Understanding the Logic of “The Tribe”

The actual people who are behind the COVID Tyranny, just see for yourself how blatantly obvious their Extremism is on this issue. It was so predictable that this would be the case, and yet the world is now pathetically looking up to this Nation as being the world leader in Scientific breakthroughs and innovations, especially behind Health and Medicine particularly with this “crisis”, And to think, that the majority of the world’s people look up to and ruthlessly defend these bastards, including the Chinese and the Russians:

Mathematics is Not Creative, It is a Man-Made Scourge and a Tool used by the Luciferians

The Information Age that we live in has also perhaps been one of the most Intellectually-obsessed Era that we live in, where the focus on Intelligence has been one of worship, rather than reverence.

As such, Intelligence is “misplaced” and to a point where there is no longer any kind of Real Intelligence, because the Truest Intelligence first comes from Intuition and Wisdom.

However, Modern Western Civilization rejects the notions of Intuition, and it also is not very keen on applying Wisdom. At least not in real application.

Wisdom is looked upon more as a museum or relic of the past which people love to attribute quotes or references to from Books and Passages, but rarely is the occasion that you meet truly spirited people who demonstrate values in which they are actually a living example of such wisdom, and that you see the direct execution and action put into practice of everyday life.

Wisdom is not profitible. Wisdom also demands that people have morals, prudence and forethought.

Wisdom will not win you social acceptance or advancement, in fact, it can lead to further isolation.

The problem with our age is that we live in a world that, due to its material demand, it has become one which only respects that which is material.

Material is necessary for our survival, and I have no qualms against monumental figures being Mathematics, including the likes of our Gottfried Leibniz or the Frenchman Blaise Pascal, however this Individual is a great exception in the fact that he possessed much wisdom and also the spirit to not become blind-sighted by Mathematics, which meant something very different even a short time ago during his lifetime. That being said, it was his Philosophical Side which pioneered his knack for Invention and his proficiency in Mathematics, rather than the other way around as many people are trained to view it in the latter paradigm.

Today, Mathematics is a cut and dry, calculating and Luciferian Agenda.

People who think only by the means by Mathematics are essentially Evil and Calculating Cowards.

All Calculative people are Cowards, although it is not the focal point of this entry.

Numerous youth who attend Universities in the Modern Era, actually believe that Mathematics is “Creative”, and the person who speaks this nonsense is as foolish as the one who worships the Tree Branch more than they do the Sweet Red Apple that hangs from it.

Mathematics is “NOT Creative” only because you measured out pieces of wood to be cut to create and build something. Mathematics is a TOOL you used, but the Creative attributes that build with the wood come from inner vision and creativity.

Mathematics, and all relative forms of it, using Logic via the means of Inductive and Deductive reasoning as the “be-all, end-all” form of decision-making and reasoning, is the Modus Operandi of our World Order and also of that which is deemed to be “successful” and “righteous” in all affairs.

There is no Imagination to be found in the Mathematical being.

Mathematics is a Means, its designs are all man-made in efforts we use to attempt abilities to control, navigate and create a sense of order in our Universe. But to worship this is pathetic, and worst of all, it’s ego-centric.

What I have noticed over these many past years is that many University Students, even if they do not go to school for a Major in this field, that they are all being trained to think Mathematically.

Social Media even has its own ways to program people to behave in this manner.

The person who thinks ALL LOGICALLY and the person who thinks ALL EMOTIONALLY are both equally savage in nature.

The entirely logical archetype, being represented by the Jew, while the entirely logical archetype being represented by the Negro.

Both use their Logic or Emotions to their own ends to manipulate others.

What is the point of using Reason and Logic, if there is no ideal in mind for Passions and Enjoyment, as well as things which please the Senses?

The Logical only person who is Mathematical, never sees the point to Pleasures or Passion. They are viewed as weakness by these types because they are cowards, and cannot afford to be in scenarios or experiences where they cannot use the inductive and deductive reasoning to calculate things, if even a risk.

On the other hand, the Emotional only person does not have any sound principles or balance in their life whatsoever, and therefore there is nothing to define any meaning or memories because there are no sense of standards or measure by which their experiences and passions can be allotted. Therefore, it doesn’t matter in their mind how or why something feels good or is enjoyable, it just matters that it exists, and that if it does not exist, it seeks to impulsively pilfer it from anyone or whatever resource it can be extracted from, without any thought or guilt for doing so. Altruism or a sense of responsibility cannot exist in this type of brain.

The Ancient Greeks understood better than anyone else that a mind which lacks the harmony of Logic and Heart is a worthless one.

Today there is far too much focus on Intellect and Worship of it.

There is also an overly-redundant focus on it in the Universities of this world, for people who are in fields of study which will almost never require all the special kinds of Mathematics Learning beyond Basic Math understanding.

At this point we are in this world, most people make ultimate decisions and establish relationships with others based on Mathematical thinking. There is little room for wisdom or emotion, or even social integration and happiness based on the decisions they make. Such mattered are merely swept to the side as an afterthought.

