Violence is an Art-Form, Not a Negative thing

Violence, properly-executed and its right time and place are some of the most beautiful things that can be found left in this world.

Is there nothing more beautiful than seeking out revenge on your enemies!?

Is there nothing more beautiful and sacred than seeing them suffer and being humiliated in front of everyone and making their transition out of this world to be the most painful and horrifying one?

Violence is an art-form which ought to be respected, not shunned, it is only cowards who shun it, for it has its place under the Sun and must be brought out from time to time when and where needed.

The time we are in now calls for Extreme Violence and hurting people really badly who deserve to be hurt. Your ever-waking thought every day should be about Inflicting Violence on the Trash of Mankind around us, and dishing out revenge even to your personal enemies.

People who are afraid of violence or try to shun such thoughts, will not be part of any revolution or cleaning house.

Violence DOES solve problems.

4 thoughts on “Violence is an Art-Form, Not a Negative thing

    1. It’s so simple and within so much reach, but people have put off the inevitable Civil Wars that are overdue for so long, and even their right to breathe hasn’t even mustered up enough courage in many to fight or resist. It’s truly sickening to how low humanity has sunk!

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      1. Rabbits! It’s the natural cycle. Blossom of resources, population boom, and then die off. Hard times, hard men. You know the drill.
        Not gonna be pretty.


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