Men Must Guard Themselves Around Modern Women / Fear Of Missing Out Factor

Ever since the Vi-Ruse Agenda had taken root, immediately one week into the quarantine period – and it hasn’t let up even now – never in my life have I been publicly receiving so much attention and gestures from Women.

I wish to state this not from a standpoint of boasting whatsoever, but because even in my youth and when times were less about Identity Politics and Political Correctness as they are now, I had never received this level of Attention either.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this increase in the Attention is a result of the effects and societal conditions rapidly changing as a result of the Fake Pandemic.

Surely, it could not be anything to do with anything innate about that person in contrast to me, but the attraction these girls demonstrate is based on circumstantial situations, which means it is not authentic.

I have long advocated strongly of the dangers in Mainstream Society, whereby Relationships and Marriage form on the basis of circumstantial situations, and it is very rare now that any relationships form outside of this factor.

The Aggression in Women is getting out of control. It would be one thing if things were obviously natural and in a “matter of fact” kind of scenario, but they don’t even demonstrate any consistency either, because none of it is real.

A lot of times when I go out, every Woman of any age who owns a dog and is walking her dog will make an effort to try to talk me up and becomes offended with grimace on her face because I don’t escalate anything further or compliment her on her dog, as Many American here do, they will always use dogs (Especially if the Man is also a dog owner) as a way to break the ice with strangers on the street.

Once again, “circumstantial situations” in which the attraction is built on innate attraction necessarily, but based on a common love or condition of being a dog owner / lover.

The only reasonable conclusion that I can draw from this trend is that Most Reasonable and Sane Men would not tolerate a Woman with her dog, and we all know how Women consider their Dogs as “#1 in their life” before any Man.

These ladies must be very sexually frustrated and neurotic, they also exhibit traits of neurosis, especially the more dogs that they own.

But they are starved for so much Male Attention because of their dogs, that it seems they will go to any length for it, and I find this repulsive.

But there are some circumstances with girls who don’t have dogs who have been making gestures, more smiles and other oddities that have come out than ever before. A lot of these girls have no qualms about smiling or making a compliment to me right in front of their boyfriends, walking side-to-side, and I am hesitant with even how to respond in these absurd scenarios.

And in each time, of course the passive boyfriend doesn’t do anything, but she must know sure well enough of that fact, in that she feels so comfortable to do it. These things are extremely disturbing.

But I want to strongly advise Men to use every Caution in any new situations they form with these Women who may come onto them, because as their money pools and ability to manipulate their way through things continues to wither, they will reach a point of desperation to levels you cannot even comprehend.

The “Fear Of Missing Out” Factor is something very strong now, as an inevitable result of all the lock-downs and ruining of people’s lives, their livelihoods, friends and family and other social connections they once had intact.

I would like to state that I am almost POSITIVE that these conditions are likely to be far worse here in America than in many European Countries, but I can’t know this for sure, so I would love to hear anyone’s experience in Europe with how things stand on the ground in terms of any public interactions with the opposite sex (Whether you are Male or Female).

The Social conditions here in the USA are much more disastrous.

One of the key factor’s in America’s cultural / social problems, is that Americans do not have a real culture, and so there is nothing that connects their people or that they can really relate to on any level, outside of money-making and rallying up to go to war against Innocent Nations.

It cannot be overstated how significant it is to belong to a culture where people are mutually compatible in their heritage, worldview and mannerisms, and without this connection how much it will put their ability to survive at perpetual threat. It also makes them ripe for subversion.

There is nothing more unmanly than to choose “fleeting experiences”, and the formation of this trend of “Fear Of Missing Out” only plays a further elemental role in the Dystopian Reality now being rolled out across the planet.

Every New Relationship I am seeing that has been formed in this time as well, the Women are becoming utterly destructive to the Man’s life, and in a much shorter time-span.

No person who is worth their weight in gold and substance desires fleeting experiences and experimenting around , and this is a time more than ever in being very prudent and wise in all types of decision-making.

Everywhere around us, there is rash decision-making on every level. In everything, from Real Estate / Multiple Houses, New Boats, and other impulsive ideas, with the notion of believing somehow things will just “turn around”.

