Mathematics is Not Creative, It is a Man-Made Scourge and a Tool used by the Luciferians

The Information Age that we live in has also perhaps been one of the most Intellectually-obsessed Era that we live in, where the focus on Intelligence has been one of worship, rather than reverence.

As such, Intelligence is “misplaced” and to a point where there is no longer any kind of Real Intelligence, because the Truest Intelligence first comes from Intuition and Wisdom.

However, Modern Western Civilization rejects the notions of Intuition, and it also is not very keen on applying Wisdom. At least not in real application.

Wisdom is looked upon more as a museum or relic of the past which people love to attribute quotes or references to from Books and Passages, but rarely is the occasion that you meet truly spirited people who demonstrate values in which they are actually a living example of such wisdom, and that you see the direct execution and action put into practice of everyday life.

Wisdom is not profitible. Wisdom also demands that people have morals, prudence and forethought.

Wisdom will not win you social acceptance or advancement, in fact, it can lead to further isolation.

The problem with our age is that we live in a world that, due to its material demand, it has become one which only respects that which is material.

Material is necessary for our survival, and I have no qualms against monumental figures being Mathematics, including the likes of our Gottfried Leibniz or the Frenchman Blaise Pascal, however this Individual is a great exception in the fact that he possessed much wisdom and also the spirit to not become blind-sighted by Mathematics, which meant something very different even a short time ago during his lifetime. That being said, it was his Philosophical Side which pioneered his knack for Invention and his proficiency in Mathematics, rather than the other way around as many people are trained to view it in the latter paradigm.

Today, Mathematics is a cut and dry, calculating and Luciferian Agenda.

People who think only by the means by Mathematics are essentially Evil and Calculating Cowards.

All Calculative people are Cowards, although it is not the focal point of this entry.

Numerous youth who attend Universities in the Modern Era, actually believe that Mathematics is “Creative”, and the person who speaks this nonsense is as foolish as the one who worships the Tree Branch more than they do the Sweet Red Apple that hangs from it.

Mathematics is “NOT Creative” only because you measured out pieces of wood to be cut to create and build something. Mathematics is a TOOL you used, but the Creative attributes that build with the wood come from inner vision and creativity.

Mathematics, and all relative forms of it, using Logic via the means of Inductive and Deductive reasoning as the “be-all, end-all” form of decision-making and reasoning, is the Modus Operandi of our World Order and also of that which is deemed to be “successful” and “righteous” in all affairs.

There is no Imagination to be found in the Mathematical being.

Mathematics is a Means, its designs are all man-made in efforts we use to attempt abilities to control, navigate and create a sense of order in our Universe. But to worship this is pathetic, and worst of all, it’s ego-centric.

What I have noticed over these many past years is that many University Students, even if they do not go to school for a Major in this field, that they are all being trained to think Mathematically.

Social Media even has its own ways to program people to behave in this manner.

The person who thinks ALL LOGICALLY and the person who thinks ALL EMOTIONALLY are both equally savage in nature.

The entirely logical archetype, being represented by the Jew, while the entirely logical archetype being represented by the Negro.

Both use their Logic or Emotions to their own ends to manipulate others.

What is the point of using Reason and Logic, if there is no ideal in mind for Passions and Enjoyment, as well as things which please the Senses?

The Logical only person who is Mathematical, never sees the point to Pleasures or Passion. They are viewed as weakness by these types because they are cowards, and cannot afford to be in scenarios or experiences where they cannot use the inductive and deductive reasoning to calculate things, if even a risk.

On the other hand, the Emotional only person does not have any sound principles or balance in their life whatsoever, and therefore there is nothing to define any meaning or memories because there are no sense of standards or measure by which their experiences and passions can be allotted. Therefore, it doesn’t matter in their mind how or why something feels good or is enjoyable, it just matters that it exists, and that if it does not exist, it seeks to impulsively pilfer it from anyone or whatever resource it can be extracted from, without any thought or guilt for doing so. Altruism or a sense of responsibility cannot exist in this type of brain.

The Ancient Greeks understood better than anyone else that a mind which lacks the harmony of Logic and Heart is a worthless one.

Today there is far too much focus on Intellect and Worship of it.

