Degeneracy And Degenerate Themes Among Female Musicians As An Increasing Trend / WHY WOMEN ARE DESPICABLE

As of late, I have been noticing these past few years, some of the horrifying Music which is being produced or otherwise re-arranged by many Female Musicians.

I am not talking about “Modern Music” per se, the Degeneracy in the Modern Music is nothing new, and I understand it and where it stands.

I am talking about Women behind Classical Music and other styles.

And this is not about just American girls either, these are girls WORLDWIDE who are making some of the obnoxious Music and performing works of very respected Artists, and I’ve seen such girls who do this hailing from countries such as Lithuania, Georgia, and elsewhere.

For one, these Female Artists seem to be obsessed with introducing Feminist and Political Messages in their Albums, and also cater to audiences which follow their Feminist and Political Values.

A lot of these Musicians also seem to pursue “Jazz”, as Jazz is known as a Degenerate Music style, and they will try to introduce Children’s Music, Rock Music and other styles and incorporate it in the most haphazard, cringy and also distasteful way with the Jazz Music.

Jazz Music is horrible on its own, but what these girls are doing is horrendous.

They are completely destroying the works of Well Respected Composers.

And none of it sounds good, their singing is very amateur, repetitive and I’ve been encountering some very bizarre themes that completely lack any creativity in Lyrical and Composition work.

Some of the times, I am introduced by these Female Musicians at certain events or concerts I attend, and they are a featured artist, and the music they play at the event is NOTHING like what their actual Musical Releases are.

One of the Artists I attended at a Summer event last year, who played Harps and Zithers, I had purchased her CD at the event thinking I would maybe have some of her excellent playing that she did at the event on the CD.

When I brought it home and listened to it, I heard what was one of the most degenerate and ugly sounding Jazz playing with wretched styles of singing! A far stretch from anything I saw at the concert.

It is absolutely unbelievable and unacceptable how much this is becoming a growing trend with these hurt and damaged Women who are corrupting Music that never ever was corrupted in the past like this.

I remember growing up listening to Female Musicians of all kinds, and even through the 90’s and maybe a bit into the 2000’s, I’ve never heard what kind of garbage is becoming a thing now around Women who play and sing Music.

Even from the way they sing and how they bring up awkward political statements in the Music – which are not even fitting – you can tell how damaged and full of rage they are.

They have absolutely no class or taste in the form they bring these messages in their Music, and ESPECIALLY when doing the covers or works by other Musicians, or even in their own Music, it’s just simply bad.

Nothing Inspirational, Nothing Memorable or Moving whatsoever.

Hearing Cursing by Women does not bother me, and yet that’s not even in this Music, but it is so degenerate and tasteless, that this type of Music should not even be accepted as tolerable whatsoever! The girls who destroy works of Honorable Composers belong in a Concentration Camp and their musical releases should be thrown into the fire.

In General, as I have stated many times, Women are becoming an increasing liability and danger around us, and despite what any Man’s opinion may be on a meatbag that is a pleasure to look at, that meatbag is destroying our civilization and the future of having future pretty meatbags to look at and have our way.

It is the biggest error that Men of certain Nations, such as the English, Celts, Viking and Americans have done in the Liberation of Women, making them “equal” and giving them “rights”.

Women belong as nothing more than a Second-Class Citizen in society, and only scoundrels and idiots believe otherwise.

The More anyone learns about Women, the more you cannot help but to resent everything about them even aside with what looks or sounds pleasing, and even Women despise their own, in the same fashion that Negroes cannot even stand their own people.

The problems we face today with the other half of our species is going to require massive sanctioning on the life and rights of them in the future. A future in which they will have to get used to be openly treated like the objects they are, and getting used to serving but also means of reparations for their damages.

The Hallmark of a twisted and emasculated civilization, is one where Men are regarded as “perverts” and “creeps” for staring at women, especially when they are dressed to advertise. We cannot allow such unnatural perversions to develop in a highly advanced civilization, but also because it is Anti-Nature, and the fact that women are permitted to operate freely without boundaries to be totally detached to their primal nature and to advertise their bodies while being confused as to why they receive male attention.

The emasculation of the West is reaching the point to where it is becoming Illegal to even talk to a women in some countries like Canada and elsewhere (as it can come across as sexual harassment / unwanted provocation) by their definition, and soon a day will arrive when it will be illegal to even refer to that gender as a “Woman” or “Female”.

Women are a highly destructive force, and the only way to properly put them in their place where they belong, is by force.

By many measures, Women are even FAR WORSE than parasites, because even a parasite has the sense to not overstep its boundaries, knowing that it must keep its host alive for the sake of even its own survival.

Women just don’t care. They destroy and trash everything in sight, and they’ve made an art with how they are destroying the West, and the Jew sits behind watching it all and making profits off of this destruction, and recruiting women as an ally to use in furthering the destruction of our people.

Even some of the voices who used to be some of the most staunch critics against Men who criticize Women’s behavior, have in recent years become unable to disagree with the complaints of Men in these times now, and even the mounting divorces which have taken place during the Vi-ruse are having a large effect on stubborn Men who have been reluctant to criticize Women, but are now experiencing for themselves what kind of large-scale destruction they are capable of.

Aside from Appearance and Sexual Offerings, any Honest Man cannot claim in our time that there is much of anything to like about the Female Gender because of how vicious, dangerous and big liars they are. Everything about their personalities is empty and parasitic in nature, and it does not help that the Capitalists and Communists have helped shape this world of women we have today, including to allow the most degenerate offspring from their family lines to take prominence over the general classes of society, and therefore we have nothing but monsters being birthed into existence around us.