The most mathematical people of all are Accountants. All Accountants are boring people and all of them are cowards. For them, mathematics is a system of control.

The state of affairs in Germany today are a direct reflection of this “Mathematical” plague, as our Germany has been reduced to a Nation whereby only logic of calculating processes for the sake of Order are considered to be the Pinnacle of civilization.

These attributes are not natural, but are the result of decline in Prussian Culture and Influences upon the German Masses.

A Flourishing Germany means a culture where Creative, Imaginative people are the large breeding stock, rather than the mathematical types.

However, this is not the only period of German history in which the Creative, Imaginative stock has been siege.

Nietzsche has been a very phenomenal figure with vision to recognize the dangers of this logical / mathematical influence on the German population as a whole, and how it endangered German Culture.

Bismarck ended up saving Germany in that time period from completely dissolving into this mechanical way of life in his own branding of politics and his personal will, and made Germans remember the significance of having strong vigor and showed our people what becomes possible when our people are United in the truest sense.

Given the state of Germany today, however, few find many things that one can be happy with or overly passionate about, so it would be unreasonable to suggest that one should just express “joy” because the leadership has pretty much eliminated all sense of this in relation to everyday German Life in the country.

But the only resolve for the mood in Germany will come about on the day that Germans can once again enjoy passionately that which they deserve, while removing the ruling class that has subjugated the spirit of the Nation to serve the Luciferian Interests.

The objective of Modern Mathematics is designed to serve the Luciferians.

Mathematics has also permitted the Mass populations around the world to permit the COVID Tyranny and their Initiation into the Cult.

All in a time when the Everyday German should have blood boiling and raging in anger, hatred and fury from the Injustices being imposed on the Nation and our Volk!

Recognizing “Facts” has never united a people. People are only united by Spirit and they Fraternize on the basis of Common Spirit. A Nation is built on the common people of common spirit who find harmony in one another, and the strong desire and connection to mutually ensure the well-being of each other and to be involved with each other to guarantee that and for generations to come.

The majority of political movements, and in particular, protests we see worldwide, never accomplish anything because they lack this spirit. They are just groups of people who come together on the basis of recognizing and agreeing to common facts. A lot of times, the movements and protests are organized by counter-intelligence operations run by the World Enemy.

Our Greatest Challenge today for Germans, is that we must train Germans and encourage them to become comfortable with becoming Cold-Blooded Killers.

Forget bickering about policies, political parties, pragmatics and pushing paper. None of it works.

We need a generation of Ruthless Men (and Women) who are willing to take out the trash, as I have repeated over and over.

Anyone, whether an Individual or Organization which suggests and promotes you to be “Non-Violent” is part of the Controlled Opposition Measures and likely is an Agent, whether you may know about it or not, despite how legitimate they may seem. You must understand that the Controllers have all the money in the world which can buy all the best Propaganda aims to completely give you a tailored experience to what you want to see to become a “believer” in their so-called “fight”, and anyone who has fully come to understand the success of the Communists in launching the Bolshevik revolution would be well versed on this aspect of controlling opposition.

The Pragmatic person is going to sit there like the coward and remind you why your Hatred and Anger is “Irrational” while he sits in his comfort zone and has no intention to defend the Nation, and even could be involved in International ties working against Germany.

The Pragmatic, Mathematical, Logical person is always the first one to remind others that “You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts” even when you are telling something truthful.

Following the Language and Mannerisms of operating “Mathematical” is the Asian or Oriental Model, again found in the Hebrew but also in the Asiatic Nations. The Asiatic Nations are taking over the Material world because they use Mathematics as the only Measure of Success and Dominance in everything they do. This represents, not a Futuristic World of Progress, but rather a Futuristic World of Decay and Material values replacing everything of Spiritual value.

Pragmatic Language and Calculating, Cunning Minds are able to greatly conceal deception and corruption, which is something that I will address further in a Future Entry.

Germany is Nearly Finished, Almost Likely in a few months if Germans do nothing.

I will be writing more on this topic shortly, but for those of you in Germany, you better smarten up real fast and get with the program. The machinations moving forwards right now in Germany are all but to ensure that there will be no chance of its survival or any reversal for all time, if people do not initialize Civil Wars and Unrest in the country.

It may be by early Next year that the Eternal Fate is sealed for the country, as the time window is really mostly over.

It was even over in one way after 1945.

It was even over in yet another way in 1918.

All depending on by what measures and interpretations you wish to use.

I am calling on the German people who still have brain cells working, all Members of the Bundeswehr, of the Working Public, all Members of society, Male or Female, Young and Old alike.

You must be prepared to fight and resist with ruthlessness what is taking place now in Germany, and also what is to come.

You must be willing to face the possibility of persecution or even being considered a traitor or being charged with sedition.

The time window for our Nation is almost over, and I feel it in my bones with every passing day.

On the flip side of this crisis, is the fact that only Germany – a German Revival and Renaissance, with full Restoration of our Reich can rescue Europe and only GERMANY is an equipped people who have the knowledge to fight against the Communist threat.

