How were the Controllers so confident they could pull off the COVID Agenda?

Between various fake pandemics, such as Bird Flu, SARS-1, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu (H1N1), and other related scares that were manufactured, they were able to do controlled studies of certain human populations, to analyze the human subjects who did choose to line up for experimental vaccines, and to interview them on what convinced them to take the shots. Over time, the metrics needed to increase, they needed more participants and had carefully studied every control group to know when the time was ripe, and when most of mankind has been demoralized enough and stupid, in which they would actually be able to pull off some type of Global Hysteria of this magnitude.

Coupled with the fact that too many people have been busy caught up with excessive work, distractions with technology and social media, and broken empty lives, they found the perfectly ripe moment to launch a Psychological Warfare attack to brainwash everyone and get them to immediately comply.

The most important fact overlooked, that most people underestimate, is that Guilty people, people who know they’ve done wrong in life, tend to be the most fearful of death and meeting their end in any form. They are unwilling to accept death, and now seem to be gung-ho about preserving their newfound Immortality which they think they somehow have “obtained” since the COVID Agenda.

No normal person who has even a remote amount of decency would be willing to go trash everything in their life, to the way they have permitted over something like this, over a fear of some virus, something you actually have absolutely no control of whatsoever.

Humans have become so low as a species, that they have been hoodwinked to ignore all Anecdotal Evidence around them, but believe whatever they see and hear on TV.

During an actual Pandemic, you would see lines of sick people lining up outside waiting to get care.

Instead, you have lines of people who are waiting to get tested to find out if they are sick.

Just imagine how these Controllers are looking down from the top while all this goes on…

Why didn’t any of the other alleged pandemics in history (real or perceived) have “mutant strains”!?

Nobody ever has an answer, but they still follow anyway!

The Aggression of Australians is Unacceptable

Australia is presenting itself to be an increasingly dangerous liability to the world, in the very manner of which both its people and its government are aggressively promoting their form of Propaganda on COVID Tyranny.

This people should be regarded as another dangerous race of Anglo-Saxons, and the levels to what we are watching of what’s occurring in this Nation, would mean we would be forced to go to war against them for something as absurd as this.

The Australian People are a menace, and the levels of Hysteria they are promoting is an even more twisted form compared to some other countries we see, it is at a boiling point to where it cannot even be mitigated in any fashion.

A Civil War would not be enough for Australia.

This Nation cannot be permitted to be left alone to their own affairs with what they are presently doing.

If the German Empire was in power, we would need to immediately deploy the Navy and Battle Ships to Declare war on them and we would have to create blockades against this Island and bring its people to complete ruination, they are a dangerous and despicable people, and we would have to bring them to their knees at any cost. I am convinced that even if we were to dismantle the Australian Government, we would also need to completely ravage this putrid filth. They have overstepped their boundaries.

Even though our Empire is not in power today, we are at war against the Australian People and Nation collectively, through other means.

In General, All Anglo-Saxons are Pure Scum.

We must Educate others to hate all Anglo-Saxons and understand why they should hate them, and why a focus on destroying Australia should be a key policy.

Within the UK and Australia, there are many forces large at work who are promiting absurd levels of Vaccination vs Unvaccinated Segregation and Policies, and have collaboration networks throughout the world. The Australians as a people specifically want a future where Unvaccinated people cannot travel or conduct business, etc. They are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to achieve this ideal, therefore we must Declare war against the Australian People as a whole, and engage in works towards their total annihilation as we do with the British / Celts / Jews.

We hate both of these Nations with a very fierce Hatred, with utter contempt and intolerance, both the people and their Nations along with all the Anglo-Saxons on the equal level of the Jews. The majority of their people are Jews, of which some are half-breeds. To us, they are all one in the same.

There can be no Mercy given to these people.

Australians are Mentally ill, deranged, brainwashed pathetic morons who are nothing more than belly button lint, and are as dangerous to tolerate as a child with a loaded gun. These people are so worthless and dangerous, that we ought to starve them, utterly conquer them and then make slaves out of all their Men and Women.

