Men Must Guard Themselves Around Modern Women II / PRUSSIAN vs. ISLAMIC LAW

Once again, the Modern Woman, especially in Western countries (and expanding worldwide, rapidly) is a liability, a dangerous threat and an ever-increasing problem that is becoming like a plague and vermin among us, irreconcilable even at the behest of the survival of our species.

This is no exaggeration whatsoever. And only Men who are ultimately cowardly or who have Business Interests that somehow depend on Women’s Behaviors and Spending Activities, would be in objection to what we discuss about Women, and the fact that the Woman needs to be relegated to a Second-Class Citizen.

More and More, I see so many Men who allow their wives to control every aspect of their lives, what the Man can buy, and whether a Man is “permitted” to stock up on charcoal or whatever commodity, especially as with the supply shortages and lockdowns, I have received remarks from many Men but also taken notice to situations of it happening in every day life where the wife says she would “Kill Him” if he bought something or brought something home. And yet, not another woman!

The other day, I saw some music collection that even a guy remarked that his wife would kill him if she found out he purchased it for himself.

I recently have also had a dispute with some Older Man who has let a disabled wife of his disrespect him and take complete control of his life, and these Men are ridiculous in that they have to get permission or pre-arrangements for even trying to take up an appointment. No Real Man would ever put up with this nonsense!

I also cannot tell you how many Women in this world LOVE to throw away Men’s possessions.

Women who throw away the possessions of Men are part of the “Cluster C Type Personality Disorders”, but it is also a trait of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in these cunts.

These Women will do this sort of thing in a myriad of ways, either by going behind her Mate’s back and throwing away something of his, usually something he values a lot and is important, like a clothing item or music.

A lot of times, the Women will lie about why they threw something away of the Man’s possessions, and claim they “thought it was no longer good” or that “they no longer needed it”, but this is a lie just to manipulate the Man, and is a situation that any Man should rightfully beat his lady for ever disrespecting him in this manner, both on throwing away his possessions, and also on lying to him about the reason why she did it.

When the Woman gets to throw an item way, it makes her feel happier and elevated because she has been able to undermine something a Man may have sentiment, and it is often that we hear the Woman who loves to throw away the favorite every “shirt” that her Man loves, but she can’t stand it.

I don’t ever recall hearing a Man who goes through his girlfriend’s garments and decides to throw them away, and also if he did do so, to get a feeling of gratification from it. Maybe if they were to have a breakup or really violent dispute, but not as some devious scheme, and it doesn’t do anything to elevate a Man’s ego in knowing he throws away something she may own like Clothing, Music, or what have you.

At other times, the Woman will try to persuade him or convince him in some sort of twisted way why he doesn’t need something anymore or should either throw it away or donate it.

I have even before been on the “offering end” from a Man who was giving away some items free, because his Wife announced a desire to “clean up house season” and that she instructed him to go through his closet and their entire room and reconsider things he may no longer really need or use.

Women, also habitually throw away food items, especially leftover food far more than Men do, and are even much more spoiled in not accepting to eat leftover or reheated meals.

Women who also are obsessed about not even a single dirty dish being permitted in a sink at any time, or it shall be scrutinized, is another trait of who are otherwise toxic and empty inside, for only someone who has no life and is a complete void would trivialize over such things.

The bottom line about this toxic behavior is that it’s all about Control. Control for Control’s sake.

When they don’t get their way, they begin to feel out of control.

These Women are NOT the minority in Modern society, in fact they are the majority of them.

Myself, and as I am sure with any other Decent Men, would NEVER even consider or entertain the thought, it would never cross our mind as an idea to begin “throwing away” her possessions behind her back, whether the wife or daughter, or trying to convince her why she should get rid of something, or if she has too much items. While women should not be out of control in spending, we ought not to put a cap on personal possessions they can own, just nothing that involves Title Ownership or things such as Real Estate, Land, etc.

Subversive Materials may be a justification in some cases, but only upon notification.

It would be ridiculous to assume that even if the girl owns too much clothing that we should convince her to part ways with it, it’s simply a ridiculous notion, but she should take responsibility for her articles. Throwing away personal items is a matter of disruption of one’s environment and certain items someone may have, may hold a certain value or person in the daily order of that individual’s life.

The fact that women demonstrate one of the most cunning behaviors in mistreating and disregarding property, and even commodities such as food, demonstrates that they do not value property in the same way as Men, therefore they should not have rights towards property protections, but it is specific when it comes to Land and Real Estate.

It is the Canary in the coalmine which also is expanded into the greater scheme of things, in the fact that Modern Women are also trashing our civilizations and permitting Barbarians in our lands, and sleeping with the Barbarian.

One of the most unmanly thing a Man can ever do is to permit a Woman of any kind to manage his finances, or to have Women involved anywhere in the world of Finance.

