Stop Mourning The Coming Depopulation, when you should be mourning the Noble who already died or have not been allowed Birth

We are in the race against time to ensure that the correct priority of those who should be depopulated, are depopulated, before the pendulum hits the very last remnants of valuable people.

Too much focus is placed on the coming depopulation, which is inevitible based on numerous factors, and even as such if the Illuminati were not in control of it, Nature itself would forcefully remove majority of the world’s population because it responds in a certain manner to imbalances.

As I have said, the theoretical population that this Earth can inhabit can most definitely exceed well into even Tens of Billions, provided certain conditions as are met, the world infrastructure is not adapted for this and has been decaying. Certain agricultural changes would need to be made as opposed to the Modern Industrial Farming methods, and we would need Nuclear Power as the dominant power source.

But the most important factor which is lacking are Decent People.

Generally speaking, a Nation cannot be solid and strong, unless at least a minimum of about 80-90% of its people are of Good Racial Stock.

Not all Nations have had such levels as these in any recent times, but the German Nation did have a much higher level in recent history anyway.

When levels of Good Racial Blood fall too much, the Nation is imperiled. Good Eugenics Practices and Sterilization responsibly applied should be used, and I am advocate that all Nations of the world should follow our lead in this regard.

But the world is not full of decent people, only automatons and devils, the automatons are a form of a devil themselves. The true devils are the ones who belong to the Rh Negative Bloodline, and the automatons are programmed to obey and be the biggest followers of the Rh Negative Bloodline.

The Celtic race which are also predominant with the Rh- Factor, as they are a lineage of Jews [Esau] are heavy carriers of this blood type.

The Celts are the Jews of the wilderness, rather than the “Jew” of Wall Street.

The Celt is more known as a “Warrior” because they are of some of the world’s strongest fighters, unlike the Oriental Jew.

Most Nations people blindly worship and adore the Celts, because the Celt is a great deceiver, clever sharp and witty, and yet they do some of the most barbarous acts behind the scenes. Many Comedians and Influencers are also of the Celtic Race, throughout the West and all of them are Scum, even when at times they might come with worthy statements they make which are influential, such as the likes of “George Carlin”.

Many times, opportunistically, the Celts have also been hired historically as Mercenaries. They are known as some of the strongest fighters in the world, but they have used this measure to destroy, rape, pillage and also spread their seed into every Nation of the world. Not a single Nation is without some form of Celtic Blood that has polluted their racial stock, if even in minute amounts such as in parts of Asia. But these occurrences have been through the course of Celtic Invasions, Raids and Raping of the females in those Nations.

The Celts also of course have also compromised the Scandinavian Countries, in certain specific regions. In previous times of history, Vikings have fought against the Pictish Celts. But all Celts are scum of the earth, despite their tribe, whether Irish or Scottish, or Pictish, Gauls or Gallic or which ever other name has historically been attributed to these amalgamations of various related tribes who are barbarous savage pieces of filth, regardless of where they come from. Their origins are JEWISH, and about half of them are directly aware of their Jewish Ancestry, and also balk at the notion of their Jewish ancestry being publicly known or discovered.

Even the English, at times, more of the Pure lineages like Oliver Cromwell correctly understood the danger of the Celtic Race, and his writings about them were not delusional rantings of a madman.

Neither the English nor the Celts are any more honorable than the other. Both are barbarians of their own making, and we despise them with an utter contempt to the high heavens.

For a German, the hatred of the English and Hebrews is a daily, pervasive, never-ending hatred that is to the very core of our bones.

But as the Celt may be a Jew who is less adept to the ways of the Oriental Jew, make no mistake that he is as much of an opportunist as his brother Jacob when it comes to making money or seeing a big opportunity to capitalize on something.

I know some Celts who have been stockpiling pet food and investments in it to turn over for profits in the coming hyperinflation to engulf the world. That’s what type of sick animal the Celts are.

The Celts are profiting left and right, on both sides of the COVID-19 Agenda, such as Dr. John Campbell.