Typically we are against the use of Financial Punishments against Nations, even of Enemy Nations, but the Australians may have to be dealt with in this manner as appropriate, and I believe that these people should be blocked from all Commercial Activity and starved to death.

There is no other race but the Anglo-Saxons and Celts which presents such a pervasive and omni-present threat to all other Races as they do, and most particularly being the case with the COVID Agenda. They present an extreme danger with their financial activities in this agenda, and it is by Financial Means that they ought to be destroyed.

Nations who have any investments or business activities with Australia, would do well to boycott and prohibit any Trade or involvement with Australian Banks, Corporations and Firms.

Australian Assets, wherever they exist should be liquidated, seized and confiscated.

Every Father who has ever sent his daughter off to College / Encouraged Her, has Committed a Crime

Indeed, and with no exaggeration.

Every Father who has prodded and promoted the notion of his Daughter becoming “Educated” and “Independent” and to promote their “Careers” has done great harm, and committed an eternal crime against his Racial People.

A girl who has attended University has been “Broken In” and she is “Broken”.

Her mind has been deflowered, and you will never own her. She is a product and property of Government and Corporations. She is a Willing, Obedient Slave for them, in defiance and disobedience to a Man and is working against her Nation, and in many cases, she is working to help Relief Efforts and Populations of other Nations, betraying her own people.

It may be today that such things are not seen or understood to be the crime for what they are, but the tomorrow is on the Horizon for when they will be regarded as criminals and sorry excuses for Fathers.

No Real Man who has born Healthy, Primal, Full of Wisdom and Esoteric Spirit would ever dream of sending his daughters off to University, but instead would take the time and effort in securing to make sure she is with the proper Husband.

By the same Measure, once a Girl has stepped foot into University, you can already be assured that she is now a Product of Big Government, and she belongs to them as their Property, not yours. She is also detached from all of her Primal Urges, including all Sensibility, including her Biological Demands.

All Women who attend University become Promiscuous. ALL OF THEM. Their morals loosen, they become colder, bitter, more calculating, and selfish. They also lose their fertility.

A University girl will never tell you about her promiscuous adventures. Because it is also considered to her, a part of the “College Experience”.

The Baby Boomer generation is the most guilty of this crime, and the fact they will never confess is that they promote their daughters to go to school out of lack of responsibility to have them make good life decisions or to educate them in seeking a valuable partner for life. Women are told to get scholarships and go to school, because the selfish nature of Baby Boomer parents, had made them want to get their children outside of the house for as long as possible and in the hopes they will somehow secure their future by depending on large Government and Corporate Interests to have their place in society.

The Baby Boomer Generation is the most despicable generation which has come to surface on this planet. They sold all of the younger generations a complete False Bill of Goods, and one in which the youth have become so demoralized, confused and bewildered, that there is no sense of standards, or what is good or not good among Many youth.

All of course, are part of the Communist Party Platform of establishing their system in place.

Honorable Men loathe the idea of a Career-oriented / College-educated Female.

Such females have absolutely no value. They have no value to themselves, no value to her Man, no value to her family or the community.

Career-oriented and College-educated Women only serve the interests of Financial Capitalists. As such, these Women are property and cattle, of these Financial Hyenas.

Every Father who has ever sent his daughter off to school is a disgrace, and he has Failed his Daughter. He has stolen the Futures of his daughters and committed an unforgivable crime, and has weakened the fabric of civilization all that much further.

All Women who attend Universities are far much more likely to also engage in and promote subversive activities such as miscegenation, International Missionary Work for Barbarian Nations, and promotion of the LGBTQ activities, all of which are strictly forbidden under the Prussian State. Missionary work outside of promoting and helping the German cause is strictly forbidden under any circumstance, for any reason.

No Real Man of any kind promotes or encourages Education in a girl beyond the essential education that they must be given in their youth.

