Fabric Of Western Society Crumbling Everywhere Around Us

In these days, we see just how rapidly the fabric is breaking down into nothingness.

Every New Venture, Every New Person, even a New Business Opportunity or Making Connections with anyone, is more than likely to be doomed from the get go.

As I have warned, the COVID Agenda is becoming the new “Cornerstone” in almost everyone’s life, and therefore we have around us nothing but Rash decisionmakers and people who are looking for the next easiest path in life to get on and get by.

Everywhere now, thinks are very much a risky bet, and there is no value in anyone or anything.

One should always look to see if they can find others of value while they can, but it is the careful application of this process that matters.

A subconscious feeling still has not set into the majority of populations, from what we’ve been witnessing, as far as just how much we are reaching an end point with everything, because in the worst case scenario of people’s minds, they just think we are entering some period of a mild slowdown or a transformation, but that there will be some sort of “will” to change it.

I am here to tell you there is no “will”. Everything you see around you, including what the American “Patriots” are doing is just theater. All of it is theater. They just want to look and sound good.

This will only mean the Fall of the West will be that much harder, and practically impossible to recover from.

There is too much dilly-dallying around.

And for the people who have been opening businesses, In our viewpoint, someone would have to be clinically insane to open a New Business at this time.

The time we are in is one of hunkering down, shoring up, and remaining vigilant, because the nightmares that are soon to unfold will beyond your wildest imagination of what has been dormant in your country for a very long time now.

Surely, some countries will be worst. Remember that the USA in comparison to Europe, has far greater social problems, and that these social problems will manifest in the most horrifying form, therefore we must be ready and available to attack.

Already, you probably know some people in your life or situations of where you begin to see the audacity emerge in others and how easily they are able to brush off their actions as if it’s barely a minor inconvenience.

The average person lives in a country in which over 80% of the population around them are cretins or automatons.

To put it into perspective, in the 1990’s, while the world population was of course less, only about 60-72% of the world population were automatons. Or roughly, depending on the country, one would find at least roughly around One decent person for every Three. Still, of course, a very high number!

Keep in mind, that people often take it for granted, that the world population in 1945 was only 2.3 Billion, and that the majority of history for mankind has usually had population levels between 500 Million – 2 Billion people.

The world can only comfortably support over 2 Billion people with two conditions.

I. Technological Advancements including the wide-scale use of Nuclear Power.

II. That the Majority of World Citizens are Competent, Decent and Industrious People.

Both of these conditions are not met to the demands of maintaining a population over 2 Billion People.

The people who are against the employment of Nuclear Power for Energy Needs, are brainwashed morons, because Nuclear Power as the predominant energy source is the only realistic solution for meeting the Energy Demands of a larger population, if the Earth is to sustain larger populations.

The populations of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have the highest percentages of useless automatons, but they are also extremely high in even China and India as well.

The West, has not particularly had any semblance of normalcy in the day-to-day operations and relationships between people that are healthy or natural on any level since the 1960’s and 1970’s arrived.

This is not to say that problems never existed before that time, but finding quality and authentic people was not exactly an impossible task during those earlier decades.

Humans have been unknowingly breeding with these automatons which have been introduced into the populations in greater numbers, and the offspring they have are of the automaton variety.

There is not one single country on Earth that is without the problem of malignant trash existing as the majority bulk of their populations. Therefore, it is a global problem.

This is the reason why people are finding it harder and harder to find normal people they can trust, or that if they were making efforts to a worthwhile project, that their efforts keep failing.

Prosperity does not occur in a society that is full of a toxic smile-mold, and where there is no general level of trust or decency of people, and where people have to live among each other feeling like total strangers.

There is a reason the Illuminati are hellbent to create a massive population reduction, but the problem is that the first people on the target list are what remains of the last vestiges of decent people of society, which has been an on-going process beneath everyone’s eyes for a long time now, but has reached its pinnacle.

The Illuminati is very well aware that the majority of Human subjects on the earth have severe, dangerous and consequential traits.

The large amount of people which have been birthed into existence today, would have never been permitted to successfully birth and thrive under a Natural Order, or under Nature itself.

Ridiculous Usury and Economic Policies by Governments, Abortions and Tragedies of War and other Events have caused an irreversible watering down and ruination of the entire Human Gene Pool.

However, the reason they allowed this to happen is because they needed to kill off the people who are Worthy Humans, who would otherwise live what would be a Human Experience, and the only way to hide this was to expand the population at the time, because an utter decrease would make it too obvious that a conspiracy is taking place.

The thing is, evil people are not just criminals. There are plenty of evil and scummy people, who might be even highly influential, successful or otherwise appear as normal in society. Some of them just exist as enablers of other people’s bad behavior, or enablers of certain causes and degeneracy in society.

All of them are a waste, and they serve as a net negative.

Unfortunately, because of Christian values, most people have been trained to believe “Live and Let Live” and instead of “Live and Let Die”, and so they do nothing about the monsters in the society around them, and yet encourage them, prod them and suggest how they should have all the rights including the rights to have degenerate beliefs.

Even a person who forms friendships or people in their lives based on respecting, organizing or ordering people by money and status, is a degenerate and someone who should be destroyed.

Our Society strongly believes that stupidity should not go unpunished.

The Baby Boom which occurred in the 20th century was not natural, it was purposely engineered by the Illuminati to create the destruction on the already mostly decent populations that were remaining on Earth at that time, which have been weeded out.

We are living in a Garden full of Weeds. There are no Flowers and Fruits.

All Western Nations are put on the chopping block first, and then the other Nations will become the target.

At present, I don’t see much of anything left for most Whites. The only people who are fit for survival are those in the Prussian Belt and the Amish Lands. Hopefully there will be others, but it’s not looking so much like this. The majority of Caucasians are engaged in far too much folly for their own good, and who knows what will come out from the ashes, but they will be even more significantly reduced in number, and entire languages and nations will disappear for sure.

I speak regularly with people from many different European Nations, and with what I understand going on in these Nations and the general conversations I have with many of them, and arguments, there is no doubt that the majority of them are far gone. To begin with, they have completely fallen off course, because they are so out of touch with reality of anything, and they also do not live in accordance with Nature.

The only solution for any of these European Countries to save themselves is for the viable minority of their populations to overthrow the madness of the the Mass scum. No other solution will suffice.

We want to remind you that we are in an Ultimate Holy War for the sake of our survival and significance, and that one should not be acting or living at any time as if we are not at War.

There is no beauty and nothing memorable left in this world, except for the Nature of the Earth itself which remains intact, and there can be nothing assumed beautiful again without heeding the call of our Ancestors from the grave, which order to destroy all the filth!

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