Do not look up to America’s Leadership or Russia’s Leadership of where or who to turn to, or who deserves the right to hold the torch.

The Torch belongs to GERMANY and GERMANY ONLY and you must be willing to accept this fate.

If Germany falls, it’s over for Europe as well, and it’s over for the world.

The REGIME which runs our Homeland is NOT a legitimate regime, not Legitimate by any stretch of your imagination.

Germany has not had a legitimate regime in power since the National Socialists fell.

If you fail to recognize this, you are a disgrace to our homeland.

This regime in power right now is determined, with absolute fanaticism to bring Germany down to its knees and erase the rest of Germany’s cultural legacy and significance in the world, and to eliminate more than 50% of the current population by the year of 2025.

This regime in power is now bringing Afghani refugees into your land, who will not only despise you but will even further the abuse of the Welfare State and push their own replacement measures upon that which remains of Germany.

A war fought by Germans, in which Germans and Germany have no vested interest and no measure whatsoever to be involved in. The Americans also have no business in Afghanistan, but because they occupy Germany and with NATO, Germany has been coerced into some of our Soldiers involved with American-NATO-Zionist Wars. NATO is a Zionist Institution.

No True German who has the Teutonic Rage of our Ancestors can rest peacefully or be content to accept this!!!

If you are a German who believes in Democracy, a German who is against our Reich, and feels as if you will do anything and everything to ensure that the Reich never returns, if you are a German who believes that anyone can “Become German” you are most DEFINITELY Anti-German and guilty of Treason to the highest order! A legitimate regime would have absolutely every right and authority to strip you of German citizenship and identity, even up to your surname and do whatever they please to punish you and torment you, if you are even kept alive, and banish you from our lands.

Delay on Specific Topics

I want to inform the viewers on this website that there are many simultaneous Articles I am working on of promised article works and other topics I have been eager to post on here, but I have been involved in a few projects and some “jams” which have prevented me from dedicating the necessary energy to attend to them them in the manner I had hoped to at this time.

I am hoping as we get towards the Fall and Winter months, that I can focus again on continuing the work on these and getting them published with the help of some Hot Chocolate by my side.

The breakdown in social activities has also been fostering a new stressful element of general “distrust” and “impulsivity” which, while cannot be blamed on one hand by people who exhibit it, it has been creating cascading into ever-growing demands.

Seasons mean nothing to me in terms of what must be stated, but as the weather gets colder and activities slow down and we are confined more to the households, I will be able to aggressively tackle these entries and address them for the viewers of this website, as there is much material that needs to be expressed.

The on-going stress from the stupid psyop which is taking place only adds to the burdens of getting through week to week on necessary tasks and obligations.

I do want to express my gratitude to the viewers of this website, who have the iron will and dedication to tolerate views which are not only unnacceptable, but also interolable to our modern world which are too cowardly and effeminate to even entertain, let alone acknowledge.

I am especially grateful to all those in Germany who are willing to listen, because the current state of affairs in our homeland make everything FAVORABLE for you to reject and disdain with utter contempt what I publish, but on the other hand, it is UNFAVORABLE for you to accept anything I say and you are met with never-ending PUNISHMENT and SHAMING to accept what views used to be nothing but Ordinary, Everyday, Matter-Of-Fact Spirit and Belief in our People before our last Reich Fell.

In the meantime, I want to encourage everyone that despite how dark and dismal, and anti-social and hopeless our current situation is, that the fight continues ONWARD, sun or rain, and that even as hopeless as things become that we must give everything to continue the fight, even if for only ourselves.

Through these dark times, and even with that hopelessness as a staunch reality of the conditions of life everyday, the fact of the matter is that when or if opportunity ever permits that a stronger being or society is given a chance, it will always have precedent and options available to persevere even in the face of the mightiest enemy and limited resources available. Others will simply just perish.

Most people in our Modern World cannot tolerate struggle or pain. They cannot see how to better anything, if even for themselves. I believe that the German, wherever he or she lives, is more destined for this legacy than any other race. The proof of that is evident in how quickly Germans rebuilt after the destruction of WW2.

The Modern World is just a different place that does not accept or validate our values and beliefs as “relevant” to theirs.

But you should still be operating as always, in your everyday thoughts and actions, as people did before 1945.

6 Feet Apart versus 6 Feet Under

What Tribe do you think knows and utilizes all the magical properties of the Number “6”?

No less, the tribe that still claims 6 Million of them were killed, and also have a 6-Pointed Star.

While there are claims about the distancing measures also being in line with the Futuristic Camera / Scanning Equipment which requires this distance to be able to accurately identify individuals, the reason for this points to an even greater one, even up to the point that it affects the technology.

To begin with, “Distancing” is actually a part of a CIA Torture program.

Every Human Being resonates with an Electro-Magnetic current, which also houses the “Aura”.

How does it create torture?

Irrespective of what you believe about Auras, the Electro-Magnetic field exists surrounding our bodies for up to 6 Feet.

For better or worse, we are all affected by the Energetic Interactions with people we come into close proximity too. Social Isolation, even more so with everything that it entails, plus the fact that you are not recharging this Energetic Field becomes prominent when purposely trying to keep 6 Feet apart from people, especially for long durations of time.