If the daughter has talent in the Arts like Music, Painting, Literature or Acting, maybe this can be pursued if in a regulated manner, but never to exceed the responsibilities of finding a Husband and Raising a Family as her main priority in life.

Even a Woman who is able to perfect the craft in a Coffee Beverage is worth thousands or millions of times more than any Woman who has obtained a University Degree.

Chances are high, that the Woman who obtained the University Degree wouldn’t be able to even make a good coffee even if her life depended on it.

On top of that, the University-Educated Woman will demand that she receives validation and attention for being able to make a successful cup of coffee, the right way.

But if the girl is not college educated, she would be more likely to impress others by her skill in making it than demanding the attention.

Such nuances are found in how University Influences change, damage and poison the minds of Women.

Women who do not prioritize a Man and raising family in her life, do not respect Men, and she will only become a burden to such Men who tolerate her University Ambitions.

The Prussian State has Zero Tolerance for Men who encourage Careerism and University Education for Women.

It is for this very reason that Prussia asserts itself as a Power to regulate control over the bodies of its citizens, and that it instructs its Men to seize their rightful position as having complete ownership over Women, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Only Men are to be Sovereigns.

Freedom to choose to “Take the Vaccine” is Immoral and should be Prohibited

It is a very American-like value where you hear the morally indifferent tone that comes from people who claim that everyone should have the right to “Personal Choice”.

The people who talk about others who should have the right to “choice” over the Vaccine, are Moral Relativists, who are People Pleasers and are eager for acceptance among everyone, which is cowardly and immoral.

This example is the perfect reason why the German Reich MUST be a Totalitarian Regime, and why we must have Totalitarian Control over our citizens.

You do not have the right to taint your body, or to destroy its faculties, because a Powerful State like Prussia needs able-bodied people.

Just as it needs Able-bodied Men who can be called upon at any time for Military Service, it also requires Women who are with guaranteed fertility, purity of blood, mind and spirit.

Anything less than this will weaken our resolve as a people.

If someone takes the COVID Vaccines, they must be expelled and banished from society as well as any Forward-Thinking Nation should employ in their policies, and realistically much worse has to be done to them.

Freedom of “choice” is not really a True Freedom at all.

This is why, for better or worse, Totalitarianism will be the Wave of the Future.

It’s just a matter of whether it will be German Totalitarianism, or the Communist variety by the New World Order.

Australians are just as useless of a people as the English and Americans

I fucking cannot stand these people! They deserve the government and conditions they have. From my experiences with Australians, they seem to be some of the most retarded people on Earth. Never have had a rational conversation once with these cretins.

Not a single word or opinion that comes out of the mouth from an Australian has any semblance or connection to reality whatsoever.

You could put these cretins in a prison, and so long as they have bread and water and a place to sleep, they will still tell you how much “Freedom” they have.

Dangerous Elements & The Methods By Which Barbarian Races Tell Lies

Most Barbarian Nations are composed of people who are perpetual liars, and by very great magnitudes among their populations. Even at the behest of survival, or the ability to make a living.

The Barbarian is always probing for the easy path to everything, and if you present the Barbarian options, he will choose the more agreeable option when possible, to satisfy your demands, even while it may be a lie or not the full story.

The Jew is distinct above all liars, in the essence that the Jew lies as a constant mode and strategy of life with everyone and for everything.

In Modern Greece, while the Ancient Greeks were not Barbarians, in Modern Greece, it is considered a “weakness” to be a trusting person, and you will inevitably be taken advantage of.

Modern Italians are also Barbarians because while they live in a very corrupt country, they have a Love-Hate relationship with this corruption. Loving it at times when it serves them well, and then Despising it when it does not work in their favor. But the Italians like many other Southern Europeans, relegate themselves to an “Oh well, what you gonna do about it!?” attitude.

It’s a great Tragedy, as the Modern Greek and Italian people are for the most part, unable to engender the great Hellenic and Roman Spirit of their times past. If they still had it, we would have a marvelous combination of balancing out Europe with the Greek/Roman side, versus the Nordic Side and cultures.

