Video illustrating just how weak and useless your Average American is, demonstrated by a Swedish Girl

I mean this, is really, really bad… Americans in their obsession with “Time”, “Money Is Time / Time Is Money” to where this guy cannot even be bothered with 5 minutes to setup bed sheets.

If you should ever wonder why America is such a culture of death and a doomed place, this should serve the perfect example, where they only know how to do anything by paying money for it.

Considering the Level of Taxes and other Expenses Swedish people pay, at least they are doing “something right” in terms of a work / life balance, because this guy, like most Americans, are time poor.

Listen on to the way this guy calculates in his head to the likeness of a Jew, the Time / Money ratio in navigating his way through life and a hardship such as fitting sheets to a bed.

The facial expressions on his Swedish girlfriend are priceless and telling with just how much that Swedes have not become this low in their desperation for money and maintaining lifestyle, despite some of the paradoxical social and other related issues that currently plague Sweden.

I believe Swedes still enjoy a better quality of life than Americans do, despite the appearance or hype behind American “Freedom”.

It also demonstrated, in her restaurant example, how complacent most Americans are, in their quest to always maintain low standards, politeness and agreeableness in every situation.

Swedes are soft by Prussian standards, but even this Swedish girl is tough compared to this joker.

Why one would even still expect Americans to “fight back” should understand very well by this canary in the coalmine, how delusional the idea is. Americans, plain and simple, can’t be bothered with having to deal with any type of challenge.

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