The Inferior Spirit Of Barbarian Nations / THE FUHRER FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

Time and Time again, we revisit the issue of the Barbarians and their modes of thinking.

The German is as much of a stranger to the Barbarian, as the Barbarian is strange to the German.

The Barbarian is terrified of the notions of German Ambitions only in part out of jealousy, but perhaps more aggressively out of fear.

Barbarian Nations, however, inwardly know we are right, they are at least that intelligent, for even the French in a spiteful manner know we are superior to them, and they also know that better element among the French are the result of Teutonic Blood.

The Barbarian knows his place when among the presence of a German, except for those Germans who have capitulated to a Second Rate status, even on the Individual basis.

But this aberration is not one of normalcy in our history. It has always been that the Barbarian Nation fears the German.

Not only does the Barbarian fear the German, but the Barbarian also fears the self-assuredness of the German and to the level of extremism we are willing to carry out our will, and even self-sacrifice and devotion to the sake of our Volkish and National interests.

What people on this earth truly invests himself / herself as the German does in something, for any other reasons aside from money!? There are no others!

Most people are only motivated by money and status.

The Barbarian also knows inwardly – and so do their leaders – that even if a better member of the Barbarian Species might have better instincts, better motivations and better morals, they still know all too well that these traits are not commonplace among the large gamut and classes of their people and culture, and in many cultures that it can be detrimental to put oneself out on a limb with suck risks and dedication to the levels of tasks we seek to tackle, including the levels of example and practice in eliminating corruption. It’s just too much work and risk for the Barbarian Nations. Therefore they cannot do it, and most of their people are not capable of it. They will be used.

Hence, why it is ever the greatest task that we cannot have useless “Weeds” among our Racial Volk, and why we must strive for the most Racially Pure Volk as possible in all of our daily habits, whom we procreate with, what we eat, who we associate with, and that we must strive for the highest sense of greatness and educating our Volk.

This Spirit is in alignment with our Prussian Values, and any naysayer who wishes to criticize these standards ought to be silenced.

The Barbarian therefore, will nod and genuflect, but they take a spiteful envy at the common behavior of our people. Even Russians, while delusional in their belief of Supremacy over Europeans, deep down inside are aware of their abject inferiority in a way because they cannot match the levels of German ideals and standards, and the idea of living in a State where they strive to eliminate corruption, even if hopefully to near the point of Zero, is just not in them to do.

A True German who is pure in blood and spirit despises corruption. He despises corruption with all his might and it makes his blood boil in eternity and can only draft up ways of how to stamp corruption out.

Today we cannot say that Germany is a corrupt-free Nation, it is far from it. However, it has also taken upon itself to use Pragmatism as a means of concealing Corruption, which is another topic I wish to address in a future entry. In fact, it has been also used as part of the Virus Agenda in a way to extort money from people in Germany and those traveling through it, for example, with rampant and excessive testing, but to begin with testing should be verboten.

Most Nations would be terrified but in awe with how corruption bothers us Germans, and they will not put the energy into the thought and ambition to fight against it.

But we do know that 11% of Germans in Germany are on our side, and that they believe firmly in what we believe in, and so do some Germans in America.

There mere problem is that many Germans now live in an environment where they might either be uncertain or fearful of possessing these views, expressing them and most importantly, putting them into motion.

Americans, notable, make an Art out of corruption, whereas Third World Nations view the existence of corruption as a necessary evil or condition.

The American attitude and response to corruption is “Oh well, we aren’t perfect! But If you don’t accept us at our worst, you don’t deserve us at our best!”

This disgusting attitude also applies to American dating culture when it comes to the inferiority of their dirty, promiscuous mentally ill Women.

But we have to treat everyone, even the Americans, as the barbarians they are. The Americans are not a Race, but are a hodge-podge of racial junk that Healthy Nations did not want to tolerate, and only benefited by superficial migrations of better European people who later came over to make contributory efforts and a New Life for themselves, from prior Political, Labor and Poverty issues that plagued Europe.

Barbarians must always be viewed from the standpoint that they can never be taken all that seriously, and that the Barbarian has stronger tendencies to be agreeable even if it’s a lie, and to always show positivity and other elements to “Save Face” in front of us and others.

It is a means of survival to them, but yet one which is alien and distasteful for a German.

I wish to enforce the Notion to German People today, that the Modern Germany we have come to know that you are presently living in, is an aberration and distraction compared to our Native and Correct Position in history.

We were never meant to be a Democracy, and any German who espouses the idea of Pro-Democratic views for our Nation deserves to be carried away and placed in a Concentration Camp where they rightfully belong. Such poison, which further ruins and degrades our Nation, and I am frankly sick and tired of it.

Germany is not supposed to be a Second-Rate Nation. It is also not supposed to be a Financial Center of opportunism, or a Welfare State either, as it presently serves.

All German Institutions, German Political Parties, and German Banks / Financial Services are today in service of our enemies. Our enemies took them over and are running them for their own benefits.

Former Agencies, Organizations and Firms which used to serve the interests of the Reich are still today being persecuted and demanded for reparations for their involvement with the NSDAP.

This is a crime against our people, and the true War Criminals are the ones persecuting our people who were involved intimately with the Third Reich.

