All English / Celtic People, The Nations of the UK are STILL as much an enemy today of Germany as they have been in the past.

It is a grave error to believe that somehow there is some modern form of true “Peace” or “Forgiveness” overlooking the past between the Nations of England and Germany.

While not politically or geographically accurate for grouping, I will refer to all the Anglo, Celtic and people of the Isles under the label of the “English” in this specific entry because of the fact that these people are essentially in one form or another, Jewish and work for the cause of Jewish Interests.

The people of these Nations, whether English (British), Irish, Scottish, Welsh or what have you, are a predominantly Hebrew People, and their existence is represented by Hebrew Energy and Connections. The Celts are a race of Jews, not Europeans, despite their former influence throughout Europe, and rightfully displaced by the Romans.

Today, the English and their American variants are as ever a danger to the world of Germanism as they have been in the past.

Something should be made clear about this Nation known as “England” and the entire United Kingdom or the British Isles.

The blood on these Islands are a “bloody people”, and they come from a ravenously disgusting sloth of people which were relegated to this region by the Romans, because they presented a threat to the greatness of Rome.

To understand the root origins of these tribes on the British Isles can only be understood by the old names which these tribes existed under, such as the Bretons or Caledonians / Pictish Tribes, in which the “British” get their distinct origins, from the race of “Bretons”, a very wild and barbaric ill-tempered war-like people of which many French are related to, and in understanding the connection the French have long had with the British in terms of warfare, has a lot to do with this blood connection.

The only exception of Non-Hebrew Incarnations to these Islands were of an initially Germanic variety of Germanic and Norman conquerors. However, many more of the Norman conquerors have already had admixture if not outright blood of Celtic peoples.

The Celtic people stand in contrast to a Highly Developed and Powerful Centralized State in Europe, which was the ultimate destiny and design of the Roman Empire.

To fully ever appreciate the German role of taking over from Rome, one must understand properly the course of Roman History and the encounters that Roman Historians and Writers have made about these wild and untamed people.

While it may be under the Spirit of Teutonic Dominance, the fact of the matter is that as Germans, our Mission and Struggle for Europe is continuing a Tradition that has been laid before us by the Romans. Our Legacy is not just the replacement of Rome but also taking the excellence of what Rome represented, to an entirely New Level.

The Roman method of dealing these people was definitely an attempt to exterminate the races which today inhabit the British Isles, because the Romans viewed them all as a threat to the existence of their Empire. Many of these people, particularly the Celtic Tribes became a consistent menace and great expense for the Roman Empire to manage and keep at bay, eventually coming to a point where they lost too many Men and wasted resources in trying to defend against them and needed to wall these people off and keep them away from the Empire.

The same enemies of Rome and its Empire are the same enemies of Germany and our Reich.

Rightfully, the English People can only be summed up and regarded as the following:

A Band of Thugs & Nation Destroyers.

They have always been people who are this way.

Nearly all destructive tendencies around the world have origin from this Nation and their American counterparts.

These people are responsible for the wholesale destruction of many Nations and their Culture.

These Nations are responsible for promoting Obesity, Drug Use, Feminism, Homosexual Tolerance and Influence, as well as Illegal Immigration. The English Nation and their American counterparts are responsible for all of the Islamic Problems and Conflict, and spillover of issues from the Islamic World into our Nations.

The English and Americans promote drug use in any Host Nation they have influence in including their own lands, and on the flip side, they hold farmers literally at gun-point in foreign nations to grow and distribute these drugs. The English and Americans, along with their Intelligence Agencies, are expressly involved in the Drug Trade and have the Drug Cartels and Dealers in their back pockets. Half of Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth is from the Drug Business that the English are involved in, and all the British banks and the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and so forth are heavily involved in the drug business, deriving massive profits and royalties from the Drug Trade at the expense of disrupting and destabilizing Nations and Families.

If the English and Americans were not in existence, we wouldn’t have any interference or problems today with the Islamic world. We would not bother them, and they wouldn’t bother us.

The German position on England has always been too easy, and out of a misplaced sentiment for this Nation only due to its successes being built on an Empire that used blood, conflicts and monopoly of the seas as a way of maintaining its prominence.

Ask any nation in the world, even towards China, India or some African Nation, who would they prefer as their Overlords and Conquerors, if they had a choice, the English or the Germans!?

INEVITIBLY the answer around the world would be their preference for GERMANS!

The English are a pig-headed people. Cowardly bigots, fake and using politeness as a means of camouflaging their fakeness.

I hate the English Nation and the English people, they are and have always been a scourge, and no Nation in the world should feel sympathy for the fall of the UK.

The English are a disgusting and distasteful, pretentious people.

English people, I have found, are some of the most brainwashed and cowardly people I have ever encountered in my life.

The English are the ones who have turned everything, including human values to be turned into something as a profit.

Never expect that the English or the Normans will ever come to relinquish their love of Jewry, or the fact that many of their families for centuries have intermixed with Jewish families, if even keeping it a dark secret.

The Fall of both the UK and America is something that should be celebrated, but taken advantage of by Europeans, but especially by Germans.

For Europe cannot be free or sovereign, until the Nations of the UK and America are destroyed and that these people are rendered impotent in every possible manner, even bankrupted and left to starvation. They are not worth even a piece of candy.

The hour is late for Europe now, because most Europeans are not aware of our International Enemy.

Many Germans and other Caucasian Nations have had unnecessary and baseless Hatred Mobilized against them by Barbarian Nations who are not of the Caucasian Types, which are a result of misguided hatred which should be aimed specifically at the people of the British Isles and America, even directed specifically against American and British Soldiers! Instead, the Entire Caucasian Race is being held hostage as the scapegoat for causes which are actually responsibility of the English and Americans.

The Fall of England and America have been inevitable, especially after World War II, although the Fall of Europe could have been avoided or at least mitigated in better ways, if there was a will among Europeans to re-awaken to their Sovereignty and have the desire to reconvene with the past.


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