English Propaganda as an Art Form / Character Of Barbarian Nations

The English are of course, Masterminds of Propaganda.

Nobody can deny this, and their history is riddled with it, but it is also a very subtle type of propaganda since the British are obsessed with dealing in “Facts”.

Therefore, British people, most notably its leaders, can omit or obscure the truth by using red herrings and providing distractions, minimization, but also methods of leveling the playing field to make people unable to sort the facts from the fiction.

The British, despite what they may tell the world or try to display otherwise, are largely a product of Liberalism, even down to Liberal School of thought.

Even the most sophisticated, educated, well-read or seemingly noble of Englishmen, always have a streak of something disingenuous in their character, even if it might only be 1% of their makeup or agenda.

Figures like George Orwell, for example, made many plausible statements or people whom read and become seduced by his books and writings on Totalitarian Governments, while many angles of what he speaks are correct, the people who support him forget to recognize that he comes from a Liberal school of thought, and that he was a Democratic Socialist and an Atheist.

The problem with Atheists, from the correct standpoint, is not so much the fact that they disbelief in God, but that the Atheists have a sinister agenda on their own, and they naturally have a negative approach to anything of positive merit that does not somehow personally benefit them.

The English have told many lies about their history to perpetuate a certain International Image of the UK’s role and Empire, but also even in the suppression of their own people.

The British Mind thinks in a very specific manner, and it still believes they are justified in something even when they are/were wrong.

To cover up for their role in both World Wars, there are many British Propagandists, especially paid agents who scour the web or try to spread disinformation by either claiming ALL sides of the Wars were Evil, or that All Sides were Heroes and Fighting for what they thought was right, or that “All Wars are Bankers Wars”.

Or the statements like “Absolutely Power, Corrupts Absolutely”.

The objective of this simplistic style of Propaganda is that it shuns and short-circuits critical thinking or focus on any nuances of the events in history, by giving simple, cut-throat, undeniable statements that just seems to “click” in someone’s minds. Even better if it rhymes or has a “ring” or “riddle” in the way the statement is made.

For example, while it may be true that Most Wars are indeed “Bankers Wars” as the English, Celts and Americans will say, that is not the whole story, and some of the wars may have erupted from necessary means but started from an unnatural cause or intervention, and some of the Wars are from unresolved problems in the past.

Also, by either trying to paint all factions involved as a war as either all being praised for fighting for what they thought was right or defending their Nation heroically, or the reverse, by claiming all sides were just as bad as the others, these claims negate anything truthful and cancels out the understanding of the conflict or why it even started to begin with.

In fact, it is this style of Propaganda which also promotes “Historical Relativism” and Revisionism for that matter, or even beliefs where Truth and Morality can also be “Relative”.

Another example of this is done by a deceiver when you catch them in a lie or hypocrisy.

Say, someone breaks a promise to you. You catch them in the act, and they will respond “Oh, well I’m not perfect. Doesn’t everyone break promises anyway?”

The design of this response is to dismantle the argument from the one who feels wronged, and to make it difficult for them to argue their point.

The Anglo-American countries have also made many centuries worth of Propaganda Efforts by trying to form alliances and the pretend act of considering certain Allies as “Brothers” or feeling a false sense of compassion and sympathy for them.

They are doing this with Ukraine today too, for sure, even though deep inside, they have no care for the Ukrainian people, but it would at least be better to be more overt about it, because quite frankly, we Germans are also not fans of them.

But since the English, Celts and Americans opportunistically use other Nations, they will play / act at the mercy of them, pretending concern and compassion, just like they have done with Kurds and even other various ethnicities of people around the world, all for greater expansion of their Imperial Agenda, whereas we would prefer not to ally with undesirable elements, and that if we form an alliance, our sentiment and feeling towards them must be completely True.

For example, the Kurds and Armenians are generally an enemy element in the Caucasus region, but the English and Americans have covered up their atrocities in the Western Press for many decades, and use them for their own agendas, interestingly enough, against Russia, on the basis of the fact that they are a “Christian Nation”.

This is of course just used as cover. Anyone who thoroughly studied what these people have done in the past, and what they continue to do, would be unable to deny that they are Land Stealers and Nomadic People. The Armenians hijacked the identity of a former Race known as Urartarians who developed a sophisticated Culture and Kingdom, who share much more genetic relation to the Turkish people’s origins, as well as expanding to the Etruscan Origins of the Italian Peninsula.

Those who doubt the origins of Armenians of who or what they are, can easily read about them even dating to times of the Roman accounts, and will understand that Armenians and Kurds were always a Nomadic People and Land Stealers and with a peculiar interest in being Middle-Men in Trade activities, and prefer not even doing business with their own people and lack any true National Unity, and had no collective desire that would be evident in a people who were with will and desire of being part of a Greater Empire. Because they never had one, or at least the Empire under their name, was of a completely different race. They prefer to live like slaves. Thus, Armenian history is a fabricated lie. Armenia is a Modern Terrorist Nation, but it is not recognized as such in most Western Minds and Literature, because it is “Christian”. However, even the Georgians and Russians are not as naïve to believe this.

