deport them for such a crime, stripping them of Citizenship in the process.

There is an exception rule, in that a Parent may reserve the right to an opinion or intervention on the partner their children may choose to be dating, on the basis of if there are known reputations, habits or qualities that are not acceptable in the family, and also in the case if the child is dating a Barbarian.

Parents have a very strong role to play in educating and promoting strong Adulthood at Early Age in all German youth, and must make decisions that are completely unbiased, with reason, prudence and of good nature for the best interest of their children.

The Prussian State strongly encourages Early Marriage, and that Dating Intentions should be on the basis of pursuing Marriage, but the Prussian State shall have no law or rules against Sexual Intercourse or even Cohabitation between unmarried Men and Women.

We do believe it is imperative for couples to learn early on of their compatibility and responsibility as young adults, to establish the future family unit of theirs, and they should understand what it is like living with the other partner before-hand.

While most Westerners believe that early cohabitation and intercourse rules out the point of marriage, what they fail to recognize is the main reason for it is due to the reasons and the basis of which people choose to meet and date one another.

We do not care what the rest of the World’s Nations do, but Prussian Standards demand an even greater responsibility of development and establishing adulthood among German Youth, and this means that Every German boy and girl must know things such as discipline, restraint, altruism and also making prudent decisions that aim for lifetime goals. To make careless decisions or to date for fun or entertainment is forbidden and looked down upon in Prussian Society.

A person who seeks the highest level of self-development and value, earns his/her place in the Meritocracy both in public life and private life, and such a spirit that is tightly kept will ensure the Happiness, Loyalty and Devotion of people entering marriage, and having happy, prosperous children that they may raise.


Women will have access to the standard youth Education up to general Standards that are common in the West, along with additional classes that will focus on Homemaking and Care. Classes that involve skills based on Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Household Tasks and Techniques, along with other Domestic skills in Womanhood which will help her fulfill her duties as a Wife, Mother and Citizen of the Reich.


Women are to ask the hand in Marriage by proposal to the Man she wishes to share the rest of her life with.

Divorces are strongly discouraged and considered a last resort under Prussia. It also must be established, that if someone divorces once, cultural and other conditions may make it no longer feasible that one can Marry someone again.

The Prussian State shall not have any programs for Alimony or Child Support, nor any Social Institutions for divorced people. For better or worse, the couple must make do.

In terms of “Material Possessions”, the Prussian State has no interest and will take no matters into consideration regarding property rights. What one owns, they own it and it’s up to the parties divorcing to handle these matters themselves. No party will be permitted to prosecute the other or bring about any claims. If a dispute erupts in violence, then we assume it to be the fault of the Woman.

Nevertheless, “Divorce” is a rare scenario in civilizations, and the rampant Divorce we see in Western Democracies and elsewhere today is a hallmark of decline and a result of disruptions in family life, but the problems begin with the fact that Women have been systematically breeding with degenerate filth and mongrelizing European Racial stocks, and that they have been choosing Men on the basis of Wealth and Status only. These days, you will be hard pressed to find a Woman in Modern Society who marries some Man all because she enjoyed his company.

In earlier times, it was very common for people to first meet each other between the ages of 16 – 18 when in school and to end up marrying that person, remaining loyal and happy for life.

This reality is now long removed and people are only ready in their thirties, which is abnormally late for starting a life with someone and building a family.


Public Nudity / Breastfeeding of Women are not considered offensive or punished under Prussian Policy, so long as the activities are not part of Feminist Movements and Agendas, or in situations or events where it may not be acceptable up to the discretion of regional or private customs. Women should have the right to breastfeed children in public, in accordance with promoting Healthy Children who receive sufficient nutrition.


Sporting / Athletic Programs and Facilities which ensure strong segregation of Women where required, will be available to them and enforced, as it is in the interest of the Prussian State to ensure highest level of physical fitness and health, including good diet, access to fresh food, access to dietitians and related health specialists, ensuring strong fertility, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Prussian State, however, reserves the right to inspect and monitor all educational curriculum and literature, and may routinely ban foreign material or literature which may be considered subversive or influential in a negative manner to Germanic Life and Spirit.


Virginity is one of the most prized possessions that a Woman can offer to her Mate. However, Capitalism has put a price tag on virginity and essentially has eroded its ability to be a regular thing for Women under 25 in most Western Democracies.

The Prussian State does not designate any laws of punishment towards Women who are no longer virgins and may no longer be with a Man, however, such factors will make her naturally scrutinized by the racial community and be evident in her character and inability to pair bond with any future mate.

It has been scientifically proven that once a Woman has given herself unto a Man, she will never be able to properly pair-bond with a New Man into the future, and will take on the spirit and character attributes of the former Man she had given herself to. This is an aspect of Nature which is found not only just in humans, but other primates, animals, insects and more. This “imprint” onto the female by the male is designed so that the female is receptive, loyal, devoted and amenable to the monogamous species for their lifetime.

A girl / woman who loses her virginity, especially in a reckless manner, will have slim to little options of ever having a stable life or future, not even a family, and while the Prussian State does not have a law ruling over this, she must understand her place in society and that she cannot conduct or rearrange her life to come across as having any more value – even perceived value – than her actual worth.

Proudly, we can say that our former East Prussian Women were actually the most loyal, devoted wives to our Prussian Men in older times, and they were the most chaste of all Women compared to even other German States and even Europe up until the time that the great atrocities were committed against those who stayed (willingly or without choice) in the Eastern Parts and were ravaged by the Red Army for many years even after the war. Justice has still yet to have been obtained on this matter.

Therefore, we state firmly that Virginity must be something that makes a large-scale return, where a Man can once again anticipate to be with someone who has not been deflowered and still maintains her level of innocence, charm and loyal qualities.

In hindsight, a Culturally and Racially Pure / Homogeneous society is one where people will have more compatibility and harmony, more likely to have stable and fulfilling marriages, less divorce and other social issues. This homogeneity also will ensure that there are an abundance of eligible but responsible and desired Volk in society that can be paired up to someone, reducing the challenges and life-long lifestyles of dating and meeting new people which have become so commonly accepted now.

The day where people value meeting a special person and securing the right connection to be cherished must be something that returns as normalcy.

If only Western Nations had any idea how toxic and suffocating Democracy is, because it removes rights and freedoms, all kinds of idiosyncratic details and scenarios of life in other cultures from times that such issues, concerns and stress did not exist.

We see the failures of the modern lifestyle in Democracies, where people date for fun and entertainment, where relationships are not taken seriously, where there is a race on to see who can care about the other person the least, where the desire of intimacy and longing is considered “clingy behavior” and where having one partner for life is seen like too limiting, all because of people who are empty vessels and bottomless pits.

People in the West, especially Western Women are always wondering “how much better they can get”, to see how much greener the grass is on the other side, when the only comparison of most people of either gender in the West are various flavors of crumbs.

Imagine how the goal posts and worldview would change if people suddenly were exposed to people who were completely who they say they are and have value and are trustworthy, respectable members of society who constantly keep things interesting and with always something to look forward to?

The Prussian State cannot achieve this alone, but it is a quality of expression that can be brought to will from the inner spirit of our Teutonic Nature and Loyalty, which we can never allow Barbarians to abuse or take for granted ever again into the future.

Our Volk must reconnect with the Teutonic Roots and Tendencies in our blood.

I am convinced, that above all, that the German People are the ones who are best capable of the expression and cultivation of these inner traits, more than any other people in the world.

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