There is also an overly-redundant focus on it in the Universities of this world, for people who are in fields of study which will almost never require all the special kinds of Mathematics Learning beyond Basic Math understanding.

At this point we are in this world, most people make ultimate decisions and establish relationships with others based on Mathematical thinking. There is little room for wisdom or emotion, or even social integration and happiness based on the decisions they make. Such mattered are merely swept to the side as an afterthought.

The most mathematical people of all are Accountants. All Accountants are boring people and all of them are cowards. For them, mathematics is a system of control.

The state of affairs in Germany today are a direct reflection of this “Mathematical” plague, as our Germany has been reduced to a Nation whereby only logic of calculating processes for the sake of Order are considered to be the Pinnacle of civilization.

These attributes are not natural, but are the result of decline in Prussian Culture and Influences upon the German Masses.

A Flourishing Germany means a culture where Creative, Imaginative people are the large breeding stock, rather than the mathematical types.

However, this is not the only period of German history in which the Creative, Imaginative stock has been siege.

Nietzsche has been a very phenomenal figure with vision to recognize the dangers of this logical / mathematical influence on the German population as a whole, and how it endangered German Culture.

Bismarck ended up saving Germany in that time period from completely dissolving into this mechanical way of life in his own branding of politics and his personal will, and made Germans remember the significance of having strong vigor and showed our people what becomes possible when our people are United in the truest sense.

Given the state of Germany today, however, few find many things that one can be happy with or overly passionate about, so it would be unreasonable to suggest that one should just express “joy” because the leadership has pretty much eliminated all sense of this in relation to everyday German Life in the country.

But the only resolve for the mood in Germany will come about on the day that Germans can once again enjoy passionately that which they deserve, while removing the ruling class that has subjugated the spirit of the Nation to serve the Luciferian Interests.

The objective of Modern Mathematics is designed to serve the Luciferians.

Mathematics has also permitted the Mass populations around the world to permit the COVID Tyranny and their Initiation into the Cult.

All in a time when the Everyday German should have blood boiling and raging in anger, hatred and fury from the Injustices being imposed on the Nation and our Volk!

Recognizing “Facts” has never united a people. People are only united by Spirit and they Fraternize on the basis of Common Spirit. A Nation is built on the common people of common spirit who find harmony in one another, and the strong desire and connection to mutually ensure the well-being of each other and to be involved with each other to guarantee that and for generations to come.

The majority of political movements, and in particular, protests we see worldwide, never accomplish anything because they lack this spirit. They are just groups of people who come together on the basis of recognizing and agreeing to common facts. A lot of times, the movements and protests are organized by counter-intelligence operations run by the World Enemy.

Our Greatest Challenge today for Germans, is that we must train Germans and encourage them to become comfortable with becoming Cold-Blooded Killers.

Forget bickering about policies, political parties, pragmatics and pushing paper. None of it works.

We need a generation of Ruthless Men (and Women) who are willing to take out the trash, as I have repeated over and over.

Anyone, whether an Individual or Organization which suggests and promotes you to be “Non-Violent” is part of the Controlled Opposition Measures and likely is an Agent, whether you may know about it or not, despite how legitimate they may seem. You must understand that the Controllers have all the money in the world which can buy all the best Propaganda aims to completely give you a tailored experience to what you want to see to become a “believer” in their so-called “fight”, and anyone who has fully come to understand the success of the Communists in launching the Bolshevik revolution would be well versed on this aspect of controlling opposition.

The Pragmatic person is going to sit there like the coward and remind you why your Hatred and Anger is “Irrational” while he sits in his comfort zone and has no intention to defend the Nation, and even could be involved in International ties working against Germany.

The Pragmatic, Mathematical, Logical person is always the first one to remind others that “You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts” even when you are telling something truthful.

Following the Language and Mannerisms of operating “Mathematical” is the Asian or Oriental Model, again found in the Hebrew but also in the Asiatic Nations. The Asiatic Nations are taking over the Material world because they use Mathematics as the only Measure of Success and Dominance in everything they do. This represents, not a Futuristic World of Progress, but rather a Futuristic World of Decay and Material values replacing everything of Spiritual value.

Pragmatic Language and Calculating, Cunning Minds are able to greatly conceal deception and corruption, which is something that I will address further in a Future Entry.

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