Most People lack Spiritual Wisdom to understand the difference of Benevolent vs Malevolent Totalitarianism

For better or worse, the Third Reich and its leaders always take the blame for the ultimate evil and as example of a vicious Totalitarian State.

As far as most modern people are concerned, especially fools like the Americans and British, that our measures have been too “extreme” and Psychopathic.

But how can you take such statements seriously from two Nations which allied themselves with Bolshevism and even desperate enough to throw out all decency as well in allying with and hiring the Italian Mafia?

As Prussians, we recognize that such a deadly force and ideology as Bolshevism was, can only be met with on the terms of something and an ideology not only as equally fanatical but even exceeding the Ambitions of this dangerous enemy. Therefore, the Reich’s position with the NSDAP platform has been that the ends justifies the means, and no stone must be left unturned in fighting this enemy.

Modern people are programmed to believe in pragmatical and rhetorical speeches from their leaders as being the only legitimate kind.

A leader who speaks from the heart, who has raging passion and strong belief and love for his people even to the point where he was willing to bring his people up against the world to defend them, is viewed as a psychopath and megalomaniac.

The Jews of course, through clever mind influence of others, convinced people of this falsehood.

And the people who do not have hearts (majority of humanity) just cannot understand this. They cannot understand anything about the Nazis other than to deem them as crazy psychopaths who were hypnotized.

People without hearts are worthless trash, unworthy of life. They are automatons, they are the weeds in the garden that we must continuously strive to eradicate from our beautiful landscape of life itself.

The National Socialist efforts were needed, and if one be very truthful, we can say that they needed to be even harsher!

Only a moron could think that they should have been nicer or less aggressive, even as far as the Russian invasion.

Our ideas, such as the fact that we view our citizens as Property of the Reich get criticized. When we tell our people they cannot tattoo their bodies or consider drug and substance abuse to be trashing their bodies and making then a burden to society, when we tell our Women they cannot abort their babies, we get criticized for being Totalitarians who are infringing on the rights of others.

We will not make possession of drugs and substances illegal, but if we find that you become a danger and liability as a result of any level of use of them or a point where you can breed deformed or deranged children, and your family has not assumed responsibility for you, then yes we have the right to take you away and put you in a concentration camp or have you executed. We don’t need mooches and vagrants on the street who take advantage of others and are a Net Negative in every sense of things for a given society. This is just common sense!

No we will not have Social or Outreach programs like the USA does to help people who get into these life traps. You’re on your own and if you aren’t careful, you might have no recourse, ever.

We want to strictly forbid prostitution and make it a crime as we view Women as property of the Reich, for the sake of better health and retained value in which she can have successful marriage and raising family and whereby Men can be ensured of a Valuable Woman he marries who will deliver and be capable of successful pair-bonding.

Yet we are accused of being Tyrants who have no right to own our people or make such decrees!

Yet we have Totalitarian regimes in the world now who instruct what you can wear on your face and that you must wear it, we have regimes wanting to control your abilities via social credit systems and also being part of a medical experiment, yet the majority of people seem less bothered and threatened by this.

Therefore, we can conclude one thing, and that is that the majority of people have no proper judgment for assessing the true quality of a given leadership, and this in itself proves exactly why even the idea of a Democracy is a flawed one and always leads to Ultimate Tyranny. There has not been a Democracy to date which never evolved into the most brutal of dictatorships.

The concept of the State, in the German Sense specifically, the Reich, is a completely different concept than other Modern States.

For example, when we tell our people that what we order them to do, it is definitely for their own good in the truest sense of the word.

Not because we have some sick fantasy of abusing power or getting away with people just following orders for the sake of it.

Today, people obsessively criticize the National Socialists for obeying orders and completely have perverted the understanding and notions as to why Germans followed these orders.

The values and perspectives of modern people are far inferior and removed from the way people used to think in the 1930’s and 1940’s, yet these same Morons cannot compute the fact that Germans were the most educated people even from the dawn of the 20th century, so how would they be able to become so stupid overnight?

The fact is that they didn’t, and they also did not need someone to convince them into why Germany entered both World Wars, or who the enemy of mankind really is. Germany was far ahead of every country even America in fighting this enemy. America and Russia become friends with the enemy long before.

The Totalitarian Measures of the Third Reich represent enforcing a permanent monopoly and solution or claim against the rising tide of “Socialism” in the world, because the ideologies and changes taking place in the world have been aimed at alternative realities that were starkly undesirable.

Therefore, the branding of Socialism by the NSDAP would have put the Marxists / Socialists / Communists out of business forever, and also would have prevented any other new type of Socialism from rising.

The people who tell you that Socialism and Communism are two different things are liars, because Socialism has always been the road to Communism, whether or not the State ever claimed such desires.

The Marxists despised Hitler because he hi-jacked their program and put his own branding on it, eliminating the unnatural ideas of Socialising an economy and instead socializing people only on the basis of Race.

The relation of the Third Reich in terms of its connection and involvement with its people can only be described in that it formed the most natural bond and formation of whereby a people’s existence could live in harmony with the State and whereby the State literally represented the people’s interest at all times, without ulterior motives.

If the State declared something, it was from a collective voice of the people’s interest rather than an external Oligarchy making a declaration.

Therefore, the National Socialist regime was actually the most futuristic regime ever to have been born into existence, far beyond what many can appreciate even today. Most political scientists cannot even understand it. They don’t want to either, except for the sake of rewriting history books.

We can say by far that this style of regime far surpasses a Monarchy or even Anarchy because the thing which Anarchists do not understand is that you cannot have any type of rights or even protection of your land and an actual “civilization” without some type of government and governance.

Therefore the role of government is critical, and the Reich is not supposed to exist as do most other governments to just impose laws, restrictions and to collect money, but the Reich is supposed to exist as the organizational body of a People’s Political and Spiritual will.

If German People want to be free, we need a Reich. The Reich helps to organize people based on the needs of German People, whether it is to open new types if labor or cooperation, or even to mobilize to go to war.

All governments in the world today almost without exception are run by Plutocrats and Plutocrats do not care whatsoever for their people. They view their citizens as ants.

A lot of the most tyrannical governments and even the Communists themselves have tore pages out of the National Socialist Programme, and have used the language and rhetoric for their own nefarious purposes. They parrot ideas or statements that they don’t necessarily really believe in or practice themselves, but it sounds good.

Therefore, National Socialists always unfairly take the blame for Totalitarianism, and the typically demoralized modern person is absolutely incapable to see the difference between what the Third Reich was trying to achieve compared to Modern Governments.

In particular, the USA and China have been very guilty of stealing, bastardizing and utilizing rhetoric and ideas which are native to the Spirit of the Reich Era.

We reserve the right to one day charge Nations like the USA and China for this plagiarism and bastardizing the intentions and spirit of our rhetoric and our programme.

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