Why the French are not a valid “Contender” For European Hegemony compared to Prussia [Germany]

Make no mistake about the fact that the French indeed, are very hopeful about a return to their heydey of the Frankish Empire.

This ambition today is no different than it was when the French took it upon themselves to seize every moment of time when the German Reich faced pressures or had fallen apart.

French Ambitions can only be inferior to the German ones, because the French will surely only participate in the Truth or what otherwise are deemed as “Noble Ambitions” when they have monetary interests, stocks or other superficial interests invested into it, rather than an innate morality of their own.

Part of what distinguishes Germany from all other Europeans by a colossal standard is that the German is willing to risk all bets and all consequences in favor of the truth, because we hold it so dearly to us.

The superiority of Germany always rests in our principles but also the very industriousness nature of our people to weather any storm, and to also thrive above the Barbarian Nations, including France.

France today is bursting at the seams for an overdue Civil War.

At the same time, France remains an enemy and risk to Germany, even under the illegitimate regime that currently operates in Germany.

For anyone who has been watching the European National developments in the past few years, these French keep making more and more noise about “German Influence”, “German Sphere of Influence” and related topics to anything around Germany’s growing regional and other demands.

Germans of every kind must understand that the Nation of France is always opportunistic in its desire for challenging Germany at any point, and must never underestimate this relevant fact today even under the leadership of Global Plutocrats in charge.

At the same time France employs Double-Agents who are actually Jews at the top of their leadership, vying for power and appeal on the level of supposedly making a “Strong France”, but surely even if a “Strong France” were to emerge, it would not be anything the likes of even their peak of the former Frankish Empire.

France, like England are both Nations which do not much have much to live for, and while Germany is also at risk of perishing, the fact still remains that the German Nation is the only destined or fit for ever positioning the correct course both as a Nation, and also for the European Standard and Future.

Germany has owned this right since Rome had fallen, and Germany will still own this right in the future.

Therefore, the Barbarian Nations will have to understand that only by dealing with us Germans, and by ensuring the well-being of Germany, can there be any involvement with Europe, or a European Future whatsoever.

We would leave the French alone on certain conditions and requirements, but they are known for operating a lot of spy networks and influence, similar to the British, but never on the mass level and finesse that the British have always been known for.

The only thing that is probably most assured with France as a Nation, is that despite their hot-cold relationship and alliances they have long formed with England, the truth is these alliances were always opportunistic ones and based on the Celtic / Bretonic peoples of France who share some ethnic commonality with the Non-Germanic Anglo peoples, of which most races on the British Isles are a hodge-podge makeup of Celtic, Norman and Crypto-Jewish ancestry, with only superficial remnants of the Saxon [Germanic] blood left in it. There is no true “Anglo Race” so-to-speak, but when England was first Established, it was predominantly based on a very rigid gamut of German and Norman ethnic people, while the Celts have already existed there.

The French have only matured, moderately as a people [only at the expense of becoming a shell of their former self], but there is the strong case that they will never come to Britain’s rescue anymore in terms of alliances and warfare, having realizing not only the financial costs [which they always only consider first], but cultural and existential consequences they now face at the desperation for their survival as a Nation and with their Culture.

But their survival is not likely but based on internal influences, not just the external situations.

The French can only perpetuate themselves in so far as that they can continue riding off historical falsehoods or convenience factors that helped them gain relevance at any point where they have, but so many times at the expense of helping out the British. I can make a simple example of this, also in some historical discussion I was once involved in with a French Professor, who, while observing the most crucial fact about Russia’s agenda in WWI and how the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, this Frenchman, did not want any part of discussion or focus being brought to how the English had the influence behind the Black Hand to bring about the assassination. It presents a danger of the French being caught “naked” in the course of their historical involvements in relation to the British and the lead-up to WWI. This French Professor immediately understood exactly where I am coming from, and what angle of everything I am aligned on, once he came to understand that I am aware of the full picture of the events, and so of course the tone of the discussion all changes from there as I am perceived now as the “enemy” for revealing knowledge behind it. Not a terribly large secret, many people who studied WWI history know about Britain’s activities, but there is meticulous discomfort about brushing too much on the subject, and many prefer that it does not become a focal point of investigation or discussion.

Russia, as a country is also highly dependent on Revisionist History and perpetually keeping specific facts relating to both World Wars, completely removed from public knowledge and much of the world’s people in general as well, but all Russian Intelligentsia is of course very very well informed on every one of these issues.

The Russians are banking on never having to come clean, because they have crystallized in most people’s minds that the ends justified the means since they had victory in defeating “Fascism and Nazism” as they will call it.

Indeed, all the Allied Nations in some form or another depended on unbelievable gambling and formation of alliances to be able to bring down National Socialist Germany, and there should be no hesitation or reluctance that history should pay a rightful re-investigation to all the events, all the details, and the proper chronological order of which these events happened to give thorough understanding because it makes all the difference in terms of who is right and who was in the wrong.

The English also love to group everyone as “being in the wrong”, while secretly believing they were right, and in their Propaganda they will lay this claim to discourage a Historical reader trying to have any belief or understanding of there being a righteous power in those disastrous wars.

The French Nation is particularly weak from its legacy of dependency on the English and English successes. England is of course now falling.

The French are only coming to begin to understand why Democracy is a flawed concept for their country. But what use is this when it was well established even during the last German Reich was far above and beyond about the dangers and inferiority and subversive nature of Democracy!?

Anyway, when it comes to France, France will one day or another have to cede Alsace-Lorraine, and any objection to it is an aberration and distraction based on the current course of political affairs. Alsace-Lorraine belongs to Germany just as much today as it has in the past, despite how many times it keeps flopping back and forth.

