The Guardian: How Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war

I am going to withhold my entire opinion on this article, but with the notion of the obvious biases against the Kaiser while admitting half-truths about his Character, but also taking note to how they put “kaiser” in the title as lowercase “k”.

Other than this, the article pretty much speaks for itself:

British Attorney confesses remorse and Shame in the persecution of National Socialists

A very rare, and one of the most ruthlessly censored statements that British Intelligence Services and their connected IT platforms also try to remove everywhere it is ever found.

Dubbed a “Forgery”, but we know this is not a Forgery, and the fact that our enemies label it a forgery only proves and validates all that much more, its authenticity:

Preparing the Reichsführer of the future for Germany and his Permanent Seat

Our Reich, Our Future Reich as has always been destined from the very First Reich, must be nothing less than the most unique and multi-faceted, futuristic form of Government in the world.

A Government where there is less barrier between the Public and Reich Leader.

Learning from old mistakes which ought to never be repeated, and securing the Reich’s position for all time in a manner that strives against corruption, and in fact makes it difficult for corruption to form in the Ranks of the Reich has to be prioritized.

The Seat of the Reich must be one based on the most toughest forms Meritocracy which elects such leader into a position of power, and the Seat of the Reich must be occupied by the Reichsführer for a lifetime or until the leader believes they may be mentally or physically not properly able to continue their position as Reichsführer and having prepared new suitable candidates to replace this Seat.

The advent of Fascism and National Socialism actually brought with it a very revolutionary advantage of humility with it, in which the leader of the regime is as much an ordinary citizen, and also demonstrates through action, including uniforms, such behavior, rather than someone exalted or worshiped.

With the goal that National Socialism had in mind in creating itself to be the most perfected form of Totalitarian government, it does so in the effort to combat Malevolent Totalitarianism and actually gives a competition to these subversive elements developing, at least most of all, for the German People.

The fact is that, we need a universally guiding principle within our body politic, and that every level or class of society must be seamlessly and organically united in the most truest sense of this unity, rather than it existing as some type of Utopian Idealism.

The overall guiding principle of that, has been an awakening which struck the German people into recognizing our own self value as a people, re-gaining our respect on the World Stage which was lost after World War 1, and not capitulating to things like New Age Dogma, False Positivity, Pipe Dreams, Welfare from others or other forms of Magical Thinking.

Alas, how many times the Führer had also told our people in his glorious speeches “Never expect help from the outside, or from the heavens! But only from within us!”

These days, all people ever do is pray to some God thinking that this God somehow hears their prayers and dishes out their wishes, otherwise they are asking and begging the government for help.

As a Futuristic Totalitarian State, the Reich does not guarantee anyone’s help, rather it tells the people to help themselves for achieving our greatness. The Reich is the Echo Chamber of the People’s will, without the mob mentality of Democracy.

Someday, I know that Germans will one day re-awaken to understand this esoteric fact about Democracy, and it may become a painful revelation for them with how much the Modern Germany as a Federal Democracy has come to sacrifice and invest their all into the current form of government that exists there.

Namely, the fact that Democracy is in no way Native to Germans or Germanism in any form.

Namely, that Democracy only brings False Hopes and Promises, and in the end delivers nothing and leaves you only wanting.

Democracy contains within itself, the seed of self-destruction. It also assumes that at any given time, a segment of the population has a greater claim towards both a portion of pie but also in other beliefs or ideologies.

In every Democracy that has ever existed, internal divisions begin growing among the people in very complex manners that actually do not even develop under Communist Dictatorships.

Therefore, this is why Democracies lead to the most destructive collapse and turmoil of Nations.

Democracy is antithetical to everything that is inherent about Germanism.

Under the Reich, the Development of Laws, through any legal processes under the Reich, must go through very various levels of procedures through different government ministries, and also have Scientific methods brought into consideration before legislation could take place.

Irrespective of this, the Reichsführer still is the Ultimate Law, superseding any Law by the end of the day.

Only whipped up emotions from fools feel threatened by a leader with such authority, but these same fools forget that EVERY form of government in world history, which arose in every single country, even that of the United States, irrespective of bogus things like “Rule of Law”, “Civil Law” or “Bill of Rights” or a Constitution that declared that if a Tyrannical government is installed that the people have the right to take back the government, let me tell you something…

EACH of these governments so established themselves to make it Illegal and considered an Act of Sedition to overthrow the government, even if the government installed has been one that subverted, infiltrated and overtook the initial government.

Since when will a government in existence ever admit its illegitimacy, even if it is a puppet government or undeclared dictatorship!? Since NEVER! They will resort to all mechanisms and tools possible to maintain their power in position, yes, even in a Constitutional Republic or a Democracy, the circumstance is always the same. Every one of these governments in world history also eventually resorts to protecting itself and its system at all costs, even by killing off their own populations, external wars and cooking their books to offset the effects of debts and bankruptcy.

Therefore, the fear of an Absolute Leader with 100% unchecked authority, should not be something feared. What you should fear is your own prudence and decision-making in electing the proper leader!

History shows that most people always Elect a tyrant and a bad leader EVER before they do a good leader, even in the best of times. It is also a fact that most people do not even deserve rights to vote, and therefore we come back to the problems of governance in terms of what type of government works, which ones do not, and which are in respect to the culture and will of a specific people.

Prohibitive Laws, especially if a Nation is in a state of distress or attack from elements within or without, Laws can lead to breaking the Nation, or for other forms of corruption to develop within, where the chain of command is eternally broken, and that if needed emergency measures are to be enacted, they need to have free right of way to be able to be executed, instead of stalled or dismissed.

The Reichsführer will always have the greatest tendency to be a type of leader who does not smile often, and carries oneself in an ultimately serious and dedicated manner.

The people will naturally have to understand that in electing such a leader into such an absolute form of authority over them, that they select the most fit and proper leader.

National Socialism, like Fascism, were both not designed for export to be imposed on other countries, and rightfully so.

The Principles of our beliefs are too rigorous, too extreme and involved for Barbarian Nations to follow in practice, hence why we designate all other Nations as Barbarians.

It is one thing and admirable, maybe if a Barbarian Nation takes inspiration of some of our principles.

Most Nations, have some kind of subconscious understanding about their people, and what they are capable and not capable of, in particular their Leadership and Intelligence Agencies.

National Socialism, applied to some countries, could cause some leaders to take abusive measures when the standards cannot be met, and then meted out on its population, even if the leaders of such Nations wish to avoid such punishments.

For example, if National Socialism were to be fully applied in the Mediterranean Parts of Europe, would the lifestyles and cultures there permit things to run on time and be achieved in a proper manner? Probably not, and their populations would fret.

Also Alien to the Barbarian Nations is the paradoxical idea that a type of government can exist where its citizens have Sovereign Rights but also are considered as State Property at the same time. This is a German concept and ambition, and only one which Germans can thoroughly exercise to its correct position.

Primarily, the greatest significance that Barbarian Nations would do well to take on is the adoption of using similar Racial Policies as we outline for our own people (and doing it for their people) and working to reform their Nations to make Corruption become something that is inefficient at developing. Such a task of course, is easier said than done, and in some Nations it might not be achievable at all.

In the case of Russia, while Russians have always been a mixture of Races, the very fact of the matter is that, from the occasions when this Nation did develop remarkable elements from Musicians, Thinkers and other really unique prominent figures, the arrival of Bolshevism had completely eliminated the best elements that existed in Russian Society.

In my opinion both from reflection but also in statistical research of the Russian situation, it seems very unlikely that their Nation will ever recover from that tragedy, and it also means that corruption will absolutely remain a perpetual issue for them no matter how favorable their circumstances are, but also that their destiny as a Nation and because of their racial makeup and geo-political position, is to remain as a Democratic form of government for the future.

