No Recovery For The West In Sight, None At All.

It is one of the very many first thoughts in my head every morning, just how finished off our Civilization is.

It’s so hopelessly gone for the most part, that only fragments can barely hope to maybe survive the coming storm.

There is no value left in most people, outside of them being born Caucasian.

The people living around us are mostly empty husks, but so too are all Barbarians who seek to take over our Nations.

But the biggest issue with Caucasians which puts this race at the greatest risk of extinction is the fact that Caucasians are the most prone type to ignore Primal Nature, Primal Desires and Attributes, instead relying on being known as a Professional, adhering to Pragmatism and fulfilling the demands of Corporate Culture and Demands. Through Christianity and Ill Conditioning, Caucasians have been trained to deny impulses and desires because they think it lowers their status in society or in the professional world.

But the problem lies exactly within that fact alone, that they have made and molded their lives to be all about Professionalism, as a Total Self Identity. There is no time for personal life and trivialities. It is a Materialistic Culture.

Pragmatism and Professionalism also creates a false environment of politeness. One where people are conditioned to put on a happy face or to pretend things are swell, even when they are not. It forces people to become agreeable and obedient in all the worst ways. People end up lying to themselves, to save face, and save their career. But they lose their honor and dignity in the process.

On the other hand, Professionalism does have its time and place. But it should never be one’s Modus Operandi for the society, and most definitely NOT over the principles that are Völkische in nature and yet this is the road that most Western Nations have taken. Eastern Europe, not so much, and I would say that most Post-Communist Nations have not adopted Professionalism as their Modus Operandi for operation, even at the behest of corruption and recycled Oligarchs. It is for these same reasons that their Nations will probably outlive the rest of Europe for some time, because it is Western and Central Europe that are the most ripe and in danger for Utter Collapse right now.

Today, Germany is forced to even routinely engage in Military Honors to give reverence to Enemy Nations and their Leaders, Ceremonies and Invitation to Barbarian Nations who are sworn enemies to Germany, even in its modern Democratic Form, all for the sake of maintaining “Diplomatic” and “Professional” status. Such things would not be tolerated under the Reich Era. Alas, Modern Caucasians have long become accustomed to and comfortable with Businessmen, namely Plutocrats, being in charge of their leadership and daily lives.

When in fact, the people ruling a State should actually be the Supreme Philosophers who have demonstrated a new idea for governance.

People, instead have become comfortable to see aging people, business suits and balding heads as the sign of “Progress” and the correct form of leaders to look up to.

While it may seem that this Modern “Corporate Culture” we have among us has been common throughout history, the truth is that it has not been, and even in any case when Peasants lived with very few rights and little bread, they did have connection with their Primal Roots.

It has actually been a very short run so far where most people have been conditioned to ignore their Primal Needs and Desires. Christianity had suggested it for many centuries, but it never became as commonplace of a taboo thing as it has in our Modern Culture. Essentially, it leads people to engage in destructive forms of rebellion, including substance abuse, body modifications and promiscuity, etc.

Most Barbarian Nations, even when they do have Corporate off-shoots of Western Corporations, their employees are given much more lax privileges in the working conditions, because they know that the workers will not be willing to work at all if they don’t have a certain level of rights, even to hire friends and family in their place of business which may be a franchise or other company.

In China, for example, when people work at American Companies who produce items in China, the worker is pretty much guaranteed all sorts of rights, including that his spouse can work on the job, the company subsidizes food, housing, and even a wedding, and in China they view these sort of things in the Factory Mega-Cities as a Natural Human Right, but also a conditional term for their workers to be willing to put up with the type of conditions they face there.

Nonetheless, my point is that Caucasians by and large, live in a fantasy world of how things operate around them, between Institutions, Machine, People, Culture, Money and just about every facet of life around them.

The majority of them are unwilling to accept that the majority of social issues, unhappiness, depression and all kinds of other problems, are a result of ignoring their Primal Nature and suppressing it at the expense of agreeing to the conditions and demands of the Corporate World of Commerce and Governance.

This is essentially killing off our people in some other very complicated ways, which will also be addressed in future articles addressing the dangers of ignoring Primal Instincts, including another featured entry on the dangers of chasing Endless Success.

All of these measures are employed by Globalization to ruin, most strategically, Caucasians all around the world.

Today, Caucasians no longer do business with a handshake, as it is seen as too primal compared to formal and detailed contracts on the basis of anything and everything being considered a “liability”.

Caucasians can barely even be bothered to do a Handshake for any reason at all, ever since the Negro Influence of the “Fist Bump” became prominent, and especially with the Plandemic.

We must severely outlaw and criminalize the Fist Bump as a subversive activity, that nobody may demonstrate it in replacement of a normal handshake.

Caucasians, especially from the conditioning they have been receiving from the English and Americans (but it’s still worse in these two nations) only see the world now through the lens of “Facts” and “Credentials” and those who have Status or Establishment currency, and they discount nearly anything else in life, including Experience.

Wisdom, Experience, Vision and Reflection, even Truth are no longer valued anywhere in Western Society, and this is absolutely a great sign of its ultimate decline. The system of rewarding merit is also long fading away fast, almost gone at this point.

Anything that is involved in relation to these values is made sure to have no ability to profit from it, as a conditional basis for those who engage in it.

Everything in the West in earning revenue is based on destruction and creating chaos. Every single part of it.

Productive activities earn very little in the large scheme of things.

Few people in Western Nations realize how hard and fast the end is coming near for them. Still no real sense of urgency. They are only urgent to put on their masks.

We will be lucky if there are even 5 Million Caucasian people left in the world in the very near future, even in just a few years.

There has been complacency for far too long, and it’s too long past the point of no return.

People who are concerned with their reputations and status, are the Cowards and Trash of society, and a day will dawn on the West which will validate this Eternal Truth, and it may be one which means nothing but one of blood and tears for the future.

By the End of the day, We are just Humans who are trying our best to live a very Human Existence, and we have Needs and Desires like Normal Humans do, but the World Controllers have conditioned people in a way to dehumanize people and this fact of “Need”, and this is why they are becoming successful in employing Robots to replace the Human Workforce and Society at large. Most people will be spending their future life, especially from Year 2025 onward interacting more and more with AI, Robots and all forms of Automation far more than they will with fellow human beings.

A New Form of Barbarism will emerge not just only from the Elite up above, but the Barbarians below us, because the fact is most Caucasians, have pretty much given up, and for decades now have been hell-bent on committing National Suicide of all of their Nations.

What this all means, is that Westerners are on schedule to receive one of the most Humiliating “blows”to their existence, unprecedented, that any peoples on Earth have ever been given, and it will be one that will entirely shake them hard. They will be lowered to a level of existence they cannot even dream of, and left as ripe fruit for the plucking. This is what they are standing down for. To say nothing about how much the Standards of living will also be reduced. You can’t have prosperity in a society where everyone despises everyone and where your own Women are your biggest enemy and threat. Caucasian Women practice Lesbianism more than they do any Heterosexual Activity in this time we live in, and when they do engage in Heterosexual Activities, they almost always prefer to sleep and raise offspring with Barbarian Races. 98% of Women in our civilization are invalids and useless eaters, they represent a HUGE liability that puts enormous pressure and danger on the already crumbling foundations. 98% of Women have malignant, destructive traits, meaning that we only have a pool of 2% of Women who are capable to be decent Wives and Mothers, and serve as the backbone of society. That means the civilization is cooked. There is no escape from it.

Caucasian Women are also increasingly becoming despised outside the European World, and not because of the typical reasons of jealousy, which are former reasons, but because of Feminism and other Influences originating from the West which are bleeding into those Nations. As a result, kidnappings and other illicit activities continue to increase, and it is becoming less and less safe for most Caucasians to travel in many more Nations in the world, but this is even more true for Americans than any other people.

