The Civil War Between Western Men and Women is about to go “HOT”

And it’s not going to be a sexy sight to see whatsoever.

Women, especially College-Educated, Feminist and Career-oriented Women are beginning to rudely wake up to a new disturbing reality, especially onset from the COVID Lockdowns and Financial Damages, they are beginning to realize that they are lost, and that Men are not coming to pick up the tab, and have no interest to court them.

Even data from the Pew Research Center has been showing a disturbing increase that ever since 2016 which has escalated, a world especially in the Western countries where Women have rapidly ceased communications, interest or investment in any time with Men for the most part, and have less interest in courtship and relationship but only focus on their careers, whereas Men in the Western World have had ever-increasing levels of desire and interest of finding a suitable Female for Relationships with, with the exception of elements who have relegated themselves towards repudiating Women altogether.

Even if the Men DID want to court them, the fact is that College-Educated / Career Women are impotent in the affairs of anything in life that are not related to their careers. They are inept at dating, romance and make bad lovers. They can’t even cook or raise children, most of the time. And then there is no time. They become more demanding and mean. But even in general, they lost all ability to understand how to date or even have a relationship to begin with. They become overly stressed and incapable of managing their stress. They also become so ego-centered in their career ambitions, that they demand even more attention and validation for anything they do, even if they make a Coffee for a Man. She will expect that the Man owes him for life, and then tell her girlfriends over wine about how she made her Man a coffee, and then her girlfriends will convince her that she has “Done too much for him already.”

If you think I am even exaggerating, you need to take a hard look again at the current conditions in the West. That, among with many other stories are routinely discussed by Women in their get-togethers, and most notoriously by Caucasian Women.

It should be noted, to all of you Western Men, of what is taking place outside of European Countries at this time.

In most countries, whether it is in China, Russia and elsewhere outside of the West, the opinion and reputation towards Caucasian Women is so LOW that they are being routinely ignored, and nobody is paying attention to them.

What do all these Men want and who are they giving the attention too!?

ASIAN WOMEN, especially Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese Women.

What this signifies is not only the fall of the European Standard for Women in their perceived position on the world stage, but also a major turning point of changes which are to come. One which puts our own Nations at even greater risk by foreign invaders and colonizers, namely the Chinese and Russians.

While I do not recommend Men to look in the direction of Asian Women by stating these fact, but I am informing you that this is a fundamental change in perception towards foreigners in other Lands, and this is something that you must pay very close attention to.

Numerous reports everywhere are showing, even among Tourists, that Western Women, especially Americans but even among most Europeans are being completely ignored.

China has its dragon tails wrapped up around many influential Western Women in positions of power, who are being used without their knowledge, to further the interests of China Expansionism to take over the West, and this is especially true in dealing with Political Matters and things like Social Justice Initiatives, but it is even more aggressively being pursued of course, through the Medical Industry which is the actual battlefield and epicenter of the unfolding Global Communist Takeover.

The Chinese Dragon, is especially profiting and benefiting MULTI-FACETED approach, as is usual with the Dragon Tentacles wrapped in every scenario possible to receive the desires outcome, since while they are taking advantages of the Decline of the West, they have formed alliances with LGBTQ, Feminists and many Influential Women (who they are using their energy and time, robbing them from us) and also have gotten those Women convinced to vaccinate themselves, so the thing is the Chinese eventually will purge them after their role has been used up, if not by the means of needing to purge them directly by a firing squad, then they have the backup scenario because the vaccine poison shots have been taken by them, and will have gotten to them first. However, as time is against our side, this only means that the further the plan works in their benefit, the more we will face the onslaught of China in this process.

The Chinese scenario of takeover is they want it to be quiet, discreet, covert and not as obvious as creating chaotic warfare in the sense of a traditional war, unless they really have to resort to such measures. The Chinese also are desperately interested in preserving as much buildings and infrastructure in their Takeover plans in Western Nations, so they do not need to rebuild from any rubble, or at least minimize the effects.

Since the COVID Lockdowns began back in March 2020, I also had noticed some changes in the weeks following among Female Pedestrians in public.

Women are now more nervous and totally petrified than ever of anyone walking behind them, at any time, for any reason, especially if it’s a Man.

This instinct of course, is beyond a natural desire for safety, but it a reflection of impending doom and guilt they know that they possess.

Almost any time I am walking even a relatively spacious distance from a Female in front of me, she will eagerly find any distraction to pull herself to the side so that I can pass her. They tense up very strongly.