Clever, Sly and Witty Deceivers they are, all of them! They can’t go 10 seconds without telling a lie!

The Celts, are the gatekeeper of Europe and its fate, in a way, because they work hand-in-hand with their Oriental Jew counterparts, and the Celtic problem will forever be an issue for Europe, and we cannot fully protect Europe until there is no Celtic or Oriental blood in it whatsoever. There can also be no Negro blood and other types which do not belong there as well.

Most people in the world, from everywhere in the world, Africa to Asia and the Islamic world do not even know who or where the Celts Origins come from. But they are aware of freckled and red-headed people in their countries, however these features are not their only defining features.

The Collective Blame that most White People take burdens, blame and are scapegoated perpetually from the Colored Barbarian Nations, are a result from the actions of all the races that come out of the British Isles, including their American descendants. All of their activities have been blamed on every Caucasian Nation instead, and whereas most people from Europe had hardly a hand in these activities or hostilities to other people, except for Crypto-Jewish Merchants from Spain, Portugal and the Dutch-Jews, and sometimes the French.

The Celts have been known by many different historical names and date back to very an, and they have even had racial origins found everywhere, from dwellings in the Caucasus region in Armenia, as well as Mesopotamia, Central Asia and elsewhere.

Freckles and Red Hair are not Aryan Traits, and are not Native to Europeans, despite having been mixed into the European Bloodlines, and many dynasties have genetic factors of the Celtic Gene.

The Celt even has polluted the English Bloodlines, while the English are Natively a Germanic tribe we dislike, even they have had most of their blood stock contaminated with Celtic Blood.

Today, the German Race has been weakened most specifically from the result of this Celtic admixture, and at times some Slavonic mixture and of course the recent additions from Immigration.

The Celts have intermixed into more races on Earth, even if to a small degree, compared to any other racial group, even at times exceeding the Oriental Jew.

The Spaniards have had their racial blood contaminated by the Celtic influence from long days past, and it is this Celtic Nature which creates the Barbarism so often found in the Basques and Catalans. Both of these peoples are a menace to a strong National Spain.

But the point is that wherever this Celtic Race is found, it has made itself as a detriment to the host country, and the Celtic Race remains a major threat. Burning, Raging, Dirty and Uncivilized Trash.

The majority of the American Racial Blood pool is not even Nordic, and not even as Purely English as it once were, but today it is predominantly Celtic, and this is not by any accident. In early days of America, there was much more Nordic Blood than there is today.

Early American stocks used to be compromised of some Norman / French blood, and at times from Scandinavian races. Only in later migration waves particularly due to economic and poverty crises and lack of work in Europe, did general working class stocks come to America to do all the dirty work that the Americans did not want to do, which used to be relegated for the Negroes when Slavery was still in place.

Today there is almost no reason most Europeans feel the need or desire to come to America, but also is the fact that it is extremely hard for them to come to America, except for people from Albania and Ukraine who are willing to work for very low wages.

If most Nations knew the danger of the Celt as the brother Esau to his brother Jacob of the main Jewish Bloodlines, they would them down mercilessly.

All of the people from the British Isles are “NOT” a European People, or they should not be regarded as such, because they are a strange breed. I never refer to the UK as Europe, and it should not be part of Europe unless taken over and colonized by Germany with a fresh pavement of Good German Blood, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxons.

All Nations of Europe should recognize that as a people of many different cultures and bloodlines, that what we do share in common is that we are a group of races which all belong to the Eagle.

The peoples of the British Isles / UK are represented by the Lion, or more specifically the “Lion of Judah”.

There is no mistake in this designation.

The Eagle must one day attack the Lion for its crimes it has committed against our people, for having held back and destroyed much of Europe, and for forcing Germany to had taken up the fight in Both World Wars.

Even the rising Tensions from China, are all due to the Menacing Racial mixtures from the British Isles and their counterparts which later arrived on the American shores.

Never forget the British Opium Wars, and the Influence of the British over China.

