The Flabbiness of Christianity

Perhaps the most appalling trait of Christianity is the fact that when anyone who belongs to it speaks of their beliefs, they always exhibit the most effeminate and cowardly approach in their beliefs.

For one, Christians don’t sincerely believe in anything they profess, at least not from the standpoint of knowledge and convictions.

The Christian speaks with a forked tongue, because he/she knows inwardly that they are a hypocrite and do not actually follow their Creed, but more importantly they pretend to follow the Creed on the basis of this delusion of “redemption”.

In order that Christianity be successful in brainwashing the masses and confusing them from Human purpose, they must convince their followers that everything in the creation of life comes from God.

When Christians talk about Love and Kindness, the most disgusting feelings emerge from the diseased essence of their words, completely misplaced, abused and perverted.

The Christians are Prostitutes of Love, Naturally, and out of the 3 Mainstream Abrahamic Religions, the Christians are the ones who believe in “fighting with love” along with “loving their enemies” and that “love conquers all”.

Ideas which we consider abominable and disgraceful beyond imagination.

Christians are such lockstep thinkers, that they are nearly robotic in their approach to everything of their beliefs or what they think is divine.

As a people, we underestimate just how many damage and wounds have been inflicted for centuries by this putrid religion.

Christianity has been a pedestal for Women, especially, as a coping agency for their guilt and bad judgment or choices in life.

Christianity has made a reality around us where Women get by pretending anything just to manipulate their way through life.

The future for Germanic Women in particular, must be one where they are feminine but have a masculine hardness in terms of their approach to reality and the Natural World.

Christianity removes everything Primal from Women, as it also does to the Men who follow this religion or who have otherwise become conditioned by it.

On one hand, while Christians pretend to speak how much they are against violence and hatred, their actions have proven a ridiculous amount of violence and hatred towards our own people and have costed us centuries of destruction towards some of the best of our Racial Blood.

Germans of the future, even under our New Spiritual Framework, must never become accustomed to any type of dogma that gives them a free pass to some ridiculous notion of Forgiveness or Salvation.

None of these things exist whatsoever, and in the Natural World, ones life choices and actions can have consequences that echo for the rest of their life or into their next life, and no amount of begging or pleading will permit them relief from those decisions, and we refuse to build institutions which would leverage them in this regard.

The only feeling we can have towards Christians every time they utter words about Love, Kindness, Peace and Tolerance is the feeling to hurl in their face.

Christianity is such a burden to the development of European Culture, that the day will come when we have to take down the Crosses, and we will have to forbid Prayer and ban these religious texts from the public, only made available to those who seek education in the Mystery Schools.

It is because of Christianity that nobody in this world hardly says what they mean, or ever means what they say.

Buried under 99 different masks that one has to sift through to see what type of person is underneath, and also whereby this has become the Natural idea of a sophisticated society, instead of the most brutal and persistent Frankness in telling things as they are.

The general distrust people have among the overall public among Europeans, and the rousing of “suspicion” when a stranger talks to them is actually an unnatural and dangerous phenomenon, but most Europeans are conditioned to believe that this is normal.

In America, things are not really better, because while Americans are very warm to idea of talking to strangers, their willingness of this trait is not rooted in any kind of sincerity whatsoever, but is rooted in their opportunistic desires as a people. One can almost never take them seriously when they try to initiate conversations.

Surely, in any European Nation, if there is not a general willingness for the most natural of social conditions to emerge upon a people, then the future for Europe can never exceed the Mediocre, which has become its position since 1945.

We want a Germany someday where Sarcasm and Entertainment is almost non-existent, and where all situations happen between the people who either find or meet people in an ideal circumstances, develop as natural and cleanly and orderly as possible, rather than living in a perpetual mode of suspicion and vouching for people through social circles.

In our Modern day, conditions are so abysmal that even a compliment is given for the purpose of testing the waters with how someone reacts, or to manipulate them or get something out of them otherwise.

If it comes to the need to criminalize such behavior in the future with fines, sterilization or severely punishing people for this behavior in the future, I am indeed a fan of these measures if it will thoroughly give a clean sweep to the social conditions of our society.

While we do not expect for people to trust strangers with their entire life upon meeting, there must be a general sense of trust that is re-established, even as much as being able to generally take someone serious.

Everyone who serves to prevent this development in today’s world is a permanent enemy of ours, and is an enemy that we must eradicate with the most ruthless measures and give no mercy to them.

Only this course can bring about a Free Europe once again, in the truest sense of the term. And we are very far from that reality, and the only solution is to destroy.

These problems exist heavily in all Germanic Countries, and to dangerously Scandalous levels in the Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavian countries are far too soft and tolerant as a cover to not deal with the uncomfortable realities underneath the social fabric.

In addition, the Promiscuity which takes place today in all Germanic countries is absolutely unacceptable. In the future, it will have to be addressed by very harsh measures, even if the people despise us for it.

Promiscuity must be seen again as for what it is, one of the most degenerate traits that can exist among our people, and one which is leading our Nations literally into the Grave.

While the Scandinavian countries are not part of the Greater German Reich, the people of these countries need to have a hard and heavy hand come down on them and be in total obedience to the Reich, even with what autonomy we permit them.

They need to be given the Prussian Sting.

One thought on “The Flabbiness of Christianity

  1. Kinda hard on the Christians. Everyone is cucked to accommodate the overload of mutants.
    Everything you desire is culture. You can’t force it onto bent souls.
    Götterdämmerung comes round again.


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