When one thoroughly studies racial origins and history of these people such as Armenians and Kurds, you will find that they are a Crypto-Iranian or Persian people / Persian-oriented, and that their many centuries history of struggle has been aimed at Pan-Persian Expansionism and Interests, which are of course at odds with Turkic ambitions of the region, and that this is the reason for the conflict, and that even if these people had no religion, they would still be at war based on their own racial ambitions.

Even an imbecile with some geographical and historical understanding, should be able to understand that something is inconsistent when a landlocked Nation like Armenia that has made enemies with every neighbor around it, except for one largely Islamic Nation (Iran) that they have managed to maintain good relations and trade with, even despite Iran being an Islamic Country.

The Armenians will never admit however, that they are largely secretly Iranian or of other breeds and working for a Pro-Iranian Agenda. Perhaps some of them are stupid enough to follow their many years of Government Propaganda to not even realize what they are doing either, but the bottom line is for centuries that Nation has been trying to create a Greater “Persia” or bringing back a secret ambition of the Persian Empire revived, in contrast to either Turkish or Arabic interests in the whole region.

Dating back to Roman Times, the Armenians have betrayed Romans and even having their leaders and officials assassinated many times and betraying loyalty to Rome’s civilization, in reverting their allegiances back to Persia. The Armenians enjoyed higher standard of living under both Roman and later Ottoman occupation, yet betrayed both people and their Empires.

The same things are also true about many other Nations, or even rivalries between certain Slavic Nations, in terms of which Slav may be superior or have a more legitimate history than another.

Another twisted scenario is also the Modern “Greeks” who are largely an admixture of Persians and Slavs, who go around claiming to be “Greeks” and taking Credit for the Ancient Hellenic Race, when they are not. Some of them might have some Hellenic Blood in them, but they were still essentially conquered by Slavs, Persians and other other invaders over their long history and fall. Pure Blooded Greeks these days are rare. They do exist, but rare.

The Modern Greeks would bow their heads in shame to the Great Hellenic Statesmen of Old, who despised and denounced Democracy, and also would frown upon acceptance of the Christian Religion

Certainly, we Germans also have an opinion on these things, and even as far as Slavs. Based on the historical progress in development of Slavic Nations, which have been dependent on Teutonic Blood, without it they have remained more or less as a Backwater or like the Wilderness for much of their histories, and also largely are composed of ancient tribes who were always Nomadic or as “Mountain Dwellers”, often even illiterate!

But we Germans have both objective and subjective viewpoints of the Slavs. For example, my own taste of their cuisines, I find Russian Food to be cold, soulless, lacking in flavor and character, while Polish food tastes excellent and is probably the most favorite food I have had from Slavic Nations, and of course being much more in line and similar to German cuisine in a lot of cases, especially more so with the cuisine styles from Eastern Germany. Any Polish version of something that also exists in Russian cuisine, I have found to be much more desirable.

One time, I was served a Russian Salad, and I was mortified by what they deem in their cuisine to be a “Salad”. Many Slavic Nations also have a habit of serving / preparing unripened fruits in their cuisine, which is something I have not experienced from other Barbarian Nations and even ones which are very poor.

Nevertheless, in observation of this recreational preference of something in Polish culture, we do not forget that the atrocities Poles have carried out even against other Slavs have been equally barbaric to the levels of other Slavic Brothers wars, and whether it’s Poland, Ukraine or Russia that we are speaking about, all of these Nations equally understand and recognize the savage characteristic of their own people and their cousins.

The Slavic Problem was supposed to be addressed in World War I affairs, and while the Jews and English are responsible in wholesale part for the war, the Slavs played a major role in it on the basis of decisive factors for Europe and its future in demographics, and in particular the Slavic Question had much to do with whether or not they will ever agree to live with less since they are an inferior race, and will confine themselves to their own lands and accept who they are as a people, or whether it would mean an all out war with the Nordic world needing to go against the Slavic one.

Slavic Barbarism has a tendency to create serious regional disruptions to Europe, and its for this reason that their conflicts have been involved in igniting 3 World Wars.

Part of the many centuries of conflicts in Europe between scarce resources and food, is the position of it, and also the terrain, which make it so regularly vulnerable to instability and disruptions even of supply lines and other critical defense of Nations trying to ward off enemies. This has always been the eternal problem of Europe.

The Slav may not be as low and uncivilized as the Negro, however they still are not far off, with a few exceptions.

The Slav wants to live more civilized, but does not know how to because it is lacking in their character as a people, more often than not. The Negro on the other hand despises civilization and prefers to just ruin everything.

Slavs can have a very turbulent temperament, because at times, they will back down or can recognize they were wrong, and know that Germans are superior to them, and if they just more readily accepted this, we’d be able to eternally leave them alone. But even at times when they accept it on one hand, there is this other monster in them which has a seething hatred and jealousy towards Germans and other civilized Europeans.

For example, with the Poles, the Polish people were educated after World War II to understand the full correct version of history between Germany and Poland, and that Germany exhausted all efforts to ensure peace and agreeability with Poland during the Third Reich, and how all attempts were thwarted, and that Germany was just trying to stop the Massacres of German People and regain the rightfully owned territories.