Yet people out there are even still willing to practice this measure, and are even doing so voluntarily without recommendations or enforcement.

The consequences for distancing include Vast shortening of one’s life expectancy along with severe cognitive decline, depression, low energy and other psychological problems. The already increasing Dementia epidemic worldwide is only going to increase because of people who engage in this nonsense.

But there is also another agenda with the Distancing! Alas, everything these people do is always multi-faceted.

The Distancing measures are designed, hand-in-hand with the virus fear and trauma induced mind programming effects, to prevent people from rioting or being more likely to revolt, protest or engage in quarrels of any kind with other, even in close spaces such as a supermarket line.

The effects of this have worked successfully to perfection.

In fact, with the recipe of the whole COVID Agenda, if they took the “Distancing Measures” out of the equation of all the other protocols, there would probably be more riots and disobedience and many physical confrontations at this point between people on any level, even among strangers.

Most people, because they are short-sighted and completely unaware of programmed human responses or how the human mind works, would be completely oblivious or in violent denial to ever accept this fact to be true.

So in essence, many people have been staying “6 Feet Apart” instead of ending “6 Feet Under” not as a result of some invisible boogeyman, but of these possible encounters which would have otherwise erupted.

Needless to say, Crime has increased in many places, even in the USA as a result of the COVID protocols, but it has not exploded to levels it would have under normal circumstances of these situations and with the economic deterioration of people’s lives, unemployment, rising inflation and so forth. Unemployment measures were also put into place at least here in the USA to pacify the already mindless zombies and not make them think much about the road that comes ahead. That’s how the Americans live, after-all.

The thing is, even in best case scenarios, the “6 Feet Apart” thing has become a behavior and habit which will now remain permanently etched into the mind of nearly everyone on earth except for cave-dwellers.

Even people I know who are aware of the whole COVID Agenda and vi-ruse for what it is, still constantly use the “Just Keep Six Feet Away From Me” even as a joke in everyday interactions.

That AUTOMATICALLY makes them still part of the cult. Remember what I have said about people who belong to the COVID Cult? They are USELESS, WORTHLESS and DANGEROUS. All of them.

Even the one who makes a joke about something related to the current state of affairs.

Even the person who tells you to “Stay Safe” or any variation of the phrase, or asking you if you are “Keeping Safe?” is also a part of the Cult. Completely brain-damaged and worthless garbage.

One should not have any compassion or empathy for them, even if they are family or friends.

It’s time to dispose of them.

You doubt my words? Think again. Why did they never care about you “staying safe” all these years before? At best, maybe you would be told to have a “safe flight”. But these bastards are now committing the world to a future where you will not be permitted to do anything deemed “unsafe”.

All of these people, not even people, they are CLOWNS are all “playing a role” in this cult, because they are willingly participating in protocols, rhetorical statements and measures that are tied into it. They have allowed it to change them as a person. They are perpetually on the Corona Carousel, like a Hamster who thinks he’s getting somewhere by continuing to spin his wheel.

These CLOWNS deserve to be placed in a tribunal and have their accounts read to the public and be forced dressed up as a clown, uniform, shoes, makeup and nose towards their ultimate humiliation of what needs to be done with them.

All in all, this serves the perfect measure of the Normalization process the Hebrews are trying to achieve in their measure of Implementing World Government and Population Reduction, because the thing is all these new protocols, between masking, staying at home, distancing and “playing roles” has effectively disarmed the population from any sense of fighting back or keeping their dignity or using their will, which would be necessary to fight something of this scale.

People obeyed and genuflected to every whim of criminals like Fauci and Gates, and they literally began repeating word for word, the only way we get “back to normal” is by the vaccine, and even then to surely make positive notes that they have a grip on your obedience, they told you numerous times (even by the head of the WHO) that “there will be no going back to normal” and that Masking and Distancing and other changes would be permanent even after the so-called “pandemic” would be over. Yet the majority of people still obeyed, and many got their gene editing shots.

And because people gave up the will to discuss anything else with Friends, Family and Colleagues, such as either plans, vacations, investments or projects, this also means YOU GAVE UP YOUR WILL to fight or defend your freedom and rights to have such Leisures, such as plans, vacations, investments and projects. You gave up your rights under a different tune, thinking you were making a sacrifice “for the greater good.” Hah!

How many months have passed now, and as a result you will have to deal with a very shrunken economy with less legroom for anything, less tolerance and maybe even less finances or other people in your circle which help make things happen. Because all of you agreed to talk about nothing but, THE VIRUS, the VIRUS, the VIRUS!!! Oh, BUT THE VIRUS!!!

Long-term implications and consequences will be inevitable from this, over a year and a half and people still going on and on and on and on and ON!