All Slavic Nations are also Lying Barbarians, because to begin with they are all suspicious about their own people, and they are even MORE suspicious the moment they come across someone who either demonstrates Honesty / Decency, even among their own people.

I believe that as far as the African an Oriental Nations, things pretty much speak for themselves in those Nations with no need for my comment.

You would vomit in utter disgust if you knew how many times per day people in India lie, and over what types of things they lie about regularly. Indians lie sometimes just for the heck of it, so if you ask them the same question a few minutes later, they give you a different response. Lying is a VERY big part of the culture in India.

Armenians are also a peculiar and special race of disgusting Liars and con artists, and this is another Race which needs to be removed violently from Germany. They present an immediate threat to the same degree as Celtic Blood, but are very different from the Celts. The Armenians will use the facade of being “Christians” and the myth of the “Genocide” which was actually a reprisal against them for the savagery they committed against the Turks. The Turks and many other Ethnicities of the Ottoman Empire were the actual victims of the so-called “Armenian Genocide”, and the Turks we have today in Germany are “leftovers” compared to the better Racial Stocks which were killed off from the Proto-Bolshevism that the Armenians were used by the Russians to carry out against Turks and other Muslims. They use Christianity as a guise for their victimhood, while they leech off the German Welfare system and commit Insurance Fraud, and operate Bolshevist Spy-rings throughout Germany. A topic I will be addressing at greater length in the future. While we should not have the Turks in Germany or any Muslims, the Armenians are actually a super great threat even more so and operate more discreetly, and have other vested interests of secret agendas they are involved in, compared to the Turks. All Armenians today are Communists, and are secretly working through complex networks inside and outside of Europe and in the USA as collaborators for the Bolshevist Agenda. Armenians remain as a 5th Column, in countries like Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, Belarus, USA, UK and many other countries. All of the countries named, should pursue ruthless policies against the Armenians in addition to Germany, and shut down all of their Institutions and Organizations, subject them to investigations for their global activities, confiscating all wealth.

Hell, even the Russians and Georgians cannot stand these filthy bastards after the nonsense they pulled recently in trying to commit genocide against the Azeris! Have no sympathy for them, they are self-projectors of what they did to the Turks and other Ethnicities of Anatolia. Armenians also function many times in careers such as Law, Medicine and the Hospital Industry. They become pioneers in Law and as Lawyers, because they seek to use Laws to their advantages and giving them leverage in foreign nations. It is also no coincidence that the Chairman of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, is also an Armenian! Look up who he is, I will not spoil the secret.

The German-Armenian Lawyers Association Foundation in Germany should be ruthlessly dismantled, having all their assets seized, their equipment confiscated and investigated. Have no Mercy with these scoundrels! DESTROY THEM ALL!

Arabs in general are mostly liars, changing their lies from day to day, depending on how they feel, and sometimes out of jealousy and other unresolved issues that persist in the Arab world. The last bastion of Arabs which sought true Honor and would have stood as the Pillar of worthiness in the Arab world were the Iraqis when Saddam Hussein was in power, and that is exactly why the Americans destroyed them. Now what’s left there are nothing but scraps of people, for the most part.

Persians / Iranians are very crafty liars, of whom many Armenians are ethnically related to, and Saddam Hussein would have been a great ally to prevent the spread of the Persian Menace and other relative problems that exist today in the Middle East. Combined with our Racial Policies, we would have been able to help Iraq keep a buffer against the Iranian world and get rid of the Persian Parasite.

The English have a special way of lying, because they resort to having a Monopoly on all Intelligence, Facts, and Data at their disposal, and prefer to omit facts or twist information around to get their way, and to always come out clean for their Propaganda Purposes. The English tell lies by the means of cloaking them with Pragmatism, and when caught, they resort to using Sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

In Latin America, there is an obsession with being a “Yes” person to appear polite but to also never close any door to opportunity, or being a crab that can use all the other crabs (their fellow citizens) to get outside of the bucket that they all are stuck in. This is actually a “literal” statement that exists throughout Latin America. It is a common theme in Latin America for a person who says Yes to everything and everyone, just to please them and tell them what they want to hear, and to give an image of approval and smooth operations.