Bolshevism, through many various means, has destroyed all Nations on Earth. Today we are living among cesspools of people, many whom in all honesty do not deserve Sovereignty, or at least would have to go to great lengths to demonstrate their virtues to earn this Sovereignty.

One thing that should ALWAYS be remembered however, is that Monarchy is NOT an obsolete form of government, but I do believe that Blood Dynasties as their means of existence definitely are. It is a very complex subject, and then we must also recognize the fact for how many thousands of years, that those who have ruled over us have more often than not, seen their citizens as nothing but ants or manipulated them in some very strange and bizarre ways.

In the case of Imperial Germany, the great faults within lied with the fact that the Monarchy had become compromised at one point, and the very fact that most regimes have very restrictive measures in the way that they speak with and interact with their people in public and even private speeches and appearances.

Worst of all, is that Imperial Germany did not realize it had inherited an enemy within its gates and did not realize it was being backstabbed because of a force that was not exactly understood or perceived at the time. This is not to say WW1 would not have happened either way, Germany was being forced into it regardless of its wishes, however the backing of certain sides and alliances made during this time with other events by very specific design all led up for it to be inevitable, and an act of betrayal against Germany even before the war began. Germany would NOT have been left alone, even if avoiding war, for the British would not let us develop a needed level of Commerce needed for our people and also to address poverty and other developmental issues which were relevant of that time.

Very rapidly after WW1 ended however, the truth of these matters and series of events understood had made the picture very clear to see who the enemies of Germany were, as they became exposed to nearly all Germans even long before the formation of the NSDAP. It instilled a deep sense of despair and bitterness in our people, yes even to a point of enraging the most famous Austrian Man who had the guts to go above and beyond all else to prove that.

Although fortunate enough for Imperial Germany that it had avoided invasion in the First World War, the depletion of resources because of the War, Mounting War Debts, the Reparations and punishing Treaty of Versailles had left Germany in a totally humiliated and broken position. There would be no way Germany could reorganize and regain its status without some type of very unusual, unorthodox and ruthless leader which may seem intolerable to most.

As far as when the Monarchy did exist, Bismarck had the true last stronghold on Imperial Germany, but after the fallout and his soon to follow death, the ability for the German Imperial voices to speak down to earth to its people began to vanish. We also see in that, the complex issues that arise from the combination of Monarchy with Parliamentary systems.

Often times as well, when regimes become very desperate, they will resort to using very religious connotations and terms, often in inappropriate statements or gestures, and in the most forceful and bizarre manner that make them as unnatural as possible.

Under the Third Reich, the German People felt within them that they were the God Mass itself! And they didn’t need a Church for it!

The Form of the Seat of the Reichsführer guarantees that the type of leader which occupies it, can absolutely state anything they wish whatsoever, without any ultimate restraint or limit, however with the correct guidance of Generals and certain Ministries. Nevertheless, this leader still has limitless freedom to do whatever they may. But the Reichsführer does not abuse power, knowing that he would do well to know how to speak and what to speak.

This was almost rarely the case in much of history during Imperial Germany, and it’s also why leaders like Bismarck also became so despised and controversial among many in Germany.

Aside from some Militaristic speeches by the Kaiser, the other very outspoken figure in German Leadership would absolutely be Frederick the Great.

We must see to it that we have an Eternal Population which follows exactly in the footsteps and innovates upon the greatest leaders of Germany.

At present, Germans may be very nervous about change or see it as a regressive measure to back to our old days of the Reich because they have been so conditioned, but also the fact that the nature of Commerce and Modern Interests that have changed since the end of World War 2, has made it seem like the world we envision is either not relevant, or impossible, or too much for them to handle, and rather that they want to occupy themselves with other more “socially acceptable” endeavors.

A few decades of relative peace and stability has softened our people too much to ignore the consequences of a sterilized society and the fact that we are being replaced, and that this is NOT a natural phenomenon whatsoever!

I have observed through many years of study and interaction with Barbarian Nations, and at this point I would also say that it is questionable if there are any other people on Earth except for Germans, which are capable to tolerate and adhere to a Regime which does not need to resort to Dead-pan Rhetorical Statements to capture the attention of people and get them to believe it.

Most people become very disinterested from even the slightest of whims, anything that they don’t like to hear is enough, if even after years of respect and reverence.

For this reason specifically, we can never put too much faith in Barbarians.

Studies have even been shown that the majority of people who claim they Love or Defend “Freedom”, do not even actually believe in whatsoever, it’s just a Cultish Idea for them to feel good.

We don’t need studies to tell us this, since it is obvious through the most anecdotal evidence around us every day. But the fact that Studies demonstrate it, I find highly disturbing. Therefore, a German should never take seriously what a Barbarian discusses about Freedom, especially the so-called “Freedom” that Americans think they have and which they love. The freedom to be dumb and lazy, that is.

Americans simply do not understand anything to do with boundaries, form, or order in any sense.

They have this annoying inferiority complex over it, but try to imitate it, and because they cannot successfully imitate it they try to be everything to everyone and think that by appealing to importing all of everyone from the world, that they will create that for themselves. They are dreaming!

While the Third Reich had exhausted many different Propaganda Efforts to appeal to the masses in certain ways, I assure you that there is no time or possibility for this in our current state, and given the conditions at this time.

In the past, I have conducted many social experiments in this regard, and using different levels of the same statements, or different ordering of the words. But the fact is that, it has a major effect on the audience.

The very fact alone, if we as Prussians have to water our language down to an acceptable level for you to understand or have the attention span to tolerate, or so it identifies with your form of “Identity Politics” is a nuisance and burden for us, and that negative trait alone WELL ESTABLISHES you as the Barbarian we label you as! Therefore, it demonstrates all that much further that we are righteous to refer to you and your kind as a Barbarian, because you are.

Watering down and Sanitizing language is an effeminate trait. It is the most unmanly thing a Man can do and also a great Shame that Women engage in to protect their reputations and many times their profits. It is disgraceful and pathetic.

Times are very different now, there is a lot more desperation in the air, the time itself is swift and we have got far too much to lose. We have already lost a lot, and most importantly we’ve lost a lot of our best racial blood. There can be no time wasted to speak in “code” and with the other silliness abound.

But it is also bizarre to see to what degree the rhetorical statement “resonate” within the individual, because a lot of times, people repeat statements either by pretending to believe in them, seeking to gravitate to commonality with others or part of a group, or trying to gain acceptance. It is amazing when you water down the language or speak on the common rhetorical phrases they are familiar with, even if you announce a very vague or empty statement, their eyes light up with glee and excitement! What simple people!

In fact, this problem is something that occurs everywhere in every day life in conversations with others, and even over the most simple and bizarre subjects.

People are only comfortable with adhering to something if it caters to identities and rhetorical approaches that they are familiar with, and especially ones which have already been crafted by Intelligence Agencies.

In my journey, I have also found that the most Pragmatic of Speakers who use the special Rhetorical methods of capturing others, are also some of the most repulsive and hypocritical piles of refuse you could ever meet in real every-day life. None of them practice what they preach. These are the same goblins all over YouTube now, since everyone can now become their own little celebrity, telling you that we are “winning the war” without even putting up a fight, and that you can somehow fight non-violently and also persuade politicians for your rights back.

One of these goblins can be observed here:

Centuries of Christianity may have contributed to this “softening of the masses”, and while I cannot officially verify that, it seems very plausible and likely. Combine that with all the wars and other conflicts that mankind has endured.

