Still Doubting the Trans-Humanist Future that the Jews and Orientals INTEND for Mankind!?

If you don’t put up any level of a fight, you can be prepared to spend the rest of your years living with this as a reality, to say nothing of all the other High-Tech Dystopian Realities.

The English and Celtic people are worker bees to promote this agenda, and have made heavy investments and restructured business models towards the future in its design and engineering:

Keep in mind, that in 2020, the talk about “Digital Health Passports” being issued to citizens around the world, was dismissed as a “Conspiracy Theory” and that “People would never allow things to get that bad before a backlash against it.”

Keep in mind also, that nearly all Modern Technology we have come to know and use today has Origins in Germany, especially in the field of Computing and AI, and that the Americans along with the Soviets had seized this technology from Germany, and that the Americans ended up selling this technology and blueprints to Israel and the Asian Countries for development, because the Americans wanted short-term profits from their greed.

Certainly, that is an over-simplified and summarized version of the entire story of those change of events and influence between the world powers over that technology, being far more complex, but it is the general theme of the story.

Technology does not belong in the hands of Powers which are subject to abuse it.

One may question why Oriental countries like China or Japan are willing to promote this development, and why their populations seem to have no problem with it, or even having “sex doll robots” as partners, and you must understand that the nature of the Oriental people view the less interaction with humans to be a “positive” attribute, due to Anti-social traits in their populations.

The very nature of Asian people turn a blind eye to sentiment in any form, and only efficiency and less confrontation is seen as something “positive”, including an AI imposed system that regulates their place in society based on algorithms that determine “Morality” and grade your worthiness based on a score.

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