But, this stands as a problem that will plague the West for many decades to come, with very little remedy in sight.

Caucasian Men who think they are going to stand up for their Women, while their own Women are against them and working to ruin them and stand up for the Barbarians, are fooling themselves into thinking they will win by fighting honorably and by defending Women who are our enemies.

The Bad News is that the enemy is one with such determination to utterly bring in a living hell, that they will not even allow the self-destruction to just all pancake on its own, but needs to go Full Throttle on promoting the Dystopian Nightmare with the entire meltdown, which will also ensure that people can do nothing in the aftermath to rise above it. That is all by design of their agenda.

The Dystopian Nightmare insures that people remain confused and bewildered, and unable to cope or do anything, and it keeps the enemy [The Jews] operating behind the scenes doing whatever they want to do.

Despite how bad the Dystopia shows itself to be right now, you have no idea how much worse it will get, and to what new extremes they will convince people of the “new reality” ahead.

There have been many warning statements for how people will respond to the New World Order, and while some of those statements have told people that many will die fighting with their entire life against it to prevent it, that those who survive will constantly circle gravestones in cemeteries, begging and praying to be that dead person in the grave, and doing anything to escape.

Now you probably understand well, why they are using the COVID Agenda as the Cover for the Takedown of the West, while most people walk around in a daze and have no clue what’s being done.

After all, how else could they get to convince you to break down your will and to be content in “living with less”?

The COVID Agenda has given them everything they needed as cover to fleece the rest of the world economy, specifically targeting the West, and also to sabotage all friendships and family relations as they don’t realize they are about to fall through the ice.

So this is what the Face Coverings are coming to…

And to think how many morons out there think it has anything to do with a pandemic.

In order to get people carried over into the Transhumanist Future, they must first condition people to accept it by seeing positive things about this form of obedience, even through making it a Fashion Statement. Also getting used to people seeing all kinds of public advertisement and interactions in commercials and media.

They are training people to rely less on identifying or communicating and understanding others by their faces and facial expressions. Eventually, people will be known as “Person 1, Person 2, etc.”:

The Dismissal of Personal Grievances is a Form of Manipulating Society

There is a large trend, especially in America, in which people who voice valid arguments get criticized or compared to other people who may “allegedly have it harder”, such as someone who may be Homeless or have other problems, but the problem with this logic for one, is that it also assumes that the Homeless person (or other type) is equal to the person voicing his/her grievances, and the design of this manipulation is designed to devalue the grievances announced by the person who voices them.

We can see this especially in the overall factor now where people do not want to work.

Also, even when it comes to Ambitions and Desires in life, some people are more righteous or deserving of their Ambitions to be fulfilled than others. Therefore it is a grave error to assume that anyone and everyone Ambitious is a “great thing” or that they ought to have special rights.

Democrats have a large tendency to rouse a false sense of “Can do it” and “Ambitious” attitudes in Colored People who really do not have the same talents or value, and yet their Ambitious desires are catered to because Institutions and Programs are willing to subsidize and elevate them artificially in the system.

A person who is of equal or greater competence and value with at least the same amount of Ambition or more, will be given no attention or acknowledgement, especially when they are Caucasian.

There is an amazing amount of one-dimensional thinkers who are complaining about people who have suffered in working the COVID Protocols and for Low Wages, being “lazy” and “too entitled” and how they “need to get back to work” where they have to wear a mask, get an injection shot and deal with their low wage.

Those who dismiss these workers’ grievances, also only look at their labor as a form of whether it is Skilled vs. Non-skilled Labor, not taking into account the Worker’s sacrifice of his/her time, and also the decaying social conditions which might impact that person’s personal life, even family life and dedication.

In America, they especially teach the employees that their personal problems must be left “outside” the Entrance Door once they enter their place of employment every day.

Under our National Socialist Doctrine, we recognize that our people have personal needs and that their personal well-being is very important to having the worker healthy but also that it brings a good attitude into the workplace and among their colleagues, instead of resentment working around others.

This problem that is a major one in the USA, will not go away any time soon.

I personally do not blame these workers for not wanting to work now, and it only further validates the fact that the only way we have a chance of getting anywhere in this world is by Civil Wars, by Violence specifically.

For one thing, the ridiculous conditions and disrespect many of these workers had to endure in the last 2 years is an abomination, not to mention the breakup in family and friends due to disagreements and conflicts of the last 2 years. And while at work, dealing with Corona Clowns who yell out at employees because the Mask is not covering their nose, and even if the mask is not pressed firmly against their face. I have been witness to this activity, including someone on a Train who was humiliated in front of all the passengers in that they also needed to press their mask wire against their face, so as to not give any breathing room.

Political Solutions and Diplomacy will not change anything, and the people who are foolish enough to think we will solve our problems with Political Means, or voting for the right type of people and so forth are Cowards and Human Trash.

We need to eradicate a lot of people to get Freedom Back. You cannot operate a world in which on average, Every Nation on Earth, 80% or more of its population are liars, psychopaths and scoundrels, people who are abominations.

There is only one solution, and truly only the Bravest of Men and Women, particularly those who have been affected and harmed the most by the evils of our World Order, who are not held back into taking actions and worried about their reputations, who are not bogged down by self-denial, are the ones who will be on our side in this war.

There is an element in society more than ever that is aggressively pushing the notion that the world owes you nothing, and as if you are supposed to be this machine who tolerates abuses and that the others have right to be owed what you are capable of producing.

This of course, falls in line with the Marxist Creed of “From Each according to his ability, To Each according to his needs.”

There is an invisible hierarchy that exists in Every Country on Earth, maybe more natural in some countries than others. But the unnatural hierarchy is very carefully structured to punish Decent people while rewarding the Tyrants of society, and it is structured in such a way to immediately identify who is who, based on many factors, and it also controls upward mobility of an Individual to get ahead anywhere in society, regardless of talent and merit.

For example, if a German is to claim that it is unfair how much he must pay in taxes, but the Illegal Immigrants but even any kind of Immigrant in Germany who can freely pay no taxes and even commit insurance fraud and sleep with German Women, almost always it will be the German who is told he/she is “Too Entitled” but there is no care in the world for criticizing the Illegal Immigrants, because it will be brushed off as “They came from a hard place, had a hard life, and were victims, and it is only right that they are given these rights” as if the Illegal Immigrants have a more special importance.

This behavior is disgusting. And what is even more maddening about it is the degree of how many people will overlook and ignore the fact they know nothing about the true stories and history about these Immigrants, never mind the fact that they do not belong in our countries to begin with.

The entire “De-Nazification” program and Self-Reflection that Germans have had to endure was entirely based off of Manipulating Germans to fear their Self-Importance so that they never rediscover it again for all-time, but to instead worship and respect villainous countries like the USA, and to tolerate villainous peoples within the borders.

In the USA, we are force-fed every day by the Media and Public Officials, why we ought to be hearing the phony grievances of “Colored Peoples”, when in fact these people bring in social problems of their own, and that any unfair alleged treatment they claim grievances to by society or treatment from Police Officers, is a result of their direct behavior and problems of their own racial community. But they want no responsibility for it.

No Healthy Civilization can exist where there is not some general sense of not only people’s general responsibilities to one another, but also one in which people have a natural connection to their own people and are concerned and in other ways involved with other person’s well-being.

It is not something we can “ask” of people, that is what Communists do. This feeling and connection only comes natural among people who are Homogenous and Ethnically the same, of which they feel at home with.

A Civilization should not be put under the pressure to tolerate having refugees.

The West is eternally plagued with no connections of value when it comes to Numbers and People in any aspect of society, and this is why nothing makes sense.