Authenticity in people is becoming a very scarce factor, and is of course in reality due to the fact that most people around us are automatons, in the most literal definition of the word.

We cannot forget ever, at all times, just how base and low the majority of Humanoids are on this planet, and to what levels of disgrace they will lower themselves to, in order to get things they want.

Our Society has also received some of the most bizarre invitations and reception from people in the past year as well, from people exhibiting a very unhealthy form of desperation, completely out of touch with reality, looking for a moment of something they can latch onto and ride.

The longer this continues, and the more assuredly that the dystopian plans roll out, this means we will only have to become far more radical, and intolerant in the meanwhile, and that we will have to realistically restrict ourselves more and more towards what type of people we can have involved in our life whatsoever on any level.

It seems nobody is who they say they are anymore, and there is very little left of people that can ever be taken seriously instead of with suspicion.

It’s not just with myself or our Society, it’s with everything. I am seeing the same thing happen to other people I know on an intimate level, and with some Small Businesses.

Once again, the on-going destruction against our people, largely revolving around the fact that many have not been able to propagate their genes in all these decades, including the prevention of so many births by Abortion.

Many of what otherwise were decent people who could not cope with this world even in these past decades, have also resorted to alcohol use, heavy drugs and have also committed suicides. Suicides will continue to escalate, dramatically, especially as more and more people are discovering that this “New Normal” is not something that is going to go away, have limited resources or people to turn to in coping, or that at least we will not get our way out of this without a Violent, Pervasive and Totally Ruthless fight from a united form of Rage and Hatred to even get whiffs again of what we once had from 2019 and before.

The Psychopaths, Criminals, Trash and Racial Trash in General are the ones who are breeding everywhere like rabbits for many decades now.

Caucasian Nations also face a dangerous fact that the amount of Births of girls has been in steady decline, year after year, and while there are multiple factors behind it including less courtship and miscegenation, there is also the haunting fact that many Women willingly choose to “abort” their babies if they learn early on about it being a Female than a Male, not wanting to raise a “Female child” into this world and especially in the Notion of arduously instilling a proper sense of conduct in that child and in her maintaining her virginity for the right person. Many of these Mothers do not want the responsibility in raising the child properly, particularly if it will be a baby girl, but on the other hand view the baby boy as a utility who will protect and provide for her more than any other Man can, including the father of that Child, and it’s for this very reason that so many women demonstrate far more respect, love, loyalty and support for their baby boys, than they do for a Boyfriend or Husband.

Think about how many untold consequences are abound because of those decisions and factors which have manifested all these years, but the good times with entertainment, fun and enjoying life had hidden to many people these realities forming underneath, and then understand why we are in the situation we are today.

To know that this is the destiny being formed around us, and how many willingly go along with it, is an absolute abomination.

The “Pandemic”, as a FAKE ONE that does not even exist, is becoming the all-encompassiong, all-defining factor in People’s Lives, their Lifestyles. In essence, it is becoming the Cornerstone of their Existence and Future of which they are modeling themselves around.

If we are to maintain our Purity, our Hygiene, our Strength and Resilience, what we value and what we want for our future, we must defy every measure and use every extreme possible so as for this “Cornerstone” never becomes a replacement foundation in our Society and our Lives. For if we do that, it is all over without exception.

Even something as trivial as a person who saw a “positive” effect from the “COVID Pandemic” is a threat and liability and must be excluded from our people. Even a person who saw the lockdowns as a positive opportunity to “read books” or to “relearn value” of things they took for granted, is also a threat and liability. It simply admits that the person already has malignant traits of taking things – and especially persons in their life – for granted.

I have listened to countless individuals from around the world describe the lockdowns as a “blessing in disguise” for them.

Such people are absolutely useless and a burden, completely without worth whatsoever.

These people shall make the most perfect type of slaves for the rulers which seek to seal their form of control around them, for their realities can be warped in any which way to get them to conform, and even love their state of a pathetic existence.

To even believe that the virus exists, is automatic membership in the COVID Cult.

Nobody who belongs in any part of the COVID Cult is one of ours. And they shall never be.

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