Simply put, the masses just cannot appreciate the truth, and the more of it they hear, the more it is inconvenient for them. It is a rare to non-existent occasion that audiences gather or plea for more information on something very important or relevant that is also truthful, unless there is money to be made, or if they were put into a dire circumstance which had no exit.

In some of my activism in public, I have been immersed in such situations, and the fervor and desperation that reek off of these occasional characters is toxic and shockingly disgusting and frightening in a very bizarre manner, if only they knew what I actually thought of them and know about them.

The PSA will never reduce itself to this level of ridiculousness of Rhetorical and Sanitized Speakers. We want no history associated with people who are cowards, while they get a lot of praise and attention, but are they getting anything achieved!? And yet people wonder why nothing is ever getting achieved.

These goblins repeat rhetorical mantras like “We Can Win, and We Will Win” or “You Got This!”

What’s worse is that now the online crowds can only deal in terms of being “Pilled” by certain colors.

If it doesn’t have the “Red Pill” Branding, for example, they do not trust the source or feel common grounds with the source. This is a circumstance that arises from the lack of belonging to a common culture that people develop these habits.

I would never lie to my audience as that, and the type of Reichsfuhrer we need is one who will also not engage in this juvenile silliness. But it seems that the masses everywhere eat it up like candy and then try to convince each other that they are all “winning” or that there are “MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE THEM [Democrats / Communists]” in this fight.

These are simply NOT true, and it also discounts the fact that there are many politically neutral people that live in a given society. The fight is FAR from won at this point, and the enemy is using a public health crisis to pull wool over everyone’s eyes to render all peoples of the world impotent in discovering or fighting the world enemy.

I sincerely believe that, only the German Race might be capable to handle the unfavorable facts or when not much of good news in mind, yet still keep persistence in the fight going because of the spirit of our people. The German maintains his loyalty best, even at all odds and against the grain.

When the Duce was taken out, this was evidently not the case whatsoever with the Italians as the next day they expressed disgust over the Duce and never really believing in Fascism and expressing their sentiment of “liberation” with the Allies.

The history of Italians is to side with the winning side, right or wrong, no matter the circumstance.

Germany has learned the painful mistakes of ever having Italy aligned with us in either World War, and in any future conflicts and involvements, we cannot have that Nation as an ally.

It is difficult for a True German to lie to even himself / herself, and even after Germany lost WW2 and the so-called “unconditional surrender” terms went into effect, there were even some DETERMINED elements of the Wehrmacht in pockets of Germany that still were fighting to the very bitter end of it even after the Fall and against all odds and situations until the very last remnants of them were stamped out.

This Determination that burns within us and cannot be distracted nor diverted, this sense of untiring restlessness is terrifying to Barbarians, because they do not feel it or understand it themselves.

The Americans and British are perfect examples of a people who do not have this in them, hence why you always hear the blunt statement from them where they give no sincere or justified explanation, but simply state “Either way, the Germans had to be stopped. We had to stop them. They were too ambitious.”

Success shuts down people’s criticism of right or wrong, therefore English and American Ambitions never get put under a microscope.

Everything I have witnessed of Barbarians show that they need false promises and false inspiration, false do-gooder mentality and this mentality is the absolute worst among the Americans and English with their obsessive self-righteousness.

Therefore, our struggle is even more arduous in the fact, that we are in a ruthless competition against this rhetoric because we have no time we can waste with having to sanitize our language or approaches, or to butter things up for the masses. We are not going to be polite, and we must be afforded the opportunity to be as offensive and repulsive when the times call for it.The masses are essentially useless, especially in this era we live in, as I’ve said time and time again.

With the way the United States is governed, a political leader including the President can make the wrong statement or wrong selection of words, and he loses “Media Ratings” and then various groups get stirred up in opposition. Wall Street and Stock Prices could crash. That is just how absurd our modern world has become. Systems in place like these only lead a population and their highest leader in office to become Pussies and Rats, and that’s exactly what the Americans are and what they have now, it’s what they deserve because they tolerate and worship this clown show.

As Germans, we cannot be bothered with this type of nonsense under the regime we envision, therefore it MUST be Totalitarian in Nature and Scope, and it must have an Absolute Sovereign over the Sovereigns in the form of ruling. If we must isolate ourselves forever from the rest of the world to achieve this position, than we must do that.

The other fact is that, the bulk majority of the Reich population has to be firmly educated, with wisdom and to have qualities and endurance beyond all the other Nations, and these qualities cannot be overlooked or taken for granted even during periods of great success and riches. If this is not achieved, there is no purpose for the Reich and enduring what we must for gaining this glory once again, because it means we must relegate ourselves to the mediocre state of all other peoples.

The Goal even more since 1945 has always been that our enemies and occupiers have wanted to break down the German will. Because they are terrified what comes out of it when it is not suppressed. The Allies also took a gamble on being able to perpetually prevent this will from resurfacing, via “De-Nazification” and they are banking on Germans perpetually maintaining ourselves in a state of fear or as if we owe other Nations, when in reality it is the other Nations that owe us.

If the Third Reich had led the way after World War II by winning it, today it would stand as a Nation in every tangible and non-tangible arena, field and circumstance of life in development, at least 400 Years advanced [if not more] in every respect, compared to all other Nations in the world.

For any of readers who disagree with my words and find them offensive or unacceptable must be reminded that they are just another cog in the machine, another brick in the wall, another leaf in the wind, another grain of sand, a drone living on Auto-pilot, and that it is you who is part of the eternal problem of this world, and your complacency and social conformity is the reason why this world operates the way it does, where nothing ever changes for the better and where the fake is more real than anything which is real. You remain a sworn enemy to us, and there will be no rest until we see these ideas exterminated in this world, and people who follow them to be rendered broken.

Mark My Words Eternally, that if the Reich shall never return, than the rest of this world is to absorb the punishment for all of its sins against Germany and its only destiny is to burn!

All English / Celtic People, The Nations of the UK are STILL as much an enemy today of Germany as they have been in the past.

It is a grave error to believe that somehow there is some modern form of true “Peace” or “Forgiveness” overlooking the past between the Nations of England and Germany.

While not politically or geographically accurate for grouping, I will refer to all the Anglo, Celtic and people of the Isles under the label of the “English” in this specific entry because of the fact that these people are essentially in one form or another, Jewish and work for the cause of Jewish Interests.

The people of these Nations, whether English (British), Irish, Scottish, Welsh or what have you, are a predominantly Hebrew People, and their existence is represented by Hebrew Energy and Connections. The Celts are a race of Jews, not Europeans, despite their former influence throughout Europe, and rightfully displaced by the Romans.

Today, the English and their American variants are as ever a danger to the world of Germanism as they have been in the past.

Something should be made clear about this Nation known as “England” and the entire United Kingdom or the British Isles.

The blood on these Islands are a “bloody people”, and they come from a ravenously disgusting sloth of people which were relegated to this region by the Romans, because they presented a threat to the greatness of Rome.

To understand the root origins of these tribes on the British Isles can only be understood by the old names which these tribes existed under, such as the Bretons or Caledonians / Pictish Tribes, in which the “British” get their distinct origins, from the race of “Bretons”, a very wild and barbaric ill-tempered war-like people of which many French are related to, and in understanding the connection the French have long had with the British in terms of warfare, has a lot to do with this blood connection.

The only exception of Non-Hebrew Incarnations to these Islands were of an initially Germanic variety of Germanic and Norman conquerors. However, many more of the Norman conquerors have already had admixture if not outright blood of Celtic peoples.

The Celtic people stand in contrast to a Highly Developed and Powerful Centralized State in Europe, which was the ultimate destiny and design of the Roman Empire.