There is only one solution, and the Brave Folk who will be on our side in this struggle will also be the ones who will never relinquish one iota of self-respect and dignity, and come to us with a sense of wanting to deliver retributions.

To us at the PSA, it comes across as very bizarre with how many people have given up any sense of self-respect to even fight back. Many people are afraid to be hateful and ruthless, when it is the only sane way to be.

Death Before Dishonor.

Discussing anything about “WOMEN” is NOW the #1 Most Censored Subject Online

The enemy is very well aware about what awaits on the horizon for Women, and the fact that Civil Wars and utter Violence is ready at any moment to spill on the biggest villains who pretend to be innocent victims around our lives every day.

Nagging… Snippy… Ungrateful Whores…

There can be no Mercy against them.

The censorship anywhere online is extreme, so much you cannot post anything in relation to the “Female species”, or any abbreviation of Women, or things in the context of them.

The comments get censored, and the algorithms are given priority of censorship even more than things about the stupid vi-ruse and even sometimes more than the Jewish Question.

The Illuminati knows exactly what is in store for Women, and therefore they are running their algorithms in overtime to try to mitigate the spread of information relating to such things, so as to keep Men confused, bewildered or alone in their thoughts of Hatred and Contempt for Women, which, only a Sane Man could possibly have at this time.

Men who are insane or dangerous are the ones who will respect everything about Women and permit them to continue their path of turning everything in sight into a Nightmare Wasteland, and bringing down Men’s lives to complete ruin.

When the real breakdown begins of society, there will no help coming towards Women.

She will be put out on the doorsteps in the cold like the filthy dog she is.

The majority of Women WILL NOT be protected, and do not deserve protection. It serves the interests of the devil to protect them.

The decisions for the destiny towards where Women go has already been long etched in stone.

Only fools of Men cannot see it, and only the weak will refuse to use severe punishment on them when they are monsters who are absolutely destroying our society.

The Jews and Women remain of the biggest direct threats to us and European Civilization, along with all the underclasses who support and defend them.

Many Men completely underestimate our enemies, and just what level and ends we will have to take measures in a very short time coming down the road where we will have to use every tool and pull out every stop to attack these enemies with no compassion or empathy for them whatsoever, their shock, horror and cries will be completely irrelevant and ignored.

Women are also the biggest demographic group who buy into the Vi-ruse, who wear their masks, promote the vaccine and took the vaccines and follow every tyrannical measure of the COVID Cult. They are the biggest members of this Satanic Cult.

Perhaps it is time we upgrade their Face Masks to ones made of duct tape.

Something romantic for them to remember!

Men Must Guard Themselves Around Modern Women II / PRUSSIAN vs. ISLAMIC LAW

Once again, the Modern Woman, especially in Western countries (and expanding worldwide, rapidly) is a liability, a dangerous threat and an ever-increasing problem that is becoming like a plague and vermin among us, irreconcilable even at the behest of the survival of our species.

This is no exaggeration whatsoever. And only Men who are ultimately cowardly or who have Business Interests that somehow depend on Women’s Behaviors and Spending Activities, would be in objection to what we discuss about Women, and the fact that the Woman needs to be relegated to a Second-Class Citizen.

More and More, I see so many Men who allow their wives to control every aspect of their lives, what the Man can buy, and whether a Man is “permitted” to stock up on charcoal or whatever commodity, especially as with the supply shortages and lockdowns, I have received remarks from many Men but also taken notice to situations of it happening in every day life where the wife says she would “Kill Him” if he bought something or brought something home. And yet, not another woman!

The other day, I saw some music collection that even a guy remarked that his wife would kill him if she found out he purchased it for himself.

I recently have also had a dispute with some Older Man who has let a disabled wife of his disrespect him and take complete control of his life, and these Men are ridiculous in that they have to get permission or pre-arrangements for even trying to take up an appointment. No Real Man would ever put up with this nonsense!

I also cannot tell you how many Women in this world LOVE to throw away Men’s possessions.

Women who throw away the possessions of Men are part of the “Cluster C Type Personality Disorders”, but it is also a trait of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in these cunts.

These Women will do this sort of thing in a myriad of ways, either by going behind her Mate’s back and throwing away something of his, usually something he values a lot and is important, like a clothing item or music.

A lot of times, the Women will lie about why they threw something away of the Man’s possessions, and claim they “thought it was no longer good” or that “they no longer needed it”, but this is a lie just to manipulate the Man, and is a situation that any Man should rightfully beat his lady for ever disrespecting him in this manner, both on throwing away his possessions, and also on lying to him about the reason why she did it.

When the Woman gets to throw an item way, it makes her feel happier and elevated because she has been able to undermine something a Man may have sentiment, and it is often that we hear the Woman who loves to throw away the favorite every “shirt” that her Man loves, but she can’t stand it.

I don’t ever recall hearing a Man who goes through his girlfriend’s garments and decides to throw them away, and also if he did do so, to get a feeling of gratification from it. Maybe if they were to have a breakup or really violent dispute, but not as some devious scheme, and it doesn’t do anything to elevate a Man’s ego in knowing he throws away something she may own like Clothing, Music, or what have you.

At other times, the Woman will try to persuade him or convince him in some sort of twisted way why he doesn’t need something anymore or should either throw it away or donate it.

I have even before been on the “offering end” from a Man who was giving away some items free, because his Wife announced a desire to “clean up house season” and that she instructed him to go through his closet and their entire room and reconsider things he may no longer really need or use.

Women, also habitually throw away food items, especially leftover food far more than Men do, and are even much more spoiled in not accepting to eat leftover or reheated meals.

Women who also are obsessed about not even a single dirty dish being permitted in a sink at any time, or it shall be scrutinized, is another trait of who are otherwise toxic and empty inside, for only someone who has no life and is a complete void would trivialize over such things.

The bottom line about this toxic behavior is that it’s all about Control. Control for Control’s sake.

When they don’t get their way, they begin to feel out of control.

These Women are NOT the minority in Modern society, in fact they are the majority of them.

Myself, and as I am sure with any other Decent Men, would NEVER even consider or entertain the thought, it would never cross our mind as an idea to begin “throwing away” her possessions behind her back, whether the wife or daughter, or trying to convince her why she should get rid of something, or if she has too much items. While women should not be out of control in spending, we ought not to put a cap on personal possessions they can own, just nothing that involves Title Ownership or things such as Real Estate, Land, etc.

Subversive Materials may be a justification in some cases, but only upon notification.

It would be ridiculous to assume that even if the girl owns too much clothing that we should convince her to part ways with it, it’s simply a ridiculous notion, but she should take responsibility for her articles. Throwing away personal items is a matter of disruption of one’s environment and certain items someone may have, may hold a certain value or person in the daily order of that individual’s life.

The fact that women demonstrate one of the most cunning behaviors in mistreating and disregarding property, and even commodities such as food, demonstrates that they do not value property in the same way as Men, therefore they should not have rights towards property protections, but it is specific when it comes to Land and Real Estate.

It is the Canary in the coalmine which also is expanded into the greater scheme of things, in the fact that Modern Women are also trashing our civilizations and permitting Barbarians in our lands, and sleeping with the Barbarian.

One of the most unmanly thing a Man can ever do is to permit a Woman of any kind to manage his finances, or to have Women involved anywhere in the world of Finance.

Hence, our Prussian decree, whereby we forbid the rights of Women to own Property and Bank Accounts, only personal possessions.

I have even proposed the idea as to whether or not we may permit Women the rights to even own or spend currency, and instead that it may be better that Women only are permitted to be part of special voucher or allowance program in which she receives salary for side labor [where appropriate] or if her husband wishes to give her a stipend on some type of media.

This would also forever solve the problem of “Joint Bank Accounts” including the disputes of Prenuptial Agreements, which is also another load of Bunk, just a piece of paper.

