Once again, I need to reiterate this fact that there are numerous agents all around us who have been trying to deprogram you and everyone else from fighting back. Suggesting things like “Non-Violent Action” in every form, and manipulating you by trying to make you think you need to show you are the better person by “not fighting back”.

While it may seem like government agents would be more likely to encourage you to commit violence, the contrary is actually true when it comes to large-scale schemes which have civilization-changing implications or effects. It would usually be a small-scale situation that an agent would have you try to engage in something, especially if it were connected with drugs, contraband or criminal syndicates.

Part of the problem with the general populations, is that they do not understand or see the world from the viewpoint of the Intelligence Agencies, because either they are always thinking the government agents will always use more aggressive tactics to trap them, but this is rarely the case.

But in terms of civil wars and disobedience, they have much larger implications, and the controllers of this world have needed much time and patience to get their ducks in a row and use all kinds of means of programming people to not fight back, and to become passive and distracted by all kinds of Psyops and even Online Movements or Entertainment. The last thing they want are spontaneous outbursts of resistance or people becoming aware of things.

I’d have to water down my message, and I’d have to reinvent words and the worst part of the direction where this is heading is that you soon will not even be allowed to call a person by their legitimate, scientific “gender” or other terms, because people have become so complacent into acceptance and tolerance of passive activism while censorship continues to explode, and the algorithms to censor you online continue to become much more aggressive.

Intelligence Agencies throughout the world, know YOU better than you know yourself, and they predict every next move, and they create and base their Propaganda on the most Amenable forms to appeal to your interest, and they know that someone who speaks what I do will not gain the same level of attention or interest because it does not appeal in the rhyme and rhythm that appears on the Internet. They know where you shop, they even have probability workflow charts and diagrams to put together all of your behavioral traits and where you are likely to go next or what you will do.

Nevertheless, as I have stated, most people even if aware of things that the controllers do not want them to know, they are still Programmed Automatons without souls, therefore they are not mobilized for action or putting up a fight, because money and their reputation among others is at stake. Programmed Automatons are a certain genetic variant of Humans which have no true spirit or will to do anything, even if they resent someone or something, even if they speak against it. They will just sit there and agree that something is wrong, but show apathy and indifference towards doing something. They show apathy about the torture of wearing masks and will even write it off as just a “minor inconvenience” because all that matters is following the script that is publicly acceptable. There is not even the slightest inclination to research or challenge the views. Even having grown up to learn in school the dangers of breathing our own carbon dioxide, that does not even matter to them either. They don’t care. They are too cowardly to risk anything, especially for how their peers will look at them, and even much more so here in America. But the controllers are most concerned about the message taking on momentum, even in the midst of the transitory stage right now. The controllers do not care about a bunch of atomized individuals in a society knowing the truth about things, so long as there is no momentum. They can deal with people knowing who will just “take it” and continue through with their plans.

Despite all the claims you might hear from so-called “Experts” who say “sooner or later everyone will find out the truth about the COVID Hoax”, I am here to tell you that this is not true or likely, and that these Controllers have enough tools and power in their arsenals to cover it all up including all the people they eliminate with this agenda. There will not be a mass awakening, and we’re long past the time where even a remote possibility of that would occur. In fact, it was not very likely even in the very first few days and weeks of the crisis and lockdown tyranny. I began immediately recognizing the psychological warfare and the fact that this is MASS PSYCHOSIS / HYSTERIA in the population which had been programmed into them in less than 2 months. Yet it only seems that in recent months that some more popular voices have come out to finally recognize the whole thing as “HYSTERIA”. But the Hysteria was implanted in the very first few weeks of everything, and then it began to avalanche.

Most people are ego-centric, and they cannot tolerate being either unpopular if it means doing the right thing or what ought to be done, and they cannot accept being ostracized or ridiculed. Therefore, Truth does not matter to them, plus it’s too inconvenient and most importantly, NOT Profitable.

On top of it, these Agents who promote Non-Violence often resort to using “Religious Dogma” or putting a “Religious Twist” onto things, especially the Christian religion, all to make it seem even more legitimate, especially by quoting Biblical Prophecies or some delusional Idea that “God is in Control” and that “God is allowing these leaders to be put into power” because he is “Testing Humanity, such and such”.

All of this is utter bunk, and only ultimate fools with weak personalities buy into it!

Religious Hucksters have operated for centuries through means of spreading Propaganda and carrying out all kinds of vicious agendas throughout the Church.

It is also no coincidence that for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a Jesuit Agent, and is one of the biggest front-men in the COVID Agenda, overseeing it all.

So long as they have been able to deprogram you from your primal urge to fight back against our situations, this has allowed ample time for the Global Government[s] to amass enough power and resources, and to perform training, drills and exercises behind the scenes and preparing logistics so that when the time comes that you recognize finally that you have NO CHOICE LEFT BUT TO FIGHT, it will be too late because they are prepared for your fight.