To fully ever appreciate the German role of taking over from Rome, one must understand properly the course of Roman History and the encounters that Roman Historians and Writers have made about these wild and untamed people.

While it may be under the Spirit of Teutonic Dominance, the fact of the matter is that as Germans, our Mission and Struggle for Europe is continuing a Tradition that has been laid before us by the Romans. Our Legacy is not just the replacement of Rome but also taking the excellence of what Rome represented, to an entirely New Level.

The Roman method of dealing these people was definitely an attempt to exterminate the races which today inhabit the British Isles, because the Romans viewed them all as a threat to the existence of their Empire. Many of these people, particularly the Celtic Tribes became a consistent menace and great expense for the Roman Empire to manage and keep at bay, eventually coming to a point where they lost too many Men and wasted resources in trying to defend against them and needed to wall these people off and keep them away from the Empire.

The same enemies of Rome and its Empire are the same enemies of Germany and our Reich.

Rightfully, the English People can only be summed up and regarded as the following:

A Band of Thugs & Nation Destroyers.

They have always been people who are this way.

Nearly all destructive tendencies around the world have origin from this Nation and their American counterparts.

These people are responsible for the wholesale destruction of many Nations and their Culture.

These Nations are responsible for promoting Obesity, Drug Use, Feminism, Homosexual Tolerance and Influence, as well as Illegal Immigration. The English Nation and their American counterparts are responsible for all of the Islamic Problems and Conflict, and spillover of issues from the Islamic World into our Nations.

The English and Americans promote drug use in any Host Nation they have influence in including their own lands, and on the flip side, they hold farmers literally at gun-point in foreign nations to grow and distribute these drugs. The English and Americans, along with their Intelligence Agencies, are expressly involved in the Drug Trade and have the Drug Cartels and Dealers in their back pockets. Half of Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth is from the Drug Business that the English are involved in, and all the British banks and the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and so forth are heavily involved in the drug business, deriving massive profits and royalties from the Drug Trade at the expense of disrupting and destabilizing Nations and Families.

If the English and Americans were not in existence, we wouldn’t have any interference or problems today with the Islamic world. We would not bother them, and they wouldn’t bother us.

The German position on England has always been too easy, and out of a misplaced sentiment for this Nation only due to its successes being built on an Empire that used blood, conflicts and monopoly of the seas as a way of maintaining its prominence.

Ask any nation in the world, even towards China, India or some African Nation, who would they prefer as their Overlords and Conquerors, if they had a choice, the English or the Germans!?

INEVITIBLY the answer around the world would be their preference for GERMANS!

The English are a pig-headed people. Cowardly bigots, fake and using politeness as a means of camouflaging their fakeness.

I hate the English Nation and the English people, they are and have always been a scourge, and no Nation in the world should feel sympathy for the fall of the UK.

The English are a disgusting and distasteful, pretentious people.

English people, I have found, are some of the most brainwashed and cowardly people I have ever encountered in my life.

The English are the ones who have turned everything, including human values to be turned into something as a profit.

Never expect that the English or the Normans will ever come to relinquish their love of Jewry, or the fact that many of their families for centuries have intermixed with Jewish families, if even keeping it a dark secret.

The Fall of both the UK and America is something that should be celebrated, but taken advantage of by Europeans, but especially by Germans.

For Europe cannot be free or sovereign, until the Nations of the UK and America are destroyed and that these people are rendered impotent in every possible manner, even bankrupted and left to starvation. They are not worth even a piece of candy.

The hour is late for Europe now, because most Europeans are not aware of our International Enemy.

Many Germans and other Caucasian Nations have had unnecessary and baseless Hatred Mobilized against them by Barbarian Nations who are not of the Caucasian Types, which are a result of misguided hatred which should be aimed specifically at the people of the British Isles and America, even directed specifically against American and British Soldiers! Instead, the Entire Caucasian Race is being held hostage as the scapegoat for causes which are actually responsibility of the English and Americans.

The Fall of England and America have been inevitable, especially after World War II, although the Fall of Europe could have been avoided or at least mitigated in better ways, if there was a will among Europeans to re-awaken to their Sovereignty and have the desire to reconvene with the past.


German Spirit is maintained only by Hatred and Disgust at this world and Democracy Lovers

The only way a German can be properly Pure and Clean – in Mind, Body and Spirit – is by the Vehement rejection of this Modern world, of the Modern Philosophies that Modern People accept as “Facts” or things which are actually sought after as “Desirable”.

Democracy Lovers are a thorn in our side, and one which need to be dispatched without any afterthought.

I am sick and tired of hearing Americans and Europeans whine about “Losing their Democracy” and yet they speak of Democracy as if it’s a good thing or somehow desirable and beneficial for them. These fringe lunatics have no idea what they are defending, and they pretend or lie to themselves as if Democracy was anything but a Transitory System.

Every German who despises the idea of the Reich and seeks to prevent its return at any cost, is a sworn enemy to the German people, and is a part of the great problem our Fatherland faces in ever restoring itself to Glory and Greatness.

Germany has become a Second-Rate Nation since 1945. There is no justification to claim otherwise.

The people who blame the National Socialists, know absolutely nothing about what they speak of, and they have no authority on the manner, or any intimate understanding about the German Mission and why this ideology had put the Germans to the most unprecedented determination in pursuing that Mission.

Perhaps the world may never come to truly appreciate why Germany fought in both World Wars, and also the fact that Germany was cornered into them.

The Loss of both of these wars does not prove that Germany was in the wrong, but most people’s minds are conditioned to believe the side of victory and success to always be the right side of the story.

The world does not understand the German Spirit and Determination, rather it is frightened by it.

This makes me all the more convinced why as Germans, and especially those who are Prussian, have less and less commonality whatsoever with the Modern World.

It is no coincidence that within 5 years after World War II ended, that the Family Unit of Western Civilization began rapidly deteriorating. Views and Values began to be challenged, and along with many Women having been exposed to the Labor Force by assisting Factory work for the Men who were absent due to being on the battle front.

This period also began the process of where Divorce for the first time, had become more embraced or considered acceptable, especially in America and the UK and later increasing in every subsequent decade in Western Countries.

Much of the world today, even among many educated peoples, are willfully ignorant of the attack on German People and do not see the connection nor want to see the connection of German People having been an on-going targeted group in the world, and while historically it has been true for many centuries, it had become unprecedented since the later part of the 1800’s.

The German Race has been under heavy attacks, blow by blow, reputation being undermined by baseless hatred coming from other Nations.

Most Germans today also are not even certain about being under attack as a people, because they are too occupied with Self-reflection and artificially instilled guilt for many decades now to understand or perceive the transformations which took place after WW2.

In addition, only as of recent years has more information and curiosity increased to where the Many Millions of Germans who were being slaughtered even well after the war ended, has come to surface.

There is mounting evidence that many Political Scientists and Historians are now being forced to accept as factual truths, in that the Ideological conflicts behind the war were not the only factor involved against Germany, and that that in fact, the Allied Nations and their Citizens had a personal hatred and vendetta against German People, all of which had nothing to do with National Socialism or Adolf Hitler.

It is only through British Propaganda, that most people think the hatred against Germany is from the Nazi Period. Therefore, when one says “We have nothing against the German People or Nation, only against National Socialism and Hitler” the peoples who utter this phrase are complete liars for many reasons, because the same hatred and dissonance existed before the rise of the NSDAP, against the German Nation.

The other factor in this, is that the National Socialist regime united the People, Reich (State) and Fuhrer into one inseparable entity. Therefore, an attack on any one of these entities is an attack on all of them, even if the attack is on the National Socialist Party Ideology or Party Members.

