Live Video Footage: Germany’s Third Way “III WEG” is as authentic as the Tooth Fairy

Sadly, desperation has become the defining factor of what people deem “legitimacy” in our Modern Age, as they scrap for anything which offers them a crumb of the appearance or prestige of their ideologies.

I routinely warn Germans that all of the so-called “Nationalist” movements in the country, and throughout Europe are all Infiltrated and Compromised, fully. They are run discreetly by governments and intelligence agencies.

The people who engage in activism of these activities are routinely monitored and spied upon.

Does one really think that these “masked morons” would have any intention to fight for or defend for the Vaterland?

Or to take a few steps back from that, no authentic Fascist or National Socialist would wear “branding logos” on their uniforms. Maybe a pin of some sort, as well as official patch symbols of the Reich and Flag Banners with the logo, but never garments with slogans and logos. We understand that they would not be legally permitted to wear the official symbols of the Reich, so it would be better not to wear any at all except for the Knight’s Cross, but in an authentic and traditional manner.

In addition to logos and slogans being forbidden on basis of Party Memberships of these ideologies, they also go against the very values that we stand for, and in particular, the PSA.

Furthermore, is that we must only have a future for Germany that has One Political Party that is universal for all Germans. Prussia and its Spiritual Legacy is the only guiding light for Germany, both on its home soil and all over the world, even absent of a Monarchy as the form of government.

But if these hooligans cannot be bothered to revolt against the Mask, even at the risk of being imprisoned or fined (if/when/where it applies), what makes you think they will challenge the State or other relevant issues?

The German Reich, both in its former and recent incarnations, had never subscribed to “Right-Wing” nor “Left-Wing” forms of politics, yet very few people accuse the Third Reich, sometimes as “Right-Wing” other times as “Left-Wing.

“The Third Way” is supposed to imply something along the lines of the “Third Position” but it’s for propaganda purposes, when in reality and practice, they are a Right-Wing Organization.

At best, these numbskulls could do no more than address the Illegal Immigration / Migrant problems in Germany, but would their policies be effective? Other than that, they have no vision for Germany, and it should be evident based on anyone who pays attention carefully. I suppose a few misguided souls could be involved in the activism, but by and large they do not represent Germany.

The objective behind these forms of controlled opposition is to exhaust the opposition and distract them from real action and a real mass formation, capable of true revolution.

The Right-Wing is very similar to the Left-Wing, in the fact that both of them rely off of crafting lies and distortions in a desperate effort to push through their agendas, but the Left-Wing is far more organized and capable off pulling off their ridiculous lies and dystopian worldview. That’s why it gets media coverage and popular acceptance.

The Right-Wing in America continues to peddle the idea of the Illegal Immigrants “Carrying COVID” across the border, while on another hand acknowledging in general that COVID-19 is a fraud.

In addition, the Right-Wing, for the most part, will not jump off the Trump Train even well after he is out of office, and will never accept the fact that Trump brought in more illegal immigrants into America during his first 4 years than Obama did in his first 4 years. They will never admit to this because of their desperation and consequences of what it entails to admit it.

In the omission of facts, but also of telling lies that the immigrants are spreading “COVID”, only further lowers the case and seriousness of Illegal Immigration to begin with, and lessens the likelihood of any capable force of being able to solve the Immigration problems. Truth be told, there is no ability without civil wars and revolutions or by outright pogroms to resolve the Illegal Immigration issue. It cannot be solved with the flex of a pen.

Herr Göring outlawed and lined up both the Right Wing and Left Wing Parties, Activists and Operatives in Germany some of them heavily religious, deeming both wings rightfully so as a menace to Germanic Interests, and involved with on-going traitorous activities that worked against the interests of the German People. The Left Wing and Right Wing peoples never have any real policies or ideas of their own, and can offer nothing of substance for building a Powerful State and a highly Cultured one at that.

Goring’s Policies and Speech relating to it are heavily censored and difficult to find, as it presented an elemental “challenge” to explaining away National Socialism as a “Right-Wing” ideology, which it is not Right nor Left, but a “Völkisch” ideology which spans back from many centuries of collective German thought and spirit.

I put more faith and resolution in the Deutsche Bundeswehr, if being reformed under our authority, as a competent and vested force for Germany’s Interest, if led by us, rather than any of these Psuedo-Nationalist Groups!

It’s truly a tragic day in German History that we have been relegated and watered down to the point we are as a Nation, and it just worsens every single passing day.

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