Peace, it can only be Provisional and Conditional at best, and is dependent upon changing conditions and eras, but also the fact that we live in a world which has finite resources and energy. Irrespective of Victories and even in the Signing of Treaties. A Treaty is just a piece of paper.

And at no time should it ever be assumed that the Barbarian Nation one reigns victory over will forget things and treat it as the “past” if being given an opportunity or level of development where they could meet or exceed Power over their Conquerors.

But we have amongst us in this world, the most deceptive players and figures who try to pretend to fight in the name of “Peace” or in Environmental Causes, like “Protecting the planet”.

Figures like “Greta Thunberg”, for example, or even the Propaganda by the members of the Music Group “The Beatles”.

These people are empty inside, and they will have no qualms about doing everything it takes to fulfill their One-Dimensional Idea of “World Peace” and “Oneness” at the behest of disrupting other Worldly Cultures, Languages and modes of life, and leaving a trail of misery and destruction in their footsteps. Hence, this is why the Global Activists are always so obsessed with suggesting that “Everyone Must Sacrifice” and that “Everyone Has a Role To Play” and that they want to force a very unnatural and yet aggravating form of co-dependency on other people, and to eliminate your rights to own property and possessions.

These are things which we DESPISE and are ruthlessly determined to exceed all ambitions of these so-called “Peace Activists” and will call to arms to work towards every possibility of their destruction.

Therefore, the only correct viewpoint of Peace or the striving for it in this world, would be one where there is a “Relative Peace” and “Relative Stability”.

The approach being based on Favorable conditions versus Unfavorable conditions concerning the other Nations.

We respect the Barbarian Nations and Peoples from the standpoint that the Barbarians knows their place and does not try to challenge for more than what they are, and they ought to have designated lands and Sovereign National form of government and culture that is applicable to them.

But while we do place demands on the Barbarian Nations to show respect and reverence to us, we do not demand them to Worship to us, as we are not seeking to create a House of Worship based on our ideas.

Every Germanic person, even if they are from a relative Nation of ours, whether they be someone who is Swedish, Dutch, Swiss or Austrian, and even the Reluctant Bavarians, one way or another secretly admires and adores our ideas.

With the Dutch for example, the Dutch, just as Swedes are, who are some of the closest of Germanic Relatives in other Nations – related to many Germans – but the very specific nature of involvement and relationship that the Dutch have had with the Jews (which has been the case for many centuries) has made it so that we had no choice but to put a heavy hand down on them in the occupation of their country in WW2. The Dutch will never forgive us for what we have done, nor will the Belgians either, and I strongly believe that the Dutch will never come to terms with Jewry unless they are forced to.

The problems anyway, with some of the other Germanic/Nordic Nations they fear admitting their beliefs, and in many ways they also fear the consequences of relinquishing their ties and monies they have achieved with involvement in Jewry, and they fear to what levels the ideas could be carried out and fear the prior associations of the Third Reich and even Prussia, because of the bad taste left in their mouth from Revisionist Propaganda. But this too will exhaust itself someday.

So, we are not in the business of trying to fight for a “World Peace” because it is obviously a silly and unrealistic notion, and that you should be completely suspicious of any person who has dreams of securing a world peace, because the type of people who are engaged in these ambitions actually are empty inside and without a purpose to begin with, and are hungry for acceptance and worship from others. They are not in the business of peace for reasons of personal struggle or conflict.

The other factor in all, is that when developments occur in the world, particularly in the form of historical events, we wish to see these events and engagements unfold in their most raw and organic form, rather than it having been forced or mechanically planned.

In fulfilling the Nordic Mission in this world, we must understand first and foremost that our highest ambition and goal of importance is to secure a Peace and Stability for ourselves, with the freedom to express our highest level of Culture and Connection between our people. Regardless of what the rest of the world does, and that this goal must still be sought under the most unfavorable conditions, as such that we face right now. Our people must become comfortable with the idea of taking matters into their own hands.