Whether one approves of NSDAP ideologies and regulations or party points, one would do well to understand the nature of this political system to intellectually address it from the standpoint of how it gathered and defined the very nature of German People and the German Nation.

The majority of critics against Hitler and Nazism are liars and hypocrites anyway. All the Historians and people who heavily criticize Hitler and Nazism are yet at the same time heavily fascinated and obsessed with them. Why is that!? It is no coincidence! The way in which Hitler rescued Germany and brought it back as a world power is a remarkable feat in World History! No example of it has been found anywhere in history, and not even by a leader who inherited their position. Hitler had nothing to inherit, he was not a Prussian, had no connection to German Royals, was born poor and had no wealth, was not financed into power and had nobody to back him. He entirely used his will to get a people to follow his will. And even the most hateful critics of him cannot escape the admiration of this, or the fact that the German people have been of the most heroic and bravest, most innovative fighters which even impressed and yet disgusted many Americans and Russians in the war.

It is no coincidence that National Socialist apparel and artifacts, things like Uniforms and other Material from WW2 have a higher price tag and greater scarcity associated with them compared to the Allied Nations. Germany was a very poor Nation when the National Socialists took over. And the Jews stole all the Gold from Germany, deindustrialized the Nation and also stole all work opportunities and positions for German people.

General Hans von Seeckt, one of the most prominent WW1 Generals and also one of my favorite, had made no hesitation in alerting the world to the fact of continuing aggression against the German Nation after losing WW1, and that nothing has changed.

The world owes Germany many things, including much sympathy and respect, to a point where the rest of the world does not deserve to partake in any of the fruitful endeavors that Germany could offer this world.

To be German and consistent with the current affairs in this world, one must hold resentment towards the Barbarians who fought against us and also despise us, but also to understand that we owe nothing to anyone who is not German, and that the world can only have the destiny of drowning in blood and tears for what they did to us in both World Wars, and the fact that they would not even permit us to live freely as a Nation even in minding our own business.

The German Race is the most important and civilized Race on the Earth, and the more that this race dissolves in purity and numbers, the more that the world returns to the Jungle and returns to Barbarism and the Animal level of existence.

Barbarian Nations even have it well in their own existence, even known amongst their intellectuals, that the flourishing of Germany and German People in the world is also to their benefit, and that they should sacrifice and strive to empower Germany.

Russian Leadership in particular, is especially aware of this nuance, but they go to great lengths to suppress and deny it, because it threatens their idea of Russian Superiority.

The Consequences Of Not Taking Early Action

Even the Birds know that that the Early Bird catches the worm.

Thousands and Millions of years, and they have never strayed from this knowledge.

What we are witnessing all around us now, with the increasing social isolation and inability for humans in many countries to continue socialization on normal levels or to experience joy and life as normal, has been permanently crippled and eliminated before their eyes, before they even knew it!

Because the majority of Terrestrial Humans are nothing but utter garbage. 92% of them, specifically! Maybe it’s 92%, or maybe 98% at this point if I am to renew these assessments!

But 92% of Surface Human Beings on this planet are nothing but walking pieces of programmed mass, which were born out of a genetic experiment and are admixtures from unpure creations which amalgamate themselves towards pragmatic and devious intentions and have no Hearts. They have no Hearts, No Passion, No Purity or Concern for others. But they walk about and pretend as if they do!

In Germany, the official # is 89%, and in the USA, Canada and Australia it’s very much between 97-98%.

To my knowledge, there is not a single nation on earth where the population of Pure Humans exceeds the numbers of useless trash.

All useless, void of individuality, void of soul, real passion or any useful attributes which could be properly associated with the Divinity of the Human Creation, if one believes that the Human Species at one point had Divine Origins and a unique spirit of creativity.

It should be noted that the people who are Pure Humans which belong to this Earth are often treated as “outsiders” and are scrutinized by these smile-mold of the masses, because these useless masses are all conformists, and they will conform with anything endorsed to be something commonly accepted by the masses. They will do anything and even eat their own shit if the government told them it was good for them.

But, the focus of this article is now the consequences we face from over 18 months of Non-stop Assault of Propaganda and Trauma Induced Mind Control, MK Ultra and CIA/Tavistock Hypnosis on nearly all countries of the world, but some countries and localities worse than others.

Most people who know that the whole agenda has been fake from the get-go, took things too lightly and did not foresee how far the governments and other Institutional powers would take this Medical Tyranny, literally to the ends of the Earth, and the proper course of actions, or in particular those which would lead to Revolutions, NEVER FORMED. They didn’t form whatsoever, not even on a small-scale.

At best, people held protests and network gatherings, but with no intentions to fight, with no mutual spirit or desired fight or shared sacrifice to take this seriously to the point of creating a Real Movement.

There is no Movement, and there is no Monmentum.

The “pushbacks” being done are all linear in nature, and are being done on an individualistic basis, and unfortunately from what the PSA has observed, a lot of the people in these pushbacks are even rhetorical and ideological in their methods of speaking the truth. A portion of them also try to claim that the vi-ruse is real, and even SOME of these bastards are promoting DANGEROUS Drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin or Remdesivir for “COVID”.

Um, REALLY!?!?

It’s interesting to note, but out of all appointments and involvement in activism I have been involved in with public exposure of the biggest hoax pushed by the Dreidel Tribe, nearly EVERY person I have encountered in America has been ideologically conditioned as far as their views, and are not against the COVID Tyranny based on any Intuitive or Individual thoughts and perceptions. All of them were controlled opinions, even with the accident of them being right on a lot of factors.

But what I found interesting is how many of them were espousing the usage of the 3 Anti-viral drugs I have listed above.

When confronting every single case of these individuals with the fact that, well not only does this vi-ruse not exist, but even if it did, why would you treat it any differently than any other CV strain, which is nothing more than the common cold!? Nobody normally treats those with drugs and usually just naturally fights them off or takes natural herbs, so why would you treat this any differently and ESPECIALLY when it is known that there is no such thing as this strain!?

I get the “deer in headlights” look from them and a delayed response, as if “oh, um, yeah I never thought of that” and some of them outright coming out to say that and that “I have a point” and “yeah, that’s true, nevermind.”

My encounters with these individuals have proven for certain that these Right-Wing people are absolutely under the same Mind Control as those in the COVID Cult.

In fact, a lot of them seemed to be unable to disassociate Trump or the QAnon Project and to just look at the vi-ruse agenda for what it is. They are like mechanically / calculatingly immersed in their method of reasoning and justifying!

One of the individuals I met, was actually asking me privately on the side, in hopes and fear that “Trump” wasn’t in on the whole agenda, and I had to inform her that, YES, Trump was INDEED involved with the agenda. At that point, not really with any tolerance to hear anything further.

All one has to even do at the minimum is look up: CRIMSON CONTAGION and you can find out within minutes what kind of responsibility Trump had behind it, nevermind the fact that he quietly Declared Martial Law on 13 MARCH 2021 while most Americans didn’t even recognize it, and he signed all executive powers over to the UN and FEMA, therefore rendering the Office of the Presidency for the USA no longer with any true authority. Although the Office of the Presidency is controlled by other powers in general, it has now pretty much relinquished all authority it did have to foreign bodies / institutions.

The social breakdown we are now witnessing is the ultimate consequence of people not fighting back, and not at least making efforts in their local areas to connect with others, whether they are friends, co-workers, I mean less even FAMILY or others to discuss “Hey, I don’t think I believe these measures, we have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart!? I can’t afford to close down my business, this is ridiculous!”


Nobody chose to form alliances or find others to connect with.