Many Men have also taken enormous abuses from the Prenuptial Agreements, here in the USA anyway.

There will never, EVER be a Property Dispute for Men, if even in the case of Divorce under the Prussian State, nevertheless, our way of culture and life are one in which Divorce and Conflicts should be something of a very minimum nature, and not something that is routine.

Under Prussian Laws, the Man is always given the First Priority, Protection and Priority, despite conditions of Women’s involvement and roles in the given society. Women also must earn their respect. It will not just be given.

Men in this age we live in would do well to severely educate themselves on the characteristics of Women, and to read historically as to why Women were never granted First Class rights up until parts of the 19th and 20th century, and therefore these adaptations are far newer in practice, and have created more turbulent and dangerous conditions. These Rights were not given over lovingly, but reluctantly. And the reluctance was on the basis of clear understanding what a Second Class citizen would do, if treated as an equal.

Although I am not a particular fan of the Man for some very meticulous reasons, Nikola Tesla did have a few important words on Women’s Equality and the consequences of giving Women rights.

A day will arrive when the critical reviewal of Women’s Rights must be made, and it will have to be made on a basis of whether or not it seems favorable or beneficial to Men. We are talking about the difference of survival or not, as a Species and a Nation.

Most Educated Men of History recognize that the downfall of the West in which Men’s Sovereignty became threatened occurred when Women received the right to vote, and it also by no coincidence that this right suddenly appeared in Germany out of nowhere in 1918. The year before, 1917, the Russian Women earned the right to vote.

It has been nothing but a steady downward trend in Western Society since the Women had earned this right.

Even before they earned the right, Feminism was still working its evil way throughout the 1800’s as well.

Men must forego the idea that he can buy his way into a girl in any form, whether it’s buying her a drink, lavishing her with money or other sacrifices for that which she has not earned, only because she is a “Woman”, especially if a very beautiful one at that.

Our Prussian System in far superior to anything found in the Islamic World, because Despite how the Muslims keep their women “soft”, they are known for being very greedy and disgraceful, unappreciative and entitled, and even worse when they bring those characteristics into our lands. They belong in their lands.

Muslim Men do not have things as good as they may claim even about their Women, despite trying to constantly propose to the Western World about their system of order.

You may hear Muslims often speak about how superior their ways are, because they are hoping to Subvert European Nations into believing their form of Islamic Law would be superior to anything European.

But that is not the case.

For one, the Islamic State (maybe not so much under the Secular Regimes) regulates their citizens through Islamic Law / Religion as being the Total Law in Men’s responsibilities, and there are very restrictive measures placed upon the Man which are not necessarily in line with Primal, Cultural or Masculine values, but instead to serve the interest of a religion.

Islamic Countries require their Men to be involved in a regulated form of “salary sharing” in which the Man must forego a certain percentage of his salary to the Woman, in addition to other demands, such as giving regular percentages of wealth to the homeless.

Many Muslim Men eventually become a sort of perpetual Slave at the expense of being permitted to have one or multiple wives in their countries, and hence, the overflow of their own cultural / religious problems begin to spill over to our Nations by them trying to seek out our Women.

The only real area of Manly power a Man has in the Islamic World is that she is to be obedient and as property to him, and that if he has a grievance, he can openly express it to her and it is her duty by their religious / culture code to do whatever it is that he wants to please him, so she may may respond “Okay, what do you want from me? What can I do to make you happy?”

The only other area the Man has power in the Islamic World is in cases of where his wife commits adultery, however the wives do obey diligently in accordance with Islamic Law into the rearing of the children. But this order is all kept up at the requirement of perpetuating the species, even if under the most despicable conditions, and where there is a lack of harmony between the couple. Resentment and Disappointments will get swept under the carpet, never to be addressed.

The Prussian State does demand that Men be proper providers for the Wives, but we do not make laws or regulations on how he is to appropriate his salary. We leave such decisions up to the Man, and that he should use his best judgment for what allowance or stipend he may give to his lady.

Our cultural ways are different, with different demands on the population, and where we must rely on a general good-sense of education and discipline so as to not fall into Lock-Step rules set forth in Barbarian Nations.

Let us demonstrate superior leadership and form, even far above the Islamic Model, because we know better.

The Islamic Man must recognize that there is a European system which is indeed superior to theirs, and that he should keep his system in his own land.

Men Must Guard Themselves Around Modern Women / Fear Of Missing Out Factor

Ever since the Vi-Ruse Agenda had taken root, immediately one week into the quarantine period – and it hasn’t let up even now – never in my life have I been publicly receiving so much attention and gestures from Women.

I wish to state this not from a standpoint of boasting whatsoever, but because even in my youth and when times were less about Identity Politics and Political Correctness as they are now, I had never received this level of Attention either.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this increase in the Attention is a result of the effects and societal conditions rapidly changing as a result of the Fake Pandemic.

Surely, it could not be anything to do with anything innate about that person in contrast to me, but the attraction these girls demonstrate is based on circumstantial situations, which means it is not authentic.

I have long advocated strongly of the dangers in Mainstream Society, whereby Relationships and Marriage form on the basis of circumstantial situations, and it is very rare now that any relationships form outside of this factor.

The Aggression in Women is getting out of control. It would be one thing if things were obviously natural and in a “matter of fact” kind of scenario, but they don’t even demonstrate any consistency either, because none of it is real.

A lot of times when I go out, every Woman of any age who owns a dog and is walking her dog will make an effort to try to talk me up and becomes offended with grimace on her face because I don’t escalate anything further or compliment her on her dog, as Many American here do, they will always use dogs (Especially if the Man is also a dog owner) as a way to break the ice with strangers on the street.

Once again, “circumstantial situations” in which the attraction is built on innate attraction necessarily, but based on a common love or condition of being a dog owner / lover.

The only reasonable conclusion that I can draw from this trend is that Most Reasonable and Sane Men would not tolerate a Woman with her dog, and we all know how Women consider their Dogs as “#1 in their life” before any Man.

These ladies must be very sexually frustrated and neurotic, they also exhibit traits of neurosis, especially the more dogs that they own.

But they are starved for so much Male Attention because of their dogs, that it seems they will go to any length for it, and I find this repulsive.

But there are some circumstances with girls who don’t have dogs who have been making gestures, more smiles and other oddities that have come out than ever before. A lot of these girls have no qualms about smiling or making a compliment to me right in front of their boyfriends, walking side-to-side, and I am hesitant with even how to respond in these absurd scenarios.

And in each time, of course the passive boyfriend doesn’t do anything, but she must know sure well enough of that fact, in that she feels so comfortable to do it. These things are extremely disturbing.

But I want to strongly advise Men to use every Caution in any new situations they form with these Women who may come onto them, because as their money pools and ability to manipulate their way through things continues to wither, they will reach a point of desperation to levels you cannot even comprehend.

The “Fear Of Missing Out” Factor is something very strong now, as an inevitable result of all the lock-downs and ruining of people’s lives, their livelihoods, friends and family and other social connections they once had intact.

I would like to state that I am almost POSITIVE that these conditions are likely to be far worse here in America than in many European Countries, but I can’t know this for sure, so I would love to hear anyone’s experience in Europe with how things stand on the ground in terms of any public interactions with the opposite sex (Whether you are Male or Female).

The Social conditions here in the USA are much more disastrous.

One of the key factor’s in America’s cultural / social problems, is that Americans do not have a real culture, and so there is nothing that connects their people or that they can really relate to on any level, outside of money-making and rallying up to go to war against Innocent Nations.

It cannot be overstated how significant it is to belong to a culture where people are mutually compatible in their heritage, worldview and mannerisms, and without this connection how much it will put their ability to survive at perpetual threat. It also makes them ripe for subversion.