There can be no positive solution to this issue with women, because they represent a negative force like the Jew, and therefore only negative responses can create a proper solution. And I believe there should be no limit to what extreme must be pursued in this response.

Men are beaten down constantly, being told they have to “Respect Women”, but in truth, if the Female was such a respectable specimen, there would be no need to suggest or remind anyone to respect them.

In the Future Reich, there will be nobody who utters such ridiculous phrases like “Respect Women”.

Women were given to the Man as his property and treasure, they were given to Men to Serve.

Women do not respect Men, and therefore also are not worthy of respect.

Women are equally as much as a problem as the Negro for European Civilization, only thing worse is that the opposite gender represents half of our species, and is as dangerous as if half our civilization is full of Negroes.

Under Prussia, there are no laws in regards to a Man’s treatment towards Women or his spouse. We do not intervene in these manners, and believe it should be up to the Man to deliver what must be delivered, for better or worse.

There is to be no alimony, no child support, no safety nets whatsoever for Women under Prussia.

While infidelity is not a positive trait, we must bring back the era, that when or if a Man left his wife or sees another Woman, that it is a result of the failure of the wife to please her husband and that she has brought shame to the community.

If a Man beats his wife under Prussia, the Reich will just assume she deserved it. Any attempt for a woman to petitition the Reich Courts for abuses or harassment will literally end up with her having her paperwork torn up and thrown right at her face and told to “Get Lost!” This is the type of Order we want.

History demonstrates that if Women are afforded equal rights under the law as Men, that the entire civilization is put at risk, that the Men become undermined and the State is put into peril.

Prussia cannot afford to be placed in such risky scenarios or where Men become emasculated and especially to a point where they are not able-bodied for Military Service in ruthless defense of the Nation whenever required.

Men have lost their masculinity in a sense where this is no longer the consideration in most instances, but where it’s just assumed the Man got bored or couldn’t control himself.

Infidelity was taken a lot more seriously in the height of European Civilization, and it was not something done or taken lightly, therefore when it did happen, the woman must have been very bad or useless in the situation to bring a Man to the point of looking elsewhere.

Grandmothers used to teach their granddaughters the disgrace of not pleasing their Men, and also in how it would bring shame to the community. If a Man strayed from his wife, even the Elder Women of the community will speak around the town about how she must not have been pleasing her Man and she would be viewed as “dishonorable”.

Modern Man must understand that until this status is restored in our civilization, there can be no restoration of the West and the Family Unit.

Today a Man has no choice but to perpetually look elsewhere because of the level of toleration of Women’s nonsense, and the fact that their nonsense is even politicizing itself in Music is absolutely unacceptable.

In General, most Women of the West begin starting bullshit and creating drama in about 2 months of the start of any relationship, because this is the “statute of limitations” that an average girl can tolerate a Man who is respectable in which he might be catching onto her lies, or not functioning as the Walking ATM that she envisioned he would be. That’s why they start becoming unhinged and creating problems.

The majority of Men need to become very astute to how destructive the Female Gender is, and that in the years to come, many Men in their broken fortunes will have to spend a lot of time in self-reflection, resentment, and possibly suiciding themselves in trying to reconcile the issues of damage and wholesale destruction that Women cause, which were ignored or scoffed off in years earlier. The damage Women have brought the West, is irreversible, and there is no way that our populations will remain intact. Not even in the best case scenario, and that even at the behest of the destruction of the West, what must be paid, ought to be paid, and Women have a lot to pay even if it means the entire West falls with it.

Many Men are too busy occupied with menial work and also callous from taking the abuses from Women for how long now, that they have been conditioned by Christianity and their Fathers that the access to pussy means that they need to “put up with Women’s bullshit”, therefore most Men have been conditioned to tolerate the abuses and liabilities that Women create.

Women are way worse than even a Snake-Oil Used Car Salesman. Even those guys would never attempt trying to pull off the things that women do.

Women want to sell you a turd that has been painted in Gold Color, and to convince you it’s authentic, and then when you know better and decline, they criticize you as being the one “having the problem” and it’s always “you” that has to sacrifice, not her, and in her mind, you “wasted her time”.

This nonsense is ridiculous and has reached epic heights, to where only the most brutal treatment towards Women can be the way forward.

As Prussians, we do not fear these situations and implications because we are aware of them and we know what needs to be done, and we are prepared to stomach anything, come what may.

I cannot speak for the destiny of other Nations, but I can speak for Prussia and Germany, in that a Renaissance of our Culture and Way of Life would render it impossible for Women to get away with “lying their way” to get by in life, as has become routine around the world.

Prussia must harden women, women need to become used to hard conditions and to toughen themselves and deal with it. There will be no “charming her way” out of things. Women have virtually gotten away with murder at this point in the West, where they can get their way out of anything, and rally or petition Men and Governments to do whatever it is they want, and having to face no real life consequences or responsibility for anything, because in the childish Mind of Women, Men are here to take the abuses and have the weight of problems put on their shoulders.

There will be no “agreements”, “coming to terms” or “negotiations” with Women.

The window for any of that has closed long, long ago.

Women have demonstrated themselves to be irreconciliable, especially as far as the West is concerned, and that Women have long overplayed their hand, and the time to pay the piper is nearing.

One thought on “Degeneracy And Degenerate Themes Among Female Musicians As An Increasing Trend / WHY WOMEN ARE DESPICABLE

  1. Overall, mostly agree. Although it would be useful to offer examples of what you mean.

    I still get triggered when folks on the right talk about topics such as the voting preferences of women – for it is akin to analysing the stench of a corpse. Blaming women is as pointless as blaming the Jews. The European man had all the power in the world in 1914. This is the direction he chose. The path of self-mutilation.


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