The Dethroning of Aryan Women towards Oriental Women is not a Solution nor an Alternative

As I have mentioned with the shift that has taken place in the world with Aryan Women, most notable among Nordic Variants, having been officially dethroned (Internationally) to the preference of Oriental Women, marks an extreme change in global dynamics for the forseeable future.

Outside of the Western World, wherever International Travelers find themselves, Western / Caucasian Women go ignored, and the preference is lended to Oriental Women as the object of desirability, beauty and pursuits.

Even if in Russia, if there is a choice between an American or European girl (tourists or those living there), and there is a Chinese one (tourist or living there)), the Chinese one will be given attention and priority, pursued exclusively except in the case if the Russian one is not desired first.

The European World is one which has asserted itself for many centuries with the status we have come to exalt in terms of conquering the world, establishing civilization and precedent.

Admittedly, the Oriental world is older in terms of its existence, but the modern flourishing and replacement of it over ours, will never match the First Rate quality of European Civilization, both in terms of Culture and Product.

Extinction of Good Racial Stock among a population from tragedies and wars, or forced genocide which has been the case now for many decades, is an irreversible tragedy.

It means that the Nation will forever suffer the consequences of elimination of those variable genetics which once gave birth to great Pioneers of a Nation, such couldn’t be any less true with the German Nation.

On one hand you could rescue a Nation by ensuring the Best remaining Genetics have the full opportunity to propagate itself in numbers, but it will still be restricted to that limited pool of genetics.

Even in today’s China, the Chinese race is polluted from the fact that a considerable size of their population are descendents of Ghengis Khan.

Should a renaissance be possible anywhere in Germany or the entire portion of the world of European descendants, only the most Elite and Superior Elements of the Racial Stock can craft policy towards a viable solution of this problem.

Even the best of intentions or political policies, even throwing finance capital to try to resolve this problem we face, is not enough to correct it.

So much damage has taken place for so long, and how many people have become complacent, acquiescent and also chased other pursuits that used to be taken with less seriousness prior to 1945.

Racial Mixing is a greater crime for the Women than the Men who engage in it, however it is still not something that should be highly pursued and especially with races that are so vastly different, such as with how many Germans and other Europeans now have sought wives in the Oriental world, nevertheless we understand why they do what they do.

The design of the Man is that spreading his Genetic lineage at any degree is better, in times of duress than to completely go extinct altogether. When a Woman does this however, she has committed a total crime against her Nation and its Men, and that she will genetically only be acquisced into the Racial Blood of the Nation of whom she procreated with.

The Western Men who pursue Oriental Women have had their mind short-circuited at the behest of securing a Marriage or Family, which at its best is the bioligical urge wired into Humans.

The problem however, is that Orientals are a vastly different race than Caucasians.

If a German Man or other European is in the pursuit of Love, they ignore the Ontological differences about Orientals at the appearance of the Submissive and Charming nature among Orientals, which is used as a strategy but not a defining characteristic of them.

The German or European Man will never be accepted officially or in any formal or spiritual way as “Family” in the relatives of the Oriental girl he Marries and/or has children with.

The Children will suffer identity issues, suffer from greater levels of depression and suicidal tendencies. The Oriental family will also never accept the offspring as being truly “one of theirs” because of this admixture.

If a German or European person has ambitions for the True Kind of Romantic Love, which is exceptionally rare in this world to begin with, the Oriental Race is known to have the least examples of these Specimens among their Racial Stocks.

However, the Oriental Race is very good at imitation, and is therefore very clever at putting on the appearances, even of imitating Romantic Love, but the Asians actually demonstrate a clear lack of understanding about Romantic Love, if they are actually questioned about it.

The Oriental World is one that promotes Money-making, Success and Commercial activities as the highest aspiring of goals in life, and the more that Men choose to marry themselves into this world, it only further dissolves the European Will.

Before Racial Mixing had become something of a trend in the Modern World as it is today, not only did travel prohibit it in times past, but the general occurrences of it would be from exceptional circumstances, i.e. someone who shares a rare spiritual or other connection with someone in a different race, or in the case of a resettled community of refugees.

Nevertheless, even the concept and occurence of “refugees” as they take place in today’s world is completely different and artificial compared to how such resettlements had occurred history, at the hands of the Anglo-American Empire.