The one thing for sure is that the one who belongs at the top of the Reich will need to be many THOUSANDS of times more fanatical, more extreme and more ruthless than anything you can imagine, far beyond the Man with the special moustache.

The True Reich leader will be persecuted, without a doubt, by the majority of today’s German People.

The Reich leader will be accused of being “Non-German” and that he does not represent German Interests in any way, by the same tongues who are in service to the world enemy today.

The Reich leader for our future will have to transform the status quo of Germany to all new levels of inspiration and thought, and this cannot be achieved without some level of disruption.

Under the Reich, there is no Rule of Law. There is no Civil Law.

The Reich Fuhrer IS THE LAW.

Therefore, the German people would do well to very prudently elect the most righteous and well chosen leader for the lifetime rule.

In the end, all people get the governments that they deserve. And there is no exception to this fact. A people who are decent, if ruined or betrayed by an incompetent government, will rise and take over that government as the National Socialists did in Germany, displacing the illegitimate Weimar Republic.

People are fooling themselves when they claim they despise Totalitarians and Dictators, or the idea of a One Man who rules above all.

We can see many examples of this flawed thinking, which is a total product of English Intellectual Thought (which is of course, not very intellectual whatsoever).

The English are the one who crystallized the notion of “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”.

Well, how do you explain with the situation in Florida right now, where Governor DeSantis makes orders against Masks and Vaccines, somehow being overturned by Federal Judges and designated as an “Abuse of Power” for suggesting that children and their parents have the right to attend school Mask-free?

How on this damn earth is an inferior position such as a Judge able to make such a ruling!? Only in a system that is corrupt and incompetent can such things happen!

In addition, the fact that Attornies can just “sue” these leaders like DeSantis over it.

Such Notions are absurd!

The Reich Leader, or even the Head of any State should have an Absolute Ruler, even if he be an Absolute Monarch (Emperor) or Equivalent, and this leader must be the absolute figure and connecting focal point of every citizen of that Nation. The leader must be the law, even by his spoken word, even above that of a written and signed document.

The idea of an attorney being able to sue the Reich Leader would be absurd as fish living without water, for the Reich would own the Attorneys and we prohibit Attorneys from working privately. They must be in Service to the State, and effectively would function as Reich Employees / Representatives, as would be the same for the Justices.

While I do not like the regimes of Asia, it seems that their people in their Inner Wisdom and Ancient Legacy have retained the Esoteric significance of this in their leadership, whether in China or North Korea. The people have an understanding of this and the importance of a Central Leader and Face to basically every aspect of society.

The Chinese Regime, immensely corrupt, however, gets to do whatever it wants, and its central authority as President gets the final say on every matter and what gets put into motion, gets done.

In the USA, this is never the case, and there are always some obstacle like Insurance Companies, Laws, or the Damn court systems which intervene on some manner, and yet the people swallow the whole fake idea of “Rule of Law” or “Checks and Balances” as being the case and speak of these things as if they are “desirable” and “effective” and as if they prefer this over a Central Authority who has say on all matters! They are lying to themselves!

The Rule of Law is for chickens of this world, and only cowardly people who have shit for brains and mediocre endeavors endorse this idea.

As Prussians, we wish to crush the Rule of Law from our worldview and political landscape and daily life, we want to dispose of Parliaments and Plutocrats.

As the Americans are light years away from ever catching up to speed or smartening up, this is why you hear them lament and justify their sympathies for Trump’s Inferiority and Cowardice, despite the lack of effective real power in the USA Presidential Seat, these goons will always claim “Oh, but he couldn’t shut down the Mainstream Media because the Liberals / Democrats wouldn’t let him”.

Oh yeah!? Well then that pretty much answers who really is in power! Because the bastard has played his Trump cards entirely by the playbook of the Democrats his entire time in office, with a Jewish son-in-law that controlled his ass.

Americans are such a cowardly people, and they will stay in this cowardly state forever even with losing their Nation, it’s already long gone anyway.

But concerning Germany, the Future Reich leader if we are to have a future will be one of a Boldness and Bravery that long surpass anything we see in this world today.

Unlike the Barbarian Nations, every Minute of Meeting, every Reichstag Session and other Public Demonstration or Rally will be like a Thunderous Ceremony of Ritual and Might.

Something that the Barbarian Nations find to be too bizarre for their tastes! Too surreal! Too much not like a “real government”!

Unlike Barbarians, a German ALWAYS believes in something and with a fervent passion when he believes in it. And this makes the Barbarian Tremble because the Barbarian cannot imagine ever feeling or taking on such a way as this.

But, my Comrades! It is THIS Spirit in our people which even made the transformation of Germany after the tragedy of WW2 and the damage inflicted, to still have such the will and ability to bear tragedy in the desire to rebuild our Nation rapidly. And that is something only Germans are truly capable of.

Germany will always be a land of the most Loyal people on Earth. And it is by maintaining this loyalty that we also maintain our honor but are also capable of the greatest things!

We serve as an example in this, but also until we have such a Reich Leader that functions the way I have stated, and a people fully in line of what I speak, only then will we get to relive the true Glory of the German Reich!

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