Women instinctively know when something is not right, and in addition to that, any subtle changes in behaviors or attitudes towards them as a collective, spread like wildfire in their communications with other Women.

I have also mentioned in previous entries how aggressive Women are becoming in their approaches, especially Women who own dogs, trying to find any excuse to start conversations and cross paths with me.

Women are starting to act out like crazy. They are absolutely “Bonkers”.

I went to some Pizza shop the other day to order a Pizza, and some half Black / half White High school girl immediately was up in my face with the mask below her chin, “You going to buy me a pizza!? You going to buy me a pizza!?” and I am half in shock and horror and the other half of me is dying in laughter over the audacity and blind confidence to have the nerve to approach a stranger like that and think I will somehow want or be willing to buy her a pizza!?

I would have only trapped myself further in the situation if I were to have said to her “If I buy you a pizza, what’s in it for me!?”

Because a Barbarian type such as these Swirled mongrels would only be further encouraged to promote this behavior even more, if I were to mention it.

However, a snub in her remarks today, will surely become a physical attack on her person tomorrow, as days are unfolding to where the wars begin to literally manifest on our streets.

Nearly every public remark I have received from Women in these last 2 years, as a stranger and someone they do not know, has never been a single instance of clean or unfolded approach or gesture to speak with me, but has always been something of a suspicious nature, one where I must hesitate and think deeply about how to respond, or if I should even respond at all.

Every comment, compliment or approach, gesture and so forth has been like with a “double agenda” and it just illustrates how twisted and warped Women’s behavior is in general.

I should state for the record however, that it has not only been Women with this audacity, but I have found many other people in general who seem to think this trend of randomly approaching a stranger who seems to have good taste or has their life together, and to ask them for a “Pizza” or “Coffee” or whatever it is.

One time a guy who escaped his car goes “Oh, a coffee for me, mighty nice of you!”

However, I believe these type of “testing the waters” approaches that are used here, are to be much more a thing that takes place here in America, because I could not imagine that these public approaches ever take place in a European country, except for maybe somewhere in the UK. So please understand, maybe this specific behavior does not seem familiar in your country.

My point in all of this, is that Men need to really watch themselves and to understand what is at stake very soon.

A future is coming where even more Women than Men will be culled, because the most degenerate elements in our society these days, are in fact Women, overwhelmingly so, more than Men.

This is an Established Fact.

Only Men who are weak, ignorant, and especially Christian Men will rise in protest to my words because of their disgusting desires to keep injustices protected in a reality that is beginning to unfold the greatest deceivers. These deceitful and dangerous Christian Men want to protect all Women at all costs, and we have had enough Medieval Wars and other Conflicts over history that have manifested in one form or another, which have compromised the Best Racial Stocks of our Men.

The loss of the best Racial Blood in the last 2 centuries alone was certainly not the start of these problems, because for thousands of years, there have been numerous conflicts of Tribes and Men, in which the Superior Elements have aggressively trying to assert itself over Inferior Elements to gain precedent and advancement, but other tragedies instigated which have killed off the many Superiors.

This leads us to where we are today, in this worldly struggle.

Europe and especially America, is compromised of mostly Racial Trash.

Racial Trash which serves no utter meaning or purpose, creates no definition or value to anything, does not build or invigorate life and culture, and lives by the means of exploiting others who do have these abilities.

You had better be prepared to fight and this will mean having to harm many Women, because unlike most periods of history, even though Women have done some ungracious things since the beginning of time, at no point did Women gain this much influence and become at the center stage of a given conflict.

Our own Women, the majority of them, are ultimate betrayers. And even ones who may not be specifically betrayers at this time, will become betrayers in days to come, to save their own ass.

This is what the Women will do, especially as desperation and necessity become more and more apparent.

The fact that Asian Women are now perceived as the Replacement “Gold Standard” for Caucasian Women, comes with very strong implications for our positioning, and our future if we are to have one at all, no matter how dire our survival becomes. This former Gold Standard, being the often reputable “Blonde-hair / Blue-eyed” Specimen and Example which was looked up to.

If you are a Man who is entirely connected to your Primal Nature and thorough understanding about the grave implications we face, you will have no natural desire to protect any Element of Women except for those who have demonstrated Value of Protection, even in times of Warfare.

You should not have desires to protect any others, not even strangers, unless the stranger somehow demonstrates it in some sort of specific way, but you must also have the Intuitive capacity to understand kin versus foe.