In previous cases, usually Refugees would only be tolerated or given quarters in a given Nation based on some level of relative closeness, interest and/or harmony, cultural or otherwise within a Nation. Even in that case, most peoples usually preferred to mix only among themselves.

At no point more than ever, do European Men and Women need to shore up their own self-preservation measures, but to do so in a way that also illustrates they have value to the Nation, rather than living for themselves.

Today, most of the Western World is immersed in living for themselves, and with younger generations living as “Digital Nomads” who live off the backs of other people who want to watch mindless entertainment and pay the way for these “Digital Nomads”.

The fact that the European World has fallen so much, means that our struggle for survival on any level, even becoming foreigners in our own lands, will require even more unthinkable levels of struggle and discipline to hold our own and have the possibility for challenging the current order, and the one in process to replace the current one.

The few remaining Women in the Germanic World who have not given into the Modern World of false promises, lies and deceit should be making the best of their situations as possible in the work which ought to be done, even despite how irrelevant or obsolete it may seem in the face of Modern Affairs and Interests.

It would be foolish and futile for us to just sit and dictate policies to bring some Negotation table between Men and Women, because it would only further exacerbate the problems of the division between the Genders at this time, and it would never address the issue of Poor Racial Blood in existence, which is largely part of the problem.

The Christians, on the other hand, would be ever so eager to form policies to artificially reconstruct society to the way things were from the 1950’s and before, as if Feminism never happened, and they would aggressively refuse to recognize Racial Attributes, ignorantly believing that people can just be re-educated or to come to terms with something new.

Look at Sweden for example, which has one of the greatest issues of Feminism and some of the most aggessive feminists in the world, and it is a leading Nation in Single Households and where there is no hope in sight for it in terms of the Nation being able to continue.

One could not possibly or in any honest measure suggest any moral or reasonable solution to this problem because that Nation has so earnestly decided to sell itself out, pushing its destiny off a cliff at the empowerment of its Women.

Sweden in itself is a very interesting case, compared to some other Nations like the USA or Canada, but all 3 Nations share some of the worst cases of Feminism throughout the world.

Relationships in Sweden are very complicated and always evolving because of how undefined many of them are, and because of the fact that the Men of this country refuse to claim their Women as their property and had not engendered it even by the means of using Violence to ensure it, where needed.

Sweden and most other Western Nations, never recovered in birth rates and from the economic damages that occurred since the 2008-2009 fallout.

Other Germanic Nations would do well to learn the methods of Chauvinism that Prussians have formerly employed both of our Politic Body and in Treatment towards our Women.

At the height of Prussia’s Chauvinistic legacy, we had the most intact and obedient Women of all Germans who remained chaste up until the period of the end of the Last World War, we had maintained that level of civilizing our Women and also with keeping them educated in the proper sense of how educated they should be as a people, including that of National Honor and Pride, and of racial consciousness, and of what makes a Woman valuable in the National Community.

Something which no Western Nation practices any longer today.

Honorable German Men have a right to ownership of a German Woman who remains chaste.

A day will come when we will have to use a heavy and very cruel hand against any Germanic person who disagrees with us on this.

Women were NOT designed to have the same needs of Freedom and Sovereignty that Men do, and the proof of this is demonstrated in the fact that Western Women do not mind wasting time in everything they do, chasing deadpan careers and spending on average about 13 of their precious years involved somehow in Academic life, or working countless hours at multiple jobs, in addition to the wasting Men’s time in multiple relationships.

Their unhappiness and lack of fulfillment also demonstrates that they do not need the same freedom and rights Men are entitled to, because they are designed to Serve Men and that her only happiness comes through Serving her Man and raising children.

This has been established knowledge in every culture of the world for many centuries.

Any other arrangement is mere confusion and buffoonery that only ape-minded humanoids would subscribe to.

To the extent which any Freedoms that Women “do” enjoy become a burdening factor and risk to the survival of a Nation, a Man has absolute right to carry matters into his own hand, and so should the Prussian State.

The Prussian State must have a Zero Tolerance policy towards Feminism to a point where any subjective activities relating to its formation or underground movements must meet its ends only through the way of Violence and Assassination. Even Lesbians will not be treated fairly in comparison to Gay Men. All of them must be destroyed, and no second thought given, not even a morsel of regret.

There can be no room for degeneracy in the Germanic Future, and I refuse to subscribe to a notion of any claims towards “Equality”. Men and Women are not Equal.