Many Poles, reluctantly will also admit that Germans are a much more trustworthy and reliable people than even their own, but they resent us for this fact. While we cannot control people’s emotions, having an emotion or hatred even out of jealousy is one thing, but it is a completely other thing when a people act out on that hatred.

We aren’t going to pretend as if we are the Policemen of outlawing people’s rights towards jealousy or hatred, but their conduct towards us as Germans is key.

Today, Europe is imperiled as the Nordic Element has weakened and is less in numbers, while the Slavic Element, and even Celtic one to a large degree, has become a more dominant one throughout the entire Continent.

Turkey, while not very fond of Turkish people in these times, they were more themselves during the Ottoman Era, while today are more as a shell of their former selves, but our attitude or opinion of them is much more on the basis of their quality and conduct as a People and Race, rather than whether we approve, disapprove or prefer them on the basis of one religion over another.

Irrespective of Germany’s position or relationship with Turkey on the level of Governments, our problem dealing with Modern Turkey largely revolve around part of a Character Flaw of this people and also its government in their relationship and weapons agreements with Israel.

Turkey is a difficult Nation to establish Business relationships with and other Bipartisan Agreements, because the mentality of their people is very One-Dimensional and Linear in how they report and relay information and can be very unreliable and inefficient when trying to get a comprehensive viewpoint about anything from them. It is not even anything to do with a language barrier, but something within their character as a Nation. Therefore, if we are to deal with them in any way, we must ask them questions again and again and in different formats and order, to always gain the full picture and to leave no stones unturned when in any agreement or involvement with them for anything.

Although I cannot claim to sum up the full story about this Character Flaw, it seems to be something which is more of an outgrowth from prior social issues as a society where not telling the right story or most people relegating themselves to lie, is a common practice, and that they are trying to correct themselves as a Nation away from this collective character flaw, but have difficulty with that. There are other Turkic and Middle-Eastern People who literally lie from minute to minute, even about the most petty subjects and even for no reason at all. Our experiences with the Turkish Nation prove that at one point or another, expressing thorough honesty has been a danger and liability for their people in that culture.

Despite the Turks being Muslim, In most ways, Christianity is even worse than Islam, the nature of Christianity promotes a higher level of hypocrisy and counterfeit attitudes.

But my point in bringing up that example is that the Western Powers have a knack for deciding what foreign nation is in the “right” vs who is in the “wrong” or whether the casualties count, based on that Nation’s religion, or if the Nation presents a strategic interest for the Anglo-American Empire. In fact, the USA also had policies from even earliest of times which conveniently wrote their own versions of maps to reflect their own subjective interests rather than the truth, and even had gone as far as distorting the scaling of Individual Nations on the World Map, so as to make some nations seem less geographically significant in size than others.

Too Many Western People are not bothered by alliances with actual Arab Terrorist Nations, but still think people like Saddam Hussein were evil. All of it being a manufactured perspective, and not based on truth.

The Anglo-Americans even have made many deals with Arab Nations, particularly undesirable ones, while persecuting ones which either were Neutral, Friendly or otherwise possessed no threat to any Western States in general. At least not outside of putting pressure and intimidation on them.

All in All, the actions of both England and America, and most notably from the time of the Balfour Declaration, have been specifically targeted Economic, Political and Warfare Policies which have all been by design in the Establishment of Israel in the Middle East, and for bringing about the Messianic Era.

It is for this reason why the West has been so obsessed with intervening in the conflicts in the Middle East for many years now, turning it into a war zone and having people live like animals, all for serving the interest of Israel.

The West is permanently doomed, because nearly everything their people believe is an absolute lie or completely off-base version of the story, and they refuse to correct course because opinions or viewpoints that contradict what is commonly accepted among their societies, simply do not exist as they are not popular.

All Western Economies are also completely fictitious. There is nothing real or factual in the numbers they work with.

The majority of people in the West today are not overly concerned with understanding the truth about the conflicts and history in the Middle East or Caucasus region in general, even among the Slavic peoples as well, and if they truly care about Securing Europe, if even for all time, they would understand that critical understanding of these peoples from Eastern Europe, Turkey and beyond is absolutely essential for understanding not only how to deal with these Barbarian Nations, but also in preparation or screening for any possible risks of Opportunistic Invasions or Conflicts that can spill over into Europe, because these regions are the gateway, as has been for many centuries, of Invasions that have worked their way into trying to conquer Europe.

Meanwhile, the English and Americans want to rewrite borders, maps and reassign rights as to who should exist, and who should not, according to their own liking.

Even today, many people still believe “The Nazis were evil” and that Germans killed their own people and were used and so forth, and refuse to recognize that Germany was in the right.

Even more is that the on-going genocide and rapes that took place of Germans even after the war, is treated as “theoretical”, immediately rebuffed by critics as having “no evidence” and the Allies claim none of it ever happened.

On one hand, I am struck with fascination and awe how well the British have crafted Propaganda in such a finesse manner that they do, while on the other hand I am struck with absolutely disgust and hatred for them.

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