It’s been ONE GASLIGHTING OPERATION AFTER ANOTHER. And it all started from telling you it would just be a 2 Week Shutdown to “Flatten the curve”. Then when they spoke about extending it, they began discussing Unemployment and Stimulus Measures, telling how they will pay people to “stay home”, and “not to worry, we got your back!” All this was designed to calm down the frantic energy of people’s concerns, and I watched every step of the way in astonishment how well they abused and manipulated people into accepting everything, WITHOUT SECOND THOUGHT, like the most abusive spouse on Earth would do to an unsuspecting victim.

Not only did they gaslight and hoodwink people on the 2 Week lockdown, but they did so on the masks, the vaccines, then changing the goal posts further to get people to accept continuing it all after the vaccines with more masking because you also obey the bogus notion of “variants”.

They even gas-lighted you about “Transitory Inflation”. All to get you to continue sacrificing “for the greater good”, thinking that higher prices will only be a temporary phenomenon.

At this point, most people are hopeless, but even before the Agenda, those same people were hopeless then too, because the people who are part of this Cult all have malignant traits to begin with. In more favorable terms, it means they are PURE AND UTTER SCUM who don’t even deserve to be regarded as a Human.

The fun, the passion and enjoyment of life has been fully zapped out from everyone, and no matter where you go, it’s almost just pointless between seeing dead zombies, and having to interact with many of them who have a muffled voice behind a mask.

The multi-faceted attributes and inter-connected nature of the Agenda is so pervasive, that even ruining Public Life where the enthusiasm or initiative to go out and have a good time in public is achieved, which also further encourages people to “Stay at Home”.

The future is most certainly being cultivated in which going Forward, Humans will have less and less human interaction with other people in everyday life, and instead will be interacting more with AI and Robots.

The march towards AI and time-frame where Humans began to become more Anti-social by a wide margin has taken place since 2010. However even in the decades before, social interaction has marginally declined especially since the 1970’s overall, more so in America than Europe.

By 2025 (or 2030 Latest), we will see most of the Human Population becoming more accustomed and affiliated with AI and automation, and a lot more jobs replaced by it, to a point where human relations will reach their lowest point.

Most humans who roam this earth, are gleefully unaware and absolutely would reject the fact that some ruling elite class could pull something off, of this scale, for this long, and with so many lies and contradictions. Yet it has worked, and the key factor is not whether truth prevails in it, the truth is the enemy to these controllers, but the bottom line is that they need to mentally traumatize people to such a point of apathy, indifference and break down of their personal will or being able to tell the different between fact and fiction, that they will just accept anything and not put up a fight.

A year and a half into this, I can confirm that this goal has been achieved ultimately, even with whatever staying power did not last over who may choose to take inoculations.

Only a very small segment of the human population still has any value.

As you can see, the World Controllers know exactly what they are doing, and also exactly why they brought about the population reduction plans. Either way, a population reduction measure is inevitible, even if the world controllers failed.

They have the public completely distracted from the fact that they are getting fleeced and are in their death-throes. Like a quiet thief in the night who’s been able to grab one’s wallet without waking them to what’s going on, and disturbed nobody and nothing.

All around us, we can see the results of “Live and Let Live”. A Christian value.

This putrid Christian value is what is killing the West. Taken to its extreme, even those who oppose the COVID Cult refuse to fight. They are letting the enemy “Live and Let Live”, but the enemy doesn’t want to let us Live!

These people are determined to destroy us and they hate us with all their might, yet Cowardly Christians love professing how it’s wrong to “Hate” and that we should not judge others.

We have no intentions to “save the world”, the upsetting part about what is taking place is that because of the compliance of most world’s people to the COVID Cult, they are nearly ensuring a future in which we will all be affected one way or another by the onslaught of destructions from this, with mental illness and economic turmoil only increased as a result of it.

Beauty, Culture, Family Life and Friendships are all being totally trashed. Completely trashed.

Everyone who gives energy by “playing their roles” in the COVID Cult and Agenda, has been a menace which has only increased the weight and objectives of this Agenda to allow it to swing like a dead mass to achieve the reign of destruction it is programmed with.

Because all that people wanted to discuss about was “COVID, COVID, COVID” or to crack jokes about others keeping 6 Feet Apart, they wasted ALL this time, at least 1-2% of their life minimum so far, without worrying about or discussing plans or anything that comes after this.

People canceled or postponed Weddings and other Events, Shut their businesses down, Canceled Vacation Plans and Parties, Concerts, Festivals, they threw Food away and other belongings they will not use as a result of things being called off, they all too “played a role” in the destruction. Because they engaged in this self-lamenting behavior, now everyone’s Future is permanently altered and compromised. Economies everywhere are shrinking, and destined to shrink even more.

Mind you, all the people who engaged in shutting down their life, did not realize the type of consequences that would manifest, economically and otherwise, or how it would shake-up their routine permanently, maybe even for a lifetime after that. Especially because EVERYONE ELSE is doing it all at the same time.

The behavior I’ve witnessed in what is amounting to almost 2 years now of mental masturbation of a Virus Fear Cult, has made people give up in life, and focus no energy towards creativity or even AT LEAST moving on with their God-damned lives! NO! Instead, they were busy watching TV at home and on Social Media creating dumb Memes like this, once again, paying homage and worship loyalty to their Cult. The Cult leader itself is the virus:

When you see idiocy like this, you know that there is no future for Mankind.