The global economy actually had collapsed during the 2008 so-called “Recession”, but the complex mechanisms, injections and schemes which had worn off that were pursued for over a decade, have not recovered even one attribute of these respective economies.

The COVID Agenda has been designated to further cover up this on-going financial collapse, and what we have seen now is nothing compared to how much further the low birth rates will sink, including lack of courtship and future development of all of these Nations.

Therefore, the only way of possibly surviving or thrusting forward in like manner is that these remain elements of Germans in their Nations, find resolve and mechanisms to connection, which are highly strained as it is.

And again, not much will be left that’s possible at the end of March 2022.

Even if protests were to escalate like wildfire even more than they are now in any corner of Europe, it’s not going to change a thing.

All of this has already long been planned for.

For starters, one should know that the only viable people can possibly even begun to be sorted out for a kind of future, in which they are not part of the COVID Cult by any stretch of the imagination.

Any German or European person who tells you “I had COVID” is criminal and complicit in the agenda, and should be regarded as “untermenschen” at the expense and danger of securing Germany at all costs.

The person who tells that they had “COVID” should not be granted a fair trial or any ability to even further express himself / herself, but instead, needs to be lined up against the wall, swiftly by a squad and given the “REAL CURE” for this virus.

If you refuse to navigate in this manner, do not become upset or surprised if you see more Chinese, Russians and Islamic Nations on your soil.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

There is heavy price to pay for decades of apathy and intolerance towards what has been a growing cancer in our Nations, and on-going National Genocide and Suicide.

Throwing Money and Investments and Using Computers is not going to create the solution to get the needed results towards this problem.

7 thoughts on “The Dethroning of Aryan Women towards Oriental Women is not a Solution nor an Alternative

  1. Where would one even find Mongoloid women in Europe? Mongoloids live in China and Korea. Or are you talking about America? Americans are a dead nation, and what happens there carries no import.

    (Unless you mean something like the Faroe case where Nordics imported a bunch of pinoy.)


    1. The implication of by what I meant, is either by means various Immigration (Legal / Illegal) or by Western Men who Intermarry with Asian Women, or if otherwise there was an outright Invasion of them being brought in.

      This may not be an issue prevalent in somewhere like Ukraine, but if you have been to any country like Italy, Germany, France or elsewhere, you will find Asians everywhere running businesses and other affairs.

      Even in Italy, Asian companies are selling knockoff Italian Designer Brands for the Italians, and they buy it all up and think it’s the real deal.

      In America, almost all Universities are increasingly flooded with Chinese and Indian students.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I understand. This is why I tend to discount the lands lying to the west of the borders of Central Germany, the former GDR. I just don’t see any pushback, any opposing cultural force.


  2. There are fairly strong resistant forces in France and the UK, but they are incapable of capturing any state power. I don’t understand why eastern Europeans consider themselves to be strong. Poland, Czechia etc. seem to be more compliant than England, even.

    As much as I dislike the UK state, they at least have an anti-CPP position. But that could be because the ‘bankers’ want to Christianise China, as the next stage of its exploitation. There is always some other ulterior motive with these criminals.


    1. Eastern Europeans are more tribal and homogenous. When I refer to the strength of these Nations, they are strong by the fact that they retain more of their primal sense and instincts for their survival, rather than adhering to Institutions such as Western Europeans do, including the UK.

      Eastern European countries have a much stronger sense against things like LGBTQ, Importation of Islamic Values, Feminism, Race Mixing and understand the significance of having a family. What I mention has nothing to do about their involvement with political activism.


      1. Fair points. I would tend to agree in some ways. Although one might accept anti-usury (an Islamic value) as good, Poland is under US/German occupation and American feminist attitudes are spreading like wildfire. You may not like to accept it, but a lot of Polish women are taking black partners, even Africans.

        European preservationists tend to be a bit naive about eastern Europe, and especially about the women.


      2. I’m aware of these factors. Eastern Europe will eventually sink also, it’s just taking more time to permeate some of those countries, and also the COVID Agenda (to what degree people have taken the vaccine) will also play into it. Many EE countries also have heavily aging populations and retirement issues such as with Poland which has an issue with pensions which has not been addressed, limited options for work and so forth in many of these countries, so if it’s not one thing, it will be another thing or multiple issues that will threaten their existence at some point.


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