EVERY Nordic Person has a futuristic desire and longing in this world, the problem is that he/she takes for granted how unique and rare this burning desire is and just automatically feels that every other Human Being in the world aspires to it in the same way, and also has the discipline and willpower to fight for it. But this is actually rarely ever the case from the viewpoint of the Barbarian.

Surely there is Ambition, but the other people do not exactly feel or see the same.

In fact, this is why many Nordic Nations have become comfortable with the idea in pretending they are “Color Blind” to other Races, because they want to feel that all other peoples in the world are as “well-intentioned” and that by inviting them into our lands, that it is a way of demonstrating our superiority, but in fact the reverse is true.

Most Nordic People, if they really had enough experience and understanding of the Barbarian Nations would be alarmed and puzzled [admittedly, some are] of the conditions that these people are willing to tolerate, even by their own government, for a sense of relative stability.

For Example, most Barbarian Nations have less love or appreciation for “Property Ownership” and would prefer or accept the idea of Government subsidizing and owning things, in so far as that it means they don’t have to work for anything or have to give up other rights and freedoms.

Most Barbarian Nations also do not frown upon Telling Lies as a customary way of life, because telling lies is not viewed as Lying, but as being “Polite” or sometimes as a Condition of keeping lines of communication and opportunities “Open” even if the person may not really be interested to attend an event or engagement. They will tell you what you want to hear, only. In some of these cultures, taking things in life “too seriously” is much too troublesome, burdensome, too strict and even terrifying for them to ever endure, so therefore they are often more likely to believe “Live and Let Live” or to be a friend to everyone in sight.

This mentality of “Not taking life seriously” and Telling lies, even just for fun or to appear fun or keep options open is considered innocent behavior in the Barbarian Nations, and so much that if you become exposed to it for long enough and do not have an inner calling for remaining True, you will eventually become well adapted to it and see it only from the standpoint of benefits rather than the disadvantages. There is a reason why we refer to the “others” as Barbarians, and we will continue to do so Eternally, because simply that is what they are, even at the behest of how rigid, cold and strict our Mannerisms must be.

We must hold onto that which we value like never before, so that it does not decline further in value, and therefore we cannot just take the easy road in life and appeal to others.

It is the very reason, for example, if you as a German have an appointment or meeting with a Barbarian at 20:00, that you arrive for 19:05, but the Barbarian shows up at 20:19 and acts as if “All is well” and would show confusion at you for being angry or upset with them showing up late.

In our very specific mentality, for any German, it is natural and understanding for anyone to show up late unless there was some really serious reason for it, because we so highly respect the Time of others and we take very seriously our engagements with them. To not meet these promises is disrespectful and inconsiderate, but the Barbarian will sit there and laugh at you for taking the time commitment “so seriously” and try to loosen you up to be a bit more “open-minded”.

There is a Tendency in our Nordic Character to want the other Nations to feel and experience things as we do for their own people because of what good and development it has done for our own people, but the problem is that the Nordic will overlook the fact that some of these Nations are in their own situations due to an existential quality about their people, and that they have maybe not earned or deserved a Paradise of their own.

If a Barbarian Nation takes inspiration from our lead and our ideas, they are free to practice them on their own abilities, but with the understanding that they will never have the pervasive level and application that the German Nation will.

In addition, while the Reich will incorporate other Nations who voluntarily may look up to us for Leadership and other integration with us, we will never demand that their people are designated as “Property of the Reich” nor will we recommend that their country leadership enact the same method of governance as we would do for Germans.

Religions have programmed people for many centuries to believe that we are “All as one” and that we were all from the Same Divine Creation, and for someone to have to confront the reality that we are not all as one is extremely devastating and depressing for that person to understand or accept, and especially because it requires immense energy and research with understanding and reflection to accept things about our Species and the role in this universe that are not as pretty as we would have hoped that it would be.

Peace Activists always operate in the extreme, and they will even take it as far as to demand that a Nation or People disarms themselves, and cannot even be allowed to have a Military or ever fight back for any reason. They are the worst tyrants! Peace Activists have no Standards either, therefore only quantity, not quality matters to them.