Most Latin Americans will agree to something before even knowing what they agreeing too, just to seem open-minded or please the other party, depending on the circumstance, and then they maybe will bail out once it comes time or when they realize they did not mean it that seriously. No-one can really trust them on a personal level.

Many Barbarian Nations do not respect being on-time for appointments, with the exception being the Oriental Nations, as they are heavily driven by Success and Commerce.

In General, the Barbarian does not take life seriously. Life is a game to the Barbarian, and all that matters is leveraging themselves above the others who help them to get there, to make it in life, but not anything to do with improving overall conditions and in the character of their people.

Barbarians are only comfortable with the familiar, and are deathly terrified of things which are unfamiliar to them, and their populations can be roused to fanaticism of persecuting anyone who demonstrates something that is not within the rigid conformity of their cultural ways, and arrested development of a people, when it applies.

Barbarians at all times, are innately aware of the weaknesses in their own people. It’s not so much that they would admit these weaknesses openly, but it is demonstrated in their character and responses when confronted by the resolute German. The Barbarian will break down in laughter or almost be in disbelief when they witness the steadfast German in his/her complete thoroughness.

At the same time, Barbarians are more than willing to exploit the German, because he/she sees everything we do as a “weakness” the fact that the German is so concerned about even minute details and care, and that we value certain attributes in our civilization more than others, and in ways that they themselves don’t have, and are not willing to work as hard as we do to obtain it and keep it.

Many times, the Barbarian has to have his/her sentence of which she speaks finished for them, by the German, as the German is much more efficient and better at getting to the point while the Barbarian has only managed to cross the first stepping stone.

Many Germans have become too accustomed to Democracy and the Modern World to ever dream of the revival of our Great Past, and this is a major tragedy we face.

The World of Germany is one of wonders and splendor, much of which today has largely been forgotten or only lives on in our DNA memory, and this world of ours that we seek to protect the last remaining vestiges of, for a complete revival, is full of Envious and Hungry Barbarians who are aching and desperate to find any opportunity to undermine Germany. This is also especially true in matters of selecting Alliances and Warfare.

Both Italy and Japan, two countries which have immensely respectable and rich cultures and histories, both proved themselves to be a disaster in the Axis.

Every time in German history when we have needed our Allies the most, they never show up or are hesitant, have always proven detrimental to our cause, or there will be some other type of quality that is characteristic of their people which make us unable to execute. Hesitancy is dangerous to the survival of our Reich.

Even some of our other Germanic brothers have these poor qualities as well, sadly.

For example, Nations whom are descendants of Vikings also prove themselves to be disappointing when it comes to manners of Professional Warfare. Time and Time again, they show themselves to be hesitant, soft and acquiescent, and this also hinders our abilities.

The Viking Clans have always been a people who are much more idealistic about going to war, and making preparations of war. But the Prussian viewpoint of needing to go to war is just more or less a matter of fact, of something that needs to be done, like eating or sleeping, as the perpetual need for protecting the Reich from external threats becomes greater, the more that our glory and significance become bigger in the world.

Vikings are more interested in localized warfare such as through raiding and over small scuffles over matters which are less significant to us. These types of things have no interest to us and are considered barbaric ways that Germans have striven for many centuries to develop and rise above these uncivilized conditions to create a type of Order in which we do not have to worry about small grievances between neighbors, but to create a better system of cooperation for all Germans.

We want to build a highly sophisticated and centralized State. The Vikings despise something as this and have no interest in it.

The Viking descendants of today also want to achieve Equality with their Women, as it has always been in their past, while the Prussian worldview despises Equality between the genders, but seeks to establish Balance.

We Prussians do not regard Women as “Sovereign Beings”, and will not issue them Sovereign Rights.

