Austria and Netherlands Heading into Lockdown

As I’ve said, we are in now in the Time Window for where they will drum up the restrictions and tyranny, from 15 October 2021 – 31 March 2022.

If the goals are not reached by this time, they will escalate a new problem or conflict, and from what we’ve been monitoring around the world, it seems likely that they will disrupt the supply chains even further, literally trying to starve people into submission. They could even launch a real pandemic or new technologies, and from what it looks like, a new wave of a crisis will have even more sudden measures, possibly not even announced first to the public for them to brace time.

Again, this is not to say they will have fully achieved their goal by that date window, but that time window is the one in which world leaders are being instructed to “close in” on the vaccination program, and whereby they do not even care about the alleged “herd immunity” ratio anymore, but are now going for 100%.

However, we knew it would only be a matter of time for that, since they keep changing the goal posts.

Everything they tell you, you must believe the opposite.

Just as when they announced that vaccine passports will not be “mandated”, you can best be assured that this was their “code-speak” for telling you that they are absolutely going to be mandated.

This is the time window in which the Global Powers have as a tentative deadline for getting everyone vaccinated, even against their will, after having pushed and punished people in their place of employment for not getting the vaccine.

I have mentioned that newer lockdowns will be coming, but also even stricter measures.

Eventually, things will evolve to a point where you will not be allowed to leave your home at all whatsoever, in most countries anyway, but the target countries first are the Anglo-Saxon and European Countries foremost, before eventually expanding it more in other countries.

We are at War, and any day, week or month could be your last at this point, as far as I’m concerned.

If you do not take my words seriously, you will regret it.

You need to be prepared to kill and destroy, and use the most ruthless measures against people who are part of the COVID Cult and have otherwise wronged you as a result of this sick agenda.

The window is shutting rapidly.

Even if everyone fulfilled all COVID Tyrannical Protocols and got vaccinated, the World Controllers would still be carrying this agenda on, because it’s nothing to do with a virus or about Public Health.

The recorded End Date for this Pandemic Simulation, at least for the Western World – which is subject to be extended – is between 2024 and 2025. Of which they will also launch future scenarios of course, into the Tyrannical Dystopia they plan for the future.

Whereby, a prediction of somewhere between 25-75% of whole populations of Europe and elsewhere will be completely wiped out by 2025, by various measures including the poisonous vaccines, civil wars, bankruptcy, starvation, disease and other conditions.

The USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are on target to have the highest levels of depopulation.

The people who are the highest priority on the target list to be destroyed are the small minority of Decent people left in said countries, and particularly those among the Middle Class. This Agenda is to remove the last remnants of the Middle Class.

The COVID Agenda is all about CRIPPLING and totally BREAKING the world economy, to a point where people become enslaved and demand the NWO solution, which will be to fully finish off most people and enslave smaller populations into the future. It is a cruel measure of getting people “comfortable” in “living with less” by completely altering and manipulating their worldview and perception, to be so willing as to give up every last right and freedom and to accept becoming enslaved.

The other part to this Agenda is to completely disrupt and ruin Family, Friend and Romantic Relationships, which also helps weaken a society to a point where they cannot organize or fight back. This is all by design with finesse!

The approach that is used is also designed to get people to slowly accept the extra Policing and Dictatorial Measures as a “necessary evil” to get back to some so-called “normal” or to “keep order”.

For example, in the USA now, they are introducing the Martial Law measures which Trump signed off on last year, by having the National Guard / Military take over from necessary positions, from Bus Drivers, to Schools, and to have them in functions where people AND ESPECIALLY CHILDREN will become accustomed and used to interactions with the Military on a daily basis, and whereby the Military will eventually demand everyone who goes out or conducts business of any kind will have to provide them Vaccine Certification on demand.

In the history of the USA, never have any State Officials initiated / activated the National Guard so frequently as they are now, even when not necessarily needing them, as they have during this entire Agenda. There have been numerous instances of activating the National Guard for potential protests or even staff shortages or other issues that were only “assumed” might happen, but never did.

The whole thing is Kabuki Theatre, and with the intention of distracting people from anything real that’s going on.

You should have no doubt in your mind at this point that the end is nigh, and that the only last chance is to fight, with a ruthless fight, by any and every means necessary. And I mean that with every way you can interpret it.

Don’t want to fight!? Well, the war is coming soon to your doorstep, and it’s also going to mean your neighbors will turn on you too. Neighbors will turn on Neighbors and function as informants, and if you don’t fight now, you will be forced to deal with those situations then and be in an even less capacity to fight.

At this time, Australia and Canada are 100% FINISHED. Absolutely no chance for them whatsoever.

They are done. Let those countries serve as example for what a Dictatorship will look like, but now Austria, Netherlands and a handful of other European countries are flirting with their total demise.

Europe, as far as I’m concerned is 99% FINISHED, and that’s how close to the end of the road it is.

Weeks or Months from now, that number may be 100% for many countries.

The USA is lingering only a slight margin behind that, because it is armed, but there is no willingness to fight here.

The worst part about all this, is that the original solution to at least dismantle this cult could have been SO easy.

It wouldn’t have even required a protest.

All it required is that people refused to comply, and even ignoring all threats, fines, penalties and imprisonment.

That’s all it took, and people have failed now approaching 2 Years of riding the Corona Carousel.

Just as children ride the carousel at the carnival, you can ride it round and round thinking you will get somewhere, but you will not get anywhere with it.

Starve the Beast!

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