Restaurants in the USA were even busy creating “Social Distancing” friendly or engineered products or dining methods to be “COVID Compliant”:

Many in Germany also have also been very guilty of playing into the COVID Cult.


We cannot deny this fact, that Germany is one of the MOST COVID Compliant countries in the world, and not far off with the UK or China, has made a decision to implement some of the harshest and most tyrannical restrictions in their Nations. Germany specifically, has enacted new measures which prevent Germans from having rights to claim COVID Tyranny as infringing on their rights whatsoever. Angela Merkel has been crying crocodile tears in the name of all the so-called “deaths” she pretends to care about. Deaths which have always been happening (since we haven’t found a cure for death yet, in that we can cheat death), but has no concern whatsoever in destroying every aspect of Germany, its people, the culture, and the fact that many German cities will become ghost towns in upcoming decades, if not flooded with more Non-Germans. Cities like Berlin, only the Architecture is still German, and this is sad for our Capital.

It takes 60 days to permanently alter the financial landscape or lifestyle of an Individual or Business, when they begin to enact changes. Think of all the unused real estate, especially in commercial properties, and even rodent infestations or other things that have worn down or need servicing from the neglect of long over 2 months of shutdowns.

Not only will New Lockdowns become the future, but also because people have been “softened up” and between the reprogramming of their mind towards “safety” and other disruptions that have created cascading events, you will see (we have already) that going forward, Businesses and Individuals will have a lot more spontaneous closures and challenges in which they will need to shut down and cancel plans or events even for the most smallest of challenges. Even staffing shortages will not be able to be mitigated, for a number of reasons which speak for themselves.

The current on-going disruptions in Airline flights and cancellations is also something that will continue into the future, and I believe they will worsen, and eventually that only the Elite Underclass will be able to even have access to Airline Travel in the future.

There has probably been no incident of any historical precedence ever, which has transformed relations between people, not even the Internet to this level, from what the COVID Agenda has brought.

Right now it is still too early to fully assess all the damage and these changes, for a number of reasons and the fact that most people are still in denial about how much an effect it has.

Dystopia of monumental proportions is becoming out future, and this has served as the perfect bridge they want to use to put people on the path of Trans-humanism.

Don’t Expect the Americans, particularly “Conservatives” to give up their ideas of Civic Nationalism and Egalitarianism

As I have long said, and stress with the fact that a Revolution is not brewing in America, most Americans are so stupid they don’t even know the difference between a Revolt / Civil War and a Revolution. Civil Wars / Revolts don’t guarantee a revolution, and Americans are too much of pussies to even stage a Revolt against Masking or Vaccines even at this late point.

What makes you think they will ever awaken to the Jewish problem and deal with them?

Never going to happen. The Americans are in love with Jews, and even the ones who pretend to be aware of the JQ, such as David Duke, always have no problem with embracing the Jews because they consider only “International Jewry” or “Zionism” to be the problem.

That being said, you must also understand why the Conservatives and Right-Wing are also a joke.

To begin with, Americans seen “Conservatism” as a strategy, therefore it is not something innate or something to where there is some natural sense of ingrained purity or innocence in their behavior whatsoever.

No, the American Conservatism is a joke. At this stage in American History, Conservatives are more liberal than even the way Liberals were in their early stages, or even back into the 1980’s!

The average American Conservative / Right-Winger does NOT accept the idea of Racial Segregation and Separatism, in fact they vehemently will stand against oppose any movement of such, because American Whites are not racially conscious whatsoever.

But what the American Whites fail to recognize, is that the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or others whom they choose to embrace in their political activities “ARE” VERY well racially conscious, whether in an overt or covert manner, and will use Whites (as they always do) as a stepping stone for their own ambitions. This is why Whites are losing their own war, which even the US Census Bureau has rubbed right in their faces:


As I’ve long said, Whites are also the only people concerned with their perceived images.

Do you think the Chinese care about their perceived image? Or what about Latinos? They’d laugh right in your face.

I am grateful that I had grown up in a very unique manner and never acquiesced towards Anglo-Saxon culture and influences, because even from the earliest of age, I was raised in a racially conscious family and we never were concerned with seeming “Racist”.

In fact, it never crossed my mind ever in life, to preface a racist statement with something like “Not to be racist, but…”

Yet it’s only White people who utter these statements! I have even seen all the way over to Ukraine, that there are even people in that country who use the statement, afraid of being called “Racist”!

Despite the fact that Slavic Countries have a much more Tribal sense of connection and are more Nationalistic.

It is a disingenuous statement to say something like “Not to be racist, but…” and then to follow it with a statement reflecting the opposite.

There is also a sister equivalent statement to this when bringing up the subject about gay people, it goes “Are they gay? Oh but not that I have anything against them being gay or anything!”

It’s just like that annoying fake person who will call you up and say “Not to seem like I only call you when I need something from you, BUT!”

They pretty much just gave away the ultimate truth about themselves!