Instead, they capitulated, without realizing they have capitulated. This is the perfect type of enslavement of people that the likes of Sun Tzu or even Mao would absolutely rave in amazement over in being able to convince people the likes of these delusional ideas that they now embrace about “keeping safe” and pretending that everyone around them is “potentially infected” and that everyone is “at risk” and that “nobody is safe” if even “one person is UNSAFE”.

On and On…

They have basically trained humans through the measure of fear, to look at other humans as if they are all loaded guns. When you use a gun in training, you learn to have the habit of always (generally) treating a gun as if it’s potentially loaded until or unless proven otherwise.

But yet the majority of people walking around us do not think or see anything to be clinically insane and psychotic about just assuming that everyone is infected.

Even during actual pandemics, no more than about 1/4 or up to maybe 1/3 at most get infected, and there has never been a pandemic that eventually got around to everyone. If that were even the case, would humans really still be alive today!?

I really believe at this point that we are in completely uncharted territory as far as Human Relations are concerned.

Not even former financial disasters or world wars have driven people apart and created such a segregation that we now see under way with this whole hoax and its agenda. But nobody really takes it all that seriously.

In fact, many people like to pretend with their poker face that everything is mighty alright and great.

The damage that has been done is IRREVERSIBLE, and the only chance of reversing it would have to be one entire generation that largely replaces and re-educated even newer generations coming down the pike, who have not been contaminated whatsoever by the COVID Cult. Do the math on that, and realize how impractical that is at this point. The only people or children at large who are not subject to this mass indoctrination are those who live private and isolated from the Modern World.

Mental Illness is now rampant and celebrated, and Mental Illness and Hysteria is the real plague we now have, and it will only continue to increase, beyond what you can even believe possible in the years to come, if we even make it that far.

The facts are really grim at this point. Germany is nearly hopeless at this point, so is most of the Europe and most of the West.

The country which appears to have bought into the hysteria the least, are found among Ukraine, including some of the Baltic States and some random African countries. However there is also a disparity between the public of Nations who know or conduct their lives knowing it’s a fraud versus their regimes who still are enforcing Protocols. Ukraine, for example, had used a Heavy Hand on the population during Lockdown measures including their Transportation Systems and Travel Bans.

The President of Tanzania rightfully educated and explained to his people about the COVID Tyranny, and even threatening dictatorial measures for anyone who would participate in COVID Protocols, including getting tests or vaccinated. The WHO began intervening in the affairs of this country and very shortly, their leader suddenly began changing his tone, but this wasn’t even good enough, only days later to completely “die” out of nowhere and everyone being told he died of “COVID”. Only a true imbecile would believe that story!

Nevertheless, Several African Nations and their leadership were far more defiant than the Caucasian Nations and their Leadership in educating and trying to resist this Nonsense.

What does that say about the Caucasian Species!? You guessed my answer right, and it doesn’t speak good for our people collectively, whatsoever.

From what I understand, nearly everyone in Ukraine knows the agenda is nothing but total DOG SHIT. ALL OF IT. And anyone who believes even ONE lie about the Cult, is not only a part of the Cult (whether or not they consented), but they too are nothing more than a piece of DOG SHIT.

The only measured response we can take at this point are Dictatorial Methods in combating this hysteria, which means that anyone who believes in the vi-ruse needs to be interred in a concentration camp and dispatched. The vi-ruse is the hysteria, and the only means that can be taken to eliminate this toxic hysteria is to eliminate both part and parcel which are exhibiting and promoting this nonsense, in the most ruthless manner as possible, as they have demonstrating nothing but ruthless and abusive measures against us and even more dangerously imposed on the World’s youth, devastating their development and well-being and futures. Such a crime of this scale means we cannot treat promoters of the COVID hoax with any patience or due process, or with any tolerance whatsoever. They ought to be dragged out like a garden hose into a wagon and brought to the camps and made an example of before being offed.

Most people in the West, seem to be conducting their lives as if they are not newly entered cattled into the slaughterhouse where the gates have come down.

There is a drive and primal instinct Hard-wired in Pure Humans to excel in organizational methods to preserve their survival, when an enemy is at work. Most humans who have become a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution, are obviously completely detached from primal instincts or maybe come from gene pools that no longer have that wiring, and thus, they haven’t been all too concerned about finding and organizing with others away from this madness.

At this point, we are pretty much past the “Statute of Limitations” in trying to reign in a real fight against this agenda and especially the people and institutions behind it. It does not mean the fight does not continue, the fight is still on, but it is all that much more difficult now, and there will be much greater fall-out, more risks, less effectiveness and all that much more work.

Realistically at this point, Western Civilization is nearly gone, and while it is our goal to be the bridge to the Horizon of the future of this Western Civilization, even if small, the reality of Western Civilization having significance or ability to continue is becoming threatened to a point of being impossible to continue very soon, and where Caucasians worth their weight in gold will have to form villages and other small communities to be away from the swamp that has become Western civilization.

A few years ago I was slightly more optimistic about the possibilities even if for a small amount of people who build upon a New Culture and Nation, and that is what still has to be done and must strive for, but the Plandemic has really changed the landscape of human relations to a point where nobody can be bothered to do anything, and then it comes down to nobody can do anything (in every interpretation of the phrase).

The last 5 years specifically, have been the most difficult for the PSA in our outreach efforts and communications with others and projects we’ve engaged in.

During this time, even before the plandemic, a notable sense of distrust has increased everywhere, with people also wanting to be more anonymous, less involved, less active and more cryptic.

When something is over, we cannot pretend it’s not over or that there is hope. Hope is delusional and magical thinking, and that is something we will not promote even with an Inspirational Message for action.

Action is needed, and one should still fight, but if you need to be convinced to fight or why you should fight, you are already spiritually inferior and not on the level of mutualism of what the PSA stands for.

You would fit the ranks of any typically paid career soldier.

But it is pretty much all over, and while I am not suggesting one should give up the fight, it is imperative that we understand what the continued fight means and why it’s something we must do, since there is really nothing else to live for tat this point. Tomorrow is coming where you will lose everything anyway.

Germany probably will not outlive next year until the total enslavement comes down, and likely much sooner, and we already see that Australia right now is totally finished. What comes to Australia is coming elsewhere, and one must pay attention to this with great earnesty.

The German Idea will still continue on, if Germany is lost. But I am here to say that it’s nearly gone at a point to where it is near impossible to recover it, and the fallout that will come from sizable portions of the vaccinated population is not able to be escaped.

Granted, many of these vaccinated people could very well be among the most worthless, but not all of them. The fact is that the programme unrolling and in the manner it is doing so, how far it has progressed, has reached a critical point where it is impossible to reverse course or mitigate any part of the aftermath. The majority of the German population is believing in a lie, a big lie which will doom and imperil our future forever.

The same of course is true for all Nations which have bought into the hoax, and where the masses have bought into the lie. No excuse, in the 21st century they have not taken the time to figure out the truth on their own, they have Internet at their fingertips.

The only future that is to come of this will be more isolation and the trans-humanist agenda being rolled out further, less human cooperation and interactions, less (and no) loyalty, less relationships.

If you are a German who is reading this in Germany, and you want to take action or know more, you know exactly what you need to do.

For all the months people have adapted to and become used to this new reality, it ensures that there will be no reversal of it. Hence there will be going back to normal the way things are supposed to be, because people consented to complying with tyranny.

It is the biggest example of self-deprecation and resentment, of self-hatred and inferiority that people went along with hoax.

We’ve long passed the point to where even people who have an inkling or idea of the whole thing being a ruse, dare not entertain the thought any further for having invested this much time, energy, money and life adjustments and convincing others of the hoax for all this time. They prefer to continue the lie, because to deconstruct it all would cost them all that much more, and at that point everyone around them would want to murder them, and they would be better off just committing suicide at that point.