The Most Valuable Women left on Earth among Caucasians, are undoubtedly among the Amish Women, also known as “Pennsylvania Dutch” who are the most honorable Germanic people.

I cannot think of a more valuable element in America or even among all Europeans which have as much value as the Amish do, save for whatever other elements that we come across from time to time in Germany and Austria, primarily. Many other Germanic countries fare MUCH worse in levels of Rampant Feminism, such as in Scandinavia. A whole separate subject I will address one day.

The times that are coming soon will bring about the most absurd conditions and choices that Men must use Sage Wisdom in deciding what they do, and in avoiding degenerate and subversive elements from being under their Umbrella of Protection.

Most Western Women WANT YOU DEAD.

At this time, these Western Women are also willing to go all the way off the ends of the earth to see to this fact being fulfilled of the extermination of Caucasian Men, using Money, Vested Power and Institutions to finish off Men. If you are too much of a pussy to fight Women because you are Mind Programmed about their “Weakness”, than you are clearly the Weakling yourself, who has been hoodwinked by your own idealism of Masculinity, to assume your own demise, sealing your fate for your own self-destruction, as sadly many Nordic Men especially are very guilty of doing.

This in turn will also mean that the Nordic Element will entirely vanish, it will not survive in some form or another even at a reduced state, as many failed Nations may still exist even in a reduced factor, but rather it will be entirely CLEANSED.

Therefore, it should be stated, that we are about to embark on the period soon of where the Gender War will escalate to outright, actual warfare towards Women, and one should not fear or cower at this fact, but view it for exactly what it is, a War of Necessity, and that we will have to swallow whatever losses and consequences come from the result, because even if we are fewer in numbers and desecrated as Nations, we cannot live or ever be free while the majority of elements, especially Women from bad genetic pools are the dominating factor in Western Countries.

Bad Genetic Pools do not always mean that they might have Bad Physical Genetics. They may have psychosis and pathological traits which run in their family lines.

Are you prepared to be violent towards Women!?

Because the tomorrow is arriving where you will have no choice, unless you wish to die.

Afterall, it is mostly Women who have also played into the COVID Cult as it is, and the living proof of anecdote is the fact that publicly, more Women wear Face Masks in public and follow ALL COVID Protocols, and instruct their Husbands to follow these Tyrannical Protocols, and their pussywhipped Husbands of course, obey them.

More Women than Men also have decided to get themselves Vaccinated.

Women love to weaponize their Weakness as a “Strength”, and it is the means of which they get everything they want while having no responsibility for their actions and crimes, but for the imbalances they create in society to be offset by Men fighting other Men.

It has been this way forever, but it is now reaching a fever pitch because Women at this time, have nearly robbed Men of all of his personal Sovereignty, except for a few of us who utilize other means of defending that Sovereignty.

There is no choice or solution but to fight, and it will be a fight with very nasty levels of violence and mercilessness that soon will be inflicted upon them without remorse.

Aside from the effects of the COVID Tyranny and Vaccination Status that has become commonplace now, in this fight to come, it should be known that the worthy elements that do remain of such Women who deserve anything, will come through the woodworks at the appropriate timing.

As a Man you must fully understand and recognize, that the majority of our Women have become SELLOUTS, and so much of SELLOUTS not only with their own minds and bodies, but that they have literally made deals with the devil, including alliances with China through the Institutions Women now levy power with, to allow China to gain precedent of their takeover.

The Men, especially Christian Men who have been the most reluctant to understand our position on these matters, are coming frustratingly to terms with these facts, and also the fact that there is no solution even if they think they WANT to bring back the good old days of the 1950’s. The nature of dynamics has entirely changed.

The Christian Men and other pathetic weasels who continue to fight in Women’s defense, blindly so, are going to be confronted with further difficulties and challenges which present obstacle to them which they will not be able to understand or explain away, because they will get their faces scuffed up in the process.

Christian Men are cowardly, in the aspect that they are so manipulated for 2000 years, that they fear being Angry and do not even want to acknowledge whether or not they have the right to be angry at Bad Female Behavior, because their religious dogma teaches that having Emotions, Passions, or even that of “Anger” are “unrighteous” and that it’s Demonic Possession or Possession of the Devil, or even more hilariously, it’s deemed as “Effeminate!”

What better way to keep a bunch of Men in a perfect state of Emasculation to accept their own slavery! This is why you always notice there is something cringey about Christian Men.

