The Price Americans, especially American Soldiers & Veterans are about to pay, is Frighteningly enormous

Of course, not frightening for us Prussians.

It is a cold dinner that shall be served on a nice cold plate for them.

American Soldiers and Veterans have taken all the disgusting credit away from Germans and in fact many other Europeans and other Nations who have naturally worked to defend Honor and their own People’s, and have yet been overthrown and many times assassinated by the US Military-Industrial Complex.

Americans are going to get their assess kicked REALLY fucking hard in the conflict that is now taking place with Ukraine, and will expand into other regions. The Russians are strong and barbaric fighters, history has always confirmed it.

They do not quiver, whereas American soldiers do indeed quiver.

American Soldiers, all of them, and especially the USMC are the biggest scum of the earth, and they are about to have all of their Uniforms stripped from them, and if Nuclear Weapons don’t get around to it, people will dig up the graves of every US Soldier ever buried and smash the graves and burn the corpses that lie buried in their caskets, if they have one.

As America is a fake Nation, it also means that its future in the history books will be more of a “blip”, unlike other former Great Empires, and even small, inconsequential States, for that matter.

Even the UK, will still have a very lengthy course and historical remnants / artifacts that would survive into the future, but America will not, for very specific reasons in the way that the country was founded and established.

The gamble that Americans and especially American Military Officials have taken for many years now to cover up the truth about World War II, and to shake hands over a series of lies to protect the Allied Reputation, was a very dangerous and stupid gamble, because these Men were hoping to escape by the luck of time, for it to never be discovered.

Many Veterans, not just the old Veterans from WW2 (not many any longer alive), but also the ones who served in Vietnam, and also the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, are forever haunted and have nightmares of knowing what they did and who they killed, because they know they killed innocent people.

It is for this reason why so many American Veterans commit suicide.

The Hatred that will soon emerge for Americans is going to be absolutely epic, even more than anything we’ve witnessed right now.

Hence, why their is such a Propaganda War to make Putin seem the most evil.

Surely he is evil and no good either, but in contrast to the US situation, this is all a distraction and meanwhile, few understand the reality that the US Empire is collapsing.

We still do not see much of any future for this world, destruction is the correct and necessary course in form or another, but we can say with absolute confidence that the entire trust or faith in the United States and it’s people is no longer anywhere in the world, outside of the West.

Even many former countries which looked up to the USA in some form or another, have completely abandoned it. Saudi Arabia (a trash race of Arabs) also is no longer on the US side.

It’s curious to see how while the Western People have had no problems also about the damages done to countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and what was done in Libya and all other places, that they aided the genocide of people in those Nations and ruined these Nations, but yet they made no qualms about relationships with the Saudis, when in fact the Saudis are a grave menace of terrorist extremism, particularly Wahhabism.

Nevertheless, the Arab world has mostly been lost anyway, which is all by design in the leadup for Israel to conquer it all and try to build their Temple and bring in a Messiah.

Whatever was still remaining that had decency among Arabs has been entirely lost, and doubtful to ever recover for any stability in that region.

This is why the Western World needs a powerful leader with an iron fist [In Germany] who is capable of asserting power, negotiation and also giving proper understanding to the European Peoples about affairs outside our own borders, rather than bogus stories and threats.

The thing with Russia is that, while they are trying to protect Civilian lives of the Ukrainians, also being a people of Slavic descent, we cannot simply assume that the same fate would be given to any expansion of this conflict in Non-Slavic countries, for obvious reasons.

And the war will inevitably expand, this is a world war, get it now before it’s too late, and in so far as NATO and People give support to utilizing it to stir up new conflicts, and also for the Russians to be stirred up in the process on their side.

Even if Americans were to live in the future with no Dictatorship that would keep them confined to their own border, there will be a day when Americans will not be able to ever travel again. They will be shot on sight if they are found in other countries.

This is the type of reputation that is in store for them.

And it is the same reason why you hear of kidnapping, muggings or other disappearances, that particular classes of Americans experience when traveling to Mexico or other countries.

Eventually it will be something that happens to any of them who try to travel out.