Hence, our Prussian decree, whereby we forbid the rights of Women to own Property and Bank Accounts, only personal possessions.

I have even proposed the idea as to whether or not we may permit Women the rights to even own or spend currency, and instead that it may be better that Women only are permitted to be part of special voucher or allowance program in which she receives salary for side labor [where appropriate] or if her husband wishes to give her a stipend on some type of media.

This would also forever solve the problem of “Joint Bank Accounts” including the disputes of Prenuptial Agreements, which is also another load of Bunk, just a piece of paper.

Many Men have also taken enormous abuses from the Prenuptial Agreements, here in the USA anyway.

There will never, EVER be a Property Dispute for Men, if even in the case of Divorce under the Prussian State, nevertheless, our way of culture and life are one in which Divorce and Conflicts should be something of a very minimum nature, and not something that is routine.

Under Prussian Laws, the Man is always given the First Priority, Protection and Priority, despite conditions of Women’s involvement and roles in the given society. Women also must earn their respect. It will not just be given.

Men in this age we live in would do well to severely educate themselves on the characteristics of Women, and to read historically as to why Women were never granted First Class rights up until parts of the 19th and 20th century, and therefore these adaptations are far newer in practice, and have created more turbulent and dangerous conditions. These Rights were not given over lovingly, but reluctantly. And the reluctance was on the basis of clear understanding what a Second Class citizen would do, if treated as an equal.

Although I am not a particular fan of the Man for some very meticulous reasons, Nikola Tesla did have a few important words on Women’s Equality and the consequences of giving Women rights.

A day will arrive when the critical reviewal of Women’s Rights must be made, and it will have to be made on a basis of whether or not it seems favorable or beneficial to Men. We are talking about the difference of survival or not, as a Species and a Nation.

Most Educated Men of History recognize that the downfall of the West in which Men’s Sovereignty became threatened occurred when Women received the right to vote, and it also by no coincidence that this right suddenly appeared in Germany out of nowhere in 1918. The year before, 1917, the Russian Women earned the right to vote.

It has been nothing but a steady downward trend in Western Society since the Women had earned this right.

Even before they earned the right, Feminism was still working its evil way throughout the 1800’s as well.

Men must forego the idea that he can buy his way into a girl in any form, whether it’s buying her a drink, lavishing her with money or other sacrifices for that which she has not earned, only because she is a “Woman”, especially if a very beautiful one at that.

Our Prussian System in far superior to anything found in the Islamic World, because Despite how the Muslims keep their women “soft”, they are known for being very greedy and disgraceful, unappreciative and entitled, and even worse when they bring those characteristics into our lands. They belong in their lands.

Muslim Men do not have things as good as they may claim even about their Women, despite trying to constantly propose to the Western World about their system of order.

You may hear Muslims often speak about how superior their ways are, because they are hoping to Subvert European Nations into believing their form of Islamic Law would be superior to anything European.

But that is not the case.

For one, the Islamic State (maybe not so much under the Secular Regimes) regulates their citizens through Islamic Law / Religion as being the Total Law in Men’s responsibilities, and there are very restrictive measures placed upon the Man which are not necessarily in line with Primal, Cultural or Masculine values, but instead to serve the interest of a religion.

Islamic Countries require their Men to be involved in a regulated form of “salary sharing” in which the Man must forego a certain percentage of his salary to the Woman, in addition to other demands, such as giving regular percentages of wealth to the homeless.

Many Muslim Men eventually become a sort of perpetual Slave at the expense of being permitted to have one or multiple wives in their countries, and hence, the overflow of their own cultural / religious problems begin to spill over to our Nations by them trying to seek out our Women.

The only real area of Manly power a Man has in the Islamic World is that she is to be obedient and as property to him, and that if he has a grievance, he can openly express it to her and it is her duty by their religious / culture code to do whatever it is that he wants to please him, so she may may respond “Okay, what do you want from me? What can I do to make you happy?”

The only other area the Man has power in the Islamic World is in cases of where his wife commits adultery, however the wives do obey diligently in accordance with Islamic Law into the rearing of the children. But this order is all kept up at the requirement of perpetuating the species, even if under the most despicable conditions, and where there is a lack of harmony between the couple. Resentment and Disappointments will get swept under the carpet, never to be addressed.

The Prussian State does demand that Men be proper providers for the Wives, but we do not make laws or regulations on how he is to appropriate his salary. We leave such decisions up to the Man, and that he should use his best judgment for what allowance or stipend he may give to his lady.

Our cultural ways are different, with different demands on the population, and where we must rely on a general good-sense of education and discipline so as to not fall into Lock-Step rules set forth in Barbarian Nations.

Let us demonstrate superior leadership and form, even far above the Islamic Model, because we know better.

The Islamic Man must recognize that there is a European system which is indeed superior to theirs, and that he should keep his system in his own land.

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