Guess which people I’ve found who are also White, but have no problem calling out “Black People” or telling others that they never exactly have met any or identified with them and make no shame or apologetic statements about it!? THE AMISH!

Alas, most of the West has become accustomed to this Anglo-Saxon “politeness” and virtue signaling, and to basically present oneself as “fake” and to make one seem more “noble” than they really are.

The West cannot have any future with this type of mentality, even more prevalent among Millenials, but it has been very bad with the Baby Boomer Generation.

There is less that our Prussian World has in common with the West, as the Hebrews have pretty much gutted everything of value to it and are relegating it to the trashbin.

Everything in the West has now become ideology. Everything is politicized and commoditized. Even down to what you eat.

There really is not much left at this point. Not even wisdom or any good nature whatsoever.

Non-Whites are not afraid of using violence for any reason or no reason, but meanwhile the American Conservatives / Whites in general want to always debate about doing things peacefully and not using violence.

Muddled in their egalitarian delusions, the Americans are too stupefied to even realize that they will not get their former life back from 2019 and earlier and that the only way to do so would be to react with violence! This violence should have taken place no later than June 2020.

It’s a day late, and a shekel short for the Americunts.

Prostitution is an Institution that must be Verboten under Prussia

Ah yes. The age-old industry from the earliest of time.

Only Men who are insecure and incompetent with the ladies and feel inferiority are intimidated and threatened by the ban on prostitution, as it would make their access “limited” to Women.

Most Notably, it is Jews, the English, Ulsters Scots (including all Celtic people), and Freemasons who are always the most offended and critical when it comes to challenging the notion of “Prostitution” and government regulation thereof. They are the ones who will always try to challenge and ruthlessly defend why it should exist.

In our Prussian worldview, we see this as adherence even more to Nature and Natural Forces at play to work themselves out, where if someone would not otherwise have chance to have “access”, then there should be no supporting institution that artificially gives them access.

All civilizations throughout history as they rose to greatness, prestige and wealth, have observed some form or another of prostitution. It is essentially, in one form or another, an outgrowth of developing society and has the greatest correlation with issues revolving around poverty and greed.

Prostitution is an outgrowth to unmet challenges and growing pains that exist in a civilization. It is also degrading to the quality and availability of Women and their status of being intact (for Men).

Even worse, at least in earlier days, Prostitution was almost always a last means resort for Women, and one that they would often view as an inconvenience or something they have to deal with, if under times of distress and hardship. But today, Prostitution is viewed as an “opportunity” and a “lifestyle” in which Women can assume all Independence from Men, and finance their lifestyle and aspirations in ways that older generations of prostitutes would never, ever dream of and could not imagine even if they lived in our times and had such opportunities at their fingertips!

Therefore, we Ban prostitution in the name of defending Men – whom by merit – ought to be entitled to Decent and Chaste Women who have sexual value.

Men who are of great value will never need to struggle to find Decent Women under Prussian civilization, Women who are also chaste but also eager to please, instead of needing to relegate oneself to prostitution.

The Modern demand for prostitution has evolved over time, while it used to be for Men who were considered undesirable, defective or unhappy in their marriages, it has evolved into an industry that is very dynamic now, but also one for where Men receive their sexual favors from Women, especially Feminist Women who deny them of favors.

The Modern Women is too frigid, too masculine, too stressed out from work and other idiosyncrasies to ever be possibly able to offer memorable sexual experiences to Modern Men.

Our ban on prostitution is not one that suggests it would absolutely prevent the practice from ever occurring in some form in society, however through cultural practices and procedures, through our network of informants, it would be something that is viewed in the light of being highly stigmatized and frowned upon, and a risk that otherwise would not be taken except for maybe the absolutely loser underdogs of society. However, in cases where it does occur, prostitution will always be the crime of the Woman (not the Man) and only Pimps or other organizers who utilize Women for prostitution would be treated as guilty in this crime.

However, the mitigation of removing or reducing prostitution in society cannot exist simultaneously under an environment where the Women have no sexual value or development as a person, and whereas they have no well-rounded value to offer to Men. In a very indirect way, this is why prostitution has taken on forms and identities now so absurd, that they are not even always deemed as prostitution, therefore not seen as “immoral”, and even promoted by many. This is the surest sign of decay between the relations of Men and Women in modern society, and the Triumph of strange sexual orientations.

Notice that for example, the Modern critics of Pornography, they will shame and lament every attribute about Porn, but never the fact that it turns sex, love and romance into a commodity, nor do they blame the Western Women for denying and withholding Sex and the Sexual Fantasies of Men for the existence of Porn.

Therefore, the condition of Pornography rest upon the conditions and behaviors of Women, rather than that of Men, and have absolutely no correlation with Men’s consumption of Porn.

The problem is with Women.

Therefore, under the current environment, it would be unfeasible to place the ban on prostitution until the time has ripened properly where its enforcement is decreed, and where the Prussian State can absolutely guarantee Men can obtain Women who are worth their weight in gold and reach a cultural epoch that means Men will not have to worry about finding satisfaction elsewhere.

