State of “Hesse” in Germany grants authority for supermarkets to ban the Unvaccinated

Absolutely Disgusting and Unbelievable. UNACCEPTABLE.

If there is something that Germans will one day have to face shame for, things like this will definitely be on the list, and the irony would be that it would be our own Reich officials which bring them to a Military Tribunal for punishment.

Meanwhile, Germans are self-reflecting over the Nazi Era, but have no qualms about participation in the COVID Tyranny. This is an utter disgrace, and this disgrace is likely to cost the Entire Nation its existence.

The Prussian Society of America officially recognizes the regime of the Federal Republic of Germany, a Democracy, to be an Illegitimate State that is operating Illegally, run as a proxy state by the Americans, and therefore we pay no respect or acknowledgement to this regime in any form or what it considers acceptable as “Law”. It is a State run by Criminal Oligarchs or more accurately as Plutocrats who serve no Allegiance whatsoever to the German people. It is an Impostor State, and we are determined by any means to see the undermining of this Criminal Government and that one day it must be answerable to us and the German people for their crimes, and also how they have denied the German People of their rights, and have continued an on-going policy which has prevented Germany from asserting itself in the world with complete freedom and utility, and has prevented Germany from having a full National Army to protect its National Interests and Defense. The Bundeswehr only fulfills the Federal Missions of Germany, which is not in the interest of Germany.

However, the PSA does view the Members of the Bundeswehr to be an essential force that could be subject to a reformation of its Prussian Legacy and brought back its correct position in German affairs.

NATO Policy towards Germany in reality has always been to “KEEP THE AMERICANS IN, THE RUSSIANS OUT, AND THE GERMANS DOWN”.

Keep in mind that if you are a German who took the vaccine, for any reason, you are disqualified for any involvement with the PSA whatsoever, and are considered an enemy of the Prussian State.

There can be no forgiveness for the COVID Cult Members, even if it’s a worker who is “just following orders”.

We don’t care whether you are Family, Friends, or whomever you are, we do not care about your accomplishments.

We don’t care whether you “thought you were doing the right thing”.

We don’t care if you are a Medical Professional, who was forced, even under a gag order to comply.

We don’t care if you are a Government Worker, who is complying with Government Mandates.

We only care about the fact that you did comply, on any level, with the COVID Agenda, and this means your life should be terminated with the use of the most severe forms of torture and prolonging the moment until your death.

If you took the vaccine, you are a liability and a bio-hazard, and we want nothing to do with you, and if to our abilities, would have dispatched immediately.

As I’ve stated, I don’t see much future for Germany right now, it’s just about over, and it is likely to be completely over in a matter of months, not years. Completely over meaning that those who do not comply are completely “locked out” of the system, and the State could fall into Chaos, ushering in the advances of the UN to have their way, which would give an effective edge for China to wage their plans for Europe, unless stopped.

I had previously warned that October 15th, 2021 was a “target date”, not one set in stone exactly, but a projected date of significance between then and November 1st for the next phase of the COVID Takeover Agenda.

Eventually the next steps will be outright overnight barricades being set up with bar and control people’s Movement and Activities, there will be checkpoints and other measures unleashed, and very shortly after they will start to ramp up war against the Unvaccinated.


While the governments want this all said and done by November, these are provisional dates, which could extend into about March of 2022.

You must also understand, even as painful as it is, that Social Relations will never return to normal from even the most obedience towards this agenda and agreeing to be a part of the Electronic NWO Grid, and getting your “shots”.

The future is one that is designed to be Trans-humanist in Nature. That means Anti-social, in which there will be less overall involvement with Humans, less sex or no sex at all, more reliance on automation and technology, no culture, no family, no soul. The world is already a dismal place, and it is about to get all that much more dismal. COVID is the bridge to this upcoming world the enemy has planned.

At this time, I have no reason to expect any uprisings in Germany, I simply do not see it happening, and I must confess this truth as evident. Despite the gloomy attitude towards the issue, you should feel ALL THE MORE COMPELLED TO FIGHT, and find others who want to fight, because if I simply told you everything will be fine and that there is hope, then you would still sit back and continue to do nothing anyways, banking on miracles to somehow manifest. Miracles do not just “happen”, and there is no “God” which is going to intervene.

Don’t waste your time saying prayers either.

If the time passes and they have already set up barricades and new measures of control which even keep you from leaving your house, or even a new virus / variant scare, then you will have to understand and accept that you will need to stand your ground on your own and that it may not be worth living anymore in this world anyway, but that you should not go down without a fight, even on the individual level, even against everyone in your society.

While this could play out in many different forms, the way they want to justify new lockdowns and restrictions will be more likely from new economic disruptions and supply shortages or related issues, and they will use this as a measure to demand that they must keep more “Order” in the society.

The people who took their COVID shots will one day regret it, that is, if they even have a conscience in them to recognize the failures it will bring them ahead. But the majority of people in Germany are also automatons.

Only 11% of the German population has value, and this 11% of the population left must have a WILD streak of fanaticism and a miracle to call them to action to bring about a Storm of retributions against everyone else.

This is the last sliver for survival, if there is even a chance at all. There is nothing else, and you can count every word of mine on that being the ultimate truth.

Protesting is not going to achieve anything, it just gives the enemy more power, and you will risk getting arrested or something foolish and yet you didn’t even get to take a risk to achieve and fight for something.

Germany’s Future can only exist when and if there is enough will to keep it alive and resurrect it. It can’t just come on its own. It also depends on German People recognizing the “orphaned state” that the population has come to be, less so among Older Germans, but much more so in the youth, where they are psychologically detached from the way Germans used to think prior to the end of World War II.

Time is what you make of it.

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