The Dutch, also had significant influence in the region, and over Taiwan.

There will never be a “coming to terms” or “negotiations” with people like the Dutch or Belgians, but these 2 Nations must be Dominated by Germany whether they like it or not and must obey our every order to our liking.

Never forget that the majority of Dutch have had Jewish blood, and a lot of them today are of Jewish ancestry.

We have a special saying for the Dutch! We call them “The Damned Dutch!”

They remain one of the most disliked people of Germanic descent, along with Anglo-Saxon people. The Danish are of the most effeminate of Germanic types.

Despite what most people think, Hong Kong and Taiwan absolutely do belong to China. It is only a matter of time for when the Chinese will reclaim Taiwan. The only people who have a problem with this and would disagree are Anglo-American Imperialists and the ignorant people who subscribe to Anglo-American worldview as the correct and only worldview. As much as the Chinese do need to be kept at bay, we have no interest in the Hong Kong Matter, and because of the English and American hand and involvement in that region, for better or worse, we have now become affected by Chinese Imperialism because of the cards played by the English and Americans.

I certainly do not agree with the way the Chinese manage operations over their own people and the way they micro-manage the lives of their citizens, but it is their land, and we have to be concerned with the fact that the Chinese have become emboldened to believe they are due reparations from Europeans who are innocent and had no hands in the involvement of the oppression over the Chinese. A task this monumental to govern, is a gigantic task, and one very crucial considering how much of an emerging power this Nation China has become. Everywhere you look behind every conflict or situation where America is failing in the world, you will find China.

The Afghanistan conflict? China is right in their backyard.

Black Lives Matters riots!? The Chinese are right in bed with the BLM activists and finance endeavors to further work against European Interests.

The COVID Agenda? Yes, by all means! Only a very small handful of decent Chinese people tried exposing the agenda, and from information we have on file, they were killed for exposing it. The rest of the Chinese are obedient slave zombies who wear masks and do everything the government says.

China owns a sister patent and sister corporation for every Western one in existence.

The Chinese are manufacturing Fake French Wine.

The Chinese own many shops throughout Europe.

The Celts have caused the “Bills” or “Debts” to be placed on the backs of all Europeans, to be liable to China, for all Warfare, Economic Policies and Imperial Activities that the English and Americans have had in the Oriental World.

I refuse to accept that Europe or even the American continent should have to be subjected to a Foreign Power’s will all because of a handful of criminals and banking interests had vested interests in the Oriental World.

If Hitler won World War 2, China may never have become Communist, or it would have been far less likely, or if it did, the world would have reorganized into a newer conflict to thwart a re-emerging threat of it.

American involvement in many of the issues relating to the Asian world have been inflamed from every single policy every step of the way by the English and the Americans.

The Americans armed China, sold her fancy technology and infrastructure and empowered her after having angered the Dragon Nation from prior oppression, and formerly the British playing such a role.

The entire world has become a disaster zone, and the fragility of Europe is ever more a center issue than ever before.

Always remember that the Americans and people of the UK will never confess to their responsibilities for gutting out almost all that was worthy of being saved in European Racial Blood in the last century.

A day will arrive when this history will surface, and it may be a very painful revelation for many, but surely we will see a day when the entire world will curse all the races of the UK and the Americans!

Today, Soldiers with Celtic Blood (specifically Ulster Scot Ancestry) in the American Military are preparing fresh rounds of Afghani Refugees to be brought into Germany and also here in America. Their English and other Celtic Supporters of the US Military Missions have also been doing everything to give them free housing, medical care, clothing, and every possible effort of support and welcome to be brought into our Nations and thrusted into our neighborhoods!

England and America must pay the price that they owe, for they are nothing but Nation Destroyers and will forever take the spot in history as being known as the most barbaric and blood-thirsty oppressors and imperialists next to the Mongols!

Americans have no idea what rubble they are about to be reduced to, and how worthless they will soon be exposed to be. Americans are NOTHING without money. They aren’t even worth as much as a used up crinkled water bottle.

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