There is nothing more unmanly than to choose “fleeting experiences”, and the formation of this trend of “Fear Of Missing Out” only plays a further elemental role in the Dystopian Reality now being rolled out across the planet.

Every New Relationship I am seeing that has been formed in this time as well, the Women are becoming utterly destructive to the Man’s life, and in a much shorter time-span.

No person who is worth their weight in gold and substance desires fleeting experiences and experimenting around , and this is a time more than ever in being very prudent and wise in all types of decision-making.

Everywhere around us, there is rash decision-making on every level. In everything, from Real Estate / Multiple Houses, New Boats, and other impulsive ideas, with the notion of believing somehow things will just “turn around”.

Authenticity in people is becoming a very scarce factor, and is of course in reality due to the fact that most people around us are automatons, in the most literal definition of the word.

We cannot forget ever, at all times, just how base and low the majority of Humanoids are on this planet, and to what levels of disgrace they will lower themselves to, in order to get things they want.

Our Society has also received some of the most bizarre invitations and reception from people in the past year as well, from people exhibiting a very unhealthy form of desperation, completely out of touch with reality, looking for a moment of something they can latch onto and ride.

The longer this continues, and the more assuredly that the dystopian plans roll out, this means we will only have to become far more radical, and intolerant in the meanwhile, and that we will have to realistically restrict ourselves more and more towards what type of people we can have involved in our life whatsoever on any level.

It seems nobody is who they say they are anymore, and there is very little left of people that can ever be taken seriously instead of with suspicion.

It’s not just with myself or our Society, it’s with everything. I am seeing the same thing happen to other people I know on an intimate level, and with some Small Businesses.

Once again, the on-going destruction against our people, largely revolving around the fact that many have not been able to propagate their genes in all these decades, including the prevention of so many births by Abortion.

Many of what otherwise were decent people who could not cope with this world even in these past decades, have also resorted to alcohol use, heavy drugs and have also committed suicides. Suicides will continue to escalate, dramatically, especially as more and more people are discovering that this “New Normal” is not something that is going to go away, have limited resources or people to turn to in coping, or that at least we will not get our way out of this without a Violent, Pervasive and Totally Ruthless fight from a united form of Rage and Hatred to even get whiffs again of what we once had from 2019 and before.

The Psychopaths, Criminals, Trash and Racial Trash in General are the ones who are breeding everywhere like rabbits for many decades now.

Caucasian Nations also face a dangerous fact that the amount of Births of girls has been in steady decline, year after year, and while there are multiple factors behind it including less courtship and miscegenation, there is also the haunting fact that many Women willingly choose to “abort” their babies if they learn early on about it being a Female than a Male, not wanting to raise a “Female child” into this world and especially in the Notion of arduously instilling a proper sense of conduct in that child and in her maintaining her virginity for the right person. Many of these Mothers do not want the responsibility in raising the child properly, particularly if it will be a baby girl, but on the other hand view the baby boy as a utility who will protect and provide for her more than any other Man can, including the father of that Child, and it’s for this very reason that so many women demonstrate far more respect, love, loyalty and support for their baby boys, than they do for a Boyfriend or Husband.

Think about how many untold consequences are abound because of those decisions and factors which have manifested all these years, but the good times with entertainment, fun and enjoying life had hidden to many people these realities forming underneath, and then understand why we are in the situation we are today.

To know that this is the destiny being formed around us, and how many willingly go along with it, is an absolute abomination.

The “Pandemic”, as a FAKE ONE that does not even exist, is becoming the all-encompassiong, all-defining factor in People’s Lives, their Lifestyles. In essence, it is becoming the Cornerstone of their Existence and Future of which they are modeling themselves around.

If we are to maintain our Purity, our Hygiene, our Strength and Resilience, what we value and what we want for our future, we must defy every measure and use every extreme possible so as for this “Cornerstone” never becomes a replacement foundation in our Society and our Lives. For if we do that, it is all over without exception.

Even something as trivial as a person who saw a “positive” effect from the “COVID Pandemic” is a threat and liability and must be excluded from our people. Even a person who saw the lockdowns as a positive opportunity to “read books” or to “relearn value” of things they took for granted, is also a threat and liability. It simply admits that the person already has malignant traits of taking things – and especially persons in their life – for granted.

I have listened to countless individuals from around the world describe the lockdowns as a “blessing in disguise” for them.

Such people are absolutely useless and a burden, completely without worth whatsoever.

These people shall make the most perfect type of slaves for the rulers which seek to seal their form of control around them, for their realities can be warped in any which way to get them to conform, and even love their state of a pathetic existence.

To even believe that the virus exists, is automatic membership in the COVID Cult.

Nobody who belongs in any part of the COVID Cult is one of ours. And they shall never be.


When I first read of this weeks ago, I was astonished that there are some few people in Canada willing to do the necessary work in putting the COVID Cultists in their place.

This Man did the EXACT JOB correctly, in terms of what needs to be done.

There can be NO NEGOTIATIONS and NO TIME for allowing the enemy to even answer questions, he was right in not giving the nurse who injected his wife, the chance to answer, and took care of business.

No empathy and compassion given for these Medical Murderers “just doing their jobs”. They need to to be taught a lesson.

These so-called “Medical Professionals” need to be literally be dragged out from the hospitals and facilities they work in and taught a permanent lesson in respect. One they will remember forever on their way out!

Let it be known that no amount of ruthlessness is “too much” when it comes to dealing out punishments to the Corona Clowns. Attack them, and attack their families. No rest and no respect for them or anyone they are associated with!

The Last Opportunity For Europe

All we can do at present is hope for best case scenario outcomes and continuing the fight in every which way for the sake of overthrowing the Menacing agenda that is being imposed very harshly right now in Europe.

The Australians, for example are too softened up and have given up as a people far long ago to ever be willing to challenge things enough.

Every day I watch what takes place in Australia, and even Canada and the news is absolutely nauseating, and it disturbs me all that much more how much there is still a lack of “urgency” among most people.

In fact, any “Urgency” of any kind might only be of one’s personal financial situation if they are about to lose everything.

Still, here in the USA, the Americans almost behave as if it’s “criminal” to openly or too loudly discuss views against Vaccination or to deny anything about the Vi-ruse.

Europe’s problem of course, is that it is disarmed.

It bothers me that the Anglo-Saxon Nations have had considerable influence over the world in modern times over Europe with Germany at the head, because while we could afford to lose the Anglo-Saxon Nations, European Countries cannot be replaced.

Germany as the main player in the EU is not enough, it’s nothing, it’s just a political-economical arrangement by Plutocrats.

The Anglo-Saxon countries, except for the UK, are all artificially created entities, irrespective of what one’s views are of these Nations. Their existence is perpetually dependent on continued forms of exploitation (even among their own people), and especially so with America. That, and the fact that they all serve allegiance to the British Crown and continue to pay royalties in one form or another to the Queen.

It will take monumental activities and activism, including a miracle for us to reverse the course of things in Europe, but, if we were still in power and had significance in the world today like we did previously, we would have had every ability to pulverize this agenda if it were to spring up anywhere, but at the same time the likelihood of that would nearly be non-existent considering the elimination tactics we were pursuing to defeat Jewry and Bolshevism, and every apparatus connected to it, such as the British Empire.

Europe would have today been a bastion of Freedom and Excellence, and it would also be a Superstate, not like the EU, but with Independent Sovereign Nations which also exist outside of the Umbrella of the Reich.

There would not be the unbelievable Bureaucratic system which takes so much paperwork and time to get things done where needed.

As much as is lost for Europe, there is no sense to giving up the struggle against things, because there’s nothing else left anyways, and you will have to face even worse conditions if you do not choose to fight back at all.