The best course for France, despite all their other hardships which imperil their Nation, is to “Know Their Place” and to stay in it.

In particular, this means that France must be at the mercy of Germany, and there cannot be any compromise on this position. Inwardly, they are aware of their inferiority compared to Germans, but they like to keep it very secret.

Provided the French choose to understand the wisdom to keep their edging ambitions down and are to maintain Mercy towards the German Nation, then they would see an appropriate response from us, as we can leave them to their own devices, since we do not have interest in changing their way of life or culture. But they have to stay in place and learn to “make do” with what they have.

The French are clever at disguising corruption, but in a vastly different way than the British typically get away with it. The British have more of an arrogant style, but with less snobbery, or maybe a slightly different form of it, albeit the English are extremely obsessed with having an image of supporting all types of “Justice”.

The French are also nowhere near as thorough, disciplines and pervasive as a German is, in application of nearly all affairs of life, whether it be Foreign Policy, Technology Development, Innovation or even Privacy.

My main dislike of the French people is not only our historical issues we’ve had with this country for a long time, but even observable in the nature of the people is that they are very pretentious and snobby, very class-conscious and that they are infamous in their reputation for being the main peoples of Europe who began the practice of importing Negroes incorporating them both as citizens among their population and in the military.

In almost every instance when I have been served by a French person, I am given dirty looks and glares from these people, yet it is always them to give the bad glance first, as I approach them with a general indifference upon meeting them as a stranger, or whatever involvement I have with them, as any German typically would be. The level of snobbery of their people are unacceptable and it is repulsive. Paris is one of the most unfriendliest places. I have been into many French Establishments before, only to be “snubbed” or passively denied service, maybe I have to go through 2 or 3 other staff members before I get what I ordered after waiting and waiting, for almost up to an hour, and these situations were never an accident or due to outright bad service. It was an intentional “statement”.

On the other hand, if a French person were to visit a German establishment, they would be at the very minimum treated with indifference [even if despised] but yet still served.

In my travels, I cannot think of another people who resort to a people of such snobbery to this degree, except for some occasions of entering some extreme “Christian” Cultish establishments that operated discreetly and where everyone in town belonged to a Christian Denomination, usually the Protestant-American kind, in which they know an “outsider” who visits their establishment compared to a local. I have had this same type of “denial of service” at Pizza establishments and some other places, with some of the most cryptic staff to deal with.

There have never been any establishments of either an ethnic or cultural group of any kind that I have ever witnessed experience to this, only by the French and also when I have been in some of the Religious Extremist Communities in America.

The French love to think they are so superior, but it never demonstrated whatsoever in their behavior, it’s never something non-nonchalant or proven by some internal greatness or consideration.

They are in fact, some of the most inconsiderate of Europeans, whereas Germans and even the Dutch and Swiss are FAR more considerate than them.

Even the Quebecois are at least more approachable in general terms or decency as “French-Canadians” compared to Native French, but it would be anyone’s debate to draw the line or conclusion as to those reasons based on French history. And that is saying a lot, coming from me, since we all know how degenerate Canada is overall, but the Quebecois are very proud of their culture, probably more than the other Canadians.

Throughout the course of history even in Rome, the appearance of a “Negro” among the population was like that one-time “here and there” circumstantial and conditional situations such as when you may find the lobster harvest and all of them are “red” but there will be that one “blue” lobster that ends up in the catch.

Not every single thing is degenerate and to dislike about the French, but the laundry list is pretty high of why they pale in comparison to the German Reich, and yet, even in comparison to the Modern German Republic.

The only admirable things that come to mind with the French usually revolve around Nice Language, Excellent Wine (and great wines for aging), Superb French Pastries, Deserts and Coffee culture, a few historical and philosophical figures who were very essential into the European Enlightenment and some Inventions here and there.

The first crime of the English is what abominations they call “Sausage” in their National cuisine, which is not acceptable to any German.

But irrespective of one’s opinion on the French, one must remember that the French are an Effeminate Race.

The Effeminacy of the French would surely mean that Europe would continue on that down-trodden path of tyranny, and bolster cultures of very weak, passive and otherwise cringe-worthy examples of Men throughout the population, rather than the natural course of how a Patriarchal Society should operate.

A small example of this “Effeminate Nature” is that you can observe a Characteristic about the French that they believe that all opinions should be accepted and respected, even if it not a truthful. The idea that the opinions or beliefs which can be proven and deemed “false” should still somehow be paid “homage” and respected.

It takes a Masculine Nation, as such like Germany, to be fit for rule of Europe, and a type of Masculine Nature that has never been found in Europe since the Roman Empire.

And never forgetting the fact that the French just as the English have also out-played their Colonial Ambitions around the world, especially throughout Africa.

The French and English are despised everywhere, and there is no part of the world that will ever respect or accept them, certainly not the Islamic world either.

A Power like like this, [France] is only surely to abuse their power wherever they are permitted to have influence.

On the other hand, Germany has a long-established Reputation worldwide, and one which continues to increase despite negative circumstances at this time and with Europe losing its significance on the world stage. But this factor is something Germans must see before them the “tidal wave” and know exactly what to do.

The truth of the matter is that Germany cannot be “Germany” without Prussia’s Might and Culture brought back to its core. The lack of Prussia’s Influence makes Germany and German life more “sterile” and less adventurous, and also is the reason for any softness and capitulation to subversive ideas that have taken over the Modern Germany.

Therefore, nothing less than the German Reich can suffice, along with us once again calling the shots.

The influence of Bismarck, in our heyday used to be so monumental, that anyone in his presence would fall to their knees, and nobody ever wanted to be known for upsetting Bismarck or ever rousing his temper. Not even Kaiser Wilhelm II could bear it.

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