At this time of course, we live very VERY far removed from anything even remotely of this nature.

There are not even fumes left to breathe of the days when the relations were as under the good times.

Be that as it may, we live in the most absurd era of levels of body “sell-out” and “opportunism” that have been administered to women, to a point where they can even make a living selling their bodies by never leaving their home on various network platforms.

The ban on prostitution, even by legal definition, would extend itself into the Internet, meaning that women cannot use their bodies to make a living for any reason, even if by the means of clothed depictions, modeling, and so forth.

Alas, as I have said, all Men, Women and Children, under Prussia, belong as property to the State.

The State has the ultimate right to terminate your existence or your rights, if you do something which is degrading and affects our people as a family. Whether it’s tattooing your body, abusing drugs or selling your body. The Prussian State can issue the death penalty upon you – even against the will of your family – if you prove to be a liability or danger to Prussian civilization.

The Prussian State can always designate, at any time, what one can or cannot do with their body, and what may be considered as a material crime against the body, as a standing member of the Prussian Nation.

Women under Prussia are not permitted to Dye their hair, or to fashion their hair in any unapproved measures by the Prussian State, including the hairstyles that Jews wear. If a Woman’s Father or Husband who owns her does not punish her first, you can be sure that the Prussian state shall do so, second.

Prussia also does not believe in having “institutions” like “support programs” for people who fuck up their life. If you fuck up your life due to bad decisions you’ve made in life, you are responsible for correcting those problems, or your family or heirs must take responsibility for it. If they don’t, the Prussian State can either imprison you or line you up against the wall, if you are a liability or danger.

Prussia is supposed to be a tight, clean and lean machine. We want a State that has Clean and dignified people, and also run with minimizing expenses, without excesses or ridiculous expenditures, as can be seen which are byproducts of Capitalist Countries.

If you fuck up your life, you are responsible for it and must learn to face the music and live with all the consequences, even if they bring you a lifetime of torment and bad luck.

In addition, the Modern Prussia will not offer you any consolation or delusions from religions either. So there will be no “forgiveness” or “redemption”, as it were, with the Christian religions who seemed to be able to offer this mental masturbation to those who have made bad life choices.

No, You must deal with the bitterness!

All Great civilizations of history, even predating Sparta and up to Rome have often had very strict designations of their people being designated as “property” of the State. The Spartans, so much to the point that a baby born, genetically unfit, would be tossed upon the hills left to perish if not fit for the Spartan State.

There is too much love in our Modern World for Weakness, Degeneracy, Inferiority and Fakeness.

The prohibition and shunning of prostitution will only make our people stronger, cleaner and more vibrant.

Prostitution is always a symptom of a part of society that is lagging, it has nothing to do with that which is thriving or improving.

Truly, only Tightness and being Firm and Ruthless in one’s character and principles can make a Race Strong and Viable, to make it be able to thrive and prosper mightily and to intimidate external foes.

The moment in which a racial people gives up these values, they begin to become weak, amenable to infiltration and subversion, and then they begin to view their newfound “openness” as “progressive” values, even though these values are regressive in nature.

All this, is always in alignment with National Hygiene – something Americans have no consciousness of, and which only degenerate Nations like democracies are opposed to.

For the American, adhering to “National / Racial Hygiene” and even sometimes Personal Hygiene is considered “too oppressive” and “restrictive of their freedoms”.

Afterall, they are known to be a people where it’s considered acceptable to go out to the store and anywhere in public in your Pajamas and Slippers. Something not even a Russian girl would EVER dare attempt! (To put into perspective).

Yet these same trashbags of people have no problem with governments ordering them to wear face masks (as unhygienic as they are) and where it’s seen as a virtue to cover your face and identity, in this fake delusional idea of “the greater good”.

Prussia, by many measures, is even stricter in regards to treatment and regard of Women than are the Muslims.

A day will come in the future, especially for Western Nations, where they will painfully have to accept our wisdom on the approach to prostitution and Women’s place in society, but I believe that this time will not occur until they have first been humiliated.

Because a lot of challenges and inconveniences that Westerners face, are actually predispositions and social / culture issues created by Jews, which would not otherwise exist in a Clean and Unadulterated society, especially one which has not polluted their Racial Blood.

A lot of the idealism and obsession with certain “freedoms” or protections of institutions are defended by people who are either Weak or Disenfranchised to a point of where they have little to no concept of Real Freedom, or just how much their lives have been relegated, rationed and planned out for them to where they need to rely on such services and institutions which only a sick and decaying society would ever show a market for need and demand.

Western People are to soon get the humiliation (bankruptcy and destruction) of their Nations and to completely see all for themselves afar, the destruction that permitting Women equal rights has afforded for their Nations.

All claims or displays of “outrage” against our measures can fall on deaf ears for all we care, because even legitimate studies have shown that about 80% of sexual encounters in Western Nations (all of them) have been found to be based on toxic engagements and are in essence “toxic sex” based on some type of degenerate ideas. The sex that people have in Western Nations (excluding Greece) is not even for the basis of pleasure!