Nobody will want anything to do with the Americans, and nobody will want to sent a single Freight Ship of any goods or Aid.

Americans have been brainwashed so much for so long, and so thoroughly, that they could not even imagine how on Earth that outside Nations would have so much hatred for them or want them dead.

This is of course, by design by the Jewish Media, because they have got the Americans to see the worldview the way the Jews see everything.

In addition, I have formerly stated that all Caucasian Women around the world have now been dethroned as the “Desirable Female”, so they are now regarded as “Subhumans” and Second Class, compared to Asian, particularly Chinese and related Oriental Women of that type.

Caucasian Women are now regarded as “Barbarians” by all Non-Western Nations, and while in the past many Nations had sought greater resources to protect or go out of their way to assist them due to fear of or allegiances to NATO and American Authorities and not upsetting America if something bad happens to them, because it would have strong consequences and penalties for these Nations. But now the tide has turned, and the people and the governments, officials and police in these countries do not care anymore.

Increasingly, they may only find themselves to be raped and kidnapped if they choose to travel outside of the West far more than how things have been in recent years. No government will offer them protection because they are an “American” or whomever else.

The American Authorities, in particular DHS and Intel Agencies are very well aware of these factors, and it is also part of the Foreign Policy which is why they are ramping up the War on Russia, and have their fingers ever so ready on the Nuclear Button if they deem to attempt to cover it all up.

The Vaccines have also been elemental as the plan too, being multi-faceted for the depopulation but also to cover up the crimes, because when people die randomly and uncontrollably, much of their activities can be concealed.

After all, it has been their policies for decades with the CIA that have been using Americans as a “stepping stone” for Globalist Agendas, and have a design mission they sought to achieve with using them.

The most desirable Women that all races are now seeking in the world, including “White Men”, yes, even Men from Germany, Sweden, Italy and elsewhere, the “Cream of the Crop” are considered Chinese, Vietnamese and especially Thai Women.

The Prussian Society of America does not guarantee protections or security for any group of “Caucasian Women”, not even among our Own Race into the future. Only a very small portion who have demonstrated effects, and virtue, at our discretion.

As I’ve stated, the probabilities when you calculate all conditions on population assessments, between finding Valuable specimens among Caucasians, ones who are still unvaccinated, untattooed, so on and so forth, we really might not even make 1 Million people, or maybe a few Million if we are lucky.

The entire Caucasian world is mostly no longer viable, thanks to the destruction of the Allies winning World War II, and the silent destruction that has continued to decay in the West since 1945.

Things are going to get very violent real soon, and the biggest Target is most certainly the bulk of Caucasian Women.

It will be an enormous, lucky privilege for any segments of Caucasian Women to be protected.

Many other Men who are willing to protect unjust Caucasian Women, will also soon be discovered, beheaded and completely ground up into nothing, at times by Mafias within the United States, and other people who turn on each other, if not by some other Mafias or people in other Nations of the world.

Women who are found helping and harboring other Women (unjustly), will also be massacred.

World War is not just about Politics and the Ambitions of National Leaders, because it translates down to individual conditions in every given nation. The degeneracy that has boiled over since WW2 ended has reached an explosion point, and Civil Wars / conflicts are a natural process in the lead up and process of World War.

But what we will soon witness, will far outpace anything witnessed during the last 2.

Many scumbags will be hunted down, ruthlessly.

In fact, many of these activities are likely to also occur in quiet without anyone knowing or really seeing it so openly, or not in all cases.

Of course events like these have happened many years on the small scale.

But we will have large-scale occurrences, particularly as wealth evaporates, promises become broken, and revenge becomes necessity.

Of course this is also one of the many factors why the governments will want to use their maximum resources to roll out Martial Law and to try to quell riots and assassinations and to uphold order. As it breaks down further, then they want to have UN Blue Helmets to come in.

You better understand how serious these events are to come.

Europe and the West has had relative peace for over 70 years, to where very few people alive today have astute judgment to perceive things happening all over again, and living under hard times including shortages.

The shortages and complications we see now are just a little teaser opener for what is in store.

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