I advise against the mayhem being done at organized events like protests, because it is perfect breeding ground where Police and other Officials, even private ones are capable to amass major power and backlash. Throwing barricades won’t really accomplish much, but might get you arrested, for something not even worth being arrested for.

Let me reiterate that fact, because the worst thing is to be arrested for something worthless or trivial, or to be accused of something falsely. Such types of events as these only eat away at Men and reduce them to nothing in the time they serve because of how unnecessary it was, and what they will have to endure. It destroys a Man’s honor.

It would be one thing if the organized protests were not protests but actual Militias who were professionally organized, but that’s not the case. Only a handful of the more brave types will take more aggressive actions. But Europe isn’t permitted Militias, at least not legally and especially in Germany where extra efforts have been made to disband and seek out any potential formations of certain groups, especially among the Polizei and the Bundeswehr, and elsewhere as well. Since Europe’s Armies for their Nations are federalized, they operate only on the basis of the governmental interest, and therefore serve no National Interests or Loyalties whatsoever, so they cannot be counted on.

According to our research and leads in many of these countries, the majority of these organized protests are funded and organized by controlled opposition groups who are running them. The only use of them is to connect with other people who may be worthwhile, but it’s like a needle in a haystack.

Most political activists WILL NOT spare personal time and efforts to meet or even discuss things further even on an individual basis, because the majority of them are selfish to begin with and only concerned about their Individual rights. While this varies from country to country, it is a general theme, because most people are only protesting against things for their own personal sake, and want little to no involvement in organizing real activities and risks associated with this fight.

In the USA, this situation is far far worse.

These Modern Forces have long been prepared and trained for these events with finesse, and only a delusional fool would ever think that they will ever start to “come around to their ways” and recognize that it is also “in their interest” to oppose anything, especially in regards to the Vi-ruse Agenda. That will never, ever happen, for a myriad of reasons, but to begin with, based on the recruitment criteria and screening of the types permitted into those positions.

They are strictly pragmatic, for the most part, and all that matters is procedures and protocols.

Fighting against the State or Authorities in this manner is like “fighting fire with fire”, and you can be assured that the State will exhaust all methods of putting more gas on the fire, further financing and investing in more equipment like riot gear and other hi-tech / robotic machinery and mindless personnel for the tasks.

Being in a time when Most Men, also do not have any help or support from Women in any of this, the large majority of Caucasian Women today do not respect Men and do nothing except destroy Men and eat away at their resources and then blame the Man for it all.

In addition to this, there is no general unity among most Men either since the sense of trust and breakdown of cultural values has been under perpetual assault from the last century.

The Illuminati has everything set up where they want it.

We need civil wars, and thus we must conduct ourselves in the fashion of a civil war. And the people in power are vampires who get their energy from these automatons who work to serve them.

As far as the “leaders” go, there would be more effective nature in destroying the enemy by targeting Banks, then the actual Politicians or Political Offices themselves, but also is the general fact that the most powerful operatives in this world involved in leadership have Rhesus Negative Blood Type, and this blood type needs to be eradicated if there is to ever be a future for Europe. This bloodline is dangerous and demonic, and it is the primary cause of our situation. Anyone who possesses the Rhesus Negative Blood Factor is dangerous.

It will take a lot of skill and resistance to be able to target the leaders, and it’s disturbing that they aren’t already dangling from a rope, but this is the price that comes at not taking early action.

I am not against people creating mayhem in general, it’s the only choice at this point also, but they have to come up with more creative ways to do it, and also there is the fact that people need to completely STOP following COVID Protocols, such as Masking, Obeying Curfews, and all things relating to it. IRRESPECTIVE of the Laws, Fines, and so forth. When authorities will see that more and more people couldn’t care less about the consequences, that is when they get really nervous.

If people did not obey these orders, they would have never been able to be enforced in the first place.

The Italians were singing while quarantining on their balconies in the first 2 weeks of Last Year’s lockdowns, while it would typically come across as Charming to us during a normal scenario, in such a circumstance as this, we could have no other thoughts but nauseating ones and total repugnance.

Today the Italians are out on the streets protesting against the Green Pass.

What took them so long?

The same must also be charged for other Europeans as well. We ask, what took you so long to respond!?

Most people have already given up somewhere between 2-10% of their lifespan, if not more depending on how long they will still have a chance to live in this world, and yet they did nothing all this time. Many even fear to discuss the correct views relating to the whole bogus agenda. They have lost friendships, careers, and have amassed all kinds of new problems and financial challenges now over this COVID Cult.

Understand… Life will NEVER, EVER be the same again, not even close it from 2019, even if the best conditions were to manifest from defeating this agenda.

All this time has permitted the buildup of resistant forces to squash any opposition to their rule, and they are capable to completely shut off your food, water and electricity at any moment to get you to comply.

I strongly advise that people who have been “wronged” by their employer should begin ruthless forms of mayhem against the Employer’s Business, both on the Personal level and the Company level, irrespective of the relationship of the employee(s) who have put you under pressure or compliance to get a vaccine or what ever other measures they employ.

These businesses deserve to be destroyed by any means, even being hacked, ransacked, made completely inoperable, and you will need to make the lives of these obedience workers TOTAL and UTTER HELL. These people need to be stalked, and every opportunity to find ways to destroy their lives, their possessions and even their family life must also be targeted. Yes, I am dead serious about that. Based on the appropriate circumstance of the course of action to be taken, it must be taken, and it must be perpetually maintained against these COVID Cultists. They do not even deserve to have restful sleep at night, ever.

Understand, that everyone who has taken the vaccine is also under a “tracking” and “monitoring” system for multiple measures, which will increase over time. If you spend time with vaccinated people, you will also be “tracked” along with them and share in their fate of what it means to be a part of this emerging grid, to say nothing of the Cult itself.

Understand, also, that if there is even a crumb of chance for Europe left, that it can be nothing less but the silent minorities which are people who share our mutual thoughts and spirit, who will not only have to overthrow and conquer the worthless masses in their Nations, but you will also have to ruthlessly destroy them. The ends justifies the means of this pursuit, and anything less can only be deemed as “stalling”.

We are in an all-out war, despite how conditions may look like going outside everyday.

In a time like now when there is no Organized Force in Europe, and how many of these countries lack the proper tools to combat the process of Bolshevism and their card-carrying Politicians in Europe, you have no other choice.

If you refuse to fight, the fight will one day be brought to your doorstep in the most literal sense, and it will be done at night time and they will cut your electricity first, and since that is the time when people are most vulnerable and less apt to be able to be able to fight and cannot see, and there will be less attention given to the events by other locals. You will be either shot on site, or brought to camp, depending on the circumstance play out, should this takeover have reached that far in its successes towards completing its mission.

The majority of people alive today, except those who have lived in the nightmare of Communism, have absolutely no idea what kind of horror this ideology has brought, and instead they are distracted by rumors of Fascism and Nazism as being the “world’s evils”.

Every country owes Germany a debt of gratitude to the extreme lengths we had previously taken to fight off this enemy, and the fact that resources and organization are nowhere near the levels they would be, if we hadn’t had the majority of the world being brought against us.

Therefore, the world is now exposed to this menace and share in the same fate that Germany has, as an ultimate punishment for destroying Germany.

Germany had mostly given itself up at the behest of preventing this agenda from spreading and working towards completely eradicating Bolshevism.

Today’s best case Scenario, if by a miracle that the COVID Cult and Bolshevism are both defeated, and the civil wars which are needed take place, we will have to anticipate a Europe with far fewer people and inheriting a great tragedy that will take a long time for recovery. But, this is the fate that is in store, and at least it presents the chance of ridding the automatons from occupying valuable space and resources.

Any fight to put up is worth it, than to sit around idly like a duck.

