Discussing anything about “WOMEN” is NOW the #1 Most Censored Subject Online

The enemy is very well aware about what awaits on the horizon for Women, and the fact that Civil Wars and utter Violence is ready at any moment to spill on the biggest villains who pretend to be innocent victims around our lives every day.

Nagging… Snippy… Ungrateful Whores…

There can be no Mercy against them.

The censorship anywhere online is extreme, so much you cannot post anything in relation to the “Female species”, or any abbreviation of Women, or things in the context of them.

The comments get censored, and the algorithms are given priority of censorship even more than things about the stupid vi-ruse and even sometimes more than the Jewish Question.

The Illuminati knows exactly what is in store for Women, and therefore they are running their algorithms in overtime to try to mitigate the spread of information relating to such things, so as to keep Men confused, bewildered or alone in their thoughts of Hatred and Contempt for Women, which, only a Sane Man could possibly have at this time.

Men who are insane or dangerous are the ones who will respect everything about Women and permit them to continue their path of turning everything in sight into a Nightmare Wasteland, and bringing down Men’s lives to complete ruin.

When the real breakdown begins of society, there will no help coming towards Women.

She will be put out on the doorsteps in the cold like the filthy dog she is.

The majority of Women WILL NOT be protected, and do not deserve protection. It serves the interests of the devil to protect them.

The decisions for the destiny towards where Women go has already been long etched in stone.

Only fools of Men cannot see it, and only the weak will refuse to use severe punishment on them when they are monsters who are absolutely destroying our society.

The Jews and Women remain of the biggest direct threats to us and European Civilization, along with all the underclasses who support and defend them.

Many Men completely underestimate our enemies, and just what level and ends we will have to take measures in a very short time coming down the road where we will have to use every tool and pull out every stop to attack these enemies with no compassion or empathy for them whatsoever, their shock, horror and cries will be completely irrelevant and ignored.

Women are also the biggest demographic group who buy into the Vi-ruse, who wear their masks, promote the vaccine and took the vaccines and follow every tyrannical measure of the COVID Cult. They are the biggest members of this Satanic Cult.

Perhaps it is time we upgrade their Face Masks to ones made of duct tape.

Something romantic for them to remember!

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