Are you beginning to see the big picture here!?

Everything points to MASS DEATH and extremely reduced Economies / GDP and Military Equipment + Budgets for every country which has participated in the Cult, though there are some countries which will just have stagnant populations and economies. The blueprint of these plans are all by design of the Dreidel Tribe, because they are the Global Controllers, and they have different standards and ambitions for different countries.

The Western / Caucasian countries are the highest order on the chopping block.

Very bad times are coming, and we have not even gone past 1% of the damage and carnage of this whole agenda.

Most people have no idea about anything because they are living under a spell.

There is not going to be a “mass awakening”. It’s not happening. You need to accept at this point, that the motions put into place, have been put into motion and the effects desired have long been created and established.

What are you going to do!? In what way will you fight?

Are you willing to relocate and even give up your possessions for the sake of being part of a community or even a tribe for the sake of being free from those possessed by the COVID Hysteria!?

You had all these 18+ months to fight. Nobody did anything.

The food will eventually come off the shelves. And roadblocks with travel checkpoints will be established in your country if you aren’t part of the COVID Cult.

At what point do you begin to feel a sense of urgency!?

The majority of people are hopelessly doomed, and I believe that there is not much of anything left. The next few weeks and months ahead will be very revealing.

The only last possible redemption for Germany in these last few months would be to witness if they rejected the vaccine, en masse, as a people. But they didn’t do anything.

In fact, Germany had some of the least resistance to it of all European Countries.

Most Europeans didn’t do anything. Just like most Americans, Australians, Canadians, NZ and British people did nothing. They all self-quarantined.

And what did those Italians do!? They celebrated the very first 2 Weeks to “Flatten the curve” by quarantining on their balconies, singing and rejoicing in what would become their new form of imprisonment and slavery, thinking they were “doing good for all, keeping all others safe”.

This is the type of specimens of humans we are living amongst.

Where are the brash, ruthless Men of Steel who would call out this pussy shit for what it is and begin to RAISE HELL the VERY FIRST MOMENT when leaders began demanding the shut down of public gatherings and events!?

A Population where the masses believe in a huge delusion which is based on a great lie, one that is life-altering, cannot possibly have a future. Not when it comes to something of this nature. That population will cease to be relevant or functional.

The Human Species and its Condition has become so weak and pathetic, that they gave up over 2% of their lives now, maybe more, and gave up everything, trashed their friends and family over this, and barely any of them can ever be bothered to bring up the topic “Hey, do you know anyone like who’s really REALLY gotten sick!? I don’t know ANYONE who’s gotten sick and it’s well over a year now and we are still living like this!?”

Where are all the people huffing and puffing in public with their breathing difficulties, with tissues and blood dangling out of their noses!? Not even a thought that crosses the mind of the pathetic masses who are a bunch of weasels.

When Communism reigned in the 20th century, it wasn’t for a very long time until people either recognized or questioned where all these disappeared people “disappeared” to. Millions of people who were murdered, always valuable people targeted first for extermination.

In fact, it wasn’t even really until after the collapse of the USSR, and even many years later with continued research and investigation into the USSR’s history that they’ve begun to put the pieces together about the deaths that have been covered up by that bloody regime.

Most people did not understand anything, and as the system utilized a form of Propaganda to distract people in the manner a Magician does in tricks he demonstrates.

The COVID Agenda will absolutely be the same thing used by the world enemy for all excuses and justifications and other people they will eliminate. They will blame any death or a person they wish to eliminate on “COVID” and the population will believe and accept it, and not question it further.

The Danes (scum trash they are, and always were) culled 17 Million Mink, over “coronavirus fears” not even actual infections, nevermind the fact that an infection with such would be meaningless anyways, but the hysteria led them to culling these animals out of fear.

If they are willing to cull 17 Million Mink in the flash of an eye like that, what makes you think the people behind this agenda will not treat humans in the same manner?

That is the implications and consequences of what is to come.

The lack of taking action early, the lack of taking things seriously, the short-sightedness, the feeling that people “did not want to get too involved” have all compounded to a point where the Controllers behind the scene have been successful in their mission.

Therefore, the only response that the masses can now engage in is self-lamenting and ridicule, including increasing self-projection and lashing out on others because of inner self-hatred and disgust for believing and investing in something so heavily, and also looking for new scapegoats and new enemies to use to take the blame, rather than the real enemy who is behind the betrayal.

It is too complicated, too irritating and stressful at this point for the common people to even be bothered with entertaining thoughts of the real enemy and to accept the truth about what they bought into and to reverse position on it. The humiliation is too great to endure as well, coupled with the absurdity.

They end up choosing a quicker, cheaper and more convenient enemy, and that enemy ends up being us, who are against suffocation by wearing masks, poison gene therapy injections and stupid protocols and things like Lockdowns. Lockdowns are for prisoners. Not a Free and Sovereign People.

Prepare for increasing levels of people lashing out and demonstrating their pent up aggression from their own inner discord.

The Inferior Spirit Of Barbarian Nations / THE FUHRER FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

Time and Time again, we revisit the issue of the Barbarians and their modes of thinking.

The German is as much of a stranger to the Barbarian, as the Barbarian is strange to the German.

The Barbarian is terrified of the notions of German Ambitions only in part out of jealousy, but perhaps more aggressively out of fear.

Barbarian Nations, however, inwardly know we are right, they are at least that intelligent, for even the French in a spiteful manner know we are superior to them, and they also know that better element among the French are the result of Teutonic Blood.

The Barbarian knows his place when among the presence of a German, except for those Germans who have capitulated to a Second Rate status, even on the Individual basis.

But this aberration is not one of normalcy in our history. It has always been that the Barbarian Nation fears the German.

Not only does the Barbarian fear the German, but the Barbarian also fears the self-assuredness of the German and to the level of extremism we are willing to carry out our will, and even self-sacrifice and devotion to the sake of our Volkish and National interests.

What people on this earth truly invests himself / herself as the German does in something, for any other reasons aside from money!? There are no others!

Most people are only motivated by money and status.

The Barbarian also knows inwardly – and so do their leaders – that even if a better member of the Barbarian Species might have better instincts, better motivations and better morals, they still know all too well that these traits are not commonplace among the large gamut and classes of their people and culture, and in many cultures that it can be detrimental to put oneself out on a limb with suck risks and dedication to the levels of tasks we seek to tackle, including the levels of example and practice in eliminating corruption. It’s just too much work and risk for the Barbarian Nations. Therefore they cannot do it, and most of their people are not capable of it. They will be used.

Hence, why it is ever the greatest task that we cannot have useless “Weeds” among our Racial Volk, and why we must strive for the most Racially Pure Volk as possible in all of our daily habits, whom we procreate with, what we eat, who we associate with, and that we must strive for the highest sense of greatness and educating our Volk.

This Spirit is in alignment with our Prussian Values, and any naysayer who wishes to criticize these standards ought to be silenced.

The Barbarian therefore, will nod and genuflect, but they take a spiteful envy at the common behavior of our people. Even Russians, while delusional in their belief of Supremacy over Europeans, deep down inside are aware of their abject inferiority in a way because they cannot match the levels of German ideals and standards, and the idea of living in a State where they strive to eliminate corruption, even if hopefully to near the point of Zero, is just not in them to do.

A True German who is pure in blood and spirit despises corruption. He despises corruption with all his might and it makes his blood boil in eternity and can only draft up ways of how to stamp corruption out.

