Why I would still not take the Vaccine, even if COVID were a real threat

No Logical, No Sincere, No Educated or Wise person would come anywhere near close to this vaccine, even if we were in fact in some sort of real pandemic.

For one, growing up, I was educated to understand about FDA Regulations and Drug / Vaccination Testing, and had also conducted my own research in the field, having a background in Biology and other varied Sciences.

The only correct understanding about Vaccines, is that they only have a theoretical value AT BEST, and that that Vaccines require Many years, at least over 4 years, sometimes up to 12 or More years until they can be proven safe for any disease, and even then it is not guaranteed that a Vaccine might be available for something.

Next, is the fact that even people who claim they got “COVID” – in which they are really just getting Influenza – would NEVER be permitted or encouraged to get the vaccine, since throughout history, if someone was previously exposed to a virus of some kind, if they survived (and most do), they would have established antibodies for it.

The concept of “Herd Immunity” was established on this basis, as an either/or scenario, whether someone is exposed naturally to some sort of infection, or if by the means of innoculation.

But you can now see how the world leaders and mouthpieces like the Jesuit Criminal Dr. Fauci repeatedly change the goal posts, and they have long thrown out the whole concept of “Herd Immunity” now, and that efforts have also been made to redefine documented definition of Herd Immunity as only being achievable via the inoculations.

Vaccinations for previous virus scares, always involved Medical Staff verifying if someone had previously been exposed, because there is no reason to re-expose someone to an infection if their body had already created Antibodies in response, a sign that they have a properly functioning immune system.

Every New Vaccination someone takes, further exposes the body to additional health risks, while at the same time compromising the immune system to some extent.

My personal opinion on Vaccines, is that they are mostly utterly worthless and are a scam, and that the only time a Vaccine may ever have use is for people who are immuno-compromised.

For one, anyone who has a background in Virology knows that Viral infections are NOT deadly, not anywhere near the level as Bacterial Infections.

Bacterial Infections have entirely different cases.

The so-called ‘COVID Long-Haulers” are NOT sick with COVID or some new Flu strain, this is being used as a cover for people who have been getting sick with Bacterial Pneumonia from wearing the masks constantly and remaining idle / inactive.

Not getting much movement, remaining idle and in closed spaces increases the risk for Pneumonia, and this is especially true with bed-ridden patients in hospitals and other health-care facilities, of course.

Which is while you will notice, the people who claim to have gotten the most sick or have suffered the so-called “Long Haul” COVID, were ALWAYS religious in their practices of Social Distancing, Isolation, Sanitizing and Wearing Masks.

I assure you of something, that in my quarters of where I live, where I have traveled and what I have been involved in the last 2 years, even with discussions and meetings, that I probably have NEVER seen less physically sick people in my life since these past two years!

However, what had happened to the Corona Morons who masked up and obeyed protocols, is that their Immune systems have broken down and have atrophied in their abilities to fight off respiratory infections, and so they got “hit hard”, and in some cases, hit so hard, coupled with wearing a mask that made their body struggle to cope with environmental allergens, that they also developed Pneumonia on top of it.

Pneumonia lasts for weeks upon weeks, sometimes many months until someone will feel normal again.

And guess what!?!? They feel “lethargic” with “brain fog” and have “trouble breathing”.

And many Pneumonia patients ARE put on ventilators.

See where this is all going!?

At this point, people are mostly too hypnotized to believe or understand anything real anymore, since they don’t even believe the Flu is a problem any longer either.

The other reason that should be evident to any thinking brain, is the fact that a Real Pandemic or need to take Vaccines would be a more “matter of fact” approach, rather than an Ideology, a Cult, A Lifestyle and Hysterical Agenda that is dominating the fabric of everyone’s life right now, to the point where it is forming a New Segregated Society.

Go out and about in almost any country on earth, the talk is always about Vaccines or Wearing a Mask, and if you took your Vaccine “How was it, which one did you take, where did you get it, how did you feel” on and on and on.

Over 80% of people on average that exist in your country, are of this type of character.

And the Media has helped fuel the fever because the Media promotes all kinds of shaming examples towards the Non-Vaccinated, and makes and ties every possible story into the Vaccine Agenda, and paying the bogus lip service to “Getting this Pandemic over with” and “Back To Normal” and the bogus notion of an Economic Recovery.

There will be no Economic Recovery, and in fact the whole COVID Agenda is nothing more than a Power Heist to transition the global system and its economy, which requires bringing all world economies to their knees in the process.

But the fact that this fake pandemic is the only talk on people’s minds as well as on the Media, should draw suspicion even in the most uneducated and naive person who at least has enough of a brain to realize something is “off” about it.

The even worse part if you DO get vaccinated is that your entire life is now imperiled, and it will be even worse to be imperiled and considered “unvaccinated” if you do not keep your Booster Shots up to date according to the controllers of this medical experiment, so therefore you have an even WORSE position than someone who is full Unvaccinated and of Pure Blood.

Those who only took 1 or 2 shots, but who will refuse the boosters, are going to be sandwiched in even far worse in days and weeks to come, with pressure from family, friends, government leaders and others, because of their poor decision-making, as they will still be relegated and treated as an unvaccinated person, but with the disadavantages of having their health compromised, their DNA modified, and fertility issues.

I have repeated it many times and will repeat it again.

The VACCINATED do not deserve our sympathy. DO NOT HAVE SYMPATHY FOR THEM.

It doesn’t matter who they are, friend or family, even a spouse.

They are a piece of JUNK, and they are not who you think they are as a person.

They have a secret death wish.

The Vaccination Program for this agenda, while anyone is capable of falling for it, is particularly aimed at targeting people who have very guilty lifestyles, who are empty inside and hate themselves. Those are the most apt people to take it.

Second to that, would be people who see it as forced choice because of their circumstances. However, this does not make them any more noble.

A Vaccinated person from this Vaccine should be considered like a Fancy Flat Screen TV that has gone “dead” and is no longer functional.

You may be obsessed with the idea or years of value you got out of it and want to keep it around and your emotions tied to it, or hopes that it still is potentially “good”, but the fact is that it is not. It is dead.

Every vaccinated person in your life is DEAD and USELESS.

They are not likely to live much longer either.

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