For example, the Peace Activist will not care, when attempting to bring two parties or Nations together, whether any interactions go naturally (for better or worse) and want both parties to shake hands if even reluctantly, and this is exactly also how the Church operates as well! Because the Church Promotes this notion of False Peace, even when a Peace cannot be guaranteed.

With the Americans as another example, Americans are extremely obsessed with maintaining the notion that America is not to be a country of people with a defined Heritage or Ethnic Community (not even a European one), but whereas anyone from any corner of the Globe should be entitled to the right of “Becoming American”, whatever that means.

And in 99% of the cases, the American is always going to sympathize with having Non-Caucasian Races, and almost never with someone of European Descent.

While many Americans have some form of European Heritage, it is important to understand that their Establishment Classes were always viewed as Outlaws and Deviants, or people who were not acceptable as “civilized” or in adherence to True European Values, in addition to being “uprooted” and planted elsewhere.

A sizable portion of Americans also have some but diminishing Nordic and Scandinavian blood, however you would rarely see a genuine connection to that blood in them the way you would see someone any Nordic or Scandinavian country who lives there.

All the Intellectual Figures and Leaders of the Former European Monarchies which ruled during the centuries of America’s foundations have been very cognizant and vocal of this fact of Americans as “Outlaws” and “Rebels” or “Outcasts” compared to the European Tradition, and it is one that European Readers of our Fraternal Order had ought to consider very strongly when it comes to understanding the mentality of the Americans. It is also another reason why America is vastly different than Europe.

To this day, with few exceptions, most Europeans who do not subscribe to American values and love for Democracy or Assimilation into these things, are heavily despised, mocked, shunned and mistreated when they visit America. At first, America appears to be a place where the Streets are paved with Gold, but after some time of living here, they begin to realize how Detrimental it is to live this way and in a country where mental illness and a lack of culture is prevalent.

Eventually, any True European will begin to feel “displaced” in American society, and alienated by it, and begins to realize all the much more so how the Americans really do look at everything from the strict standpoint of “MONEY” and only do things for the sake of money.

There is the element of “displacement” for anyone from any European Country who lives the American way, where you cannot even get Bread that tastes “real” or is made fresh from Local Bakeries that line the streets, as anyone can do anywhere in Europe. The food is not brought in fresh from the villages every morning, and the animal is not slaughtered that day. The sense of not feeling “at home” begins to set in.

There is something very soul-sucking about living in America, and also to tolerate the trauma of being exposed to far to many different ethnic cultures and languages surrounding you at once, and having to adjust your mannerisms or interactions with people of different values, religions, customs, or what they take offense to.

And the terrifying part about the Hypocrisy and Confused Nature of Americans, is they are willing to commit national suicide and to take down the entire world with them to ensure that the country and the rest of the world employs a “Melting Pot” and “Democratic” worldview, as they have taken this idea to a fanatical notion, not recognizing that you cannot have any kind of Peace when all cultures and races are mixed and living together.

People of other Cultures and Nations Look and Function BEST in their own Nations, Among their own Peoples, Speaking Their Own Language, and Living through the daily customs and habits of that Culture.

There are methods of involvement with other Nations and Peoples to whom we might not have commonality with or any shared interests or appreciation for each other, but it does not mean we will go to war with them either. We will just meet them on the grounds where things ought to stand, and then we call it a day. We would rather not have to try to put on a false happy face or handshake to act as if “All is Well” and that relations are better than they are, which has become a common theme now in Modern Diplomacy.

This would especially be true today with German relations towards countries like Russia.

In hindsight, a Strong and Fully Restored Germany which has its own Peace and Stability, will only exist when the rest of the world understands its place, relative to Germany’s position, and where these Nations will never want to disappoint, upset or to provoke Germany ever again for the consequences that will rain down upon them.

It is our role to be the Masters of this Universe, and this has been demonstrated in many ways for those with enough care and attention to detail to notice where the German and Nordic Qualities have taken root all across the world.

We cannot be afraid or hesitant in fulfilling the Nordic Mission.

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