Every Father who has ever sent his daughter off to College / Encouraged Her, has Committed a Crime

Indeed, and with no exaggeration.

Every Father who has prodded and promoted the notion of his Daughter becoming “Educated” and “Independent” and to promote their “Careers” has done great harm, and committed an eternal crime against his Racial People.

A girl who has attended University has been “Broken In” and she is “Broken”.

Her mind has been deflowered, and you will never own her. She is a product and property of Government and Corporations. She is a Willing, Obedient Slave for them, in defiance and disobedience to a Man and is working against her Nation, and in many cases, she is working to help Relief Efforts and Populations of other Nations, betraying her own people.

It may be today that such things are not seen or understood to be the crime for what they are, but the tomorrow is on the Horizon for when they will be regarded as criminals and sorry excuses for Fathers.

No Real Man who has born Healthy, Primal, Full of Wisdom and Esoteric Spirit would ever dream of sending his daughters off to University, but instead would take the time and effort in securing to make sure she is with the proper Husband.

By the same Measure, once a Girl has stepped foot into University, you can already be assured that she is now a Product of Big Government, and she belongs to them as their Property, not yours. She is also detached from all of her Primal Urges, including all Sensibility, including her Biological Demands.

All Women who attend University become Promiscuous. ALL OF THEM. Their morals loosen, they become colder, bitter, more calculating, and selfish. They also lose their fertility.

A University girl will never tell you about her promiscuous adventures. Because it is also considered to her, a part of the “College Experience”.

The Baby Boomer generation is the most guilty of this crime, and the fact they will never confess is that they promote their daughters to go to school out of lack of responsibility to have them make good life decisions or to educate them in seeking a valuable partner for life. Women are told to get scholarships and go to school, because the selfish nature of Baby Boomer parents, had made them want to get their children outside of the house for as long as possible and in the hopes they will somehow secure their future by depending on large Government and Corporate Interests to have their place in society.

The Baby Boomer Generation is the most despicable generation which has come to surface on this planet. They sold all of the younger generations a complete False Bill of Goods, and one in which the youth have become so demoralized, confused and bewildered, that there is no sense of standards, or what is good or not good among Many youth.

All of course, are part of the Communist Party Platform of establishing their system in place.

Honorable Men loathe the idea of a Career-oriented / College-educated Female.

Such females have absolutely no value. They have no value to themselves, no value to her Man, no value to her family or the community.

Career-oriented and College-educated Women only serve the interests of Financial Capitalists. As such, these Women are property and cattle, of these Financial Hyenas.

Every Father who has ever sent his daughter off to school is a disgrace, and he has Failed his Daughter. He has stolen the Futures of his daughters and committed an unforgivable crime, and has weakened the fabric of civilization all that much further.

All Women who attend Universities are far much more likely to also engage in and promote subversive activities such as miscegenation, International Missionary Work for Barbarian Nations, and promotion of the LGBTQ activities, all of which are strictly forbidden under the Prussian State. Missionary work outside of promoting and helping the German cause is strictly forbidden under any circumstance, for any reason.

No Real Man of any kind promotes or encourages Education in a girl beyond the essential education that they must be given in their youth.

If the daughter has talent in the Arts like Music, Painting, Literature or Acting, maybe this can be pursued if in a regulated manner, but never to exceed the responsibilities of finding a Husband and Raising a Family as her main priority in life.

Even a Woman who is able to perfect the craft in a Coffee Beverage is worth thousands or millions of times more than any Woman who has obtained a University Degree.

Chances are high, that the Woman who obtained the University Degree wouldn’t be able to even make a good coffee even if her life depended on it.

On top of that, the University-Educated Woman will demand that she receives validation and attention for being able to make a successful cup of coffee, the right way.

But if the girl is not college educated, she would be more likely to impress others by her skill in making it than demanding the attention.

Such nuances are found in how University Influences change, damage and poison the minds of Women.

Women who do not prioritize a Man and raising family in her life, do not respect Men, and she will only become a burden to such Men who tolerate her University Ambitions.

The Prussian State has Zero Tolerance for Men who encourage Careerism and University Education for Women.

It is for this very reason that Prussia asserts itself as a Power to regulate control over the bodies of its citizens, and that it instructs its Men to seize their rightful position as having complete ownership over Women, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Only Men are to be Sovereigns.

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