New Details On Mask Wearers / No Happy New Year

Just the other day, I had learned some new very insightful information on people wearing masks by some Woman who works in the Medical Industry about the effects of Mask Wearing on the Brain / Body.

A New Detail that I had not considered before, with the chronic behavior of wearing masks or oxygen deprivation.

Out of respect for her privacy, I will not be mentioning her name, but this Lady had informed me that over time of Chronic Mask Wearing, that even while Brain Cells will begin to deteriorate and die, that the exposure to up to about 20% of reduction in Oxygen intake levels will even cause the Brain to adjust to build tolerance in breathing in lower levels of oxygen over extended periods of time, similar in the way that when one who may have an Alcohol or Caffeine Addiction will build levels of tolerance and adaptation to the drug, to where it may feel like they haven’t even had any.

When someone who is an Alcoholic or an obsessed Coffee Drinker begins to “give up their habit”, they almost ALWAYS fall back into it and cannot resist, because the withdrawal effects make them miserable.

This now puts things in an ENTIRELY new perspective, explaining everything you need to know about this addiction to masking, when you sit back to understand the consequences as far as why people are so eager to continue wearing their masks and find no desire to let up or revolt against the practice. It also illustrates even more so how this practice will never go away, even if there are no Laws or Enforcement in Place.

It is bad enough that in general, we actually live in an age where Oxygen Quality is nothing and far less compared to the times of when the Earth was much more Pure, and where even Fresh Drinking Water was naturally oxygenated. Today, very little of the Water Supply in the world is naturally oxygenated, and it is by the means of oxygen deprivation that Disease and things like Cancer, begin to find a safe haven to grow.

So even with the brain cells dying off in these individuals, it’s not just in the idea of their own stupidity from that making them feel urged to continue this pathetic mask wearing habit, but the fact that their brain has adjusted their biochemistry for the reduced oxygen level as a means of emergency survival.

Afterall, unless someone is in the Navy in a Submarine, or otherwise Drowning or who works in the Medical Profession, how else would one explain the long-term effects of wearing masks to justify how people could be so indifferent to wearing them?

At present, people are wearing masks even more frequently throughout the day than the average Medical Worker.

If you ever doubted how worthless I claim the majority of people, then the percentage ratios should indicate precisely how accurate my assessments are of valuable vs. non-valuable people in a given country, in which Germany the rate is 11% and in the USA, it rests at 2%. Most countries have about a limit cap of even 20% of their population still having value. Meaning that they come from good DNA and Blood.

These figures pre-date anything to do with the COVID Agenda.

There are now well over 2 Billion Masks discarded into World Oceans since the start of the COVID Cult, not to mention all the other Hospital Equipment, all of it which is highly contaminated with Estrogenic properties. The Medical Waste from these masks and other medical waste from the COVID Agenda will have enormous environmental impacts on Human Beings and all Wildlife for many years to come. Eating fish will also be much more toxic. This will also ensure a multi-fold increase of Diabetes and Obesity in the year to come, from the contaminants of this equipment. Many wildlife especially like Seabirds are literally getting strangled in the masks, sometimes to their death.

I thought Germans care very much about the Environment?

The obsession many Germans have had over trivial things like plastic straws or plastic shopping bags and and so forth are a small drop in the bucket when it comes to overall environment pollution.

As a German, I can tell you with certainty that the Germans within Germany who worry about these trivial matters are bored to death with life and ignorant, because if they really did have Environmental Concerns, they would know that Waste from Cars, Computer Equipment and things like Screens, Cell Phones and Cables are far more polluting to the environment. But it just goes to show how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to Mind Programming abilities.

They are relying off of Pragmatic Intelligence, rather than Emotional Intelligence, in their assessments of these matters. Even a combination of the two is more acceptable than the Pragmatic Approach Alone.

In the name of a Public Health Crisis, most Germans at this point have be manipulated to not care about the medical waste consequences of masks and all the other nonsense taking place, even though it might even mean their own health is compromised in the future from that pollution. This is NOT very German-like for what is typically the most Forward-Thinking Nation in the world. Although we have not been in truth, since 1945.

Fellow Germans would do well to remind any German of his or her hypocrisy when demonstrating concerns about the environment but yet masking up every day.

Today, in my vicinity I had to stop at the Local Supermarket, and even just outdoors, everyone is wearing their Masks again just like back in April/May 2020.

In Massachusetts, we had one of the highest Mask Wearing Compliance rates in the Nation, at 97% in 2020.

In fact, I would say they seem to be more obsessively wearing them, and I am finding double-maskers more prevalent everywhere. Most people alone in their vehicles are wearing their masks.

However, we do not have a Law or any Requirement for wearing the masks in my region.

Yet 99% of the people in the store wore masks in the hour that I was there, except for 4 other people besides myself, 3 of them were Albanian, and 1 of them was an Anglo-American. There are several shoppers who wore their masks below the nose.

God Forbid, if I were living somewhere in Europe right now, even if there was a Law or Mandate, I would still not be wearing masks, even if it meant my death over it. I am beyond tired of this nonsense.

Every New outing Every Day, I am becoming sweaty, aggravated and very impatient with these Assholes of life.

If you can’t even be bothered to carry out the most minimal of resistance methods in this fight, like even to go about Slamming the Doors behind you in people’s face trying to Enter a store with their masks on at public establishments, or to tell some nasty cunt who is wearing her mask how ugly she is and how her face looks like a guy’s crotch, you are absolutely pathetic and worthless in this fight!

Although it should go without saying, and I couldn’t care less how offensive or against the grain it goes to say this, but I am not wishing anyone a Happy New Year.

There is No “Happy New Year” at this point, and it would be foolish and disingenuous for me to say it, even out of cordiality or tradition.

Tomorrow makes no difference than Today, all that matters is staying the course, and that we must stick to our objectives.

There is No “Happy New Year”.

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