The Scandinavian Nations are rife with Feminism and Hesitancy in their populations. A complete upheaval of these Nations would be required to prevent their on-going National Suicides, and it would definitely ruffle some feathers, but we do have the solutions for them.

Therefore they will not fight with the same tenacity, determination or unity required by that of Greater Germany.

Bavarians still hate us immensely, and while I cannot vouch for it from previous time periods, I believe the Prussian has more respect and care for the Bavarian than they do for us. Whenever I am in the presence of a Bavarian, I get nothing but the evil eye and complete disgust from them. They would probably the last people in Germany itself to give up Democracy or who would would ever come again under our Umbrella with a New Reich going forward. What frustrates me is that they cannot even be bothered to dispose of the Democratic Flag of Germany and instead to look towards and hoist the Imperial Flag once again.

The Roman Soldiers were the most adaptable and dependable type of soldier, even more so than the Germans from those times, but also in the fact that we execute things according to a plan. But the Modern Italians have very little of that same essence from the Ancient Romans.

Germany works like a machine, and we cannot be allied with people who will be all too happy to inflict damage on that machine, and this machine must be able to ride free and smoothly.

The German Reich must be crafted in the similar fashion to the Roman system, but with Teutonic Spirit, Institutions and Resolve.

By the end of the day, when all is said and done, all Prussians, and a select handful of Germans who have the strongest thirst for life, for refinement and high standards are attracted to our mission and everything which we stand and fight for.

The Individuals who take the greatest interest in the PSA are a group of very unusual types who thirst for a level of Freedom and Magnificence that most other races cannot even begin to dream about forming as a reality.

Going Forward, it must be recognized what type of stark reality we face, and why we will have difficulty with relations with other Nations outside of the basis of Mutual Trade, if even on the Personal level.

Germans more than ever need to become fervently educated on these matters and very specific elements that exist within these races. Surely there are some Individuals among some races which may not possess these characteristics, but those are exceptions and not the rule. In many cases, due to the inferiority of these cultures, it becomes the only known way of life or functioning in their Nations, and this is why they are Barbarians.

As a result, it should be clearer than ever that we must not gamble with the fate for Germany, and that we need a Germany that is FULLY German.

Germany needs to be a major power. Not just an economic bloc, or the center of the EU.

The EU is an artificial creation, and a diversion of the original Germanic vision of a United Europe.

The Reich makes no demands of a borderless continent, and every country should have rights to their own currency and developmental policies.

But Germany needs to become a very Powerful State, we cannot be a second-rate Nation, it is not in our destiny to be so, and the longer that Germans continue in this state of feeling guilty to be proud of ourselves, we will only continue to seek into more mediocrity and robotic routine-ness (as is the case in Modern Germany) but also it will mean our very extinction.

Germany with Prussia at its core needs to become the most loathsome, ready and absurdly impossible Nation for the rest of the world to cope or come to terms with, but must know better than to challenge our will and our might.

We own this right, and even as thick as the clouds are right now and the doom that exists on the horizon, these facts remain at bay, and the world enemy wants it to not be so, which is why they are trying to disrupt every attempt of ours to make a return, and to finally destroy the rest of Europe.

Loyalty and Honor come at a price, and we are not so willing to give this Loyalty and Honor at a cheap price.

As a German, you must understand that the mood in our country at this time and which has existed since 1945, is much more than the Loss of a War. It is a common connection and tragedy that exists in our blood, and which connects all of us in a very unique way. The Bitterness that every German carries inside of him is from the unresolved injustices that were committed against our people, even in those who have been confused at the real story of what happened.

How determined you are makes all the difference of where we will stand with what is soon to be inflicted on Europe. The German Nation must live.

The longer this world denies the German Nation and Reich its proper position and existence in this world, the wrath of Bismarck and Hitler remain eternally over this world which must then burn up into flames.

There will never be any resolution to anything in this world, unless it involves Germany First, and Germany as the Cornerstone of stability and light.

Never should a German ever underestimate just how base the majority of Humans are, but even upon discovery of it, to understand just how even more base and hollow the large majority of them are.