Right now, the majority of Christian Men are utterly confused, broken imbeciles, and this is surely our Moment of opportunity to capitalize even further on their weakness and brokenness.

We, at the Prussian Society of America, have no scruples whatsoever about inflicting violence on Women when and if they deserve it, and come what may, wherever else it is warranted. Only a pathetic Man is detached from his most primal instincts and animal survival.

There is nothing more weak than a Man who does not have the stomach to accept even the most disturbing and nauseating of facts that he wishes not to accept, even if it means his survival is dependent on it, and of course having good moralism and examples for posterity, for the children who do inherit the future we lay for them.

The fact of the matter is that in the coming battles we face, far more women are going to be slaughtered than Men, which is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED in the course of World History, because any given time when Women were slaughtered en masse, it was almost always innocent ones who are targeted by the Invaders, or due to other types of great tragedies.

Never before in world history will it be from the Female gender having been weaponized against Men, to where they will need to be hunted down like cattle. Most Wars usually involve taking Women for booty, and while some of that will inevitably occur in the upcoming struggle, the serious question comes to surface as to whether the women even have any value for that, because they are mentally and physically deranged, the majority of them are.

Nevertheless, as Prussians and all Germans should, we must stand at the abyss of all that is Unprecedented, and all that is Uncertain. In there, lies our fight for this life, and if we do not fight for it, nothing will ever be won anyway, and we will surely become enslaved by the next power that seeks to be our Successor. And no greater dishonor will it be for Men to accept that this occurs because they let their Women allow it to happen because they were afraid to fight them.

Our greatest Challenge is that religions and especially religious Morals, have conditioned Good Men into never fighting back or murdering, and to fear being known as a murderer. Too Many Men feel it is evil to Murder or use Violence and other Nasty means, including Chaos and Sabotage against our enemies. For 2000 Years, Man Men have been told to Love their enemies, “for they know not”, but they sure know how to take advantage of any next sucker who is willing to have no sense of self-respect, and to hoodwink him for everything he’s got, including his own Women. In fact, this is how most Immigrants Live and Operate in Western Nations today, viewing the Native Men as willingly permitting anything and everything to occur because they feel too guilty to fight, let alone speak, against it.

Many Cowardly Men are afraid of even being called a Bigot or a Racist, for starters.

It is for this reason that Adolf Hitler took the “Gold Standard” reputation as the most Evil Man in the world, because as a Decent Man, he demonstrated to the world that he was willing to use ruthless murder to achieve his aims and political will.

On the other hand, many actual Evil Dictators, whether it’s Stalin or Mao, go very lightly tread upon, and hesitancy comes up to use them as examples of Evil, before ever that of Adolf Hitler.

And so long as this path continues where Men refuse to fight, all because they have moral scruples about things or being known as a Murderer or Racist, Evil in this world will continue to have its ways.

Nordic Cowardice has been a long theme of existence in the history of Germanic Nations, more so today than ever before, which is why Feminism is the Bastion it is today in all Nordic Nations, and it was only ever through Prussian Dominance and Reorganization, that we have kept Feminism and Female Power at bay where it belongs.

Dark Days are surely ahead, even in light of any victories we may embark upon, because the West is crumbling. Many Women will also be taken to be used for Slave Labor, but things are so bad that we will have to assess individually if they are even valuable enough for that as well, since we live in such a time of degeneracy and unhealthy, toxic physiques, with mental issues in which they might be too deranged to used in Slave Labor, but will simply need to be culled.

The Large Lot of Western Women have already Declared Openly, both by Intention and through Policy that they seek Extermination of White Males. While it has been the goal and desire of them all along, we have seen the breaking point with this hatred and desire go through the roof since 2016.

In Boston, the day after Trump’s Election, I saw a girl at some Lunch Cafe who was ferociously writing away on her Laptop computer about the Revenge she wants against Society and Men for electing “Trump”. Many of the Materials I have also witnessed coming out of Universities, have also shown outright willingness in many of these Feminist and LGBTQ circles to use outright lies, deception and any method possible to undermine and destroy Men and of course, “The Patriarchy”.

Are you going to just sit there and agree with it, or even worse to be quiet and not participate!? Are you going to be hoodwinked into being as so stupid to believe that if you fight the war on the same level as they do, that you become “one of them”!? If so, they got you by your balls.

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Which one are you? ✠

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