Today we cannot say that Germany is a corrupt-free Nation, it is far from it. However, it has also taken upon itself to use Pragmatism as a means of concealing Corruption, which is another topic I wish to address in a future entry. In fact, it has been also used as part of the Virus Agenda in a way to extort money from people in Germany and those traveling through it, for example, with rampant and excessive testing, but to begin with testing should be verboten.

Most Nations would be terrified but in awe with how corruption bothers us Germans, and they will not put the energy into the thought and ambition to fight against it.

But we do know that 11% of Germans in Germany are on our side, and that they believe firmly in what we believe in, and so do some Germans in America.

There mere problem is that many Germans now live in an environment where they might either be uncertain or fearful of possessing these views, expressing them and most importantly, putting them into motion.

Americans, notable, make an Art out of corruption, whereas Third World Nations view the existence of corruption as a necessary evil or condition.

The American attitude and response to corruption is “Oh well, we aren’t perfect! But If you don’t accept us at our worst, you don’t deserve us at our best!”

This disgusting attitude also applies to American dating culture when it comes to the inferiority of their dirty, promiscuous mentally ill Women.

But we have to treat everyone, even the Americans, as the barbarians they are. The Americans are not a Race, but are a hodge-podge of racial junk that Healthy Nations did not want to tolerate, and only benefited by superficial migrations of better European people who later came over to make contributory efforts and a New Life for themselves, from prior Political, Labor and Poverty issues that plagued Europe.

Barbarians must always be viewed from the standpoint that they can never be taken all that seriously, and that the Barbarian has stronger tendencies to be agreeable even if it’s a lie, and to always show positivity and other elements to “Save Face” in front of us and others.

It is a means of survival to them, but yet one which is alien and distasteful for a German.

I wish to enforce the Notion to German People today, that the Modern Germany we have come to know that you are presently living in, is an aberration and distraction compared to our Native and Correct Position in history.

We were never meant to be a Democracy, and any German who espouses the idea of Pro-Democratic views for our Nation deserves to be carried away and placed in a Concentration Camp where they rightfully belong. Such poison, which further ruins and degrades our Nation, and I am frankly sick and tired of it.

Germany is not supposed to be a Second-Rate Nation. It is also not supposed to be a Financial Center of opportunism, or a Welfare State either, as it presently serves.

All German Institutions, German Political Parties, and German Banks / Financial Services are today in service of our enemies. Our enemies took them over and are running them for their own benefits.

Former Agencies, Organizations and Firms which used to serve the interests of the Reich are still today being persecuted and demanded for reparations for their involvement with the NSDAP.

This is a crime against our people, and the true War Criminals are the ones persecuting our people who were involved intimately with the Third Reich.

The one thing for sure is that the one who belongs at the top of the Reich will need to be many THOUSANDS of times more fanatical, more extreme and more ruthless than anything you can imagine, far beyond the Man with the special moustache.

The True Reich leader will be persecuted, without a doubt, by the majority of today’s German People.

The Reich leader will be accused of being “Non-German” and that he does not represent German Interests in any way, by the same tongues who are in service to the world enemy today.

The Reich leader for our future will have to transform the status quo of Germany to all new levels of inspiration and thought, and this cannot be achieved without some level of disruption.

Under the Reich, there is no Rule of Law. There is no Civil Law.

The Reich Fuhrer IS THE LAW.

Therefore, the German people would do well to very prudently elect the most righteous and well chosen leader for the lifetime rule.

In the end, all people get the governments that they deserve. And there is no exception to this fact. A people who are decent, if ruined or betrayed by an incompetent government, will rise and take over that government as the National Socialists did in Germany, displacing the illegitimate Weimar Republic.

People are fooling themselves when they claim they despise Totalitarians and Dictators, or the idea of a One Man who rules above all.

We can see many examples of this flawed thinking, which is a total product of English Intellectual Thought (which is of course, not very intellectual whatsoever).

The English are the one who crystallized the notion of “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”.

Well, how do you explain with the situation in Florida right now, where Governor DeSantis makes orders against Masks and Vaccines, somehow being overturned by Federal Judges and designated as an “Abuse of Power” for suggesting that children and their parents have the right to attend school Mask-free?

How on this damn earth is an inferior position such as a Judge able to make such a ruling!? Only in a system that is corrupt and incompetent can such things happen!

In addition, the fact that Attornies can just “sue” these leaders like DeSantis over it.

Such Notions are absurd!

The Reich Leader, or even the Head of any State should have an Absolute Ruler, even if he be an Absolute Monarch (Emperor) or Equivalent, and this leader must be the absolute figure and connecting focal point of every citizen of that Nation. The leader must be the law, even by his spoken word, even above that of a written and signed document.

The idea of an attorney being able to sue the Reich Leader would be absurd as fish living without water, for the Reich would own the Attorneys and we prohibit Attorneys from working privately. They must be in Service to the State, and effectively would function as Reich Employees / Representatives, as would be the same for the Justices.

While I do not like the regimes of Asia, it seems that their people in their Inner Wisdom and Ancient Legacy have retained the Esoteric significance of this in their leadership, whether in China or North Korea. The people have an understanding of this and the importance of a Central Leader and Face to basically every aspect of society.

The Chinese Regime, immensely corrupt, however, gets to do whatever it wants, and its central authority as President gets the final say on every matter and what gets put into motion, gets done.

In the USA, this is never the case, and there are always some obstacle like Insurance Companies, Laws, or the Damn court systems which intervene on some manner, and yet the people swallow the whole fake idea of “Rule of Law” or “Checks and Balances” as being the case and speak of these things as if they are “desirable” and “effective” and as if they prefer this over a Central Authority who has say on all matters! They are lying to themselves!

The Rule of Law is for chickens of this world, and only cowardly people who have shit for brains and mediocre endeavors endorse this idea.

As Prussians, we wish to crush the Rule of Law from our worldview and political landscape and daily life, we want to dispose of Parliaments and Plutocrats.

As the Americans are light years away from ever catching up to speed or smartening up, this is why you hear them lament and justify their sympathies for Trump’s Inferiority and Cowardice, despite the lack of effective real power in the USA Presidential Seat, these goons will always claim “Oh, but he couldn’t shut down the Mainstream Media because the Liberals / Democrats wouldn’t let him”.

Oh yeah!? Well then that pretty much answers who really is in power! Because the bastard has played his Trump cards entirely by the playbook of the Democrats his entire time in office, with a Jewish son-in-law that controlled his ass.

Americans are such a cowardly people, and they will stay in this cowardly state forever even with losing their Nation, it’s already long gone anyway.

But concerning Germany, the Future Reich leader if we are to have a future will be one of a Boldness and Bravery that long surpass anything we see in this world today.

Unlike the Barbarian Nations, every Minute of Meeting, every Reichstag Session and other Public Demonstration or Rally will be like a Thunderous Ceremony of Ritual and Might.

Something that the Barbarian Nations find to be too bizarre for their tastes! Too surreal! Too much not like a “real government”!

Unlike Barbarians, a German ALWAYS believes in something and with a fervent passion when he believes in it. And this makes the Barbarian Tremble because the Barbarian cannot imagine ever feeling or taking on such a way as this.

But, my Comrades! It is THIS Spirit in our people which even made the transformation of Germany after the tragedy of WW2 and the damage inflicted, to still have such the will and ability to bear tragedy in the desire to rebuild our Nation rapidly. And that is something only Germans are truly capable of.

Germany will always be a land of the most Loyal people on Earth. And it is by maintaining this loyalty that we also maintain our honor but are also capable of the greatest things!

We serve as an example in this, but also until we have such a Reich Leader that functions the way I have stated, and a people fully in line of what I speak, only then will we get to relive the true Glory of the German Reich!