The European World will never be Protected and Insured until all Anglo-Saxons and Celts are eliminated

It goes without exaggeration that these people must be annihilated.

In every Nation where they are, they present a grave danger, not just within the British Isles, but whether they be in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Many Dutch are also trash and half Jewish, which would also need to be eliminated.

While as Germans we have many regional enemies, and we have others who exist confined to certain borders, the key element to eliminate are the Anglo-Saxons and Celts, as they present a danger to the entire world.

Wherever they reside, they must be eliminated, even by the most brutal forms of warfare against their people.

These people cannot even be left alone among themselves, because they present a very grave danger, and one in which the majority of the world at present may not realize how dangerous the Judeo-Anglo-Celtic Race are.

At the same time, they are all one in the same, based on common blood and financial ties.

Even as much as we have our dislike towards other Barbarian Nations, none comes to the levels of hatred we possess towards the people of the British Isles.

A day will arrive that people will take witness to the crimes of the English and Celtic Nations, including America, and will despise them with all of their might.

The most despicable pieces of trash that ever existed in the world.

No amount of ruthlessness can be considered too much or ever spared when it comes to these people, and I would encourage not only Germans, but any Nation who has to deal with them if we were to have a New War with them to absolutely have their way to destroy them, taking their Women into captivity, Enslaving the Men and Women with the most utter and ruthless treatment, denying them of any rights and decency.

They deserve absolutely NOTHING.

May the Sun Set Eternally on the Filthy British Empire, and I absolutely CANNOT wait to see the day that the English starve on their own Island and for everything to turn “Bloody Red” on this race of scoundrels.

We Germans have the most righteous hatred against this enemy, and so too do other Europeans and people in the world who understand how much of a menace the English and Celtic Races are.

We are burdened by the fact that too many people want to have a good-willed approach to the English and Celtic people, and many that admire them but do not recognize how cleverly these people conceal their crimes and atrocities throughout history, in which they have stolen and secured victories for themselves, which they were not entitled too.

If people knew the truth about them and their existence, they would absolutely lose their minds.

Sooner or later, the truth will come out.

One thought on “The European World will never be Protected and Insured until all Anglo-Saxons and Celts are eliminated

  1. Urggh. Most of your posts I agree with, but the Anglo-Saxon hate is totally counter-productive. Knowing the UK well, the police/army/bugman enforcer types, simply fit the same psychological profile as the equivalent personality in Germany.

    Good luck fighting back with your whore lesbian women in Germany, by the way. You’ll need it.


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