You must understand that in the midst of the transition, that while the Controllers of this world surely are very confident and get their way, that they are also nervous at the same time, because the transition does put them in a vulnerable state where the power vacuum can be challenged by many competitors of theirs. Many who are also as evil as they are.

Think of it as if you are moving across country, and you have all of your belongings in someone elses hands and in their control, you cannot guarantee things but hope things will all go well and that nothing will get lost, damaged or stolen in the transition to your new location point. The controllers are slightly nervous in this regard, including their “frontmen” which you will sometimes see fear and nervousness emanate from the likes of Dr. Fauci or Rochelle Walensky, etc.

These people and the quiet powers behind them are taking a large gamble, and the gamble they are doing is based off of using true and tested methods of breaking people down psychologically and other forms of human experimentation and torture, and they are relying off the algorithms to test every possible combination of propaganda and misinformation to give total confirmation that they can proceed forward with the biggest lies and bullshit agenda, knowing they will still get away with it.

Despite how confident these controllers are at most times, they were not always ready for civil disobedience. In fact, I spent 2020 witnessing Military Logistical operations being re-routed behind the scenes all throughout almost every State in America, with all kinds of artillery equipment being sent by Trains to be repurposed and repainted for UN usage. Prisoner Laborers have also been busy manufacturing “Heat Sealed Body Bags”.

Nobody said “boo” about it anywhere or gave it any serious thought, and the Mainstream Media had also paid a small amount of lip service to ensure the Circus Show continues and that nobody gets too careful to peek behind the Red Curtain.

There are many of these undercover agents who are part of COINTELPRO and MK ULTRA, and many of them work sometimes both knowingly or unknowingly (proxy agents) serving this agenda are working rigorously through their Propaganda Methods, even through Online Social Media Channels to get their message across.

The Communists even managed the most sophisticated forms of Controlling the Opposition in all types of protests or factions of society that emerged which would seem like organic movements! So they have a very large hand in controlling mass formation or even distracting it.

Most people are so detached from reality that they do not understand why a Civil War is Necessary even before all of this Racial Obsession coming from Non-Caucasians, and the COVID Agenda began.

FOR STARTERS, a Civil War has been INEVITIBLE for many Decades between Men and Women. In fact, this Civil War faction is probably the most significant and intimate one of all, even more than Racial, Economic, Class and Generational factions.

The other half of our species is largely destructive, and Men who are afraid to take revenge on Women are utter cowards, despite the contrary Notion that a Man who ever hits a Woman is a “coward”, the opposite is surely true! Sometimes Women deserve it, and especially in the society we live now, if it is to be reshaped, I can assure you that Women will not like what kind of implications are in store for them. Women are a major problem and obstacle and are not a cooperative species, and we will one day have to confront our demons even at the risk of everything pulverizing, because Women are the Key Destroyers of civilization only second to the Jew, and then Third are the Non-Caucasian Barbarians who invade our Nations. This is a fact, irrespective of how “wrong” it might sound to you. To ignore it, is to deny the fact that the Scorpion Stings.

Most Women especially in the Western World have serious destructive and malignant traits, far worse than any Man or an animal!

Most people have come to accept and tolerate Mediocrity over many decades of programming, and even centuries if you wish to go there.

This level of brainwashing and deprogramming or reprogramming people has been done many times, even when less technology was publicly released. It was how the initial Bolshevik Revolution successfully seeded and executed itself in Russia. All you need to do is read up on “Operation: Trust” to understand how this all was achieved.

At the very moment what we are in right now – and this applies everywhere – we are in a rock and a hard place when it comes to this fight. We have no choice but to fight, but the options and resources, the effectiveness of it and so forth are now much more greatly diminished compared to even a year ago at this time, nevermind the year before that.

The Hour is VERY LATE. Suicides are also increasing everywhere, and it’s very very difficult to find and connect with others who have not been broken down by the Psychological Warfare of this current event foisted upon mankind. The last thing you need is someone who is mentally broken down or soft who will become a turncoat, and I assure you that almost everyone now is a turncoat or potential betrayer, especially when it will come down to needing food, the ends will justify the means, even if they are a family member or neighbor.

All I can say is that, that despite any risk you might fear, or what ever happens to us, we will all eventually die. One way or another our existence will come to an end, so we must be very wise and reflective how we utilize our time on this Earth. We are on the precipice of losing everything anyway, and you must keep that in mind.

It’s a bit late to only suddenly take interest to fight! Where have you been the last 2 years!? You’ve allowed a minimum of at least 2% if not more of your lifespan to escape you and did nothing!

Fighting allows you to feel clean. Just tolerating the demise means there can be no possible ability for any level of disruption anyway, so you’d be playing a part into their plans.

If you choose not to fight, the fight will sooner or later be brought to your doorstep, in one form or another, whether you like it or not, whether you have interest or not, and the longer you choose to do nothing at all, it makes it more the inevitable that the way they bring the fight to you will be one in which your whole story of what happens to you will be distorted, only to surely be followed by your Death being publicly listed and known to others as a “COVID Death”.


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