We had Two Chances to finally destroy and eradicate this major world threat in the last century. And we were mocked for it.

Today, there is no mocking over this threat, and it’s now recognized that it is not a joke.

There is not a lot of chance this time, there aren’t even any good alliances. But one must keep their obligations.

Fools are Fooling themselves when they refer to every new country’s regime model as “The Fourth Reich”

The asshats who love to claim every new leader is a “Hitler” and claim that the Fourth Reich is now coming to power, is a ridiculous notion, that’s is truly unbelievable that more people don’t criticize how much of an epic fail this gesture is, even as a joke!

Inadvertently, if we don’t hear the “Third / Fourth Reich” or “Nazism”, we hear “Fascism”.

But when it comes to the “Fourth Reich”,

How many times do we hear it!?

Putin’s Russia is the “Fourth Reich”

Xi Jinping’s China is the new “Fourth Reich” (Especially after watching the Chinese Military Marches)

Surely Uncle Kim also gets up there on the list too, with North Korea…

Then of course, we have the liberal obsession over the “Trumpler”.

And of course it also wouldn’t be complete if Angela Merkel’s Germany doesn’t also get the Fourth Reich “label” and that she gets awarded the special mustache in a caricature photo.

It is disingenuous and insulting that people would take such a Brave and Honorable Man, and compare such inferior “nothings” as an example of a new incarnation of “Hitler”.

We may very well be forced to create a Law against this activity that applies Internationally to all the Barbarian Nations.

Certainly, they rarely ever do this with other leaders. Maybe you might find a caricature here and there of Stalin, but it doesn’t have the same effect at all.

To begin with, the following conditions completely invalidate any legitimate claim to any of the countries being associated as a “New Reich” or “Fourth Reich” government on the following set of conditions, with at least some of them applying to all countries.

I. The German Reich forbids any Democratic Parties, in addition to any Left or Right Wing Party. There can be no Multi-Party systems in the German Reich, even if multiple parties were to allegedly work for the same interests.

II. The German Reich, at least from the Third Reich after the Prussian Diet was dissolved, forbids the existence of a Parliamentary system in the form of government. Any type of Parliament or Oligarchical leaders cannot exist under a True Reich, even if some country tries to make an Ironic Imitation of our Reich, which they cannot. The Reich is not for sale!

III. The German Reich absolutely forbids any form of Plutocrat to hold positions of power, or to hold any kinds of Financial Investments.

IV. The German Reich does not permit any membership with modern global institutions and organizations or treaties, nor does it recognize the “UN” as a legitimate or benevolent entity.

V. The German Reich, its constitution, its philosophies, regulations, even up to the NSDAP are only applicable to the German People and German Nations. Its political form and ideological worldview is not available for export.

I am getting very fed up with the ridiculous claims of the new Fourth Reich all the time, because these imbeciles wouldn’t even understand what a Fourth Reich was if it hit them upon the head!

But they would certainly know it if they saw us in real everyday action once again! They would know what feeling the Prussian Sting would feel like, and it will have nothing to do with a bunch of corporate dressed plutocrats who love to talk all diplomatically from scripts and even wear their masks at the podium.

We rant and rave all day about degeneracy and people who tattoo themselves and use drugs, sleep around aimlessly, when such behavior is ruthlessly punished in the German Reich!

Your own god-damned Politicians not only engage in this behavior, but they encourage it as “empowerment”!

Donald Trump didn’t even manage to shut down the Media. The Media owned him.

Adolf Hitler WAS the Media.

Donald Trump, although partly of Germanic and Ulster Scot descent, wouldn’t even know how to be around someone like Adolf Hitler.

Donald Trump is just a businessman.

Businessmen for Business sake, have no Business whatsoever in the German Reich.

The German Reich plays an elemental role in the German people in a manner that is absolutely unparalleled and impossible to form in any other part of the world. Other countries are just Dictators, Presidents and Oligarchs, who often belong to very corrupt financially vested firms and interests.

Lean the difference.

I never saw Hitler wearing a Yarmulke or heard of a “Nazi Germany” that embraced and worshiped Jewry. Family inter-marriage with Jews was also forbidden, so he and his daughter would have been executed for committing that level of treason, on all levels, including investments with Jewish interests:

Why the French are not a valid “Contender” For European Hegemony compared to Prussia [Germany]

Make no mistake about the fact that the French indeed, are very hopeful about a return to their heydey of the Frankish Empire.

This ambition today is no different than it was when the French took it upon themselves to seize every moment of time when the German Reich faced pressures or had fallen apart.

French Ambitions can only be inferior to the German ones, because the French will surely only participate in the Truth or what otherwise are deemed as “Noble Ambitions” when they have monetary interests, stocks or other superficial interests invested into it, rather than an innate morality of their own.

Part of what distinguishes Germany from all other Europeans by a colossal standard is that the German is willing to risk all bets and all consequences in favor of the truth, because we hold it so dearly to us.

The superiority of Germany always rests in our principles but also the very industriousness nature of our people to weather any storm, and to also thrive above the Barbarian Nations, including France.

France today is bursting at the seams for an overdue Civil War.

At the same time, France remains an enemy and risk to Germany, even under the illegitimate regime that currently operates in Germany.

For anyone who has been watching the European National developments in the past few years, these French keep making more and more noise about “German Influence”, “German Sphere of Influence” and related topics to anything around Germany’s growing regional and other demands.

Germans of every kind must understand that the Nation of France is always opportunistic in its desire for challenging Germany at any point, and must never underestimate this relevant fact today even under the leadership of Global Plutocrats in charge.

At the same time France employs Double-Agents who are actually Jews at the top of their leadership, vying for power and appeal on the level of supposedly making a “Strong France”, but surely even if a “Strong France” were to emerge, it would not be anything the likes of even their peak of the former Frankish Empire.

France, like England are both Nations which do not much have much to live for, and while Germany is also at risk of perishing, the fact still remains that the German Nation is the only destined or fit for ever positioning the correct course both as a Nation, and also for the European Standard and Future.

Germany has owned this right since Rome had fallen, and Germany will still own this right in the future.

Therefore, the Barbarian Nations will have to understand that only by dealing with us Germans, and by ensuring the well-being of Germany, can there be any involvement with Europe, or a European Future whatsoever.

We would leave the French alone on certain conditions and requirements, but they are known for operating a lot of spy networks and influence, similar to the British, but never on the mass level and finesse that the British have always been known for.

The only thing that is probably most assured with France as a Nation, is that despite their hot-cold relationship and alliances they have long formed with England, the truth is these alliances were always opportunistic ones and based on the Celtic / Bretonic peoples of France who share some ethnic commonality with the Non-Germanic Anglo peoples, of which most races on the British Isles are a hodge-podge makeup of Celtic, Norman and Crypto-Jewish ancestry, with only superficial remnants of the Saxon [Germanic] blood left in it. There is no true “Anglo Race” so-to-speak, but when England was first Established, it was predominantly based on a very rigid gamut of German and Norman ethnic people, while the Celts have already existed there.

The French have only matured, moderately as a people [only at the expense of becoming a shell of their former self], but there is the strong case that they will never come to Britain’s rescue anymore in terms of alliances and warfare, having realizing not only the financial costs [which they always only consider first], but cultural and existential consequences they now face at the desperation for their survival as a Nation and with their Culture.

But their survival is not likely but based on internal influences, not just the external situations.

