Germany is Nearly Finished, Almost Likely in a few months if Germans do nothing.

I will be writing more on this topic shortly, but for those of you in Germany, you better smarten up real fast and get with the program. The machinations moving forwards right now in Germany are all but to ensure that there will be no chance of its survival or any reversal for all time, if people do not initialize Civil Wars and Unrest in the country.

It may be by early Next year that the Eternal Fate is sealed for the country, as the time window is really mostly over.

It was even over in one way after 1945.

It was even over in yet another way in 1918.

All depending on by what measures and interpretations you wish to use.

I am calling on the German people who still have brain cells working, all Members of the Bundeswehr, of the Working Public, all Members of society, Male or Female, Young and Old alike.

You must be prepared to fight and resist with ruthlessness what is taking place now in Germany, and also what is to come.

You must be willing to face the possibility of persecution or even being considered a traitor or being charged with sedition.

The time window for our Nation is almost over, and I feel it in my bones with every passing day.

On the flip side of this crisis, is the fact that only Germany – a German Revival and Renaissance, with full Restoration of our Reich can rescue Europe and only GERMANY is an equipped people who have the knowledge to fight against the Communist threat.

Do not look up to America’s Leadership or Russia’s Leadership of where or who to turn to, or who deserves the right to hold the torch.

The Torch belongs to GERMANY and GERMANY ONLY and you must be willing to accept this fate.

If Germany falls, it’s over for Europe as well, and it’s over for the world.

The REGIME which runs our Homeland is NOT a legitimate regime, not Legitimate by any stretch of your imagination.

Germany has not had a legitimate regime in power since the National Socialists fell.

If you fail to recognize this, you are a disgrace to our homeland.

This regime in power right now is determined, with absolute fanaticism to bring Germany down to its knees and erase the rest of Germany’s cultural legacy and significance in the world, and to eliminate more than 50% of the current population by the year of 2025.

This regime in power is now bringing Afghani refugees into your land, who will not only despise you but will even further the abuse of the Welfare State and push their own replacement measures upon that which remains of Germany.

A war fought by Germans, in which Germans and Germany have no vested interest and no measure whatsoever to be involved in. The Americans also have no business in Afghanistan, but because they occupy Germany and with NATO, Germany has been coerced into some of our Soldiers involved with American-NATO-Zionist Wars. NATO is a Zionist Institution.

No True German who has the Teutonic Rage of our Ancestors can rest peacefully or be content to accept this!!!

If you are a German who believes in Democracy, a German who is against our Reich, and feels as if you will do anything and everything to ensure that the Reich never returns, if you are a German who believes that anyone can “Become German” you are most DEFINITELY Anti-German and guilty of Treason to the highest order! A legitimate regime would have absolutely every right and authority to strip you of German citizenship and identity, even up to your surname and do whatever they please to punish you and torment you, if you are even kept alive, and banish you from our lands.

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