The Shoddy Character of the Celtic Race is found in General George Patton

From time to time, I feature entries relating to General George Patton, as this Man had witnessed far more and understood far more about WW2 than many American Soldiers do, and also for the fact that he was a criminal and responsible for Genocide against the Germans, having realized the ignorance of his mistakes in what he did.

Today we even deal with a Modern Incarnation of a Filthy Celt by the name of “Joe Biden”.

Nevertheless, this video illustrates just how Immoral and Degenerates Americans were even at the time in the 1940’s.

Americans always believed whatever their Leadership and Military told them, in lockstep and without evidence.

What kind of “Moral Servicemen” would make a joke in a public speech about “Names he cannot pronounce” of German and Austrian Cities, and not have had the decency to know them correctly beforehand or attempt to mention them? The attitude also shows just how much the Americans believe they can rewrite the map of other countries to their own liking!

The Laughs from the Audience are all you need to know about the Character of Americans.

A Clear illustration of the disdain Americans have for Culture or the Native People of any country they invade.

While we regard every Non-German as a Barbarian, we do not make mockeries of culture or even their genetic features, their language, which is a common practice of Americans in every country they land in which is not somehow run by Anglo-Saxons and Jews.

No German should ever think, even today, that the Americans are your friends.

The Americans, when they had invaded our Germany, treated us worse than any Disabled or Autistic person, and even to this day, any German in America who lives here is merely tolerated “at best”, but met with utter scorn, as German-Americans have largely been denied their rights including to speak the German Language for a long time.

But Germans are still treated with utter contempt, and for anyone who pays attention to the consensus of people from the British Isles or in America, these Anglos and Celts are even prouder than ever of the Genocide and Rape they plundered over our People and in the Taking of our Women.

One day America will have to answer for the involvement of their war crimes, while they had ironically accused our people of being involved in war crimes during the Nuremburg Trials.

We also must make America answer for its NATO Policies in Europe, and how Germans have been hoodwinked into fighting Zionist Wars for the Americans, in particular with the latest betrayal in Afghanistan. Not a single German Soldier belonged in that country for any reason, and we must educate the Germans to understand this fact even if it is a reluctant fact to recognize at this time.

Please Note that the “Anglo-Saxons” never had a True conception of Justice. These are merely the biases of a Man who’s views are shaped by the Anglo-Saxons since he was an American.

Even the Bastard President “Eisenhower” had many nasty words towards the Germans, along with his policies:

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