The French can only perpetuate themselves in so far as that they can continue riding off historical falsehoods or convenience factors that helped them gain relevance at any point where they have, but so many times at the expense of helping out the British. I can make a simple example of this, also in some historical discussion I was once involved in with a French Professor, who, while observing the most crucial fact about Russia’s agenda in WWI and how the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, this Frenchman, did not want any part of discussion or focus being brought to how the English had the influence behind the Black Hand to bring about the assassination. It presents a danger of the French being caught “naked” in the course of their historical involvements in relation to the British and the lead-up to WWI. This French Professor immediately understood exactly where I am coming from, and what angle of everything I am aligned on, once he came to understand that I am aware of the full picture of the events, and so of course the tone of the discussion all changes from there as I am perceived now as the “enemy” for revealing knowledge behind it. Not a terribly large secret, many people who studied WWI history know about Britain’s activities, but there is meticulous discomfort about brushing too much on the subject, and many prefer that it does not become a focal point of investigation or discussion.

Russia, as a country is also highly dependent on Revisionist History and perpetually keeping specific facts relating to both World Wars, completely removed from public knowledge and much of the world’s people in general as well, but all Russian Intelligentsia is of course very very well informed on every one of these issues.

The Russians are banking on never having to come clean, because they have crystallized in most people’s minds that the ends justified the means since they had victory in defeating “Fascism and Nazism” as they will call it.

Indeed, all the Allied Nations in some form or another depended on unbelievable gambling and formation of alliances to be able to bring down National Socialist Germany, and there should be no hesitation or reluctance that history should pay a rightful re-investigation to all the events, all the details, and the proper chronological order of which these events happened to give thorough understanding because it makes all the difference in terms of who is right and who was in the wrong.

The English also love to group everyone as “being in the wrong”, while secretly believing they were right, and in their Propaganda they will lay this claim to discourage a Historical reader trying to have any belief or understanding of there being a righteous power in those disastrous wars.

The French Nation is particularly weak from its legacy of dependency on the English and English successes. England is of course now falling.

The French are only coming to begin to understand why Democracy is a flawed concept for their country. But what use is this when it was well established even during the last German Reich was far above and beyond about the dangers and inferiority and subversive nature of Democracy!?

Anyway, when it comes to France, France will one day or another have to cede Alsace-Lorraine, and any objection to it is an aberration and distraction based on the current course of political affairs. Alsace-Lorraine belongs to Germany just as much today as it has in the past, despite how many times it keeps flopping back and forth.

The best course for France, despite all their other hardships which imperil their Nation, is to “Know Their Place” and to stay in it.

In particular, this means that France must be at the mercy of Germany, and there cannot be any compromise on this position. Inwardly, they are aware of their inferiority compared to Germans, but they like to keep it very secret.

Provided the French choose to understand the wisdom to keep their edging ambitions down and are to maintain Mercy towards the German Nation, then they would see an appropriate response from us, as we can leave them to their own devices, since we do not have interest in changing their way of life or culture. But they have to stay in place and learn to “make do” with what they have.

The French are clever at disguising corruption, but in a vastly different way than the British typically get away with it. The British have more of an arrogant style, but with less snobbery, or maybe a slightly different form of it, albeit the English are extremely obsessed with having an image of supporting all types of “Justice”.

The French are also nowhere near as thorough, disciplines and pervasive as a German is, in application of nearly all affairs of life, whether it be Foreign Policy, Technology Development, Innovation or even Privacy.

My main dislike of the French people is not only our historical issues we’ve had with this country for a long time, but even observable in the nature of the people is that they are very pretentious and snobby, very class-conscious and that they are infamous in their reputation for being the main peoples of Europe who began the practice of importing Negroes incorporating them both as citizens among their population and in the military.

In almost every instance when I have been served by a French person, I am given dirty looks and glares from these people, yet it is always them to give the bad glance first, as I approach them with a general indifference upon meeting them as a stranger, or whatever involvement I have with them, as any German typically would be. The level of snobbery of their people are unacceptable and it is repulsive. Paris is one of the most unfriendliest places. I have been into many French Establishments before, only to be “snubbed” or passively denied service, maybe I have to go through 2 or 3 other staff members before I get what I ordered after waiting and waiting, for almost up to an hour, and these situations were never an accident or due to outright bad service. It was an intentional “statement”.

On the other hand, if a French person were to visit a German establishment, they would be at the very minimum treated with indifference [even if despised] but yet still served.

In my travels, I cannot think of another people who resort to a people of such snobbery to this degree, except for some occasions of entering some extreme “Christian” Cultish establishments that operated discreetly and where everyone in town belonged to a Christian Denomination, usually the Protestant-American kind, in which they know an “outsider” who visits their establishment compared to a local. I have had this same type of “denial of service” at Pizza establishments and some other places, with some of the most cryptic staff to deal with.

There have never been any establishments of either an ethnic or cultural group of any kind that I have ever witnessed experience to this, only by the French and also when I have been in some of the Religious Extremist Communities in America.

The French love to think they are so superior, but it never demonstrated whatsoever in their behavior, it’s never something non-nonchalant or proven by some internal greatness or consideration.

They are in fact, some of the most inconsiderate of Europeans, whereas Germans and even the Dutch and Swiss are FAR more considerate than them.

Even the Quebecois are at least more approachable in general terms or decency as “French-Canadians” compared to Native French, but it would be anyone’s debate to draw the line or conclusion as to those reasons based on French history. And that is saying a lot, coming from me, since we all know how degenerate Canada is overall, but the Quebecois are very proud of their culture, probably more than the other Canadians.

Throughout the course of history even in Rome, the appearance of a “Negro” among the population was like that one-time “here and there” circumstantial and conditional situations such as when you may find the lobster harvest and all of them are “red” but there will be that one “blue” lobster that ends up in the catch.

Not every single thing is degenerate and to dislike about the French, but the laundry list is pretty high of why they pale in comparison to the German Reich, and yet, even in comparison to the Modern German Republic.

The only admirable things that come to mind with the French usually revolve around Nice Language, Excellent Wine (and great wines for aging), Superb French Pastries, Deserts and Coffee culture, a few historical and philosophical figures who were very essential into the European Enlightenment and some Inventions here and there.

The first crime of the English is what abominations they call “Sausage” in their National cuisine, which is not acceptable to any German.

But irrespective of one’s opinion on the French, one must remember that the French are an Effeminate Race.

The Effeminacy of the French would surely mean that Europe would continue on that down-trodden path of tyranny, and bolster cultures of very weak, passive and otherwise cringe-worthy examples of Men throughout the population, rather than the natural course of how a Patriarchal Society should operate.

A small example of this “Effeminate Nature” is that you can observe a Characteristic about the French that they believe that all opinions should be accepted and respected, even if it not a truthful. The idea that the opinions or beliefs which can be proven and deemed “false” should still somehow be paid “homage” and respected.

It takes a Masculine Nation, as such like Germany, to be fit for rule of Europe, and a type of Masculine Nature that has never been found in Europe since the Roman Empire.

And never forgetting the fact that the French just as the English have also out-played their Colonial Ambitions around the world, especially throughout Africa.

The French and English are despised everywhere, and there is no part of the world that will ever respect or accept them, certainly not the Islamic world either.

A Power like like this, [France] is only surely to abuse their power wherever they are permitted to have influence.

On the other hand, Germany has a long-established Reputation worldwide, and one which continues to increase despite negative circumstances at this time and with Europe losing its significance on the world stage. But this factor is something Germans must see before them the “tidal wave” and know exactly what to do.

The truth of the matter is that Germany cannot be “Germany” without Prussia’s Might and Culture brought back to its core. The lack of Prussia’s Influence makes Germany and German life more “sterile” and less adventurous, and also is the reason for any softness and capitulation to subversive ideas that have taken over the Modern Germany.

Therefore, nothing less than the German Reich can suffice, along with us once again calling the shots.

The influence of Bismarck, in our heyday used to be so monumental, that anyone in his presence would fall to their knees, and nobody ever wanted to be known for upsetting Bismarck or ever rousing his temper. Not even Kaiser Wilhelm II could bear it.