Germany is certainly not innocent of problems with liars, we have many and some of them at the very top positions of power. The majority of the German stock today is hell-bent on our National Destruction and flooding our borders with Non-Germans, and only by organization of our Pure elements to wage a ruthless battle could we stand a chance of survival.

As Germans, we have much unfinished business before us, and our Ancestors are calling and begging us from the other realms for us to finish the job.

Keeping all Irish / Scottish and Celtic Blood out of Germany must be a Key Policy

If we are going to restore Pure Racial Blood flowing throughout the Vaterland, we cannot have the half-breeds which exist there today which have contaminated our gene pool.

Going forward, and in the coming civil wars in particular, total ruthless elimination of these half-breeds must ensue.

The German Race is heavily in danger of perishing, and it will remain so until all Celts and Jews and all other immigrant classes are removed from Germany.

New Entries on Fresh European Lockdowns COMING UP

I will be addressing some matters on these subjects, and video content online that I wish to supply along with them, please be patient but keep an eye out.

I am very frustrated at the moment because I have many pending historical entries that I have been working on that I have had to put aside at the moment because of the overall urgent situations of things and other distractions, but they eventually will find their way on here.

I have a delayed entry on explaining why people who invest in Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin and so forth are nothing but pure SCUM and why these false currencies bring about more immorality in society and the implications that come from people who accept it as valid currency, when it should be forbidden.

I also have a special entry coming up in the future addressing why one can only get by in life with lies in this world, as it relates to the Human genetic pool of automatons and their mind programming.

The Shoddy Character of the Celtic Race is found in General George Patton

From time to time, I feature entries relating to General George Patton, as this Man had witnessed far more and understood far more about WW2 than many American Soldiers do, and also for the fact that he was a criminal and responsible for Genocide against the Germans, having realized the ignorance of his mistakes in what he did.

Today we even deal with a Modern Incarnation of a Filthy Celt by the name of “Joe Biden”.

Nevertheless, this video illustrates just how Immoral and Degenerates Americans were even at the time in the 1940’s.

Americans always believed whatever their Leadership and Military told them, in lockstep and without evidence.

What kind of “Moral Servicemen” would make a joke in a public speech about “Names he cannot pronounce” of German and Austrian Cities, and not have had the decency to know them correctly beforehand or attempt to mention them? The attitude also shows just how much the Americans believe they can rewrite the map of other countries to their own liking!

The Laughs from the Audience are all you need to know about the Character of Americans.

A Clear illustration of the disdain Americans have for Culture or the Native People of any country they invade.

While we regard every Non-German as a Barbarian, we do not make mockeries of culture or even their genetic features, their language, which is a common practice of Americans in every country they land in which is not somehow run by Anglo-Saxons and Jews.

No German should ever think, even today, that the Americans are your friends.

The Americans, when they had invaded our Germany, treated us worse than any Disabled or Autistic person, and even to this day, any German in America who lives here is merely tolerated “at best”, but met with utter scorn, as German-Americans have largely been denied their rights including to speak the German Language for a long time.

But Germans are still treated with utter contempt, and for anyone who pays attention to the consensus of people from the British Isles or in America, these Anglos and Celts are even prouder than ever of the Genocide and Rape they plundered over our People and in the Taking of our Women.

One day America will have to answer for the involvement of their war crimes, while they had ironically accused our people of being involved in war crimes during the Nuremburg Trials.

We also must make America answer for its NATO Policies in Europe, and how Germans have been hoodwinked into fighting Zionist Wars for the Americans, in particular with the latest betrayal in Afghanistan. Not a single German Soldier belonged in that country for any reason, and we must educate the Germans to understand this fact even if it is a reluctant fact to recognize at this time.

Please Note that the “Anglo-Saxons” never had a True conception of Justice. These are merely the biases of a Man who’s views are shaped by the Anglo-Saxons since he was an American.

Even the Bastard President “Eisenhower” had many nasty words towards the Germans, along with his policies: